Would the music group, The Beatles, be as popular as they were if they came out with their music today? Would Magic Johnson and Larry Bird be the great basketball players among today’s talents? Would people have the patience and perseverance to experience austerities like Buddha did? The way people were is not the same today. Parents left their kids to do things once they were no longer teenagers. Now, parents still treat their adult children as kids even if they are in their 20s. We are in an Instagram age. Everything now. My spiritual Masters do not make it easy to spread the teachings as they mention grace is all that is needed. So people do not want to do anything. They are waiting for Insta-Grace to transform them completely. I’m not saying the way we were is perfect and today it is not. It is just different. There are things we can use from the past. Falling and learning rather than being spoon fed, actually communicating face-to-face, not via Facebook or WhatsApp, enjoying the journey in life rather than reaching the destination. One day, even the physical Masters will be replaced by virtual ones. Technology can help, but let us not lose the human beings. Speed is good. Let us enjoy the gradual growth of spirituality within us. Spread the teachings, the slow simmering growth that comes from the contemplation of the teachings. — Satish Daryanani