It was once believed that the earth was flat and, if we sailed to the edge of the world, we would fall off the face of the world. It was hard to convince people that the earth is round. Many people talk about the soul, saying that the spirit lives after death, as if they have had an after-death experience and have the authority to talk about it. This knowledge has come because we have heard and read about it, so we believe it, like we believed the earth was flat. Only when you take the journey and find that you have not fallen off the edge of the world, do you believe that the earth is round. When you take the inner journey, all the wrong notions about the soul, spirit, birth, death, heaven, hell, reincarnation, and God’s role are removed. Like the round earth, we just go around in a big circle: neither a beginning nor an end. The Disney movie “The Lion King” says it the best, “It’s the Circle of Life.” — Satish Daryanani