Waiting for a Different Answer

If we want to lose weight, we have to exercise and eat less fattening foods. There is no different answer, and we know it. To enjoy peace, sit in silence. Love comes from sharing, not from being selfish. Forgiveness lightens our load in life. We cannot change anything but our reactions. Many people ask questions when they already know the answers. They do not want to accept the answers or they are looking for short cuts. No matter what you do, the answers cannot change. Only you can. — Satish Daryanani

Using People

We are all guilty of using people. This started with God: He uses us for His Master plan. How we use people makes a difference. When we use people because we have power over them or because we can afford to, that is not correct. If the person being used knows he is being used and still, out of caring, cooperates, that is fine. Now a secret: We can also use God. Like children use their parents, we, too, can do the same with God. The only difference is that we argue and get upset with our parents when we don’t get our way, but with God, we enjoy and rejoice with seeing His way. — Satish Daryanani

What is Peace?

There could be many answers to this question, or there could no answer at all. Some think peace is a thoughtless state, or it could be living in the moment. Peace could be your natural state. Experience of divinity could be peace. Enjoying pure joy and bliss could be peace. Peace is a small, simple word, yet everyone seeks it. In short, the awareness of your non-existence is peace. — Satish Daryanani


We set up trust funds so that after we leave our bodies, our loved ones are taken care of. We have trust in God, and yet we worry so much. We trust our parents, yet, we argue with their decisions. Most of us lack trust in ourselves. We make decisions and then change our minds when fear sets in. Some people, who are blessed by spiritual Masters, do not have full trust in the grace poured upon them by the Masters. Yes, there will be many people who will break your trust but, remember, the One you trust in completely is doing all this only for your benefit. So let’s start by trusting that this message is for you to grow in trust. — Satish Daryanani


We burn much energy without thinking or appreciating the value of it. We waste it first with unnecessary talking and then, even more, with unnecessary thinking. Our movements are rapid, rather than natural. You can save this vital energy to go within and create a platform on which the source of the energy is welcomed. It is easy to say you want to experience God, but, can you handle the energy when God appears? Build up inner stillness and  soon you will find much hidden energy within. Meanwhile, ask yourself: “Why do you waste your outer energy?” — Satish  Daryanani

A Thought

We have thoughts. Thoughts, on their own, are not harmful to us. When we get a thought of the infinite, we merge in it and it is wonderful. When we think of a finite subject, the thought ends and is followed by thought on another finite subject, creating a flow. It is the flow of thoughts that carries us away and we lose our balance. It is like sitting in calm waters—nothing happens. The fast-flowing water in the river can carry us away. So have thought, but not the momentum of finite thinking that leads to your peace being disturbed. — Satish Daryanani


When I was young and in school, I was very talkative and would get into a lot of trouble. I was often told to be silent. When I grew older, I was able to maintain silence for one week every month. Discipline comes from the heart. These dos and don’ts limit and bind our creativity. For example, athletes get up early and train because they want to win gold medals. The discipline to discover yourself comes from within when you give it value. We should develop only one discipline: that nothing can make us unhappy. — Satish Daryanani

Closing Our Eyes

We close our eyes to relax, to rest, to enjoy the silence, or to sleep. We open our eyes to see the world, to do our duties, to serve others, and to enjoy all that God has created. When our eyes open, we are somebody and we have identification. With our eyes closed, we can become nobody. With our eyes open, we can see God in everyone and everything. With eyes closed, we see God within. So enjoy the world with open eyes. See and do everything and get tired knowing that, once your eyes are closed, you can rejuvenate, recharge, and experience divinity. — Satish Daryanani

Recording Conversations

With today’s technology, we can record conversations without the permission of the people whom we are recording. It is not ethical but it is done. The first one to come up with this idea was God. Not only are all our words being recorded but also all our thoughts. All these recordings are saved in a cosmic database. We face only a portion of our thoughts, words, and actions, not as punishment, but for us to learn and improve. Even spirituality is nothing but experiencing knowledge. All of this takes place to know the true self. — Satish Daryanani

Involvement and Withdrawal

Our lives are made up of these two actions—involvement and withdrawal. We either get completely involved in the world or get spiritual and we completely withdraw from the world. During our daily duties, we have to be involved with worldly matters but—to relax, enjoy peace, and be one with our true self—complete withdrawal is needed. Once we understand this, our lives get balanced with both aspects. Too much involvement with the world will tire and frustrate you. Then we get fed up and want to run away from everything. Start every morning with withdrawal and the rest of the day becomes fun, as we then can see that nothing is worth getting too involved in. — Satish Daryanani

Stuck on One Thing

Some people tend to get stuck on a single subject. Every time you talk with them, the same topic is brought up again. Religious people only talk about their religion and want to convert you. Spiritual people want to talk about God, peace, and the truth. We must learn to have diversified conversations about sports, business, entertainment, spirituality, jokes, stocks, and worldly matters so people do not get bored when talking to us. Then, when, someone needs guidance, we become instruments able to help in any field. This is a service to humanity in the spectrum of life. — Satish Daryanani

Favorite Spot

My favorite spot is right here, right now—where I am. If you do not believe that you are in the perfect place, can you do anything about it? No. You are stuck, at this moment, exactly where you are supposed to be. The only choice you have is to enjoy it or not. Those who frequently travel on airplanes have to master this art. They cannot leave their seats, as most flights are full. This very moment is my favorite, as there is no other option, nothing with which to compare it. My favorite dish is what I eat, the people surrounding me are my best friends, my favorite movie, or game, and my favorite city is right here where I am. So let’s joke about it. The best thing you can ever read in your life is this message. Nothing else can be better.  — Satish Daryanani

A Big Challenge

Some people think big challenges appear in front of people for their bad deeds, as punishments. It could be the opposite—the big challenges come as gifts. They can bring out the best in you and help you in the long run. They bring you closer to God and improve your ability to surrender. Every time I have faced big challenges, there have only been blessings for me. Thank you, Lord, for not giving me a boring, smooth life. — Satish Daryanani

Learning to Ask a Question

Some people talk for so long that sometimes I forget the question they originally asked. I think they are only looking for a “yes” or “no” answer to all that they said. Mostly they prefer a “yes” answer. Imagine, God has to listen to long questions daily and all everyone wants from Him is a “yes,” and then His daily job is done. Questions to the Lord should come from the heart with the fewest words. The answers require patience to understand when they come, and they come only when we are ready for them. — Satish Daryanani

Full Stop

A small dot can end a sentence from going on and on. It is a pause for us to think about the next thought. If there is nothing more to write, the sentence ends. Put a full stop in your mind and stop the ego dot from taking over your thoughts. A thought should occur only with your permission. Now I am using will power of the full stop to end this thought. — Satish Daryanani

Testing Faith

When everything is good and perfect in the world, how can you test your faith? What we are going through now is like a stop sign on the road. We have to come to a complete standstill, look to the left and then to the right before we move on. This pause in our lives is a gift from God to appreciate and enjoy His grace—a moment to appreciate all that we have got, are getting, and will get. Those who have complete faith will enjoy this moment, as this is for their good. Real faith is shown by a person who lives a life of zero complaints. So let each one of us test our inner faith during this coronavirus festival. — Satish Daryanani

Sweet Mango

Sitting in silence when we meditate or pray to God is like enjoying the nectar of sweet mango. Some people spend years in prayer and still have not seen or enjoyed the mango. We want only the fruit but fail to understand the requirements needed to get the fruit. First, we must find fertile soil, then dig a hole, put in a mango seed, and cover it with some fertilizer. We must make sure there is enough sunlight as well as shade. Then sufficient water must be given to make it grow. After some time, a mango grows on the tree. It takes some more time to ripen and, at the right moment, the sweet, ripened mango can be enjoyed. That is the process of enlightenment. We emerge from the darkness of being able to see nothing into the light where everything becomes clear. Then one becomes an instrument to help others enjoy the sweet mango within, which is in each one of us. — Satish Daryanani


While playing tennis, you have to look at the ball and not at the court where you intend to place the ball. The court should be in your memory. When the ball is placed perfectly, it is called “a winner.” Similarly, we must put our focus on the Lord. The court of life is in our memory. Grace and wisdom will fall perfectly on the court of life, making you a winner. To play tennis, you have to do your best and to not get attached to winning, as it can make you nervous in a close match. Even in the match of life, you can get everything when you do not care if you win or lose. Your opponent will not know how to handle you, as neither result will disturb you. So, enjoy this tennis game of life. — Satish Daryanani


When I was young,  every week I used to fast for 36 hours, drinking only water and nothing else. With my luck, all my favorite dishes were kept in front of me to tempt me. When there is no food available, it is easy to fast, as there is nothing to eat. Similarly, if no adversities are present in life, it is easy to maintain your peace. If you are being kicked around like a soccer ball and still remain calm, then you have truly attained peace. Your will power, focus, and convictions are tested when the surroundings do not support you. If others do what you want, it is easy to say you have no anger. When everyone does the opposite of what you want and you have no anger and are still at peace, then you have complete control over your mind. — Satish Daryanani


One must give up the habit of wandering. Stick to one place for a minimum of 3 years and practice uninterrupted meditation. Then only can you enjoy the full bliss of the self. You have achieved considerable progress in meditation. Now, wisdom is flowing through you. You will always have to raise the mind and keep the divine flame burning quite steadily. The inner powers will slowly awaken and the wandering mind becomes single-pointed. You get tired from the physical and mental wanderings. Now you can relax and enjoy all that is due to you. Your good deeds have brought you to the state of nothingness—to a new chapter of your life, where the vast universe is a mere dot in infinity. — Satish Daryanani

What Can You Do?

Some people feel they can get away with anything, even with murder. After all, what can the other person do about it? It is for this reason people feel they can do anything they want. Your actions may not be corrected by the person of whom you take advantage, but they will be by the force of nature that keeps track of everything. The one who has been taken advantage of only enjoys watching the show, as everyone pays a price for their actions. If everything is perfect in the world, it is easy to be peaceful; but, when the one who has been taken advantage of still maintains his peace, it shows his spiritual strength. I am not saying that you should wish for major challenges in your life but, if challenges come, you get to know your growth. For example, when you rebound and win the game after being down 18 points in the fourth quarter of Game 7 in the NBA finals, it shows the strength of your game. The greater the challenge from the world, the more you develop championship skills. Let the world underestimate you so that, when the giant needs to wake up, you can shake the whole world with your presence. That is why there is a saying, “Please do not poke a sleeping bear.” — Satish Daryanani


I love visiting old forts in my travels, to see how strong and high are the walls and the big doors that protect them. Once the security is breached, the fort is overtaken by outsiders. We, too, must build a strong fort around us, where nothing can come and invade our inner space. No virus can enter. Only invited guests are allowed—the ones who want to experience what you are enjoying. We cannot blame anyone for destroying the treasure in the fort. That can only happen if you let them in. Living in this fort should happen in spite of everything from outside, not because of the situations from outside. You do not need cannons to protect yourself. You just need to understand that all that is happening is only fortifying you to remain inside. — Satish Daryanani

True Value

We all value money, so we do our best to earn and protect it. Some give value to their health, so they eat correctly and exercise to maintain it. Only those who give true value to their spiritual growth and peace put in time and effort to maintain them. They do not find excuses or complain about a lack of time. This becomes their top priority. A diamond is only a stone until we give it value. I’m sorry to say that even God is a nobody until we give Him value. Everything in life has value only if we decide it does. Even these thoughts only have value if someone contemplates them, otherwise, they are just a bunch of words. When the world sees value in the words you speak, you get unlimited credit and trust from everyone. That is why spiritual Masters have value in their teachings, as they speak from experience. Your life will have true value when you see God’s love expressed through yourself. — Satish Daryanani


Since the pandemic, few people are going out and fewer vehicles are being used. Due to this, nature’s beauty, which had been hidden by pollution is being revealed. Beauty is in everything, sometimes it is covered. In human beings, too, there is beauty but, because of anxiety, attachments, fear, and selfishness, it gets covered up. Actually everything is beautiful, as the Creator is beautiful. Being able to see the beauty around you is, in itself, beauty. Our minds decide what is beautiful. The mind is the most beautiful instrument given to us. It can separate us or bring us closer to God. For me, the most beautiful sight is the smile of my spiritual Masters. There is still one more beauty we must experience—seeing the divine beauty within us. — Satish Daryanani


When Hindu people pray, we use the five senses. We see fire burn, hear bells ringing, smell the fragrance of incense sticks, and feel the tray we hold, and taste a sweet treat as blessed food after we end the prayers. Using all the senses helps us to develop focus. Choosing a form to worship helps us to grow in devotion. Many choose the form of Laksmi, the Goddess of Wealth. People change the form based on daily requirements. Many recite a fixed prayer daily and most get stuck in this daily ritual and do not go beyond that. Prayers are wonderful but are only the beginning of the endless journey of spirituality. All your senses have to be conquered and vanish, so you have no identification with your body. As you develop focus and devotion, you will discover hidden secrets. You can still pray by saying, “Lord, please bless me with focus so I can enjoy a moment of silence. All experiences will come from Your loving hands.” Start with a prayer and end up where prayers are meant to lead you—to relax and enjoy the loving hands of the Lord gently stroking your forehead while your head rest in the Lord’s lap. — Satish Daryanani

Waiting for …

In the old days when the internet was slow, we had to wait for a download to finish. We are now waiting to be free to go back to our normal routines. We are waiting to meet God and to become realized souls. We are waiting to experience peace and grace. We are waiting for all our goals and dreams to be fulfilled. Some are waiting to retire and others, who are going through a lot of suffering, are waiting for their deaths. Some Christians wait for Jesus to come again, while Jesus is waiting for them to come to Him. Poor God is waiting patiently for all of us. We must learn from Him how to let go of our children. He has given us complete freedom to either forget Him or come running back to His waiting arms. Waiting is a virtue, as all good things unfold in time. The longer you wait, the greater is the appreciation when things happen. This may sound crazy but, waiting to meet and experience God is greater than getting the fulfillment of experiencing God. — Satish Daryanani


My Master was asked by another disciple, “Do You watch movies?” He replied, “Movies are made to be seen.” Yet, in spiritual growth, it is said to stay away from movies. If you get emotionally affected, then it is better to avoid seeing them. If you watch movies to entertain yourself, to witness and enjoy the performance of everyone involved, then it is fine. After watching the movie, you can spend some time reflecting on how much you enjoyed it and then forget all about it. I should be in the Guinness Book of World Records for watching the most movies in movie theaters. I miss movie theaters, as they are all currently closed due to the pandemic. A spiritual aspirant can learn from the stories depicted in the movies. Many of my thoughts are inspired by movies. I go to remind myself that I am the scriptwriter, director, actor, producer, and witness of the movie of my life. I am enjoying this show of life to entertain myself. Above all, God is laughing while watching the movie of my life. — Satish Daryanani


We have many childhood memories, some good, and others challenging. Many of my childhood friends are no longer present in my life. I was thinking about what I had thought of God, what I had prayed to God, and what I wanted to be when I grew up. Now I feel as if my childhood had been a comedy show. Spirituality will make you laugh at what you think is this world. As you go within, you will even laugh at your current self. Childhood is not the age of your physical body, but the sum total of all your early experiences. The more you experience the more you grow in wisdom. Being ignorant, now and in the past, only serves to entertain you in this endless journey of life. It is good that though none of us will reach our destination, we will enjoy the journey of self-growth. If again, down the line, we are housebound for some reason, I will remember all my thoughts and reactions during this moment and laugh at my stupidity. — Satish Daryanani

The Vanishing of Questions

We have many questions: When and why was the world created? Why is there evil in the world? Why do good people suffer? Why do we have to go through a pandemic like a coronavirus? And many more. No one can answer these questions. When divine knowledge dawns, the questions vanish. We are putting the cart before the horse. I asked my Master: “What did you ask God when you met Him?” and “When you meet God, do all doubts vanish?” I learned that once you experience the One multiplying Itself slowly into everything in the universe, all questions will be answered. The why, what, when, where, and how all vanish. The question we should have is: “What do we have to do to experience this?” We have to do good, be good, cultivate discrimination, dispassion, and a correct attitude to life. Sit in silence and contemplate the teachings from the scriptures. With God’s Grace, He will free you from all your questions, so do not bug Him anymore.— Satish Daryanani

What Does It Take to Get Everything?

