Today we celebrate and give gratitude to all those who have influenced our lives. Not just for the spiritual teachers, but for anything taught to us. One of my Masters is movies. They show lots of lessons I have to learn. Even with having many Masters and many teachings, there are still so many imperfections within me. There is no guarantee that, being around a magnet, one gets magnetized. The Masters can only guide and inspire us. Clinging to and possessing them will get us nowhere. One drop of water at a time, falling continuously at one spot can even break a granite rock. Our hard heads can break with the continuous drops of grace. This grace is the holy name given by the Masters. Continuous repetition, with complete love, melts us. Our gratitude comes from experiencing all that they want us to. Looking back, we feel how fortunate we are to have met them. I miss my Masters who are not with me in their physical forms. To the Masters who still have to put up with me, God bless You with the patience and the perseverance not to give up on me. — Satish Daryanani