More and more people are getting tested to see if they have the virus. God is testing us every second to see if the virus of worldly attraction has consumed us. Every time I enjoy anything, my first thought goes to God to tell Him that I would still rather have Him. I am thankful for all the wonderful experiences I have had, but I would rather be with my spiritual Masters, or God. They are real love. Even in the heat of the moment, watching an action movie, eating tasty foods, watching fireworks, or beauty in nature, sometimes my mind still goes to my true love. I wonder if they give me all these great gifts out of love for me or to just test me. I play with them and tell them, “Keep giving me more and more great experiences so I can think more and more of You.” It’s a win-win situation for me—getting the best from the world as well while I keep thinking of and thanking my buddies who have given me such awesome tests.— Satish Daryanani