The three things needed for success are some talent, hard work, and good timing. I do not have the first two, but I was just fortunate enough to meet the right people at the right time. Grace gave the timing needed for situations to fall into place. We came with nothing, so even having one dollar is a monetary success. Spiritual success comes from maximizing the situation. The year 2020 is one example of how some took advantage of circumstances and grew spiritually. Meeting someone who can guide us and inspire us, leads to our success. We may need talent to grow in our careers and in our personal lives, but only one talent is needed for spiritual growth. And that is to not identify with any talent. Become like water—flow with what comes from within. Instead of working hard, having the patience to let go is required. So, spiritual and material success have some differences. Yet, if you blend them perfectly, you will get the ultimate success of life.