A river tries to meet the ocean. As soon it comes close to the merger, many waves are created. When the river becomes an ocean, it is no longer a river, it is an ocean. A moth wants to enjoy the light; as soon as it gets close to the light, it is killed by the heat of the lamp. We human beings want to get close to God. While we are in a human form, we can enjoy God, yet the human form also separates us. When we are no longer in the human form and we are one with God, there is no experiencer there to enjoy. Like the river, the moth, and the human formonce the merger takes place, they all do not exist. So the joy of longing is not complete. This is the irony: You are wanting the Lord, yet you cannot be complete with the Lord. The human form is the only way to enjoy the Lord, yet this limited form restricts you. You cannot enjoy being one with the One, as there is no one to enjoy the One. So keep on longing, knowing that the veil of separation is the only way to experience the Lord. — Satish Daryanani

River confluence