Our bodies mostly express our minds. The mind can have headaches, stress, anxiety, or go into depression. The body has a variety of ways to express what the mind is expressing. We say, “We are what we think.” It is true, as everything starts from our thought processes. Even when we get angry, we are actually punishing ourselves for someone else’s mistakes. We suffer from what others do or have done to us. Instead, treat others as if they are created to test our mental stability. It took a snowstorm in Texas for them to realize that their power grids were not adequate. Similarly, words and expressions of others show us that our mental circuits need to be stronger for the storms life brings us. Our bodies are our fire alarms, telling us there are mental fires within that need to be put out. Taking medicines and painkillers only silences the alarm, not the mental fire within. Nothing from outside should disturb our mental balance. That is the real test. — Satish Daryanani