There are situations that can bring out the best or the worst in you. It is good if that happens. You get to know your weaknesses and how much you still have to work on yourself. In the meanwhile, try to avoid the situations that can bring out the worst in you until you can rise above them. That which disturbs your peace is not worth entertaining. Can a person who has discovered peace still lose it? Yes, for a very short time. Then, when the awareness of peace returns, you can return to your original, peaceful state. The worst that has come out in you is over and forgotten, like it never happened, yet you know you still have to improve. When the worst in you comes out, it means, at that moment, you were away from God. No money or service is worth it, if you lose your awareness of God. Since peace is God, losing your peace means you become an atheist at that time. You lost control of yourself. There is one positive from all this: It makes you humble and you know you are on an endless journey toward perfection. As you are still in a human form, you will always be on the roller-coaster ride of situations bringing out the best or the worst in you. Start your new day with the prayer, “Lord, please keep me away from things that bring out the worst in me. I am weak, so please help me.” — Satish Daryanani

Illustration of man having a tantrum