We say, “At this point in my life, these things do not matter.” At one time it had value, now it is meaningless. When I was young, I ran after every opportunity to make money in business. Now, if it happens or not, I am not affected. So what changes in a person—age, satisfaction, or knowledge? Much of our valuable energy and time is wasted on things that are not that important. One day, everyone and everything will have no value. You say, “At this point in my life, nothing bothers me.” Even the number of people reading this thought does not concern me. Those who benefit will continue reading. At this point in my life, I am not chasing or even seeking the truth. It is tiring To chase the shadow of illusion. I know my life is pointless. This point in my life will also change in time. As time changes me, the point of my life changes. We reach a point in our life where we are at a plateau. All our pasts lead us to this point, from where we wonder if our part really happened or was it a dream. So, if anyone tells you, “At this point in life, this or that is not important,” simply smile and remember you, too, were the same at one time. — Satish Daryanani