We are all drawn to the cuteness of a baby—the smile, joy, happiness, and love draws us to it. We were all cute at one time. So what changed? We grew up. We forgot what we are. The child is without responsibilities, without caring, free from judgments, free from discrimination, and free from identity and ego. A child belongs to no religion, has no ambitions or goals, does not fear death, does not have the stress of the world. The same child grows up and, one day becomes a teenager. Most parents wish that their child would never grow up. The loving child becomes difficult to deal with. Poor God had all the wonderful innocent children at one time. We all grew up to become a burden on Him. He also must be wishing that we all would not have grown up and He had 8 billion babies with which to play. Then He would not have to listen to our prayers, as babies do not pray for anything. They have everything they need. Today, parents go to classes to learn how to deal with babies. In the old days, there were no classes as, once you fall in love with the innocence, you automatically know how to care for the baby. So, go back to being a child and let the make-up industry go out of business, as nothing is more beautiful than the face of a child. Let us all work on getting our natural smiles back and not the fake smile we have to put on in our social lives. Then we can post our baby-face so others can say, “Oh, how cute. We wish we could volunteer to be your babysitter.” —Satish Daryanani

Cute baby inpink hat and blanket