Everything comes with a price. It could be name, fame, power, or money. It could be wanting to be a spiritual Master or a seeker, or to maintain your peace, to enjoy wisdom, to speak the truth or to lie, to be able to serve, to give or receive love, to experience God, heaven or hell, even to be in good physical and mental shape. Our problem is we do not know what we really want. There are so many choices: what do we choose? If we narrow it down to just one thing, then the price we pay becomes insignificant. For example, Lord Buddha renounced his family, his kingdom, all comforts, and went into the forest to seek the answers to His questions. The price He paid for all the austerities He underwent was so small compared to all that He gained. When you see someone who wins a gold medal, the price of training becomes irrelevant. When you have a laser-like focus on what will make your life worth living, then even the effort you put in seems effortless. For some people, sitting in silence requires effort. For others, doing everything else besides sitting in silence takes a lot of effort. — Satish Daryanani