After a lot of hurdles, the 2020 Olympic Games are finally starting in Japan today. The Prime Minister of Japan said it would have been easier to cancel the Olympic Games but 4 billion people will enjoy watching it. He was asked about how many gold medals he would like Japan to win and he replied, “We are the host nation and we want everyone to win medals.” Hearing such an answer from a politician is odd, as this answer is more likely to come from a spiritual minded person. The Prime Minister is thinking about others and not about political points. In this day and age, most of us do things with hidden agendas. Poor God, He knows why people pray, love, and obey Him, as they have an ulterior motive behind everything. When we start doing things just for the pure joy of it then life changes. If you take part in the Olympics just to compete and not win more medals, you are already a winner. All nations come to take part in the Olympic Games for the love of sports. This unites us, as the goal is the same. We watch movies because we enjoy them, so we should also watch this movie of life with the same mindset—nothing to gain or lose. If all of us have only one goal, to enjoy life itself, then we are living in the spirit of the Olympics. — Satish Daryanani