There are too many stars to count. There are too many creatures to keep track. There is so much information on anything that we do not have time to read it all. There is so much information on spirituality available on the internet that anyone can get confused. Having too much of everything overwhelms us. Actually, if information gets summarized, it becomes easier to understand. In school, during my examinations, I wrote very long answers to the questions. I felt the more information I gave, the better my grades would be. Sometimes, my teacher would get tired of reading my answers. Today, I understand. It is a wise person who can say something in the fewest words possible and know how to get the most of what is out there, spending the least amount of time. So, those who hunger for spirituality must learn only to grasp what is important from all that is out there. This is done by taking one sentence at a time. Start with this, “Whatever I am seeking in life is already with me. Look within and nothing from without will be needed.” — Satish Daryanani

Young woman overwhelmed by so much online