I was watching “Inside Bill’s Brains,” a documentary about Bill Gates. He takes a week’s time off to think. He goes to a secluded place, reads a lot of books, and comes up with ideas. We all must try the think tank method. Spend a week all by ourselves and think about many things. We will come up with many wonderful solutions. While we are in the forest of life, surrounded by gigantic trees, we get confined. Go out and see the forest from a distance, you will have a better picture. Use the think tank even for your spiritual evolution. We imprison ourselves with our beliefs. We get stuck. That why it is said, “Think outside the box.” Only open-minded people can get new ideas and experiences. Otherwise, you are stuck where you are. Success comes in every part of the lives of those who spend time expanding their minds and hearts. So, trying to see inside the mind of Bill Gates, I learned how much more I have to learn. It has inspired me to spend more time in isolation and contemplation. — Satish Daryanani

Bill Gates in a library