We have to go to school, graduate college, and then do post-graduate studies and eventually earn a Ph.D. Similarly, to be an aspirant you have to do selfless service, renounce identification with the body, be free from selfishness, egoism, and desires, and not be a slave to the senses. You have to eradicate negative traits and purify yourself. You become the embodiment of purity, love, mercy, and goodness. You have to develop ethical perfection and burn out of the mind all cravings. Yearning for the Lord should not come out of misery in your daily life. Experiencing the ultimate cannot come from juvenile enthusiasm or emotional bubbling, but from diligently doing your austerities day and night. Pure attitude, a degree of evolution, and the power of concentration are needed along with a devotional heart. With the Lord’s grace, you will be fortunate to experience everything that is within you in the state of Samadhi, meaning the union, with the Divine. — Satish Daryanani

Can Someone Cheat You?

No, no one can cheat you. Everything that happens is the result of the law of karma. What you sow, so shall you reap. You are allowed to do your best to protect yourself and, in the end, leave it in the hands of the Lord. Even if people cheat you, have empathy for them, as they do not know the price they will have to pay. Whatever is due to you will still come to you, no one can stop that. At a higher level, we are all the same. You are only cheating yourself if you think you have cheated others. Cheating others is a test, as your mind plays tricks, justifying cheating. You may believe you deserve it and have even earned it. You are only fooling yourself. When you have to pay the price, it will be too late. All the regret will not help. The one who gets cheated can even say that this has come from the loving hands of the Lord. Father knows best. You know, after having done your best, there is no guilt. Your spiritual test is to be able to forgive the one who has cheated you, to still be able to see God in them. They have lost their way due to greed, insecurity, or being hurt. All you can do is pray for them. Spirituality is easy to talk about and write about. When you experience the roasting, your reactions determine your spiritual growth. To still roar and say, “All is for good.” Then you see the Lord smile and say, “You are my child, as you are rejoicing in My will.” — Satish Daryanani

Making Your Mind Understand

It takes more time to make your mind understand something than it takes for your entire family to understand it. If you try seriously, it could be a full-time job. First, your naughty mind will not listen. Second, your mind knows you too well, so it knows which buttons to push. If you tell the mind to chant the Lord’s name, it will do it for some time and then give up. Even if you tell it to do something that is good for the mind, like a chant, it will find ways to get out of doing it. Knowing this mind, we cannot blame others for how they use their minds. We are all in the same boat—enslaved by our minds. If anything, we can thank the coronavirus for making us work on our minds. We can make our minds understand that God has given us this opportunity as a gift, to work on ourselves. This is the first time the mind can rest and understand that it is more effective and efficient when used the least. — Satish Daryanani

A Good Student

In school, some of my friends would memorize the textbooks during the summer before they started the next grade. All you had to tell them were the page and paragraph numbers and they could write it word for word. I did not have this ability to memorize in school but, if you asked me the meaning, I could explain the content. Though I did not like reading books, I could remember my teacher’s image, voice, and the teachings when needed. I was fortunate to have a life filled with teachers, especially my spiritual teachers. I may not have been a good student but, I would like to tell all of them, “You did not waste your time, even though I know you wrote in my yearbook, ‘Good luck to your future teachers.’ In every situation, I still feel their presence. God is first my teacher. To all my teachers I would say, “This crazy student of yours feels only reverence and gratitude for putting up with him.”  — Satish Daryanani

Demand and Supply

Today, there is so much oil that we can get paid to take and store it. When oil is in short supply, the price can go to over $150 a barrel. Now, cleaning supplies, hand sanitizer, masks, and other medical equipments are in short supply, so their prices are soaring. If you buy things when they are not in demand, there is a chance you can profit from them. God, too, is a businessman. He knows He is in high demand and does not overcharge. He is on a long-term business plan, increasing His customer base everyday. It’s like Netflix giving a free month of service to get future customers. Demand and supply drives our market. Spirituality is similar. When everything is perfect in the world, who cares about finding the answer to, “Who am I?” Now that there is not much to do, we wonder, “What is the purpose of life? There must be more than what I can see or understand.” If Spiritual Masters could travel now and spread the teachings, they would have a larger audience, as people are more receptive to their teachings. Change in supply and demand can be profitable for those who have no fear and take advantage of the opportunity.  — Satish Daryanani


Stock markets go up and down. We all have to deal with opposites—profit and loss, pleasure and pain, health and sickness, and so on. Even a heartbeat is not a straight line. If it is straight, we are dead. Yet we have to maintain the straight line of equanimity to experience God. A sick person has to become healthy to experience the medicine of God. Instead, God should come first, then equanimity is easy. That is why devotion of God is needed to have equanimity, which leads to experiencing God. Now that you have permanent equanimity and have experienced God, what is next? No one talks about that. My spiritual Master told me that the longing for equanimity and the wish to see God is in every aspirant’s heart. Even though saints get it, they choose to forget and go back to being seekers. The bottom line is: We live in turmoil. We try to balance the mind by longing for God. We get everything and go back and do it all over again. That is the crazy truth about spirituality. — Satish Daryanani

A Safe

When I was in the jewelry business, my Spiritual Master came to visit my place of work. He saw the safe and stood by it, and I took a picture. I told him I have double safety: first the safe and second the protection of my Master. He smiled and said, “You are always safe, like in your mother’s womb.” If animals do everything to protect their children, will God not do everything to protect all His children? Nowadays, are texting each other to stay safe. Instead, we should text, “Be aware of how safe we all are.” We can put our valuables in a safe, so as to not tempt others. We all have within ourselves a big safe inside to protect us. The most valuable thing is always protected by this safe within—the certificate of our original birth, the hard drive containing all the information in this world. Unfortunately, we have also locked God in this safe and we have forgotten the combination. Now, we have the free time to find the code. If you want it, I will give it to you. The code is 000. When we become a “zero” the safe opens. The treasures of the universe are revealed. Safes were originally created for that. The jewelry came much later. — Satish Daryanani

Let Me Think about It and Let You Know

A dear friend taught me to give this reply. I answer very quickly and pay the price for it later. Once we say something, we must honor our word. If we spend time to contemplate, we can make correct decisions. Sometimes we pray and do not get answers right away. God, too, is telling us, “Let me think about it. I will let you know.” He has to be careful as everything He thinks about is for our long term benefit. He knows who wants money, name, fame, to serve, or to experience the ultimate treasure. Based on that, our prayers are answered. Even my spiritual Masters blessed people based on what they wanted in life. For example, when rich people wants blessings for more success to help others, then they earn more financial gain. On the other hand, when people want to spread the teachings, they are blessed with experiencing the teachings. To pause in life is a strength, to see all angles before you make a decision. See not only to your benefit, but also to be fair to all parties. If spiritual growth is important, see that your decision can also help you grow. Finally, you must think about if your decision will disturb your peace. Only then, let others know what you have decided in the fewest words possible. — Satish Daryanani

Are You in a Better Place When You Die?

If this answer was yes, then everyone would want the coronavirus and wish to die. In the Hebrew language, they toast,  “Le Chaim,” which means, “To life,” and not “To death.” Only in the human form can we experience God, peace, and joy. A simple thing, like sugar, can be tasted in a human form. That does not mean that after we leave this body we will be miserable. We are in a better place when we kill our ego, not the body. We experience our true self, the real “I.” The removal of ignorance and experiencing wisdom is being alive. You now live in a new place of light and peace. In a way, you are in a better place. Humility comes when the finite mind merges with the infinite. The word “death” is misunderstood. It occurs in order to be in a better place. That is why some celebrate Easter more than Christmas. It is the rebirth. We, too, should experience Easter in our lives. Then we can claim that life is truly better after death. — Satish Daryanani

Truth vs. Story of the Truth

Conspiracy theories make for wonderful stories, and we hear a lot of them. Are they the absolute truth or just stories about the truth? Most of us only hear stories about the truth. Many governments do not release the truth, as people cannot handle it. Even about extraterrestrials, we are kept in the dark. We only hear stories about God. Only the one who has met God knows the truth about Him. Even the saying, “The truth shall set you free,” can only happen with pure concentrated truth, not with the stories written in scriptures. Truth is very hard to handle in any aspect of our lives. You will lose a lot of friends, relatives, and customers. Truth is bitter, there’s no doubt about it. Those who want to taste this bitter chocolate will work towards discovering this truth. Once you get it, then you get to enjoy the sweetest chocolate in this world. Now you become the storyteller of the truth. — Satish Daryanani

How Do You Feel?

Many parents and their children do not get a chance to tell each other how they feel until it is too late. This happens in many relationships. To put our true feelings into words is not easy. It could be our egos  that stop us or the fear of letting go of our guard, I know I could never express what I truly feel for my spiritual Masters. Only my eyes would reveal my true feelings. When we experience God’s love, we cannot express our feelings in return. We must ensure that we have no regrets in our lives for not showing our feelings while we can. — Satish Daryanani

Is It Worth It?

Ask yourself, “Was all that I did in life worth it?” Before you take on anything, see if it is really worth all the aggravation and stress you might have to go through. Are you doing it for ego, money, power, service, or just out of boredom? Most of what we do really is of no value. For me, everything I do is only for one purpose—my entertainment. I travelled with my spiritual Masters to entertain myself by pushing their buttons. I seek God so I can try to play with His head. I work on experiencing peace to see if I can turn peace into pieces. I am seeking wisdom so I can have new material for the thoughts I send out daily. I make money so I can spend more on entertaining myself. I serve so I can enjoy the reaction of others. I try to walk 20,000 steps daily, so I can entertain myself by eating delicious food. So, when I come close to my end, I can truly say that everything was worth it, as I entertained myself for 80 years. — Satish Daryanani

Deal Making

Many claim they are great at closing deals. God receives the most deals. Everyone tries to negotiate with God. Most do not hear the voice of God, but feel that He has agreed with their proposals. We think we have negotiated deals to our liking. Children negotiate deals with their parents, and all the parents can do is smile. I, too, tried to negotiate with my spiritual Master when I was turning vegetarian. The secret to becoming the best deal maker is simple—have no attachments to what you seek. If the deal happens, well and good. If it does not, you must be able to walk away. When the other side sees that you do not care, they will not let the golden goose walk away. Try this even with God, “It is in Your hands. I am doing my best. I will give you a big portion of my profits. If the deal does not happen, You are very rich and do not need a share of the profits.” Leave the results to the greed of God. Man proposes, God disposes. — Satish Daryanani

Sitting in a Chair

All the good you do with your thoughts, words, and actions is rewarded when you sit on a chair with your eyes closed. The chair becomes a throne, taking you to an ecstasy that is beyond words. Let the world take advantage of you. You will get a free pass to enter the inner world. Those who have performed negative actions pay the price by never being able to sit on the chair with their eyes closed. That is the highest price you can pay for your actions. When there is nothing that can prick your conscience, peace is experienced. The reward given by the Lord is not heaven after death, it is heaven we can enjoy right now. Forget flying on a magic carpet. The chair can take you to new heights, heights of which you never dreamed. How you have lived is examined by the chair, like a litmus test. Those who are fortunate to get completely lost in the chair now belong in the list of trillionaires in Forbes magazine. — Satish Daryanani


In Tokyo, Japan the living spaces are limited, so they have defined the term, “efficiency” apartments. These are so well planned that there is no wasted space. There is no clutter from unnecessary items. In  our lives, when the best comes out of us without any effort or struggle, that is the efficient way of using our time and energy. Even our thinking should be effective, either to create or enjoy. Efficiency is a skill that makes a person effective. Two people could be doing the same job, yet one experiences greater success than the other because there is a difference in efficiency. You find free time to do all that you wish to do. Once you experience God, you will meet the Master of efficiency. Everything in nature that comes without any effort, or stress, is perfect. These thoughts, too, come without effort. They just flow through divine grace.  — Satish Daryanani


One of the main teachings of my spiritual Master was to accept. Before accepting God’s will, we must first accept ourselves. All of us have gifts and skills. We are all strings in God’s instrument. We are all needed so God can play the perfect music. No string is useless. Some strings are used more than others but, to get the correct note—you, the string, could be used. Not everyone can be Bill Gates, Mother Teresa, or a doctor helping coronavirus patients. We can admire those who help transform lives, but we are no less. I used to joke with my Masters. I would tell them, “I am as important as You are. Without me, who will You love? Which ignorant person’s questions will You answer? Who will You continuously forgive for his stupidity? I am here to improve Your patience and test Your ego.” This wretched person, too, is needed to make the Masters shine. First, let us accept ourselves before we start accepting all that God does out of His love for each one of us. — Satish Daryanani

