The first type of truth is personal to an individual. Someone might believe the earth is flat, the universe is 6 million years old, or there is no such thing as God. That is the freedom given to everyone. The second form is truth is political. A politician can keep on repeating the same lie again and again, until the world believes it is true. The third form of truth is objective. There could be debates about how we reach objective truth, but once experienced, there is no debate. For example, it is our birthright to experience peace. The actual peace everyone experiences is the same. Scientifically, we are all made up of atoms. A force has created this creation. Everything is an illusion. Heaven and hell are states of mind. Every action has a reaction equal and opposite to it. Truth could be scientific or spiritual, but it is still the truth. Your personal points of view cannot change the facts. This is the similarity between science and spirituality — both have set rules which cannot change. There is only one big difference: The truth of science can be understood with studying, learning, and with experiments.  Gaining the truth of spirituality requires a combination of your effort and grace. — Satish Daryanani