All our prayers are answered by God either with a “Yes,” a “No,” or “At a later time.” There is a fourth answer, my favorite one, “Better than even what you prayed for.” I am stupid and sometimes prayed for small, simple things. I thank God for not listening to my prayers. He gave me more than I could imagine. We do not know the capacity of God and His understanding of what is good for us. My dream was to reach a thoughtless state in my life, even for a few moments. I prayed a lot for it. I asked for a grain of rice and He gave me a silo full of rice. God’s fourth answer cannot be explained but, when it comes, you are speechless and never know what to ask again. Just leave it to the Boss and let Him do as He pleases. Why mess with perfection? — Satish Daryanani

Vermont silo - Pixabay