What I Believe

I believe in only one thing, and that is to be permanently happy. Every being in nature does everything, or nothing, just to be happy. A thief steals so he will be happy. Saints help others because this brings them happiness. Sending these thoughts is not done for the benefit of others, it is done for my happiness. Can you be permanently happy? You can, when you experience God, whose name is Mr. or Mrs. Happy. Then you get the supreme happiness called “bliss.” This comes when you renounce everything, but you don’t become a beggar. You do your best and you renounce whatever comes. This detachment from the fruit of your labor is the first step toward happiness. Once you realize that every second of your life is spent only to make yourself happy, you will laugh at all the self-induced misery and stress through which you put yourself. All this just to make yourself happy? Such is the irony of life. We make ourselves unhappy in order to make ourselves happy. — Satish Daryanani

The Chosen Ones

There are those who believe that, if they belong to a particular nation or a particular religion, they are the chosen ones. Which parent would discriminate among their children? To God, we are all the same. Those who realize they are princes and princesses and who claim their birthright are the chosen ones. You choose what is yours. These chosen ones live a life of zero complaints. They enjoy the whole kingdom. They go out and uplift their siblings by showing them that they, too, can have this life. They have claimed everything that the parents have kept for them. Those who choose to indulge in their inheritance become the chosen ones. — Satish Daryanani

Big Word Mean Little

When traveling with my spiritual Masters, I heard many people speak about spirituality. Some liked to use words like “transcendental” or “quantum mechanics” or “cosmic consciousness.” Words that are short—like love, peace, service—carry the most value. Even God is a small word. I questioned my Master, “Why are big words used, and why is spirituality made so complex?” He answered, “If I say, ‘All for good, everything is an illusion, now you all can go home,’ then no one will come back.” Our minds want to listen to smart people who say things that go over our heads. We think they have wisdom. The more complex the words, the smarter the person, we reason. Seeing simplicity in spirituality is the sign of a real spiritual person. People ask questions like, “Have you seen God?” My answer is, “Show me where God is not.” “Have you attained deep inner peace?” My answer would be, “I have nothing of value that is worth disturbing my peace.” “Who is your God and which religion do you follow?” The answer: “I see God within you, and my religion is love.” Many simple words can have more meaning than big words. By using big words, we just show off our linguistic skills. — Satish Daryanani

Pleasing God

In life it is not possible to please everyone. Do things to satisfy your conscience without a selfish motive. God is happy with this simple act. You do not need to perform austerities, stand on your head, or do a lot is service. Just work on projecting your vision of the world. With correct thoughts and mental attitude, you live in heaven. The joy and peace that comes pleases God, and nothing makes a parent happier than watching their child living in heaven. The simple way to look at it is  to ask: If you are not pleased with God’s world, how can you please the Creator of this world? — Satish Daryanani


We say one thing and think of another, while our intentions could be totally different. Spiritual Masters know the true intentions of their disciples. Even God knows the true intentions behind our prayers and love and service to Him. Even when people are nice and show their love to us, we do not know their true intentions. I have a weakness, I am blunt, and offer no sugar-coating. When I say something, I mean it and my actions show my true intentions. Even with God and spiritual Masters, there is no B. S. between us. It is what it is. I have no fear nor do I concern myself with the feelings of others. I know that is wrong but at least I am not trying to play the goody-goody type with my intentions being something different. My life is an open book. Showing more empathy along with good intentions is a perfect balance. I have to work on it. Thankfully, the Lord knows that our relationship comes with no strings attached. He knows what He is getting and still continues to be connected with me. — Satish Daryanani


We have so many videos, books, Whatsapp messages, and free time today that we overanalyze everything. We now have 8 billion doctors, presidents, prime ministers, and spiritual masters. Everyone has an opinion. We are making decisions for God. We are thinking of karma, dharma, and the punishment of human beings. There is no collective penalty nor collective karma nor is God pissed off at us. Things happen in nature and have happened before there was social media. Those who have saved money can handle this crisis better than others. Similarly, those who have spent time during the good days in silence and understand the true meaning of this illusion called life will not waste their time overanalyzing this dream in which we live. — Satish Daryanani

illustration of a hand holding magnifying glass over the brain

Understanding Each Other

Parents are trying to understand their children, and children are trying to understand their parents. We are all trying to understand each other. When I pray, I ask God, “Are you understanding what I am going through?” Today I wondered, “Am I understanding what God is trying to do?” We cannot understand God and His plans. In today’s environment, it is very hard. Its like a parent who does everything that is best for the child, and the child rebels until the day the child, too, becomes a parent. We can only understand God when we stop using our limited minds. We understand the master plan of His perfection of which each and everyone is a part. Hopefully, with this free time we all now have, we can try and understand what God is going through. Poor fellow, all I can pray is, “Please bless Yourself.”— Satish Daryanani

illustration of human heads, one with lock, one with key

Running vs. Walking

As gyms are closed, I see a lot of people running when I go for my evening walks. They are in shape and have a lot of stamina. I used to run but now I walk, as it is better for my joints. I used to run after things a lot. Even recently, I was running after a few things. Now that I have imprisoned myself, I am looking at all the things I ran after. I ran after money, name, fame, beautiful girls, spiritual Masters, the truth, power, peace, college degrees, service, knowledge, and wisdom—basically everything under the sun. Now I am tired of running. I will instead, walk calmly and peaceful. What ever comes, that is fine. Even heaven can wait. When you see people run, their faces show that they have pain. They looked stressed, as they are pushing themselves. While walking, you are smiling and are relaxed. There is no pain, no stress, and you are not tired at the end of the day. So walk and enjoy this journey of life. — Satish Daryanani

Runner looking pained


In the Wild West, a reward would be posted to find the most wanted person in the law. We all want things. We want to be free from house arrest. We also want God and peace. We even may not  know if our wants are good for us. If only we would realize it is better to hand over our wants to the One who wants us around. If our egos create a want, remember that that, too, has come from the Lord. The more we sit in silence, the more we will realize we are put here for a specific purpose. There will be no wants if all we do is play our parts. Right now, my part is to relax at home and do nothing. So I write thoughts, as that, too, is part of my role. If you do want something, want the ability to be free from all wants. — Satish Daryanani

Wanted poster


We have to perform updates on our electronic devices when needed. We have to wait patiently for the system to reboot and we must remember all the passwords. My direct connection with God has a password, “Love.” If someone hacked my device and found my password, it would not bother me. God would shut down this ignorant mind and hopefully reboot it with wisdom. Now, between God and me, there would be no hang-ups. I would be getting all the latest anti-virus software. If we got updates from God, what would they be? God would immediately send me all His latest updates: He would tell me, “My business is booming and is in high demand due to the coronavirus. I am even looking for volunteers to help Me.” Only real emergency calls would go to Him. Now that the places of worship are closed, everyone wants a direct link with God. Many are updating their connections with God after many years. Some previously saw God in black and white, and are now seeing Him in vivid color and 3D. Let’s make a deal. Every time we update our electronics we should also update our link and connection with God.— Satish Daryanani

Update key on computer


Songs bring back memories. Some songs remind me of my parents, school, friends, and some remind me of my spiritual Masters. Having a lot of free time now, I have been listening to old songs and I am reliving the past. Some songs inspire and give the positive energy that I need. The songs make me remember what a wonderful life I have had and fill me with gratitude. Remembering all the love I have received from everyone, I would not change one aspect of my past, as everything took place to make me the way I am. It is not perfect but it is perfect for experiencing everything from within. If I could write a song it would be, “The image of God is so wonderful that I bow down in humility, and become dust at the Lord’s feet. Living in your love is all I need before I die.” But I cannot rhyme words or sing, so it is hard to write songs. So I recommend: Use other people’s words, imagine you wrote the song, and try to express your love to the love of your life. — Satish Daryanani

silhouette of man singing in a microphone


When you have the coronavirus, you have difficulty in breathing. Your lungs need assistance from a ventilator. It feels as though you are drowning. I wish they had ventilators for those on the spiritual path. If you choose the path of devotion, your lungs go through the same experience, like you are suffocating. You are drowning in your tears and sorrow in longing for the Lord. Many times you feel you are dying due to that pain. In a way, you are happy, as the suffering of longing will end. The Lord still lets you live, and you go through this process daily. After this self-induced torture, no other pain can affect you. Even the suffering from the coronavirus is a walk in the park. You suffer and die each day, until the Lord reveals Himself. Then there are crazy people who self-induce Alzheimer’s disease and forget that the Lord revealed Himself. They go back to longing and suffering for the Lord to again reveal Himself. They live with the coronavirus their entire lives. — Satish Daryanani

Steamed Rice

In the English language, there are 26 letters in the alphabet. To explain spirituality you can only shuffle these 26 letters. The spiritual Masters try their best to put it into words. It is like giving steamed rice to the hungry. As the Masters evolve, the disparity between their teachings and their experiences increases. They evolve daily, but not their teachings, as they are still bound by the 26 letters. It is as if they are being served a massive buffet of cuisines from around the entire world every day with the experiences they have and yet, it seems as if they are only serving the seekers plain steamed rice. That is why they inspire us not to have spirituality only for our hunger, but also to be able to enjoy the buffet of peace and wisdom. — Satish Daryanani

Steamed white rice bowl

See Life from Another’s Perspective

We see life from our own perspective because we are selfish. To be successful, we should see the point of view of our customers, financiers, and suppliers. Bosses must see from their employees’ points of view and vice versa. Since I have had so much free time lately, I wanted to see the world from God’s perspective. He created us out of love but the world is filled with so much hatred. He wanted us to have faith but we live in fear. He created us all equal, in His image, but we discriminate. He wants nothing and we only want from Him. He gave us peace and yet, we don’t enjoy it. He forgives us but we cannot forgive anyone. He wants what is best for us but we do what our egos dictate. If you see what poor God has to go through, you will shed tears for Him. I give credit to God for not giving up on us. Start tomorrow and see everything from God’s perspective. Enjoy the perfection of this world, as it is planned by Him. — Satish Daryanani


Mind and Consciousness

Like water and ice cubes, mind and consciousness are the same, yet they differ. Our minds are our friends and are required to enjoy everything from within. Yet the same mind is the cause of all our suffering. It is not the Coronavirus that needs to be conquered, it is the stupid mind. We should start analyzing our thoughts daily. We often confirm something with someone and then we again raise the same subject to get it reconfirmed. We have fears and we may forget them for a while and yet they come up again and again. Honestly, 99% of all our thoughts are unnecessary, and the balance 1% focuses on situations that are presented directly to us. We are supposed to discover our true selves, yet we think we know more about everyone else. I used to laugh when disciples wanted to know everything about what the physical Master were doing rather than spending time mastering their own minds. I hope you enjoy the union when the mind dissolves in consciousness and all unwanted thoughts no longer exist. — Satish Daryanani

Brian in a lightbulb


External lockdown closes off the outside so we can unlock the inside. This is an examination by God given to each one of us. He has given us blank sheets of paper that will require 3 weeks to fill out, a nice pen, a table, and lots of free time. What we fill these pages with is subjective. No grades will be given. We will be examining our own papers. When the lockdown ends, after 3 weeks and we are free again, we will know what grade we deserve. I hope, with 3 weeks of going inward, we might end up with a few more saints. We already are saints but, maybe, a few will discover this truth. All I can tell you is that, if you enjoyed these 3 weeks, you will end up writing to all the politicians to extend the lockdown for an additional 3 weeks, as there is so much more to discover from within.— Satish Daryanani

Test, written on a black board

Can We Really Change People?

The answer is, “Can we make a dog’s curved tail straight?” We can only change ourselves. All the spiritual Masters spend their lives trying to change others, yet no one can be changed. These thoughts are written for the benefit of others. If no ones changes, then why waste our time? All knowledge and wisdom is passed on so that someone might spend time contemplating them. Unless people want to change themselves, no one can help them. One can only inspire and show them the path. The rest is in their hands. I used to see so many people tell my Masters they wanted to change. They would make promises and receive blessings, yet they remained the same. Change is very hard and very easy. The stronger your mind, the harder the change. Do your part. If some need your guidance, give it, and be free whether they change or not. In the meantime, you can work on changing yourself and, automatically, you will find everyone has changed around you. — Satish Daryanani

curlie tail of a dog


I asked this question of my Master, “What is the use of a mosquito?” In God’s plan everything is useful, even a mosquito. Following a path of non-violence, I was not even permitted to kill one. Up until today, I have not understood the purpose of a mosquito, just that it is there only to bite me. If there were no mosquitoes, then there wouldn’t be a disease like malaria. If there was no malaria, there wouldn’t be a drug to cure it. So if the malaria medicine, chloroquine, cures even a few people of the Coronavirus, then the mosquitoes are of use. I guess everything God does is useful, sometimes we just do not see that. Heck, even the Coronavirus is useful. Only in time, will we understand. The Lord is too smart to make a mistake and too loving to punish. We just have to realize that.— Satish Daryanani

Mosquito drawing blood

Can Meditation Help You Sleep?

