If a book or a movie was made of your life, would people read or watch it? You might say that Hitler and mob bosses have each had an interesting life. At the same time, “Gandhi” was a popular movie. So the really good or the really bad have interesting lives; the average person is left out. Where do you fall in? In my case, I always believed I was created to inspire others to learn what not be. I always love playing the role of a villain. The life of a hero is boring. If everything is good and smooth in your life, then no one will pay for your autobiography. Even in school, the teachers remember the A-plus student or an F student, like me. Even if you meet them years later, they remember you. Make your life interesting so that your grandchildren will not be bored with your stories. Try new things and fail, overcome different challenges, be creative, experience new things so that you will have really lived. Even God should be impressed by your life. Either He feels, “What a wonderful child I have,” or He thinks, “How did I create this crazy one?” At least He knows you exist. Live your life in such a manner that either everyone is sad and will really miss your presence or say, “Good riddance,” when you are no more.—Satish Daryanani

Nelson Mandela, seated next to words of his character.