When people meet, they talk about their families, jobs, health, and their problems. It is the same story every time. We know, word for word, what they are going to say. Even with creditors to whom they owe money, they give the same story. At least, you can come with some new B.S. so they might believe you. Invent new sicknesses you don’t have so the conversation gets interesting. God also gets bored with the same grocery list of complaints in your prayers. Even a wonderful prayer like “Our Father, who art in heaven….” can be modified: “My beloved Friend in heaven, how are you? You must bored without me. I am willing to sacrifice myself and come to heaven to entertain you, even though I am not seeking to be in heaven.” Your life, too, should not be the same story. Do new projects, discover new talents, open new businesses. Be so dynamic that your presence becomes earth-shattering to people who are around you. When the story of your life is written, there should be so many chapters that readers are glued to the book. If the biography only has one chapter, no one will read the book. Even the spiritual Masters should be inspired by your new daily questions. Sales people should come up with stories to sell their products. Pick-up lines for girls should be new. Every day is a new chapter, a new story in the experiences of your life. — Satish Daryanani

What's Your Story, chalk text on blackboard