When I would talk spirituality with strangers the only thing they were concerned about was if I had experienced what I was talking about. I would reply that I was working towards it and these teachings came from my spiritual Masters. Now I am more careful when I speak. The source is the same, the ones spreading the teachings are many. It does not matter if the one spreading has reached enlightenment or not. Even if they did, they will not reveal it. As long as you can benefit, continue listening. If not, you can end the conversation. Everything in life is ultimately for our benefit, the source that benefits us does not matter. An uneducated, poor person can teach us how to be completely satisfied in life. A ruthless money-minded person can teach us how to serve. When we are truly open to learning we will pick up all the points that can help us and not judge the source from where we have learnt it. Satish Daryanani