When people smoke for the first time, they start coughing and don’t enjoy the experience. The more they smoke, they create a habit. When you drink alcohol for the first time, your throat burns when you swallow. The first time you try silence you feel miserable, as you end up with more unwanted thoughts than you had before sitting in silence. If someone tastes sugar for the first time, what will their reaction be? The first time you experience God, how will you react? Your life will never be the same. Imagine a life without fear, worry, anxiety, desires, or attachments. You have tasted the real sugar and have formed an addiction. Outside you are still the same and don’t even try to be a goody, goody person anymore. You have attained the greatest gift you can have in the human form. You become spoiled, as nothing else matters to you and you can now live life as you want—a completely free soul. People will be able to understand you anymore. So try tasting everything life has to offer. Only then can you really appreciate the experience of tasting God’s presence. — Satish Daryanani