The human mind is very powerful. As you evolve spiritually, you will also gain the ability to perform miracles. Now, who is it that wants these gifts? It is your ego that wants to increase your powers. We see so many movies about superheroes. We wish we had the power to help and protect the world. We even convince ourselves that the power is not for us, that it will be used for the good of the world. So, the one who has all the power does not know how to utilize it correctly. You, with your limited intelligence, know how to use your powers correctly. The one miracle I would love to have bestowed on me is the ability to become humble. The more the inner powers grow, the more the ego will get boosted. As your focus and inner wealth grow, so will your abilities. Keep them in check. Do not desire them. Even if you can perform the miracle of healing, keep in mind that each person has to go through his or her karmic reformation. Pray and bless them with anesthesia to reduce their suffering, but not the experience through which they must go. — Satish Daryanani

illustration of healing hand on body