Best Customers

A doctor’s best customers are sick people. The best customers of spiritual Masters are those who are fed up with the world. If you are happy and everything is perfect in your life, why do you need someone to tell you how to improve your life? Basically, you have to be confused and feel you are going nowhere. The medicine of spirituality is for removing your pain permanently. We suffer unnecessarily because we do not understand the meaning of mercy. A toothache is like my friend, coming to tell me I may have a cavity. We listen to the teachings and only try to implement them if we feel we will benefit from them. Practicing spirituality does not impress God, but it applies an ointment to our deep inner wounds. This year, the Lord made it easier for us to get fed up with the world, as our lives have been turned upside down. Hopefully, the business of the spiritual Masters is booming. Unfortunately, their customer base is increasing only on YouTube, but they are unaware of it.— Satish Daryanani

What is Life?

The answer you give to this question determines your life. Many seek the correct answer. It could be the fragrance of jasmine in the morning autumn breeze or it could be a stem full of thorns. Life could either be challenging or a bed of roses. Life is given to all of us. Most of us base our understanding of what is life on all the experiences of our five senses. A few base it on experiences from within, which are permanent. For me, life is a gift of time and I have to use it. The more I entertain myself, the more time is being used to its fullest. Not getting bored is the best use of time. For me, life is not serious, as it is given by the One who had nothing better to do with His time. This gift of life can be appreciated when we see life as life itself, nothing more or less. We complicate life when it is really so simple. You have life, you are aware of it, and have only one identification, “I am alive.” That’s it.— Satish Daryanani


When reading the menu in a restaurant, often our mouths start watering and our appetites increase. The imagination of the food gets our juices flowing. When it arrives, the actual food could be a whole different ballgame. Suppose you got a menu of all the choices you could have after you leave your body—no sickness or coronavirus, no credit card debt, no weight loss to worry about, no news about Donald Trump, no natural disasters, no income or property taxes, no family members with whom you have to put up, and, in some cases, no spouse to give you a hard time. These are only appetizers, the main course and dessert are even better. Yet, we fear death and cry when someone we love is enjoying the menu. I think we cry out of jealousy. When death comes, let your mouth water as you just got upgraded from economy to first class. — Satish Daryanani


The movie, “The Last Vermeer,” shows the life of a great art forger. He fooled the best experts. Being a great painter is of no use unless art critics validate your work. So the painter ended up becoming a forger. In life, talent alone does not guarantee success. In spirituality, I, too, was considered a forger, as I spoke of the teachings without experiencing them. If I am talking about vegetarianism and eat non-vegetarian food, no one will listen. Many great authors and speakers of spirituality have not reached the stage where they have experienced the wisdom they are trying to spread. How do we find the real artists in life? They are the true spiritual Masters who seek nothing from you. They are the ones who live the teachings that flow from divine grace and show the humility that comes from being the recipients of the truth. They are very few and, if you do come across the real Vermeer of spirituality, hold on to them as they are the only guides who can take lost souls towards realization. May God bless the true seekers to find these enlightened beings.— Satish Daryanani

Reading Half a Book

The United States, today, is politically split on how the country should be run. Just like a nation being split, two friends sometimes cannot agree on many things. The reason is that we have only read half of the book of life. We have limited knowledge of the meaning of life and its purpose. We have limited knowledge of the so-called death and what really happens. We have limited knowledge of God and His master plan. We have limited knowledge of what is right and wrong. The splitting of the nation occurs because of differences in what we believe. Let’s just change one thing — our understanding. Just as no two things are the same, in the same way, everyone is perfect in what they believe. Everything is right for you when your peace is not disturbed. When you leave this body, you should have taken full advantage of everything that was given to you. Time is valuable so spend it on only changing yourself. It sounds selfish yet, it is the most selfless thing to do. — Satish Daryanani

Grace for Decisions

Suppose you had the grace to choose between two cars, each of which is given to you free of charge. One car is a brand new Mercedes-Benz and the other a 10-year old pre-owned Toyota Corolla. The ultimate choice is yours. Someone might choose the Toyota, as the insurance and maintenance cost is less. You don’t want to be a show-off, driving a Mercedes-Benz. Our minds play tricks on us. It is as if grace is given to us to choose between a life of peace, wisdom, experiencing God, and being a liberated soul, or a life of stress, responsibilities, name, fame, desires, and attachments. The choice is ours, as with the car. Grace cannot make your decision; it can make you lean to a more favorable situation for you. Yet it is our stupidity that makes the bad decisions with which we have to live. Grace gives us things on a platter, and yet, most of us do not know to use what Grace brings. — Satish Daryanani

