We can touch someone with our physical bodieswith a look, a word, a smileor with our thoughts and our actions. Within a few minutes of when you meet someone new, you may hear them say the words, “You made my day.” That reflects the gift of touching someone. Your day is not made by the person who just told you those words, but by the feeling you have that you did not waste even one day. As you are able to make someone’s day, you will not only be able to change people’s lives but also enable them to touch other’s lives as well. This word, “touch,” has a deep meaning. It leads you to touch the heart of God. We say, “to touch your soul,” it is to touch your divine heart. Wake it up. Small actions of touching others daily, lead to the gentle, loving, touching of the love in the heart. So, start with the easiest touch of all, a smile. Then your mere presence, without doing anything, can touch and make the day for anyone who comes near you. The ability to manage this powerful touch should be our goal. May this thought touch everyone today. — Satish Daryanani

touch detail of Sistine Chapel