Meditation relaxes the mind. Sleep also relaxes the mind. The difference between the two is awareness. Meditation asks you to focus on one thing until you can focus on nothing. Sleep requires you to not be aware of anything and not focus on anything. Meditation can help and sometimes hurt your ability to sleep. Now comes the funny part: On days when you have great meditation the requirement for sleep reduces, as both your body and mind are well rested. Prolonged sleep is required when we overeat or take on a lot of stress. Meditation gives peace, bliss, and wisdom, which lets you see the world from a different perspective. Automatically the stress of the mind reduces. So indirectly, meditation helps in reducing the need to sleep for too long. — Satish Daryanani

Girl asleep

Understanding Grace

If you want to entertain yourself, figure out how grace works. Grace flows every second of your life. For me, everything that has happened and is happening only benefits me. Every word spoken by my spiritual Masters has only been a boon in my life. Even so-called profit and loss was for my good. If I had experienced the truth when I was young, I would not have had so many wonderful years in the physical presence of my Masters. Real understanding of grace came to me at the right time so I could understand the application. Dissecting grace is my new hobby. One perfect movement of divine grace starts a chain reaction that can change your life. Another example: In the 9th grade, I failed in 5 subjects even though I had been an A+ student the previous year. It busted my ego. That, too, was grace, as it transformed my life. Once this drug of understanding grace is experienced, nothing else will consume your mind. You live in awe of how well-planned, efficient, and perfect is grace.— Satish Daryanani

Illustration describing the grace of prayer


We used to play a game as children, being blindfolded and trying to catch friends. Today, we play the same game trying to catch God. When we can see, it is easy to find everything. When we wear a blindfold, it creates a challenge. How do we remove the blindfold to find our best friend? We must first realize we are not blind. We have just covered our vision. We have the freedom to open our blindfold. We have covered our inner eye with worldly stuff. We are blinded by this dark cloth made of things that consume and drain our energies. If you want to keep it on, to play the game of hide-and-seek, you can. But you can also remove it whenever you want and go find and hug your true friend. He is waiting patiently.— Satish Daryanani

illustration of 2 children playing blindfolds

Real Power

Who has real power?  One tiny virus can bring the world to its knees. Trillions of dollars have been lost in a short time. The most powerful military cannot win this war against a virus. All egos are crushed by this tiny virus. Now we live in fear. All intelligent people cannot kill this tiny thing. So what power do we think we all have? None. This virus shows that God does not need earthquakes, storms, or fires. Just a speck you cannot see with your naked eye changes our lives. If anything, this virus can teach us, “Of what is there to be proud?” My intelligence, strength, money, power, name, and fame are of no use to protect when it really matters. There is only one real power, the One who overcomes your mind, which creates all the fear. That comes when there is no fear of death. This free time is a gift from God to discover the real power within you. — Satish Daryanani

lightning storm half hiding clear sunset


Are rules required to attain realization? There are a few rules, like having no attachments, living a life of non-violence, speaking the truth. The rules vary according to their sources, a saint or the scriptures. All these rules are required only in the beginning. Its like going to school until you graduate. You are trying to sit in silence so your mind does not get disturbed. To become an enlightened being and open the treasure within, you need a crystal clear mind. If you lie and feel guilty, or have desires and attachments, they end up controlling you. If you eat the food of violence or have violent thoughts, your mind gets agitated. Keep your mind under your thumb. This first step, following rules, is needed to discover the inner light. Then the light of wisdom and peace opens the door to the ultimate truth. Now this light needs to be spread. Even though you do not need to follow these rules anymore, you do so just to encourage and inspire others. Once you are alone and you have gotten the treasure from within, you don’t need to follow rules anymore, as the catalyst has served its purpose. You have graduated. Now enjoy freedom from all rules.— Satish Daryanani

The Rules of Life, title of a fat book

Fear of the Coronavirus

Someone asked me about the Coronavirus: Which is more dangerous, fear or the Coronavirus? You may or may not get the virus, but you may have guaranteed yourself the illness of fear. There is a 2 percent chance that you will die from the virus, but there’s a 100 percent chance that you will have killed your peace. This is worse than death. Your death will happen either from this virus or something else. If you do not die from this virus, then it is just another flu, like we all have experienced. It is good to take all necessary precautions to protect ourselves. Due to so many people being quarantined, this virus may save some lives, as the precautions may cause fewer people to die from the common cold. So, see God sent this virus actually to save the lives of those who are more vulnerable. They are taking the necessary precautions. Get rid of the fear and build your vitamin C of faith, and the poor virus will fear coming to you. — Satish Daryanani

protective face mask over entire Earth


In the Unites States, when we have an emergency, we call 911. Other countries have their own codes. In an aircraft emergency, oxygen masks fall so we can breathe. Boats are equipped with flare guns, which you can fire to call for help. So what is the code to call God when there is an emergency? It is simple, “Let go.” I went on a trek to Mount Kailash and at night, at 19,000 feet,  I just could not breathe. I thought I was going to die. As I gave up and said to the Lord, ”See you soon,” God got scared and probably thought, “Oh dear, I will have to deal with this crazy boy.” Suddenly, I was able to breathe like normal and did not even feel cold. I was actually sweating on a frigid, cold night. When you give up completely, all fears, anxieties are gone. There is no emergency, as grace pours in immediately. So the next time there is an emergency, mentally dial 000 with the understanding that means you are nothing. Let the Lord do His job, either as a fire man, doctor, policeman, or a loving parent.— Satish Daryanani

Red Help button


Sometimes I get momentum and many thoughts are written one after the other. A poet, writer, or an artist, gets a momentum of creativity. We sometimes get a momentum of ideas. An aircraft needs momentum to take off. Spirituality, too, has a momentum. Sometimes it leads to such experiences that no words can describe them. You may feel, “What am I doing all this worldly nonsense for? I’m wasting my precious time on futile things.” It is this momentum that can even change your life completely. Putting your effort into something can suddenly give you the momentum for success. Momentum is like a rocket booster. It can lead you to such heights that you may not understand. In short, God shows His existence by giving us the grace of momentum.— Satish Daryanani

Rocket launch

Living in the Past

You know the age of a person, not by their looks, but by the way they talk. If they only talk about the past, they must be senior citizens. They have nothing to look forward to, so they can only indulge in the past. My spiritual Master used to say, “Onward, Forward, Godward.” There is so much to see that there is no time to think of the past. I have so many pictures of my Spiritual Masters, my friends and family, and my trips that I have never gone back to see. I can take a picture, but I should delete it right away, as the moment is over. If I spend looking at all my past pictures, I will not be taking new ones. The lens of my mind will only be consumed with the past. Even in spirituality, there is no use thinking of past wisdom or experiences. There is so much more out there that I will miss opportunity if I live in the past. The future shows up when we are young at heart. We are like children looking forward to whole lives yet to live and experience. — Satish Daryanani

elder's hand on old photos


Our physical bodies come with leases. Some have their lease for a short time, others may have it for over hundred years. When we sign the contract, the number of years is written in a very fine print. You need a special lens to read the number years for which you signed up—the lens of a very focused mind that can dig within and read the fine print. If you can read it, you will know the expiration of the lease for your physical body. Then no virus, turbulent flight, surgery, or other calamity will scare you. The lease says specifically: no refunds, exchanges, or early terminations are allowed. With this contract you are stuck with your human form. Now that you know you cannot break the contract, put a lot of mileage on your vehicle. These vehicles come with unlimited miles. Enjoy traveling. Enjoy being creative. Enjoy playing with people’s minds. Enjoy telling others about the lease. Enjoy being naughty. Above all, enjoy life as it is meant to be enjoyed. — Satish Daryanani

Signing an auto lease

Wanting More

I was watching a TV series about a Mexican drug dealer. The kingpin got arrested and lost everything because he wanted more power and money. We put on weight and lose our health because we want to eat more. Even devotees want God more and more. Those who develop inner strength want to grow even more. Wanting more is in our nature. All we can do is choose what we want more of—helping others, giving love, spreading the teachings, making people laugh, spending more and more time in silence. My favorite is: troubling God more and more. — Satish Daryanani

Boy alone and unhappy, wanting more

Going for Surgery

My good friend will be undergoing a surgery next week. There is always a risk, and we do not know the outcome. All we can do is pray for and bless them. They might even feel better, as loose nuts and bolts are put back correctly. I always wanted my spiritual Masters to do surgery on my crazy mind. The spiritual surgeon only has to remove all the wrong notions. He does not need to fix perfection. He has to remove the ignorance of my imperfections. Like all surgeries, there is some pain—not physical pain, but the pain of firing your best friend, the ego. We are soft-hearted and feel the pain of a terminated ego. So we tell the surgeon to stop in the middle of the surgery. That is why spiritual Masters cannot finish their jobs. Most people want to have a spiritual surgery but, once it starts, most wish they had not asked for it. If you let it take place, you end up with a new mind, a new heart, and the true joy of a carefree life. Then, if you have to go through a physical surgery, it will be a breeze, as no surgery comes close to the challenge of a spiritual surgery. — Satish Daryanani


Our Personal List

We can make a list of all the things we would like to do, experience, and improve upon. With the grace of God, most of the things I wanted to experience, I did. On the other hand, some things will always be on my list—to be humble, to have patience, and to never lose my temper. I wish to have unconditional love for everyone and everything, to never see faults in others, and to not complain about anything. I want to see God in everyone all the time. These are some examples of things I cannot scratch off my list. God’s Grace is unpredictable. I’ve had some experiences that I never thought would take place. Perhaps, a few items on my list may also get scratched off one day.— Satish Daryanani

Empty check list

This Too Shall Pass

Whenever I was going through a challenging time, my spiritual Master would tell me, “This too shall pass.” This statement is needed today, as the entire world is facing a lot of challenges. Nothing is permanent, not even the so-called good or bad moments in our lives. We must enjoy and cherish the good days, as they, too, are not permanent. When we get fed up with depending on everything from the world to make us happy, we are blessed. We pay a heavy price for our dependence on worldly events to spice our lives. That is why we all seek inner peace, because it is permanent. It does not pass. To earn this, we must have real yearning. Thank God for the challenges in our lives so we can at least think of experiencing peace. Now nations are setting quarantines, banning people from traveling, telling us to clean our environment and our hands, but no one is telling us to discover inner peace so our minds are clean. Hopefully, we will learn from this that, no matter how much we do to protect ourselves, whatever has to happen will happen. At least let us enjoy everything that is permanent within each one of us. — Satish Daryanani

pocket watch half buried in sand

Short and Sweet

Some thoughts that are sent are long and have a lot of depth. In a few words, a simple and sweet statement can also have a deep meaning. Today, it is simple. Did you reach safely? My spiritual Master used to call me to find out if I reached my destination safely after a journey. I know the same thing will happen in this journey of life. We are protected, blessed, and loved equally. So live with His assurance. One final day we can tell our Big Boss, “Thank you for this safe and wonderful journey back to You. — Satish Daryanani

Thank you floral illustrated card


More than the Coronavirus, the greatest virus threat in the world is fear. Being cautious is one thing, but dying from the fear of death is worse than dying from the virus. We all have to die, whether it is from a virus or from the clogging of our arteries. The world’s economy is suffering because the media helps create this fear. I was asked if someone should travel. I told them to sit in silence and receive the answer. When you have God in your veins, then what can the poor virus do? If sickness comes, it is for my benefit. If death comes, I am getting fired from my job. This virus will test and see if we are truly living the teachings. Everything is created by God, including all the viruses. Our immune systems, which protect us, are also given by God. Even faith and fear are given by God. The only choice we have is to choose between faith and fear. — Satish Daryanani

gas mask

Why Does the World Revolve around Money?

Someone asked me this question today:. Why does the Earth rotate on its axis? It is energy that makes the Earth rotate. Our energies are rewarded by money, which is also a form of energy. We can enjoy the other’s energy in exchange for money. For example, I want to benefit from the energy of a manufacturing plant in China. It is hard to send my energy in exchange. Money is the international medium used to help each other. We may not be able to serve others, so money helps us buy someone else’s energy. Money, by itself, is neutral. It is often misused and misunderstood. In India, most people worship the goddess of wealth. We want free energy without putting in effort. We cannot live without the attachment of money, as we seek equal reward for our efforts. Do your best. Let what is due to you come to you. We offer God money for His blessings, even though everything is given by Him. Most of the stress in the world is due to money. We lose our precious, peaceful energy to get the energy that gives us temporary happiness. Thank God there is money in the world, otherwise not many will think and pray to God. Even the almighty dollar says, “In God We Trust.” — Satish Daryanani

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Raising Our Voices

We raise our voice in anger, excitement, enthusiasm, and impatience. Our voices have different levels. If I hear a raised voice, it reminds me of all the scoldings I received during my entire life. As I was a naughty boy, I only heard everyone speaking to me in high pitch. When I started hearing my spiritual Masters speak to me in soft loving and caring voices, I fell in love with them. Even for God to hear us, we have to cry from the depths of our heart. Many call out to Him. He needs to know which is the real one voice calling out to Him. I, too, have got upset at my Masters and s at God and have raised my voice to them. Now there is no need to raise my voice to the Lord. He even hears my heart skip a beat when I think of Him. Today God must be sad, as I do not speak and trouble Him as much. I am just enjoying Him in silence without words, experiencing in peace His presence and all the messages that come from Him. It is now more of a one-way conversation. Nowadays when I shout, my throat hurts and I get a headache. This is because I am getting older. The only voice that I would now like to raise is so I might be able to sing a high note. There still are many a times I raise my voice at myself, as well, as when mistakes are made by others. I pray that stops one day. — Satish Daryanani

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Private Island

Many rich people buy islands for themselves. They like to invite their business colleagues, friends, and family to show off their exclusive residence. I, too, have a private island. It is private, and I can enjoy it even when I am at a Super Bowl with 100,000 fans. I don’t need a boat, a helicopter, or an airplane to get there. There is no need to pay property tax, maintenance charges, or employ a security guard. It costs me nothing to have it. The only problem I have is that I cannot invite anyone to see the beauty of my island. I cannot get rid of the original owner, who gave me this island. God gave a 99-year lease, but He has all access to this island. He comes and goes as He pleases. There are so many islands, but not many takers, as people like to be surrounded by others and live in apartment buildings. We miss being surrounded by the infinite ocean of peace, the perfect turquoise color of the clean waters of wisdom. Such islands move with you all over the world. Want to get this island? Just call 1-800-Be-Nothing. — Satish Daryanani

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The mind is very powerful. Situations arise to teach us lessons. Once we learn how we got into the situations, what caused them, we understand what not to do. Once understood, we can use positive thoughts and our inner energy to heal ourselves. For example, if you eat something that does not agree with you, you may not be able to heal yourself immediately. Healing only occurs after learning. Sometimes you may need surgery, as damage is already done. In the future, when you learn from your lifestyle mistakes, your mind can maintain your health. A doctor told my friend that most illnesses take place due to stress. The biggest cause of stress is “I.” The joke of life is how the ego, “I,” causes the physical “I” to get sick. The spiritual “I” uses the mind “I” to heal and repair the physical “I.” How stupid are we? Cut the mischievous ego “I,” and self healing won’t even be needed. Until then, we are just going around our whole life in circles. — Satish Daryanani

