As you go deeper within, you want to enjoy the Lord. You feel that you want to get so close that there is not a speck of separation. You even get frustrated with this human form for the separation. Then the Lord reminds you, “To enjoy Me, you need a vessel and, the human form is that vessel. If you become one with Me, how can you enjoy Me? This separation lets you enjoy Me and, I, too, can enjoy you through the separation. It is created for both of us to long for and love each other. One day, this vessel will drop and you and I will be one. You will miss the separation. It is painful and it is this pain that makes you enjoy Me. I have also given you a variety pack of distractions to take a break from the pain of longing. One day, you will see Me in everything. By then, you will have at least discovered the true purpose of this vessel.” — Satish Daryanani