Science studies the creation, but spirituality is focused on the Creator. Both go hand in hand. Science tells you everything is made up of atoms. That is the common factor. Only the forms vary. In spirituality, there is nothing but Adam. Consider atom and Adam. Science and spirituality agree that the building blocks are the same. Scientists cannot even scratch the surface of what is out there; spirituality cannot scratch the surface of what is within. Both require faith and focus to succeed. Both are mysterious and cannot be solved. Those who excel in either field are considered crazy. Science wants explanations for natural phenomena, spirituality accepts all as a way of life. Scientists use the head, spirituality uses the heart. Scientists can explain, spirituality has no explanation. Both see the same world, the same life — only understanding is different. In science, you use the senses, in spirituality, you lose your senses. Both believe in evolution. Nothing is permanent. Both are there to support your health and happiness. The more knowledge and wisdom you gain from science and spirituality, the more wholesome your life becomes. Thank God for giving us both science and spirituality. — Satish Daryanani

Angle in white dress with scientific notation