I desired to be with God all the time. Yet, being occupied in my daily life, that was not possible. One day the answer came, “There is nothing but Me.” No matter where you are and what action you are performing, as long as it an offering to the Lord, you are with Him permanently. All you have to do is be aware of this fact. Sounds easy, yet we get consumed by our lives and lose this awareness. We go in search of what is already at the tip of our noses. If we were more aware, then all the holy places would have no pilgrims and they would be out of business. Look at them as vacation spots to remind you of the truth. Very few people have the capacity for this awareness. It comes with a strong, focused mind or a very soft, tender heart filled with devotion, where this awareness is never lost. So, profit and loss are made from God. Insult and praise are given by God. Anger is towards God. Jealousy and envy are for God. Insecurity comes from God. Hatred and racism are created by God. Superiority and inferiority complexes are due to the existence of God. Now, that we know these facts, should we not laugh at ourselves? The best joke is that our egos are bruised by God and we show our goodness by forgiving God. Now, you know why God is not with us all the time. He is there, yet no one enjoys His permanent presence. — Satish Daryanani