Bill Gates and Warren Buffet are enjoying being selfish. They are giving away their wealth while they are alive. Many wealthy people leave their wealth to their family members or to some charity, after they are dead and gone. They do not get the joy of giving while they are alive. In the same manner, the Masters too, enjoy being selfish. They have gained so much wealth from within that they are spreading the teachings. If they will not do that then all that wealth will have been wasted. They cannot even leave it in their inheritance. By sharing their wealth of wisdom, they get free food, travel expenses, and free boarding. There is a sense of guilt when you have gained tremendous wealth from outside or from within. Sharing it with others reduces that load. If these thoughts that come to me are not shared with others they will have been wasted. So this is a selfish act for my fun! – Satish Daryanani

Hands offering cumpled $100 bills