The iPhone 11 Pro has a better battery life, camera, and display screen. We can now take better pictures and see them on a better screen. So, indirectly our vision improves. We will look better to ourselves, as our selfies improve. A pimple on the face will also be well defined. There is a better wide angled lens so the beauty and vastness of nature can be captured. We are still unable to take 3D pictures. That, too, will come one day. Yet no camera can capture the pictures taken by heart. They are beyond 3D. They are permanent and never deleted. The pictures of my spiritual Masters taken with my eyes are all in my heart: Every movement, every smile, and every action is recorded permanently. Neither amnesia nor Alzheimer’s disease can delete them. Even though I have Terabytes of pictures of my Masters’ lives saved in hard drives, I have never had to look at them, as they are with me permanently. All those who fall in love with the Lord, or sages and saints, do not need an iPhone to capture their beauty. As the iPhone models change to only capture the changing aspects of this world, the permanent lens of your eyes and your heart do not need to change to capture the unchangeable One. — Satish Daryanani

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