Many people ask me, “Are you sure these thoughts come to you?” and “Where does that person go the rest of the day?” When you go very close to the sun, you dissipate into bits and pieces. Then you are completely connected. What comes from the source is not you. When you go back to your regular duties, the old self comes back. The world only sees this worldly, crazy person, not “That” whom you are really. Only the spiritual Masters see the real “That,” and not “This,” who is playing the part. We can only judge what we can see, feel, touch, and hear. People expect me to behave according to the thoughts I write in the morning. If I behave that way, everyone will stay away from me. Just these few daily words are more than people can handle. Let us talk about business, sports, movies, heavenly bodies, and other useless stuff. Otherwise I will end up with disciples rather then friends. Both “This” and “That” are needed from the same person, depending on the situation. — Satish Daryanani

Concentric blue circles of this and that