Self-healing illustration

Chasing God

We want God, so we chase Him. If we get God, we get peace, forgiveness, and love and we are in heaven. We think that there is a person called God and we are separate from Him. The reason most people do not find God is because God, as a person, does not exist. The truth is that God is within you, the same you that you think you are. It is very hard to see yourself as the image of God. Our ego will not be able to see this. If, by chance, you are fortunate enough to realize that you and God are one and the same, you cannot tell anyone. Society will think you are crazy. In other words, no one can admit that they have seen God. Now that you know God and you are the same, what do you do? My spiritual Master asked me, “Do you still watch movies?” I got the answer. In the movie, I see James Bond as real and he is my hero. In the same manner, I can continue thinking my friend, God, is real in the movie of my life. I can still talk to, pray to, and trouble Him. I know God is in my imagination, but I make God real to me. By chasing God, you will find the real God within and continue to enjoy the same relationship as when you were chasing Him. — Satish Daryanani

Chasing a shadow

Hot and Cold

When the weather is cold, I walk on the sunny side of the street. When it is hot, I walk on the shady side. When the weather is perfect, either side is fine for walking. When real grace pours upon you, the weather in your life is perfect. Both shady and sunny paths are the same to you. You are neither running toward nor running away from anything. You are not seeking a comfortable or a very challenging life. You are not looking for the thrill of a lot of action sometimes nor the boredom of nothing much happening. You are not looking for a thoughtless state or getting a whole bunch of ideas, not being of service or just siting idle. This equanimity is often acknowledged in conversatiom but to live in it is a whole other ball-game. You do not get four seasons. Only one season of perfection. Many may not enjoy it. What will you talk to your friend about? They will ask, “How is today?” The reply is, “Same as yesterday and tomorrow will be the same. All is good. See you soon, bye.” That will be your conversation with everyone. It’s not easy to live a life in this manner. — Satish Daryanani

Hot and cold

We Want to Make Sure of Everything

On a plane, an elderly passenger asked if his wheelchair was put on the flight. After being told many times that it was, he was still not satisfied. When I told him it was on the plane, he was satisfied, as the information came from a fellow passenger. We all want to make sure everything is fine. Will our children be okay when we are gone? Will we be forgiven by God for all that we have done? Even, will the world be doing fine when we are not around? When I was younger, I always needed assurances from my spiritual Masters that all the different aspects of my life would be well taken care of. Today I feel sad because of my insecurities. All is perfect, all is well handled, and all is protected. This is a very simple thought, yet very important. We think of so many issues: my university, my job, my life partner, my children, my retirement, my old age, and the condition of my soul after death. If the agent of the airline can take care of your wheelchair, then the Boss of everything can easily take care of all your petty concerns. — Satish Daryanani

Business woman on tightrope


We welcome someone to our homes, our businesses, and places where we arrive before the other person. My favorite statement in life is saying, “Welcome Master.” I love waiting in airports to receive my Master. We, too, will get the best welcome when we leave our physical bodies. All our loved ones will be waiting to welcome us. Now the table is turned. My Masters will be waiting to welcome me when I leave this physical body. Sometimes I pray, “When will this day come so I can enjoy being welcomed?” The answer comes, “Not so fast. Let us enjoy ourselves for sometime and not be bothered by you. We, too, need a break. When you do come, you will take all our time. We want some peace and quiet time. Stay longer on this earth plane and trouble others.” So, how will they welcome us? Will they have a garland, a bouquet of flowers, a box of chocolates? Who will you hug first? Just being in their presence is enough. Why not be aware of the presence of your loved ones right now,  so that when they do welcome you on the day of your passing, it will feel like a dream, as you have already enjoyed this welcome day on a daily basis. — Satish Daryanani

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We apply for universities, jobs, store leases, bank loans, and many others to try to fulfill our desires. How do we apply to get into the kingdom We apply for universities, jobs, store leases, bank loans, and many others to try and fulfill our desires. How do we apply to get into the kingdom of heaven? It’s simple. When we are free from attachment to the results of all our applications, we have automatically applied for the kingdom of heaven and are accepted in the first ballot. Even God fills out an application. He wants to enter the kingdom of our hearts. He, too, is anxious to see if His application is accepted. It sometimes can take lifetimes for the answer to His application to arrive. He is patiently waiting for the answers to the 8 billion applications He has sent. He might be fortunate to be accepted in a handful of hearts. All my applications that have been rejected make me happy. There is less work and less stress for me. If the application to become His instrument is accepted, then, I think the Lord wants this lazy person to put in more effort. Now, whenever I apply for anything, I know God is laughing, as He knows He is pushing my buttons to do more. — Satish Daryanani

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How Do Spiritual Masters Have So Much Wisdom?

All the thoughts that everyone in the entire world thinks, will think, and has thought already are in the cosmic mind. The thoughts are only waiting for customers. As soon as you think, you are now part of this group. No thought is new, as nothing is created nor destroyed. The more you focus and fine tune your mind, the sooner you connect to the station of wisdom. The music of wisdom is always playing, you just have not found 95 FM. When you find that station, you gain access to infinite wisdom. Even without thinking, your subconsciousness draws the information you need. Now people will call you a wise person. You are the same, you are only relaying the information. This is the secret to seeing all the sages and saints as one. They are offering the same information in different languages, adding to it their spice of wit, so you can laugh. You may say you never thought of something before, but it was always with you. One day you may call me a hypocrite, as I am only plagiarizing that to which everyone has access. When everyone tunes into the station, my job is over. — Satish Daryanani

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You Are Safe, My Child

How many truly believe this? My spiritual Master told this to me many years ago. From that day onward, nothing really bothered me. There have been many ups and downs in my life, but I am in safe hands. This blessing was given to me. Truly speaking, I am not a very spiritual person. I do not have the patience to study the scriptures nor to try to serve. I am spoiled, knowing my Masters are taking care of me. In my wildest dreams, I would never have thought of sending these daily messages. So why did God choose me? He wanted a big challenge: Using a well-defined person is hard. One who sees spirituality as entertainment can be used, one who has no desire for liberation or to become a realized soul. God is looking for another bored person like Himself, someone who has nothing better to do and so spends his free time sending messages. Spirituality is not a big deal. It’s just another part of our lives that we can experience. My motivation came from debating spiritual topics with my Masters so they would not feel they were wasting their time with me. That way I got a chance to hang out with them. Even thinking of God is done out of empathy. At least someone is not bothering God with prayers to fulfill their desires. One day, I hope we all can enjoy the soft loving hands of how the Lord is protecting and guiding us all the time. — Satish Daryanani

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How to Prove God and All Religions Are One?

When we are in deep sleep, we are all one. No matter what path we choose, our goal is to experience peace. Anyone who has experienced deep inner peace will understand this. Any form, or no form, of God can be used. Any holy name can be repeated, or no name at all. Eventually, all paths lead you to nothingness. All religions and all forms of God are the same. Basically, there is nothing, just peace. All the ones who are experiencing this are also the same. There is nobody experiencing it. That is why the international form of peace is a white flag. There are no symbols of any religion or face of any God or any color. Just the expression of the inner light of peace is represented by a white flag. Even enemies stop fighting, as both are now surrendering. We surrender our biggest enemy, our egos, for which we fight daily and, once the white flag is raised, peace is experienced. We should feel empathy toward those who argue and try to say their religion, or God, is the only way to heaven. They are living with the ignorance of a limited form and limited words and therefore are in hell. Give them the naughty smile that comes from living in the heaven of peace. — Satish Daryanani

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Physical Fitness

There is a fitness competition taking place in Miami. All the participants are in great physical shape. I admire them for the time and effort and the discipline they have put in to get here. They even maintain total control over their food intake. Everyday, we spend so much time of our bodies: brushing our teeth and hair, taking a bath, exercising, eating, sleeping, pedicure, manicure, massage, shaving, and many things our bodies need. Yet, we do not even have 15 minutes for our minds. No exercise, no effort, no competition, no diet, and no expense is needed. Working on our minds can make us healthier, stronger and younger. Once the mind is in your control then the body, too, becomes your slave. I remember taking my Master to a Cirque du Soleil show, and he said, “All of these performers could become liberated souls, as they have the discipline, devotion, and dedication to reach the ultimate goal.” Those who have success over their bodies can easily attain success over their minds. Then, one day, while you are working on your body, you can simultaneously work on your mind. You can attain the best of both. — Satish Daryanani— Satish Daryanani

Q. Does My Life Really Matter?

A. When I was young, I was often told, “You are good for nothing!” Today, sometimes I wonder, “Does my life really matter?” Then I get the answer. It matters because it matters to the One who really matters. My life does not matter for the sake of others but for the One who still wants me around. That is enough to keep me going. It is not about how much the Lord chooses to use you. You could just be a spare tire, to be used in a case of emergency. It is like sitting on the bench waiting to play a game in case another player is injured. Not all are meant to be the starters in His game. So even this good-for-nothing might have a purpose: showing others what not to be. So the value of my life is equal to that of everyone. My life matters as does everyone else’s. Never put yourself down by thinking your birth has no value. If you really want your life to matter, find the One who stills wants you around. Get to know Him and you will get the ultimate answer. “My child, I made you in my image. You matter more to me than I do to myself. You are an expression of my love. All that I am and have is in you. Enjoy this journey, then your life will have true meaning. Now you can become an instrument to remove this self-doubt from others.”  — Satish Daryanani

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Do We Have to Do Anything?

Whether you live completely in the world or renounce it, it does not mean you will experience God. Taking a lot of action or no action at all makes no difference. It is a matter of attitude, or the state of our minds, that lets us enjoy peace with the presence of God in our lives. You can give all the donations and serve many, yet without the presence of God, our lives are empty. Don’t look for God in a holy place, look for the God that’s real in your life. Then anything you do or don’t will not disturb your peace. What we can do is to discover God, which can only happen when nothing is happening—a lot of effort without any effort. This is the irony of life. One day, you will realize that nothing has happened, is happening, or will happen. All the stress and anxiety in your life is for nothing. If you do things knowing you are not the doer, then you are free from what happens or does not happen. We only suffer because all that we do has a selfish motive behind it. Even God is loved because we want to benefit from Him. When there is no selfishness we have to do nothing and God comes to us. — Satish Daryanani

Finding the inner God

Can a Person Become a Saint?

The answer is no. First, we are all saints, we only have to realize it. Second, a saint is one only in the eyes of others who may think that he is a saint. The one who is a saint will never think He is a saint. Being spiritual and performing miracles can bring sainthood after death. While such people are alive, they do not think they are saints. They are only trying to reform themselves to serve others. Even so-called miracles take place through their prayers. They believe they are only instruments of the Lord. They cannot see the halos above their heads, which are depicted by artists in paintings only after their deaths. Anyone who lives for the sake of others and who practices and spreads the teachings of the Lord is living a life that people call that of a saint. The humility of a saint is he will always see himself as a seeker aspiring to become a saint. — Satish Daryanani

silhouette of a saint

Floating in Water

Sometimes the ocean is so calm it is looks like a lake. The temperature is perfect. You can float and wish that this experience would never end. We do not have the weight load of our bodies and nobody is around us. We are at peace. This is what a baby enjoys in its mother’s womb. Then the doctor pulls the baby out and brings it into the asylum. The baby comes out crying. Every time someone brings you out of that experience, you, too, should cry, “You want me to come back to the world?” It is the greatest joy of my life when people ask, “What do I have to do? What holy name should I repeat? How do I focus?” They want blessings. I tell them, “Go back to the original state that you were enjoying. Ask me questions the other way around: How do I deal with the stupid world while I am supposed to enjoy floating on water?”—Satish Daryanani

woman floating in water

This vs. That

Many people ask me, “Are you sure these thoughts come to you?” and “Where does that person go the rest of the day?” When you go very close to the sun, you dissipate into bits and pieces. Then you are completely connected. What comes from the source is not you. When you go back to your regular duties, the old self comes back. The world only sees this worldly, crazy person, not “That” whom you are really. Only the spiritual Masters see the real “That,” and not “This,” who is playing the part. We can only judge what we can see, feel, touch, and hear. People expect me to behave according to the thoughts I write in the morning. If I behave that way, everyone will stay away from me. Just these few daily words are more than people can handle. Let us talk about business, sports, movies, heavenly bodies, and other useless stuff. Otherwise I will end up with disciples rather then friends. Both “This” and “That” are needed from the same person, depending on the situation. — Satish Daryanani

Concentric blue circles of this and that


Coca-Cola is one of my favorite drinks. Now that I am older, I drink it sparingly. It is very bad for my health even though I enjoy the taste. This world is like a Coca-Cola. All that is really tasty is not necessarily good for us. Everything that has a decent taste is very good for our health. What do we enjoy about Coca-Cola? It is sweet and has caffeine, so we do not feel sleepy. The sugar content in the drink gives us a boost and is easily available. If only God was like Coca-Cola, canned and distributed world-wide, life would be wonderful. So God made it even easier, saying, “Think of me, you get an instant sugar high; think of my words of wisdom, and you awake from the real deep sleep. I, too, am available everywhere. There is no charge to buy me and no calories. Instead of the bloating of your stomach, you will be bloated with peace. Both will make you say, ‘AHHH!’ like the commercial.” Why then do more people choose Coca-Cola over God? Because He is invisible and is not bright red, with the stripes. — Satish Daryanani

Vintage Coca-cola adverstisement

Man’s Laws and God’s Laws

Man’s laws can differ from one nation to another. In one country, there is a driving-speed limit—in another, there is no speed limit. In one nation, you have to pay taxes, while another nation could be tax-free. In one place, it is legal to drink alcohol; in another alcohol is banned. So there is confusion around man’s laws. God’s laws are universal and the same for all. What are God’s laws? Here are some examples. If we all have to obey God’s law,s then the one who rejoices with the laws is truly obeying the law. Living in permanent peace is another law. To be able to experience the truth, too, is a law. Living in the golden present is a law. Those who realize who the One who made these laws for everyone  is are now free from all the laws. One of my spiritual Masters told me, “Being in business, you sometimes bend or break man’s laws, but, never break God’s law. — Satish Daryanani



Pirates used to have cooler ships than those of the good guys. They are always depicted as villains in the movies. On Halloween, more people dress up as pirates than as British soldiers with red coats. We are attracted to villains. We all have this naughty side in us. Who gave this naughty aspect? God. He is more naughty and mischievous than all of us. He is the original naughty person and shared with us this aspect of Him. The Devil, too, is a another side of God. If there was only heaven and only good people who did good deeds, this movie of life would be so boring that I would want a ticket refund. Thank God for His opposite side. That’s where I truly belong—the villain in God’s movie. All of this is like a ride we enjoy in Disney world. For our fun, so-called bad people are created. If there were only saints, who will give them the recognition of sainthood? I am created only to enhance the lives of saints. — Satish Daryanani