Second Opinion

When we are advised by our doctors to undergo a treatment or a procedure, we often go to another doctor to get a second opinion. I always went to my spiritual Masters to get a second opinion before I did anything in life. Professionals would give me advice but, I obeyed my Masters. In time, you can develop a second opinion by sitting in silence and getting the advice you need. Second opinions give us a second to pause before we leap into making big decisions. We are all here to help each other when someone seeks objective advice. They may or may not follow your advice but they can learn from their experiences. What do you do if you are not sure in life? Leave it to God. If things happen smoothly, it is God’s will. So, let go of all the stuff that did not happen. You were saved.— Satish Daryanani

Real Strength of Mind

If your mind is strong and you have complete faith in God, then whatever you think will happen. If you say you will not get coronavirus, you will not even need a vaccine. Your mind creates its own antivirus and you are free to go about without fear. Your mind has to be that strong. So I asked myself, “How do my spiritual Masters deal with their physical challenges when they have such strong minds?” The answer came, “It takes a stronger mind to rejoice in all that God bestows upon you.” We have the power to implement our will but we choose not to. Flowing with everything that is happening is the true strength of the mind. Real strength is in controlling our power, not yielding to it. It is like Bruce Lee not fighting while people are making fun of him and pushing him around. Similarly, strength is found in silence, talking is easy. — Satish Daryanani

Addition vs. Subtraction

Our lives are based on additions. Additional wealth, knowledge, name, fame, friends, family members, and sometimes body weight. When we make a good documentary film, the footage is not added, but subtracted from all the information collected to make a two-hour movie. Similarly, in this short passage we call life, our ignorance, wrong notions, habits, desires, attachments are to be subtracted to reach the point of nothingness. It is like peeling the layers of onion till there is nothing. Subtracting, instead of adding, should be a purpose in life. We say we came with nothing and go with nothing. But how about being nothing while we are alive? You see a minus sign as a straight line, which stands for the line of equanimity. Let me start first by subtracting the additional physical weight I am carrying.— Satish Daryanani

Loss of Youth

Youth is something we can never get back. When he was in his 90s, the comedian, George Burns, was asked about his youth  He preferred his old-age, as, during his youth, he struggled financially and did not have the success that he achieved when he became older. Yes, youth is good but, experience and wisdom compensate for losing the benefits of a younger body. I prefer where I am now in life rather than being young again. Though the body ages, being young at heart is permanent. We don’t need to say, “When I was young, I could do this or that.” We can enjoy our state of mind today. In our youth, we leave everything for later, but with age, we want to experience everything now. Believe me, I would not be able to write this when I was young, as my mind was always in the gutter. Thank God for our evolution. We move from the physical to the mental and end up being spiritual.— Satish Daryanani

My Skin

Think of this whole world as a big drama. We can choose to be Michael Jordan, Bill Gates, Tom Brady, James Bond, or other characters. Our desires to become like others have to be fulfilled, so we keep on coming back in this human form, again and again, as we want to play different roles. There is nothing wrong with it. My superheroes are my spiritual Masters. I do not wish to become like them. I just want to continue being their friend. I am already fulfilling this desire in my existing birth, so I am satisfied being in my own skin.  I can come back, again and again, to play the role of a seeker. If I want to stop taking part in this drama of life I must get fed up with playing my own role. It is up to you to either keep enacting the roles of different characters, replay your own existing character, or to retire permanently. This is a small explanation of a liberated soul. There is so much more, which we can hopefully cover at a later date.— Satish Daryanani

Happy Diwali

A New Year and a new beginning, a day of light, is celebrated in India. We all are given the same ingredients to make the dish of our lives, which we have to eat. What dish we make is up to us. This year, an additional ingredient was given to most people: extra time. This was a transforming year if you utilized it correctly. Once in a while, God gives us this bonus. It could either be your best, worst, or average year—based on the dish you ate. The upcoming year will definitely be different than this one, so let’s press the restart button with a new mindset. I will celebrate Diwali every day, but eat fewer sweets than I am going to eat today. — Satish Daryanani


In today’s world, we cannot be neutral, with no response. On top of that, we have to give positive responses. Can we say things like, “We do not like this food,” or, “Your childhood picture is no good,” or “Your joke is not funny,” or “This thought gets a thumbs down,” or “Good your loved one passed away as they are now free from suffering”? No, people will be offended. God is easy. We do not have to thank Him for every breath or heartbeat,. Otherwise, we would go crazy. We do not have to send Him messages for His birthday, or anniversary. No condolences are needed in His life. We can tell Him, honestly, that mosquitoes, cockroaches, rats, snakes, and lizards are not very creative. We have the freedom to not respond to all His blessings. Let’s be like God: His feelings are not hurt by our responses, and He continues loving even when there is no response.— Satish Daryanani

