We see images of a person having a small devil on one shoulder and a small angel on the another. These are our two sides. A person has principles but still yields to taking a bribe to satisfy his family’s insatiable appetite for materialism. There are people who want to be with their families but sacrifice their lives for their nation. They are called heroes. The real hero is the one who becomes a zero: the one who battles between the paradise of the inner world but returns to the asylum of the outer world to play his part. We want to keep our word of honor but succumb to the tricks that the mind plays and break our word. Opportunities are given to us. We should have the strength to refuse some of them to maintain our equanimity. Try to be well-anchored while the forces of nature try to dislodge you. Try not to answer phone calls while eating or working on your spiritual practices. This is the battle between duty and service. and, above all, between reality and illusion. – Satish Daryanani