It is a long process to become a butterfly, and some live for a day or less. All that beauty can be enjoyed for such a short time. Some people catch butterflies and do not let them enjoy their freedom even for a day. All these vivid colors exist for only a short span of time. This is to teach us that all outer beauty is temporary. We become slaves to the outer beauty, knowing that it is temporary. When we find our inner beauty and the inner beauty of others, we find permanent beauty. Even with wrinkles, no teeth, and a hunchback, inner beauty is not lost. That is everlasting divine beauty. This beauty, which comes from giving and receiving love, is far greater than the beauty of butterflies or peacocks dancing. The beauty of nature changes with the time of day or the season. Real beauty is always there, but may not be seen by many. Those few souls who have experienced God cannot describe the most beautiful experience in their lives. Work on discovering that beauty. Learn the lesson from the life of the butterfly’s beauty. — Satish Daryanani