Whenever I behaved badly as a child, my father did not have to shout or hit me. The look he’d give me was enough to rattle my cage. My spiritual Masters would give me looks showing that they were displeased with me. I would contemplate on my actions, feel the guilt, and be miserable for the rest of the day. Sometimes I would get the look of love, grace, and peace and I would just melt away. I became a vegetarian, as I could see the look of innocence in animals. I could not eat them anymore. I see the look of cuteness in the eyes of children and, automatically, a smile comes to my face. What will we see when God looks at us? We see our reflection in His eyes which hold the pure, unconditional love for us. When we see ourselves in Him, we end up completely losing ourselves in Him. We become one.— Satish Daryanani