We pay much for a Patek Philippe watch because of the name brand. You can experience God by repeating the holy name of the Lord with love and devotion. A name like Hitler is hated permanently. No one wants to name their child, Hitler, while many name their children Abraham, Moses, Jesus, Mary, Mohamed, Ram, and Krishna. Names have vibrations. Similarly, when you have a good name, or reputation, it becomes a brand and you can get credit, goods on consignment, and make money—only because of the value of your name. On the other hand, just mentioning your name might bring out negative vibrations. No one will trust you. Your actions in your lifetime build or destroy your name. When your name is more valuable to you than all the money in the world, it carries value. The world knows a person will even commit suicide to keep the reputation of his name. The name of the Lord carries value because of what comes with the name. Everything that the Lord has, you too can have just by crying out the name of the Lord. If only everyone could realize the value of a name.” — Satish Daryanani

Patek-Philippe watch