In Judaism, the Day of Atonement comes once a year, as most people carry small bags of guilt. My mind is so corrupted that it needs to be forgiven daily. Every day for me is a day of atonement. If I had to atone on a yearly basis, it would hurt more, as all the wrongdoings would have to be painfully chiseled out of me. Atoning daily is like taking a shower: get dirty, and with light rubbing and scrubbing, the dirt is removed. The next day, with my sick mind, I get dirty all over again. As long as we are in the human form, our bodies and minds get dirty daily. The real shower for the mind is sitting in silence and being with God. Like a parent forgiving a child who says sorry and makes a pinky promise not to repeat his or her mistakes, similarly, if you fail, God forgives this silly child out of love, knowing that the heart is pure and only the mind is messed up. — Satish Daryanani