Drowning on Dry Land

When we let our minds go wild, we drown in worries, sorrows, fears, and attachments. We drown in things that have not yet happened. I remember, years ago, I was drowning in my thoughts, and my spiritual Master saw me and gave me a smile. I actually forgot the thought that was drowning me. I realized that, for no reason, I was drowning on dry land while my true Lifeguard is always there to rescue me. So now I drown in thoughts of my Lifeguard. The more time we spend analyzing what disturbs us, the more we find these thoughts don’t have much value. Drown instead in peace, wisdom, and love for the Lord. Then the dry land becomes an oasis.— Satish Daryanani


A donkey works hard, is humble, obeys the master, serves humanity, leads a simple life, does not complain, does not think of karma, lives in the moment, carries the load of others, and, one day, dies. We, human beings, think that by having achieved all the above qualities, we have lived a complete life. There is one thing a donkey cannot do that only we humans can: experience God in the form of peace and wisdom. We get to know we are manifestations of God and can experience the Divine presence. Otherwise, a human form is not needed. Now, you decide if you are a human being or an … ! — Satish Daryanani

What Made You Become a Spiritual Teacher?

I asked this question of all my spiritual Masters. None of them said, “When I was young, instead of being a sailor, doctor, astronaut, president, or other professions, I wanted to become a Guru.” I never wanted to grow up and sent spiritual thoughts in the morning nor even to get close to God. He is there doing His job. We just pray for things and only thank Him if our prayers are fulfilled. The spiritual Masters somehow get drawn to this path and cannot really pinpoint one particular incident. Spirituality is a drug. Once you get hooked on it, everything else is secondary. The teacher aspect comes as information flows through you. If you know a child who tells you, “I want to be a spiritual Master when I grow up,” I would like to meet the child and find out what’s wrong with him or her. —Satish Daryanani

Know the Knower

For many years, my spiritual Master emphasized: Know the Knower. I was young and did not put in my full effort nor make it a priority in my life. After He left his body in 2002, I felt sad that I did not give Him this gift. Honestly, there is nothing in the world greater than these words of wisdom. There are many books and teachings spread all over the world to inspire everyone to get this simple truth. Yet, only a handful put in that effort. One of the aspects by which to know the knower is grace. Even the One who wants to bestow this grace does not have customers for it. As I was one of them, I understand. The only reason for knowing the knower cannot be explained except by saying, “I am that.” There is very poor marketing, so the true value cannot be comprehended. Once you get it, put me on your blocked list, as these thoughts will not be needed.— Satish Daryanani


It’s very hard to be liked by everyone. I saw that quality in my spiritual Master. Many found them likable, even though many did not adhere to all their teachings. As a parent, your child might not find you likable at times when you have to do your job. Now how can you be found likable by God all the time? It’s simple. Do not question His will. He is the dictator, so cherish His will. We are too dumb to understand. Being likable does not mean you have to be a doormat to the world. Hold your ground but be polite in the way you speak. I do not possess this quality, so I am not likable to many. Even God has time to be likable to everyone. He is blamed for the virus and economic problems, so it is hard for Him to be liked. Imagine after a big natural disaster, or the death of a loved one, God’s likability drops. The only likable all the time is the one who yields to your ego and ignorance. Those people are not your true friends, as they are not interested in your growth. Let’s start with something small. Hope you like this thought. — Satish Daryanani


Some people get so attached to their homes that they do not want to leave, even after they leave their bodies. Their souls continue to hover around, to hang on, because they cannot carry their homes with them. I wonder how many ghosts must be lingering in the White House? It is hard to let go of the seat of power. Instead, the White House is a perfect example of how to live. Do your job for a certain period of time, as a form of service for the people who elected you. After your time is up, move on. We are all here on this earthly plane for a specific time and to do a specific job. When you get fired by the one Big Boss, move on. Don’t become a ghost and hang around your temporary residence.— Satish Daryanani

Starting Fresh

Imagine you deleted all your emails, pictures, and WhatsApp messages from everyone and just managed to save only the very important stuff. It will be a fresh start. Now let’s try that with the mind—deleting all the unnecessary stuff and only saving the real important stuff. My brain will show 99.2 percent of storage space available. Enjoy a fresh start to life, with all new experiences and memories, and having to carry no unnecessary burdens. The mind is now fresh and empty to fill with new junk. At least, if we do a mental cleanup annually, we will get a fresh start. I would never delete the experiences with my Masters, as that is the important stuff I will save. I would delete all these past thoughts from my mind, as they have served their purpose for those days. Let’s start small, by making every day a fresh start. So, if I eat pizza, it will be like the first time, as I have deleted the past experience. Now you have so many new things to watch on Netflix, as you have deleted from your mind all the past episodes you have seen. Let’s experience a fresh start in life.— Satish Daryanani