In many cultures, people pray to the spirits of their ancestors. They seek their blessings before starting new ventures. They pray to them to show the path after someone dies. Many people have asked their spiritual Masters if their loved ones, who have died before them, would greet them when they pass on. The answer from the Masters was, “Yes. Their blessings can be poured upon us even while we are alive.” As the spirit never dies, our loved ones are always with us. I still feel the presence of my spiritual Masters, who are not with me in their physical forms. I get their guidance, grace, and friendship, only I cannot play with their beards or their soft hands. Ancestors in their spiritual forms are sometimes better than they were in their physical forms. You do not have to take them to doctors’ appointments. There are no arguments. You do not see them suffer. There are no differences of opinion due generational gaps. You can talk to them only when you feel like it. My love is greater for them in their spiritual forms. I only remember their good qualities. There are no sacrifices to make. If they do meet me after I drop this body, they will not make comments about my body weight, my hair loss, or how I wear my clothes. I will not see them wearing dentures or glasses or sitting in a wheelchair. All of us will be perfect. Thanks to all our ancestors for not giving up on us. — Satish Daryanani

Man on beach feels presence of an ancestor