In a deal, the buyer has one price, the seller another. If no compromise is made there will be no deal. In life, to get work done we may not always get exactly what we want. If we are stubborn no deals will be made. I have heard many questions asked of the Masters. Many times, the person asking is only looking for a confirmation. If the Master gives the correct answer the person may not accept as it may not be the answer he is looking for. When your mind is rigid, you will not learn anything. You may not accept the answer, but if you have an open mind then at least you will contemplate on it. In time, you will understand the Master’s answer. Life is all about adjusting, adapting and accommodating. The one who has these qualities will be successful in worldly matters and will also be able to digest the wisdom they experience. — Satish Daryanani

Handshake illustration on ancient book.