Pirate ship

Wearing a Mask

These days, with the Coronavirus, a lot of people are putting on masks during flights as a precaution. The kids do look cute with the masks on. We want to protect our health and bodies. I, too, wanted a permanent mask, so I would eat less and talk less. All the troubles in my life arise from my mouth. If I wear a mask, no germs will come in and I will only be enjoying the gems of peace. Then I wondered, if I had a permanent mask on my mouth, who would trouble my spiritual Masters? They would get bored. Who would appreciate the delicious food that everyone makes for me? So no permanent mask for me. Instead, I want an invisible mask that lets me enjoy all the delicious stuff from this world without overdoing it and lets me speak only words that will push the buttons of others. Along with this, I’ll need a little sense of humor, so it does not become a bitter pill. The virus from outside may penetrate and make me sick, once in a while. This will remind me to enjoy life and never complain when I have good health. — Satish Daryanani

Face masks at the Festival of Colors

Knowing What Someone Wants 

Being around spiritual Masters, you develop the ability to see what people really want. Some come to the Masters for their name and fame. Some come to receive their love and blessings. Some come for a free ride so they can become liberated souls without effort. Others love their jokes and enjoy their friendship. Then, a very, very few come to experience what the Masters have experienced. The Masters know who wants the real nectar. Similarly, God also knows why we pray, what we long for, and who loves Him. He knows our hearts and our true intent. Based on that, we get what we need. This gift even helps in the world. You know what someone is seeking from you. Based on that, you spend your time and energy. There is no judgment in all this. What you want, you get—only the giver knows what to give. — Satish Daryanani

Last Breath

When I was young, I would wish that my last breath would take place while I was looking at my Spiritual Master. Today, it could happen while I am writing this thought. Every time I exhale, it feels like I am taking my last breath but, again, I inhale and I am told, “Not yet.” Some people would like to go while they are around their friends and family members. Others would want to be thinking of God. There are many who would want to fulfill their bucket list. I only have one request, “Please let me see the new James Bond movie. Take me before the movie begins, or after the movie ends, but not during the movie.” When Mahatma Gandhi was shot, his last words were, “Hey Ram.” If I was shot, my last words would be, “What took you so long?” The last breath has no value, as it will happen when my quota of breaths is over. Those who have God’s image permanently with them know they are with God now, in the physical from, and will always be with God. We should neither seek a lot of breaths nor be so depressed that they wish this was their last breath. — Satish Daryanani

What Is the Use of Fear?

Fear is my dear friend. It helps me stay on the right track. It helps me to be brave. The fear of displeasing the Lord  demonstrate fear doing its best job. Fear is good, so we can get funds for donations. Fear of the boss makes people work hard. Fear of the spouse crushes a person’s ego. The fear of my spiritual Masters ignoring me makes me obey them. Fear of going to hell makes people think of God and ask for forgiveness. Fear of a reduction in our credit worthiness makes us pay our bills on time. Fear of darkness inspires us to discover the light within. Fear of being alone inspires us to put effort in giving love to others. Fear of an I.R.S. audit makes us pay taxes. Fear of a cop giving a speeding ticket makes us drive within the speed limit. Real courage comes when you become completely fearless. This can only happen with complete faith that everything that is happening is for your good. There will be no fear of anyone, anything, not even God, or death. How can I fear the One who loves me more than anyone or anything in the world? So roar like you are the King of the Jungle. Others might fear you, but the King is fearless. — Satish Daryanani

eyes filled with fear

What Do You Gain from Prayers and Spirituality?

You gain nothing. Instead, you end up losing. First, you lose your precious time and energy. You lose your ego and anger. You lose all desire to seek the truth. You lose both your excitement and the depression that comes from a wavering mind. You lose your impatience, as nothing much is happening. You lose all other problems, as this becomes your only problem. You cannot take a selfie or text about this, as there is nothing to report. Your senses are not satisfied, as nothing happens. You cannot be proud of your achievements, as nothing is achieved. So why are we doing prayers and spirituality if we gain nothing? Because, by losing everything, we gain everything. — Satish Daryanani

Joyful person holding hands open to heavens

Deep Thought—The Capacity to Understand

Over the years, my spiritual Masters told me many things. Some I understood right away, others took years to understand. They told me things, knowing that, after a lot of contemplation, one day they would make sense. These deep thoughts have to be contemplated to get the full meaning. One day I was told that the Guru-disciple relationship is not real. Even God and you are an illusion. It made me sad. Yet I know, if the Masters said it, it must be true. Hopefully, one day it will make complete sense. The Guru leads you to the Satguru within, which means that the outer guide leads you to the inner guide. The God, from outside, leads to the reflection of the God lying dormant within you. It’s not about listening, it’s really about experiencing it. It does not mean that,after you attain realization, you tell everyone you are God or the Guru. You know who you really are and keep quiet about it, or the world will think you are an egoistic crazy person. Then you are able to bless everyone, including yourself. The real you is the absolute—blessing the ignorant you. Now how can it be that birth and death, heaven and hell, God and you, liberated soul and seeker, giver and receiver of grace, creator and creation, human being and divine being, wisdom and ignorance, and the giver and the one expressing the dream is you? Please show only one aspect of yourself to the world, so you can continue living the life of an average Joe in the eyes of everyone. — Satish Daryanani

Meditation diagram

No Footprints Left Behind

A bird flying in the sky does not leave any footprints in its path. Sages and saints do not leave their footprints for us to follow them step-by-step. Similarly, in spirituality, we have to create our own paths. Our journeys are our own; there is no ready-made path. To reach the truth of ultimate realization does not come without cost, otherwise everyone would have it. The path you create can only be used to inspire others, even your loved ones cannot benefit from your journey. This is why in the spiritual journey you are on your own. The North Star can be the Lord, guiding and giving you light so you are not completely lost. When you do get there, no old man is waiting for you, instead, you are waiting for yourself and you are welcoming yourself. On this journey, you become nothing and you will realize everything. That is why we say, “Truth Is One, Paths Are Many,” as no two people can take the exact path.— Satish Daryanani

Footprints in the sand

Getting High

I was talking to a person about spirtuality, and he said that he gets a high. He does not take drugs but feels high, like he has taken one. Many of my spiritual Master’s disciples from the 1960s were hippies and took drugs to get high. A chemical high is temporary and follows with depression, as it does not take place naturally. Even a high from liquor, gambling, or from extreme sports will temporarilly satisfy our desire to get high. Spirituality, too, is a form of drug to let you experience the high. The difference is that it is permanent. There is no damage done to your body or mind. The main differences are that it takes a lot of time to get that high and it is attained gradually. Many give up and go back to drugs. Even when you listen carefully, some talks on spirituality give glimpses of this high, as you actually experience the words. This high is so addictive that, once you reach it, nothing else will interest you. Only reason you do activities in the world is to share this high with others. Then there comes a different high from helping transform the life of others. — Satish Daryanani

Yoga high on a cliff - Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

Overly Connected and Yet Disconnected

We are all connected because of technology, yet we are disconnected as human beings. We text instead of talk. We use Facebook but we do not meet people face-to-face. If God had an app, everyone would use it and no one would care to meet God. If peace could be enjoyed online, no one would sit in silence. There is loneliness in this world and one benefit comes from it. It creates a perfect environment in which to find that one thing that will fill this void: building a new relationship with God. It’s  not just like having a spare tire when you have a flat tire in life, but it’s like having that one friend who will never let you feel you are alone. You do not even need to be connected online, as you are never disconnected from God. How can we reach this stage? Most people want God, spirituality, peace, and wisdom. Yet no one does anything about it. We go to the beach with our swimsuits on and no one ends up swimming. All this planning and there’s no action. We do not want to get wet, as we think the water is cold. Just give God a try. The poor fellow is waiting patiently. If you connect, with God, then you are automatically connected with everyone and everything. — Satish Daryanani

4 connected hands in an embrace

Easy Conversations

My apartment building has four elevators. We normally meet new people and say, “Good morning,” or “Have a good day.” Today, only two of the elevators were working. All the strangers started talking to each other, complaining about the building, the maintenance, etc. If someone asks you about your health and you say it is perfect, the conversation stops. You mention you have an upset stomach, suddenly you are surrounded by strangers who became doctors overnight recommending remedies. If you say God is going a good job, there is nothing to talk about but, if you say what He needs to do to improve the world, everyone has an opinion. Even in business, if you say it is excellent, then there is nothing to talk about. If you complain, then everyone will join you. They will blame the government, the economy, and everything but themselves for the poor business. If you have a prune face, who will want to deal with you? If you want to have a conversation with anyone, bring up a problem and suddenly strangers will become your friends. If you live in a world of perfection you will lead a life of solitude and silence. — Satish Daryanani

illustration of man entering a crowded elevator

Deep Thought — What Is Out There?

Those who have had a glimpse of peace have a slight idea as to what is out there. As they go deeper within, it gets clearer: Everything disappears. That is why they appreciate more and more the human form. They not only enjoy the worldly stuff, but also enjoy what is out there. For example, wisdom can be enjoyed, if there is some ignorance. If you know it all, there is nothing more to learn. Peace can be enjoyed while there is some restlessness in the mind. When you become one with the infinite, nothing can make pieces of your peace. Even the fun of complaining to God is gone. There is no complainer nor complaints. There is no need to rush to get anywhere. All questions of aliens, the universe, God, creation, rebirth, and so on, are all gone. No one is there to think of these unimportant things. It is just you with you and there is no you to enjoy you. So simple. When this is understood in this limited human form, every second becomes priceless. If you give value to yourself, it will be for a very limited time. Once this vessel is gone, everything about you is gone. — Satish Daryanani

Astronomical space

Negotiating with God

People negotiate with God. Children, too, negotiate with their parents. When I was young, I used to negotiate a lot with God. When my mother had to go for a surgery, my prayers were, “God if You do this, I will do that.” During my examinations, I would make similar deals. I used to also negotiate with my Spiritual Masters.  Today I laugh at my old self. I now have only one negotiation—I am only in this human form to experience You. Please let the merge with You not take place, as I enjoy the separation. God is smart. He lets you think you won. You only find out in time that He is stubborn and does what ever He wishes. Temporary happiness comes from winning a negotiation with God but our prayers are being wasted thinking we can win. Let’s just have a simple negotiation: Lord, you know best. Let me not waste my breath thinking I know what is best for me. Only for my fun, let me think I have some say in my life. Let me think I can beat You once in a while in life’s game of chess. — Satish Daryanani

Perfect World

There is no perfect world, no perfect time, no perfect situation, no perfect person. It sounds very pessimistic but understanding this is true perfection. When you realize your mind is the only perfect thing, not only will your world be perfect, but everyone who comes in contact with you will experience that perfection. Even the perfect one who made this world, purposely let us feel it is imperfect. So we seek perfection from within. If it was perfect from outside, nobody would read these thoughts. Our inherent nature is always seeking perfection, yet we live our entire lives in imperfection, waiting and waiting for perfection to come. We do no realize we are wasting our current perfect time and will find out we lost the perfect moment. Today is the big game. No matter what the result, it will be perfect. The score will be perfect, the temperature perfect, the location perfect, and the final result also perfect. The sad thing is that only 50% of the people will realize the perfection of this game. So enjoy this life knowing it is perfect. — Satish Daryanani

Perfect target

Train Ride

We have to get on the train ride of silence. The first station we pass is called, “Glimpse of Peace.” Next we pass the station, “Tapping into the Inner Voice,” which gives us some wisdom. We, then, pass the station, “Nothingness.” Later, we pass “Permanent Deep Inner Peace.” After we pass the station, “Truth,” there is a junction where the train’s engine is changed. Now, you are on a bullet train. On this ride, there are no questions, attachments, desires, fears, and you are free from heaven and hell. The stations are called stages. The first stage is beyond nothingness, beyond seeing the inner light. Then stage two and three are all your previous stations. This infinite train ride can be put on pause if you do not wish to seek more. It is up to you. Who would want to end a train ride that just lets you experience and enjoy more and more? It is like telling someone, “After winning the first championship, you cannot win any more.” — Satish Daryanani

Train station

Why Do We Want to Hate Ourselves?

