A long time ago, people believed that the earth was flat. Those who said it was round faced a lot of challenges. Today, we know for sure, as we have pictures from outer space. No one will fall off of a flat earth, as it is round. Similarly, in the year 2012, people thought the world would come to an end. Everywhere I traveled with my spiritual Master, at least one person brought up this subject. The reason is that we think time is linear. It has a beginning and an end. If it was circular, then there would be no beginning and no end. Our thinking is limited and this causes all these misconceptions—like birth and death, our souls going permanently to heaven or hell. Everything is eternal. No beginning and no end. Having the correct notion removes all the fear that comes from the belief in things being finite. As the saying goes in the movie, Toy Story 4, going to infinity and beyond is the truth. Everything is infinite, the only thing limited is our understanding. All the questions that I asked my Master were because of this limited understanding. When I look back and remember all that I asked of Him, I realize I truly am a dummy. Years from today, I will also laugh at myself based on all that I think I know now. This journey is about nothing but having fun with the evolution of all our limited notions. — Satish Daryanani