Today is Diwali, the new year in the Hindu faith. We clean our homes on a regular basis, yet for this occasion, we clean every corner we might have missed during the year. We wear new clothes so our exteriors look new. This is all symbolic to help us change for the new year. The exterior change of a new outfit could be a change in our faces and attitudes. The change of wearing a permanent smile. The cleaning of the corners of our mind. The dirt that collects from fear, greed, anger, desires, and ego and, when it’s gone, the clarity of the mind takes place. So, every year, this day is for cleaning everything in our lives. Whatever happened is over. It is time to move on to the new beginning, towards experiencing the infinite layers of the inner light. Today is the day of gratitude for a wonderful year that passed. Only it passed by very fast. So, wishing all those who celebrate this auspicious day: a Happy Diwali. May you all become a light to everyone who comes in your presence and may they feel the light and happiness by being around you. — Satish Daryanani

Candles and Buddha quote about light