We know cigarettes are not good for us, yet some people smoke. Alcohol is bad for our livers, yet many people cannot control their liquor intake. We know that worrying cannot change any outcome in life, yet we waste our precious energy worrying. Life is a mirror and everything we do comes back to us. We cheat people knowing we are cheating ourselves and stealing from ourselves. We wish ill on others while wishing ill on ourselves. Our hatred of others is nothing but hatred for ourselves. God is smiling and enjoying the show. Every thought, word, and action is like making funny faces in front of a mirror, which only we can see. Those who love themselves do good for selfish reasons. We benefit from our selfishness. It is like how a restaurant adds to the cost of food and drinks: sales tax, VAT, and gratuity. All the wrong we do comes back to us with a very high value-added tax. — Satish Daryanani

frog looking in a mirror

Holding Back

The hardest thing to do is to hold back, whether it is expressing anger or simly telling someone how you really feel. We even hold back expressing love and kindness, as we do not want to let our guard down. We hold back compliments so as to not let them go to someone’s head. The hard part is not letting others know the things that come from within. Whatever is sent in these daily thoughts does not begin to scrape the surface of all that the Lord gives. The blessing of grace sometimes feels more like a curse due to the pain that comes from the overwhelming feeling of gratitude. Also, if you put out everything, others will not understand. They will not believe your words and will think that you are showing off. Believe me, if the Lord opens the dam of His grace then, even He cannot hold it back. It will bring tears to your eyes once you realize the pain He is going through from holding back all that He wants to give us. — Satish Daryanani

Kobe dam in Japan

What You Seek is Seeking You

We seek peace, but peace is seeking to not turn into pieces. We seek the truth and truth is seeking to be discovered. We are seeking God and God is seeking customers. The difference is God is seeking us more than anything else. Our seeking of God is haphazard. One of the many things we seek is the field of desires. We seek Gucci, Rolex, Cartier, God, and many more things. God sometimes gets lost among all the brands, as there is no advertisement for God. Even greats saints who seek and eventually experience God did not seek Him the way God wanted them to. Can a child seek more than its mother? So stop wasting your time seeking anything. Find the one seeking you and there will be nothing else you will ever need to seek again. — Satish Daryanani

Baggage Tags

We carry so much baggage that, sometimes, we have to put some in storage. I need my special pillow, slippers, supplements, toiletries, oils, and a lot of other stuff. When I was young, I was not attached to all these. Being a Boy Scout, I could survive with little, as I had to carry everything on my shoulders. Now the valets in the hotels carry everything for me, so my attachments have increased. We carry so much load on our shoulders that we do not use the real valet we all have—God. We do not even have to tip Him. Yet we want to be Boy Scouts carrying everything in our backpacks. Thank God I am not a lover of shoes or handbags, or that, too, will increase my load. Our bags are filled with branded goods like Cartier, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, and others that we own. Our baggage tag should have the number 1417, as we have at least that many unfulfilled desires. Now, if you leave them all to the valet, God, we will have empathy for Him carrying the load. He is, after all, the love of our lives. We will automatically fill our bags with less so He will have to carry less. I will still put one attachment in my bag—my pillow. It is light and easy to carry. At least let Him carry a few of my necessities so He remains in shape carrying a little of my load. This way He will think of me as a small pain in the His butt. He will give me a bag-tag so I can claim my baggage. The number will be 666–the little devil who keeps troubling Him. — Satish Daryanani

Baggage tag 1417


I loved playing with toys when I was young. They were simple. Kids today have so many choices that we did not enjoy. Toys for grown ups are sports cars, boats, and private planes. For me, it is starting a new business, a new toy with which to play. It is not for the money, but for something to play. When your job becomes a toy, you get to play rather than work. And we are all just a bunch of toys to play with in His big playground. Some toys He presses, and they start crying. Some laugh, some complain, some worry, and some have grumpy faces. Imagine if God presses the button of a toy and, instead of complaining, the toy starts thanking Him. God will be shocked and wonder what is wrong with this toy. Then He will press again and you have peace and joy. This toy is no longer predictable. God will keep on pressing and will keep on getting new reactions. What will happen if that happens? God will lose interest in all predictable toys and only play with this new one. Other toys will be jealous. So let us become a toy that will confuse God. He can never get the reactions of our sorrow, misery, and anger. Let Him try to change us back to the factory settings and not succeed. This toy is now playing with the Maker of the toy. — Satish Daryanani

Sheriff Woody toy

The Point in Our Life

We say, “At this point in my life, these things do not matter.” At one time it had value, now it is meaningless. When I was young, I ran after every opportunity to make money in business. Now, if it happens or not, I am not affected. So what changes in a person—age, satisfaction, or knowledge? Much of our valuable energy and time is wasted on things that are not that important. One day, everyone and everything will have no value. You say, “At this point in my life, nothing bothers me.” Even the number of people reading this thought does not concern me. Those who benefit will continue reading. At this point in my life, I am not chasing or even seeking the truth. It is tiring To chase the shadow of illusion. I know my life is pointless. This point in my life will also change in time. As time changes me, the point of my life changes. We reach a point in our life where we are at a plateau. All our pasts lead us to this point, from where we wonder if our part really happened or was it a dream. So, if anyone tells you, “At this point in life, this or that is not important,” simply smile and remember you, too, were the same at one time. — Satish Daryanani

Deep Thought—Avatar

I asked a few people about the few deep thoughts I had posted. Some enjoyed them, while some did not get the true meaning behind them. Today, let’s explore “Avatar,” the form that you choose to be near and dear to you. At the moment of your death, there appears a haze. All that was important to you will show up along with your avatar. You can choose whatever you want. I got upset when I heard this. My spiritual Masters are my avatars. I might miss them because something stupid could draw my attention in the haze? This freedom of choice is given  when the avatar feels you do not want only them. While you are alive, you only want the Lord, or the avatar, then at the end, you have freedom from the haze. Instead of you grabbing them, the avatars grab you. Nothing else is of value to you. This priority will be tested many times in your life. If you pass it, there will be no haze. Only the smiling, loving face of your avatar in the light of peace will come to welcome you. This moment is not death, it is but the fulfillment of your entire life’s purpose. Ahh! I am waiting and longing for that moment. One day, it will come. — Satish Daryanani

A road in the middle of trees in winter

Being Pampered

My friend once told me, “You like traveling in first class because you like being pampered.” That is true but I also need a wider seat because of my size and a bed on long flights to rest my back. I was pampered by all my spiritual Masters. I did not just follow them for spiritual evolution. I got good food, nice places to stay, and wonderful places to see on my travels with them. Along the way, to please them, I showed some interest in their teachings. I never wanted to see God and to know the truth. I just enjoyed their friendship and unconditional love. They were smart, and I loved toying with their brains. I tested their patience to see if they were truly evolved souls. Now I will tell you a secret: No one pampers us more than God. This part is not advertised. Those who have experienced it will, by comparision, find flying in private jets boring. When I am look for a parking spot, I find it. I seek peace and get it instantly. I receive an answer from within before the question even arises. A shield protects me all the time. I get the tastiest dishes, the best therapist, the best assistance, the best ideas, the best health, the best weather when needed, and infinite love and blessings from my best friend. No one can pamper more than God. Airlines and hotels still have a long way to go in pampering their elite customers. — Satish Daryanani

A pampered cat

Can I Pick You Up?

I would love asking this of my spiritual Masters. I loved to pick them up at the airport, wait for the plane to land and see their smiling faces as they approached from a distance. I loved listening to their talks while they were in town, they picked up my soul. God, too, will be waiting at His airport to pick you up, yet for Him, there is no excitement of seeing us, as no one will be on the flight. We are all happy in our daily lives that no one wants to leave. The journey of the lifetime has no passengers. The one who really wants to pick us up has no takers, because we feel we have to give up everything. It is true, for a short time, then you can go back to the best of both worlds—God, divinity, wisdom, and peace when you want it. Movies, massages, the Super Bowl, money, name, fame, power, possessions, family, friends, stress, anxiety, desires, and attachments. All the aspects are in your control. You become the Master. Ignorance is to move along with your prison mates. Wisdom is to move along with realized souls. — Satish Daryanani


What is your intention in reading this thought? You are just wasting your precious time. What is your intention towards attaining God realization? What are your intentions toward doing good in this world? All of them have the same answer. You have nothing better to do and want to feel good. If that is your intention for everything you do in life, then your intentions are perfect. We are here on earth without our free will. Now it is up to us to use our free will to utilize this time correctly. We could waste it breaking our heads on useless things, or, waste it in enjoying lesser useless things, like spirituality. Even those who serve have the intention of becoming famous and getting a free ticket to heaven, or serve out of gratitude as to why God gave them more than they need. Writing these thoughts is fine to get appreciation from others or to enjoy confusing others—anything for entertainment. Even the Spiritual Masters know your intention in following them. They know who the real seekers are and bestow upon them the grace to spread their teachings. God knows the intention in your prayers, whether it is to get more and more free stuff or if it is the sincere longing for the love of your life. Even the intention to make money is to spend more, save more, or just enjoy the game of making money. Then, you can share it with others, as if it were only Monopoly money. My real intention in life is to live as long as there is a purpose for me. Please get rid of me as soon as I become like used chewing gum. — Satish Daryanani

Sign showing ambition and intention

Depending on Oneself

A child can become anything—poor or rich, ignorant or a sage. What is at the root that enables everything to happen? The root, or seed, is the same in all. The knower of this truth sees everyone as equal. He will not look for a hand-out or a free-ride, as the starting point for all is the same. He will not blame karma, or situations, for his failures. He will not be jealous, as all have equal opportunities to attain whatever they want. He does not blame God for his own shortcomings. He takes over the reins of his life. Those who have this attitude will always be successful. They will not even beg for grace. Leave the job of giving grace to God and do not interfere with His plans. Depending on the government, charitable organizations, or family and friends will get you nowhere. After attaining worldly success, you will one day learn to depend on yourself. You will experience God and seek the truth and not just wait for the magic of grace. Depend on yourself for everything and let God give you a helping hand, if He chooses to do so. — Satish Daryanani

Trust Yourself on blackboard with woman in front

Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood

When I speak or write something, some people may miss the chance to understand and I am misunderstood. Even spiritual Masters and God are misunderstood, otherwise we would all be living in heaven right here, right now. We misunderstand because we do not let someone complete their sentence. Our presumptions block our chance to learn something new. We are stuck with our beliefs that were planted by our families, castes, and religions. For example, being humble does not make you weak. You may think others will take advantage of you, but it will not affect your career and position in society. Your spouse will not make you their doormat. Real humility is letting the world think you are still a lion while, in your heart, you are filled with so much gratitude that, in the eyes of God, you become a lamb. The world may think you are egotistical, which is good for you, as you remain humble instead of having a big ego. There are so many situations that volumes of books could be written on being misunderstood. Start with one thing, try not to misunderstand the true nature of what others are doing for you. — Satish Daryanani

communication illustration


We think our lives are measured in the number of years given to us. They are actually measured in the number breaths given to us. We all wish we could have the gift of prediction so we could bet on the Super Bowl and the stock market. I even used to joke with my spiritual Masters and tell them to come to Las Vegas with me. I told them all the winnings would go for good causes. The Masters told me that this money was not good and would not help anyone, as it has come from the losses of others and not out of their free will.  Only when you reach a stage where you are free from time and space can you know exactly what will happen. This gift is within each one of us. You may not use it to profit from it, but it may help those who are facing challenges. For example, my Master told me that I would incur financial losses and I would not be able to do anything to change it. I was mentally prepared for the losses. In today’s world, a lot of experts in their field make many predictions. They have a 50 percent chance of success. Some believe in them and put their hard-earned money on their predictions. Let me give you 100 percent reliable predictions: You will all leave this body one day. All those who have not experienced the wonderful world within will regret one day. Your true self never dies. Every day you wasted, not being on top of the world, you will never get it back. You will, one day, realize this is all a dream. All of your near and dear ones will not be with you permanently. All will realize that they did not maximize the valuable time given to them in this human form.” See how easy it is to predict? — Satish Daryanani

Chinese fortune cookies

How to Speak with the Fewest Words

Everyday, when writing a thought, I try to make it as short as possible without losing its meaning. There are some who speak for so long that the point they are trying to make gets lost. Many people ask a question and then also give the answer. I think most of my responses are “yes” or “no.” It should be that simple. Even most talks on spirituality are given in an hour. A human mind cannot focus for that long. Suppose someone gave a talk and said, “In life, everything happens for our good; God is love, peace, and wisdom; we are all one; nothingness is the greatest experience we can have; the only freedom we have is in our reactions; everything is an illusion; heaven is a state of mind; silence can get you all of the above; you do not need to read all the scriptures for this; and thank you all for coming and goodbye.” Will this person be invited again to talk on spirituality? To get invited again, even the spiritual Masters have to talk a lot. It is a challenge to speak in just a few words. — Satish Daryanani

Where are We Going?

All of us are going somewhere in life. Ask yourself, “Where do you really want to go?” Some may say, heaven, some do not know. How many will say, “I am missing my real home and want to go back. I am homesick.” God is smart. He put all of us on the train ride of life and let us think we are going somewhere. Actually, all we are doing is making a very big circle, seeing different scenery, and thinking we are progressing. Yet we come back to our starting point. Once we understand we are going nowhere, why do we always rush? It is because our minds are always going somewhere. The mind cannot be still and in one place. Before even finishing one thing, we think of the next. It is like while eating lunch, you are thinking about what you will eat at dinner. If you want to enjoy the ride, just remember the engine, called God, is taking us for a ride in the park. Enjoy it, but you know you will end up at the same station from which you started. So if anyone asks, “Where are you going,” answer, “Going nowhere, just having fun on this journey of life.” — Satish Daryanani

What Happens After We Die?

Many movies, books, and stories are written about what happens after death. I guess you really have to die and come back to tell us the details. One thing is for sure: You do not die. It is only your body that drops. Now there is no need to go to the gym nor be on a diet. All your illnesses are gone. You have no creditors to pay. All your family members cannot bother you. You have the freedom to go anywhere, without dealing with immigration or customs. You do not have to go to a 9-to-5 job nor earn a paycheck. Now the fear is gone about to what will happen when you die, as you are already experiencing it. You wish you could tell others about your experience. I guarantee you will laugh over the big deal that people make about death. It is nothing but the expiration of the lease on your physical body, which will now go to a junkyard. All the stress you took on in your life was for nothing. All possessions and wealth are left behind. Your family and friends will forget you in a short period of time. You will see how many celebrate that you are no longer alive. So death is nothing but a get-out-of-jail card that you are waiting to use to be free from the imprisonment of this physical body. — Satish Daryanani

Girl's spirit rising from death

Watching War Movies

After seeing war movies, you feel that all the horror, suffering, violence, and sorrow, was for nothing. Today, the same countries are friends and do trade with each other. Our problems in life are meaningless compared to the problems faced during world wars. Some people actually enjoy war, as they are in power and enjoy the action. Wars take place only because of egos clashing. You may not have a world war yet the whole world is still at war. As we have egos, we are still at war over our differences of opinion. We are at war with ourselves, the ignorant self trying to stay in power and fighting the true self. We are at war with our conscience, as we want to go in the opposite direction. We are at war with our families, as to how to spend the money and whose way is the correct way. We are at war with God as to the way He is doing His job. War is in your nature, so use it for your benefit. Create a war with your mind and say, “You are not going to control me anymore. I am fighting for my freedom from you.” Then you can celebrate Independence Day from your mind. — Satish Daryanani

Can You Get Everything Without God?

