When we travel, many resorts try to sell us timeshares. With one, we can go to the same place annually. I tell the salespeople I like to see different places. They try to sell me the fact that we can use the timeshare globally. Then I tell him I will be stuck with the same brand of hotel. They have no answer. Seeing different places and experiencing various hotels adds the spice in my life. Every year is based on all the new experiences we will have. Bad habits are dropped and new, good habits are formed, and new teachings implemented. New skills and hidden talents are discovered. Some fears are overcome, and a few souls are influenced. One step closer to the truth brings us one step closer to experiencing God, going one step deeper within. You may be a little wiser based on your mistakes, a few more friends made, even a few more dollars made. If a few dollars are lost, at least you are not the same. Up or down, as least you are not stagnant, for mosquitoes come and fester on stagnant water. If everything was the same, then the year was lost. We are made to only move forward. You must enjoy the way you saw the world the previous year more than the way you see it now, like the way you saw things as a child and the way you see them now. — Satish Daryanani

Timeshare written in sand on a tropical island