Humanity is the Genie out of the box. God cannot do anything, as humans have been given the illusion of freedom. We believe that we and the world we live in are real. We believe that we can get away with anything and that the Higher power is too slow to react. The only thing that matters is what benefits our lives. The consequences of our actions are irrelevant. Nothing can be done with the Genie of ignorance. The spiritual Masters can talk and write as much as they want, and may be just a handful will be influenced, the rest remain the same. So what can we do? If we accept this genie and know that we, too, have been part of it then, thank God if you want the genie to go back into the box. Once we think we can get away with anything the mind starts going further and further away from reality. Pray to God that someone or something has the strength to put you in the box of wisdom. It is better for the genie to stay locked in and not get freed as in the TV show, “I dream of Jeannie,” where freedom makes one a slave who has to obey the wishes of others. — Satish Daryanani