Dada J.P. VaswaniLet the direction of your life
be guided by God’s hand.


Enthusiasm is like a fire that

warms others around you!
Never do anything which

you would not do during

the last hour of your life.


O Lord, grant that I may live and move and have my being in Thee.


Stop finding fault with others.

See the good in all.

Behold the one in all!


Every breath is valuable.

Let us spend it on worthwhile pursuits!


I am not anxious for tomorrow.

Each tomorrow is in His Hands.

And He knows best!


Ask God to stand with you.

With God at your side,

you can face all challenges.


Speak little, serve more, and

love without ceasing!

Find fault with no one, smile all

the time and rejoice in whatever

the Will of God brings to you and

your heart will be a singing heart.

It will keep on singing..


Life is a school and experience is our teacher.

But the fees we have to pay are quite high!


Make thy heart a clean mirror,

gaze therein,

and behold the Divine!


Humility is beauty, pride is deformity.

Learn to be humble, if you would be beautiful.


Here on earth we are judged by the

number of people who serve us.

There in the Kingdom of God we will be

judged by the number of people we served.


If you wait for the right time to come,

it will never come.

Begin where you are and with what you have!


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Character and success rarely go together.

and Character is always the better of two.


We all cannot be great

scientists, artists, and teachers.

But we all can be a blessing

to those around us.


Anger quickens the tongue and

slows down the thinking faculty.


In your happy moments – glorify God!

In difficult moments – pray to God!

In your quiet moments – spend time with God!

In your painful moments – praise God!

Every moment – draw close to God!


Do that which you feel is right and true.

Nothing in life brings about failure more

surely than lack of integrity.


Time is the most precious of all possessions.

Yet we waste so much of

our time in idle pursuits.


The foundation of a healthy body is a happy mind. Therefore, let nothing agitate you or

disturb your inner peace.


One of the richest treasures of

life is a child-like heart –

a heart that wonders and loves.


Nothing belongs to us.

Everything is given to us

for absolute use. Therefore

let us use it wisely and well.


The golden rule re-worded

would read: seek not to be served by others but to serve them to the best of your capacity.


God is all Love.

God is all Wisdom.

He expects us to live and work

not merely for our own pleasure and our own benefit,

but also for the service and benefit of others.

Is it not more blessed to give than to receive?


Do not judge people by their

appearances. Look into their hearts.


Work for the Love of God.


True education should equip the student

to cope adequetely with life – with

what lies ahead of him so that he is

always a winner in the game of life.


You are not truely free –

until you have learnt to

control yourself!


The foundation of a healthy body is

a loving, happy, peaceful mind.

Let nothing agitate or disturb

your inner calm.


He whose heart is a flowing mountain

of love will be greeted with love

wherever he goes. He who is harmless

will be harmed by none.


Forgiveness is a fort in

which anger cannot enter.


Within every creature dwelleth God.

So let us look at everyone with wonder.

Let us treat everyone with reverence.

And let us render to everyone

the service of love!

Speek sweetly, touch gently, look lovingly

and always long for a darshan (glance)

of the One who is in all!


Let us put forth our best efforts,

let us do the best we can to achieve

a particular result but let us not

be attached to the result.This, in brief,

is the teaching of the Bhagwad Gita.


If there be love in your heart,

you can work miracles

in your daily life!


Sadness is unspiritual.

Laughter is a help to

spiritual health. Be bright in the

very midst of struggle and pain.

Spread the sunshine of the soul.



Let me plan nothing.

Is not my life in His Hands?

And He has planned what

is best for me. So I am not anxious

for tomorrow. Each tomorrow is

in His Hands. And He knows best.


Kindness is the balm that softens

and smoothes the rough patches of life.

It is the healing touch that can

take away the pain and misery

of human existence. And when you

send out kindness to others, you will

find it returns to you manifold.


Control your desires,

do not let desires control you.


God does not care for the form,

the shape, the vocabulary

of our prayer.

It is the feeling that counts.


See everything,

find fault with nothing.

change only yourself!


Today belongs to you.

Do whatever you can now.

Who knows? You may not

see tomorrow’s sun!


There can be no pleasure

which can exceed that of

giving pleasure to others!


The surest way to peace:

surrender your will to

the Will Divine.


One rule of success is –

always be on time and,

if possible a little early.


