Praying is the simplest thing to do. You may be shy, stammer, not have linguistic skills, or be uneducated—it does not matter. You may be a humble, spiritual person, or an egotistic person full of flaws—you can still pray. So, what is the secret to praying? The main thing is: Do not plan. Let the prayer flow through you. Don’t be attached to the result of your prayers. Do not make prayer a grocery list. Use your heart instead of your mind. There should be no fear as to the way you pray. Once you enjoy praying you will pray more and more. There is no need for guilt if you keep on requiring God’s grace and guidance. Be childlike and sincere and offer your prayers with a pure heart. Prayer is like homeopathic medicine. It may not help you but definitely will not hurt you. My favorite prayer is, “Thank you, Lord, for not listening to my prayers.— Satish Daryanani