You can stop many things but not time. On the other hand, when you go into the depths within, there is no time nor space. Time is an illusion like everything else. We still need it to deal in worldly matters. There are those who worship time and others think time is their servant. Time is based on their convenience. This friend, time, reminds us of the lease of this human form. Time heals and, based on our attitudes, shows us that the best, or worst, has still to come. Time is the litmus test in my spiritual growth. Time is like the waves on the beach, never the same. Time stands still when we truly enjoy something. It happens when I gaze into my Master’s eyes. Time shows that a whole year has passed since my beloved Master has left His body. Today, on this anniversary, I thank the Lord for the wonderful time I have spent with my Master. The value of the time He spent on us is based on how ripe the fruit has become. Time is appreciated when our lives are full of gratitude about how wonderful time has been for us. Now it is time to end the thought with knowing that time, too, has been one of my Masters. It keeps ticking without seeking any credit, or blame, for all the experiences it gives us. — Satish Daryanani

Clock with second hand