We have many questions: When and why was the world created? Why is there evil in the world? Why do good people suffer? Why do we have to go through a pandemic like a coronavirus? And many more. No one can answer these questions. When divine knowledge dawns, the questions vanish. We are putting the cart before the horse. I asked my Master: “What did you ask God when you met Him?” and “When you meet God, do all doubts vanish?” I learned that once you experience the One multiplying Itself slowly into everything in the universe, all questions will be answered. The why, what, when, where, and how all vanish. The question we should have is: “What do we have to do to experience this?” We have to do good, be good, cultivate discrimination, dispassion, and a correct attitude to life. Sit in silence and contemplate the teachings from the scriptures. With God’s Grace, He will free you from all your questions, so do not bug Him anymore.— Satish Daryanani