If a child is born with a $10 billion trust fund, what will he do for the rest of his life? With no ambition, no purpose, and nothing to work for, all desires can be fulfilled. Similarly, our minds are like this poor rich kid. Everything happens for our good with God’s will—peace comes from God, our innermost questions are answered by God. Everything that can happen will happen, whatever is due to us will come. Now, what is this mind going to do? It has no value or importance. So to have some relevance in our lives, the mind creates anxiety, anger, fear, and stress. Our minds live in the past or in the future. This is when we use our minds for unnecessary purposes. The poor rich kid and the mind both could enjoy the inheritance and need not do much. Yet both do not know how to enjoy it, as they feel they did not earn it. — Satish Daryanani