Give love to all, and

forgive the wrongs done

to you. Give love to all,

seeking no revenge for

offenses and insults.


The greatest fault

is to think that

you are faultless.


Under God’s grace,

a blow becomes a

blessing – an obstacle

becomes an opportunity.


Your mind knows only

some things.Your inner voice,

your instinct, knows everything.

If you listen to what you

know instinctively, it will always

lead you down the right path.


Fatigue is often caused not

by work but by worry,

frustration, and resentment.

We rarely get tired when we are

doing something interesting and exciting.


Hurry is the number one

cause of tension.

Never carry the tension

of one moment to another.


It is never too late to turn

back to God. What is needed sincerity,

cooperation of the mind and

an intensity of faith.


Give love to all.

Don’t care what they do to you.

You will have peace in your soul

in the measure in which love flows

out of you to others. Is not

peace the richest treasure of life?


Lord, in the midst of daily work,

if ever I forget Thee,

do Thou forget me not!

Thou art my strength in all

the trials and tribulations of life!

And so bless me, Blessed Master,

that I may do nothing, say nothing,

think nothing, which may displease Thee!


It is not individuals or situations

that cause anger. The root cause is

one’s own reaction or response

to individuals and situations

that determines whether

we will be angry or otherwise.


Secret of perfection:

Would you be perfect?

Then spend every day of your

life as though it were your last!


Many of us carry on our hearts,

heavy loads of guilt which

rob us of our peace of mind,

and perhaps of our sleep at

night. Forgive yourself and

immediately change your life.


O Lord! Thou hast given me

much and forgiven me more.

So bless me that I, too,

may learn to give and forgive –

and in my heart bear no grudge

against anyone. So bless, that

with every breath of my being, I may

thank  Thee, praise Thee, and love Thee!


O Lord, make me humble

as a blade of grass!

Make me gentle as a drop of dew!

Make me forbearing as a tree!

And so bless that I may honor others

without seeking any honor for myself!


Be not afraid of life,

but believe that every

experience life brings

to you is for your good.

Move on in faith.

Believe and achieve!


Acceptance is not passive

submission. Acceptance is

active cooperation with the

Will of God.


Everyone does some work

or the other. There are so few

who do it in the best way they can.

Those are the ones who achieve success.


Let me give to the world the

best of which I am capable and,

without my asking for it,

the best will return to me.


Wake up within you

the Spirit of Truth.

He will guide you in all

conditions and circumstances

of life. You will not need

any outer instructions.


Do that which you

feel is right and true.

Nothing in life brings

about failure more surely

than lack of integrity.


Budget your time.

The truly successful person

fits 26 hours into a day

of 24, cutting down waste.


Take care of your

fancies and imaginings.

They have magnetic power.

What you imagine today determines

what you will be tomorrow!


There is no service nobler

than doing something

nice for someone who

will never find it out!


The best antidote to depression

would be to count your blessings.


Who is the truly free man?

He who desires nothing,

expects nothing,

claims nothing – but accepts

everything that comes to

him in the Will Divine!


Bless me, Lord that I may hurt

no one by my thoughtless

words or selfish deeds.

And may I never be

indifferent to those that

are around me and their needs!


Humility is beauty,

pride is deformity.

Learn to be humble,

if you would be beautiful.


Be not idle! Strive!

Do the best of which

you are capable! Then

accept whatever happens.

That is the way to peace.


Hatred is a fire which

keeps burning within

the heart, it burns

away all your happiness.


O Lord, my life is as a boat,

tossing hither and thither, on

the rolling waves of an angry sea!

Thou art the Boatman Divine,

I surrender the boat to Thee.

Lead it where Thou wilt!


Acknowledge your limitations

and your reliance upon God,

remembering that He will

supply the necessary

strength to try and try again.

With each day you can begin anew.


Are you afraid of

doing something?

Go and do it – and

the fear will disappear.


The body is a temple of God.

Keep it beautiful and bright,

through right thinking,

right speech, and right living.


The tongue has the power

to hurt. Also to heal.

So be careful of every word you speak.

It can affect many lives,

including your own!


When you find you cannot

get along well with others,

Do not blame them.

Find the fault in yourself.


Take courage in both hands

and take part in the

adventure of life!


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  1. All the inspirational talks of Rev. Dada is practical suggestions and worth to apply in life to change the attitude and bring happiness in the life.

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