Whenever I was going through a challenging time, my spiritual Master would tell me, “This too shall pass.” This statement is needed today, as the entire world is facing a lot of challenges. Nothing is permanent, not even the so-called good or bad moments in our lives. We must enjoy and cherish the good days, as they, too, are not permanent. When we get fed up with depending on everything from the world to make us happy, we are blessed. We pay a heavy price for our dependence on worldly events to spice our lives. That is why we all seek inner peace, because it is permanent. It does not pass. To earn this, we must have real yearning. Thank God for the challenges in our lives so we can at least think of experiencing peace. Now nations are setting quarantines, banning people from traveling, telling us to clean our environment and our hands, but no one is telling us to discover inner peace so our minds are clean. Hopefully, we will learn from this that, no matter how much we do to protect ourselves, whatever has to happen will happen. At least let us enjoy everything that is permanent within each one of us. — Satish Daryanani