To travel for an important event like a Master’s 100th Birthday celebration, some people have not gotten their plane tickets. On top of that they want to use air miles to pay for it. Even to book the hotel, many waited so long that the hotel is now full. Unlike them, those who know how to manage time, plan correctly and end up with the best seats at the master’s talks, great hotels, movie theater seats, concert seats, and more. When they have to be somewhere at a particular time, they plan it backwards. They give ample time to be on time. They know that

this human birth is given to experience certain things. Time is limited. They do not believe heaven can wait. Each day is spent in learning and experiencing something new. They arrive early at their own wedding to welcome guests rather than the guests welcoming them. If you value time and plan correctly you will always enjoy the hospitality of Etihad Airways in first class for free.       

time management illustration