The answer is yes. We can even attain spirituality by hating God or by believing God is non-existent in our lives. An orphan who does not know his parents still has the DNA of the parents. Similarly, we have God’s DNA in us. We then depend on our minds alone for our spiritual evolution. Just repeat, “I am not the body, I am not the mind, immortal self I am,” or “I am that.” With a strong and focused mind, there are many ways with which the real truth can be attained. But for weak, wavering minded and lazy people, like me, loving God is a short cut. Using my heart is easier than using my mind. It is easier to focus when I imagine my head in the lap of the Lord and the Lord showering me with love. I’m not seeking spiritual growth or the truth, I’m just enjoying God. First, He kills your ego in a very painful process. It is easier with God, as God’s love is a painkiller. Then, one day, when the Lord pours everything on you, you become His secret agent. Instead of a license to kill a person, you get a license to kill people’s egos. Without God, all this can happen, but it is a very dry, lonely process. If you want, you can try without God’s help. If you fail, the safety net of God is always there. — Satish Daryanani

woman on safety net

Afraid to Love

There are those who are afraid to love, as they fear the pain of their hearts will be broken. They have gone through experiences where someone took advantage of their love. Those who have had their trust broken do not trust again easily. It is good that you go through these experiences. Now let’s see if you can love and can trust again. This comes from a forgiving and compassionate heart. God’s love and trust is broken every second, yet He continues to love. If you are afraid to love and trust, you are afraid to live. Your life is no better than a granite stone. Love and trust are the first and last names of God. God is the middle name. You lose so many opportunities without love and trust. So start with God. Even if He has broken your heart and trust, forgive Him. He has 8 billion customers, so mistakes can happen. One day His so-called mistake will end up benefiting you. Then, one by one, you can slowly start loving and trusting people. Even though there will still be those who may hurt you, do not be afraid to love. Human beings are created to break us. Let them not win. Get even with those who break your heart by giving even more love to everyone.— Satish Daryanani

Broken heart held by caring hands

Deep Thought

Most of us were absent on the first two or three of our birthdays. We may see videos and pictures of these events, but we were not present. It is the same whether you are ten days old or two years old. Only when you have memories, are you alive. The absence of your beingness means you have not yet arrived. So, till you find your true identity, you are unaware of your own presence. If the presence of the one talking is not there, the talk has no meaning. For example, ignorant people who talk about the Lord are easily forgotten. On the other hand, if people remember what you said about the Lord, then it is the Lord who has spoken. The Lord is ever present, but the divine’s existence is like non-existence. He or She exists in an unknowable state. In other words, in my non-being state, all this creation had not happened. All of them appeared with the appearance of my beingness. — Satish Daryanani


Why Do We Need To Think Of God?

We must understand that God does not need us to think of Him. He is peaceful and happy on His own. When you stand and watch the ocean on a stormy day, you see continuous wave after wave, without a break. You cannot do anything to stop them. Similarly, our stormy minds have continuous waves of thoughts. All we can do is replace the crazy thoughts of unnecessary things by thinking of God. At least we get to enjoy a slight break from the storm. God does not stop our thoughts. He only replaces them with something that benefits us. Now there is love, a little peace, a little wisdom, a little self-reflection, and a little gratitude. Even the thought of writing this thought is still a thought. Only now is there a change of venue and freedom from the stupid worldly thoughts that have no purpose. One day, by thinking of God, you will reach the thoughtless state where there is no you and no God. That should be our goal. In the meantime, disturb Him so that both you and Him are entertained. — Satish Daryanani

Ocean photo by Yogesh Gosavi

Who Does the Best Job?

The one who has it all and yet does not show it does the best job. So do these: The one who is very rich, but so simple that he may not even get good service, as others think he cannot afford it. The one who is wise yet shows the world he wishes to learn from them. The one who has permanent peace but shows the world he is disturbed by their suffering. The one who, having met God and been with God, shows the world he wishes to be graced by the presence of the Lord. The one who knows the truth and is a realized soul yet shows the world he is still a seeker. The one who knows this world is an illusion and yet lives in it as if it is real. He who does his job as if he is in charge, knowing he is only a slave of the Lord. He shows the world he is money-minded and egoistic, yet is detached from the fruit of his labor and is as humble as ash. In other words, the best job is done when you play your part so well that others do not know and understand who you really are. Let them underestimate you and push your buttons. You smile and act ignorant. — Satish Daryanani

Best man for the job

God’s Will vs. Your Will

Imagine you are in a small raft in the middle of the ocean. You see nothing but the vast waters surrounding you. At that time, how much value will you give to your will over the will of the ocean? Your ego, your possessions, your accomplishments, what value will they have now? You are only a speck surrounded by all this water. When you do meet God, you will see that the vastness of God is greater than all the oceans combined. Your size is still the same. Now, who and what are you comparing with His greatness? Yet we think our will even matters—that this speck of dust has more knowledge and wisdom than the One who created it. Our ego thinks we know more than the One who gives us every breath. So, what is my will and what is God’s will? It’s simple. Everything that is happening, with or without my effort, is God’s will. My will is the stupidity of thinking that I matter. — Satish Daryanani


If we go to a priest and confess all our sins, are we truly forgiven? I asked this question of my spiritual Master. He smiled and said, “As long as you do not repeat the sins and ask forgiveness from the bottom of your heart, no priest, or saint, is required. God will forgive you.” Then I joked with Him and asked, “What happens if I repeat the same sin?” He laughed and said, “Then the consequences of the past sins, with interest, will come back to you.” I understood what He meant. Asking forgiveness for anything and then repeating it means you are not really repentant. It has not hurt you enough. When it disturbs your peace and sleep, you will never do it again because, then, it has ripped your heart. No forgiveness is even needed, as the pain from your actions is enough to cleanse you. All you can do is pray to God to give you the strength not to do it again. Those who have a clear conscience do not repeat these actions, as they feel so miserable. For example, I went to a restaurant for a meal. I did not get a bill for the food I ate. I waited for a while and then, got up and walked away without paying. I was happy that I got a free meal. Later, it bothered me so much that I could not sleep. I went back to the restaurant and paid the bill to buy back my peace. Anytime someone does not charge me, or overpays, I go and settle it right away, not because of the sin and forgiveness, but for my own peace. Once we are able to value peace over everything, then both sins and forgiveness are eliminated from our lives. Priests, do not worry. You will always have enough customers for not everyone will take this path. — Satish Daryanani

Next-in-line-for-confession sign

Spiritual Hearing Aid

In the movie, “The Two Popes,” Pope Benedict XVI says that he needs a spiritual hearing aid, as he is no longer able to hear the voice of God. When he was young, he heard the voice of God and that brought him peace. Even a pope can go through a period of not hearing the voice of God. Those who can hear and experience God go through such changes. First, we hear the voice of God so He can guide us. Now we know we are not alone in this journey of life. Second, we experience His love and peace. Our path for this life is clear. We use God for our benefit. Can we give God a chance to use us and not depend on Him for everything? Instead of working for God, let God work through us. Our intuitions, ideas, hard work, intelligence, experiences, and compassionate hearts are all given by Him. Learn to use them and not make God a crutch. A hearing aid for God’s voice is only needed once. After that, there is no doubt about God’s existence. He is always with you. — Satish Daryanani

hearing illustration

Q. Is Spirituality a Form of Escapism?

In my case, the answer is: yes. When I was young, I lived in a fantasy world of sports. I was sometimes the best football player, or basketball player, or the greatest athlete in history. Living everyday with my problems and challenges was not easy, so I lived instead in my perfect dream world. Later, when my spiritual Masters showed me the way, it became easy to escape from my day-to-day life and live permanently with the Lord. Here, there are no fights, no arguments, no lying, no animosity, no competition, just love, peace, and wisdom, along with a lot of jokes. That is why it is hard for me to understand why people find spirituality hard. Escape from your day-to-day life and live in perfection. Then one day, you will laugh at yourself for running away from the real world to the dream world of spirituality. Now, you know you are in the real world, living in the dream world of your day-to-day life. — Satish Daryanani

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Deep Thought

When we are in the non-being state, we are put in darkness for nine months in our mothers wombs without our choice. Going from non-being to being takes place with the force of nature. Those who spend time practicing austerities can, one day with grace, reach the non-being state while being in the physical body. That experience of being completely free from the body-mind complex is so wonderful that you do not wish to come back. The voice of the Lord, or of your spiritual Master, will tell you it is not your time. Out of obedience, you bring your awareness back to the physical form. This time, leaving the non-being and returning to the being becomes your freedom. Everything changes, as you can now enjoy the limitation of the being and serve others—not to gain anything—just out of love for the voice you obeyed. Every thought and action is experienced with gratitude to the one who blessed you with the gift of connecting with the non-being state. You are free from living a life of constant action and reaction and worry no more, “why this or that.” You are no longer concerned about what happens after you drop this body, as you have already experienced that state. The only hard task in life will be trying to put this experience into words. — Satish Daryanani

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My father had been cheated by his partners in business and lost a lot of money. He was lost and did not know what to do. A friend gave him a spiritual book written by a spiritual Master. My father wrote to the Master and told him of his situation. The Master took my father as His disciple and, from then on, the only partner my father had in all his dealings was his spiritual Master. If we can make God our partner in everything, we will never ever be cheated. God is happy with only 10 percent of the partnership. We can keep 90 percent of the profits. It is up to you if you want to make it 50-50 partnership. The only good thing is that losses will not bother you. I tell God, “You are so rich that you want the company to have losses, so it is fine with me. Your budget for good causes reduces. I still have to pay for all the expenses.” This way, let Him take over all the concerns, growth, and financial health of the company. Others might cheat you, but your trustworthy partner will not. He will only give you guidance. Sometimes it is my greed that leads me to make wrong decisions. From today onward, I will ask only one question to myself, “Is this decision going to help my spiritual growth?” If not, then no deal is a good deal for me. Continue to play the game, but nothing is worth disturbing your inner peace. I thank God for not firing me and ending our partnership for all my stupidity. — Satish Daryanani

Seductive Drama of This Dream World

We get so caught up in the drama of the dream world that very few want to wake up. Those who do, do not know how to awaken. Even the ones who are fortunate to have a guide are not able to do so easily, as the seduction gets to us. It is like a mother trying to wake her child to study for his or her exams. As soon as she leaves, the child goes back to sleep and does not wish to wake up. That is only the seduction of sleep. The seduction of this world is very powerful. We think we want to wake up, and yet to give up this dream forever, feels impossible: All that is near and dear is now unreal. Our powers, positions, intelligence, accomplishments, and desires, are now a dream. Our religions, beliefs, goals, hard-work are all for nothing. Our trophies, good credits, social status, and good deeds all vanish in a split second of waking up. Who are the few who really want to wake up from the intoxication of this dream called life?— Satish Daryanani

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When you are sick, you take medicine. You may get better and survive. So, does the sickness die as you get better? No, but your suffering  ends. Basically, it is your misery that ends. We are able to know ourselves from the age of four, and that’s when our misery really begins. Our misery is always about the future—the future, which does not come. We suffer in our youth. We take medicine so that we will get comfortable in our old age. However, we need more medicine to end our suffering. Sickness can be removed when we stop worrying about things, things that will not happen. Only our true selves are without sickness. — Satish Daryanani

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Happy New Year

This year is 2020. That means that, this year, we all will have 20/20 perfect vision. All we have to do is work on the lens to get the focus. When we have the correct vision everything is clear and there is no strain on our eyes. We enjoy the same clarity with which God sees the world. Today is a new day, a new year, a new life. The past year and your past life are over. Today starts a new life. By the end of this year, you can see this is your best year, and the next one will also be your best. Every year gets better and better, like good wine, as you learn from your experiences. So, good riddance to the past year. Starting today, eye doctors will have to retire, as the entire world will have a perfect 20/20 vision. May God bless everyone with this perfect way of seeing. — Satish Daryanani

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The Magic Mirror

In the movie, “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone,” there is a magic mirror that shows your desires and attachments. In it, only a happy person would be able to see himself or herself. We all have the same magic mirror—the mind. Whatever we are we can see. All our fears, desires, attachments, and even guilt are shown in this mirror. Those who see the reflection of their true selves see only that one thing. They have nothing to hide and are happy. You cannot hide anything from this mirror. All the choices you made, which formed your character and personality, are reflected in this mirror. You cannot cover it or break it. You are stuck with it. It only magnifies when you are alone in silence. You may use more and more technology to occupy yourself, so you do not have to look in this mirror. When you do see yourself, you are perfect. No weight loss or coloring of hair is required. You’ll see just the perfect you that was made by the loving hands of God. — Satish Daryanani

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How You Change Without a Cellphone

Without my cellphone, I felt lighter, as my pocket was empty. Every time someone asked me something, I would put my hand in my pocket to find there was no phone—so no Google search. I did not know the scores of any basketball games. I did not go online to check my bank and see if I received any wire transfers. No thoughts were sent and there were no responses to read. I did miss my beloved phone and, yet, it was not the end of the world. I did get to write a lot of thoughts that will be completed in the future. I will start a new format called “Deep Thoughts,” which will be added once every 10 days. Truly becoming nothing is everything. I have enough material for a month from just two days of silence. I am BACK! — Satish Daryanani

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Taking Your Phone Away

I am attending a silent retreat and I am told by the organizers that, until I give them my phone, I will not be allowed to enter. So for the next two days, no thoughts can be sent. I questioned myself, “What is more important—my service to others or enjoying silence?” One side of me was ready to leave the program, as I thought service was more valuable then my attending the retreat. Then one person said, “You make the retreat complete with your presence.” I, then, understood that God was testing me, “You were ready to give up the nectar of silence for the service of spreading the teachings? Sit in silence for the next couple of days and you will make it up by sending wonderful thoughts that will arise within you. Sorry, my friends, no thoughts for the next two days. I will make it up by sending new ones that can come from the depths of complete silence in the next two days. Thank you. God bless. — Satish Daryanani

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Value of a Split Second

You can win the gold medal because of a split second. Happiness can be lost or gained in a split second. Life can be given or taken in a split second. God and peace can be experienced in an split second. The darkness of ignorance can be removed in a split second. Anger can come in a split second. Forgiveness can take place in a split second. Compassion can grow in your heart in a split second. A smile can appear in a split second. In a split second, truth can be revealed and you become a realized soul. Death can occur in a split second. Above all, the deep meaning of this thought can be understood in a split second. — Satish Daryanani — Satish Daryanani

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Christmas Eve

I watched people dress up and get ready to go to church for the midnight mass on Christmas Eve. The churches are beautifully lit up. Everything is clean and decorated. All of this to rejoice over the birth of a Divine soul—to celebrate His birthday. What do we do during the rest of the year for the same person? We show, once a year, how much we love and how much we are willing to do for baby Jesus. How about Jesus, the boy, the teenager, and the young man? It is easy to do our best for one day and not the rest of the year. Those who behave the same, whether it be on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, or any other day, see Jesus always. We can celebrate baby Jesus’ birthday by thanking the Lord for giving us the love of our lives. Every second is an offering to Jesus. So Christmas is just to give and receive gifts, and eat delicious food without guilt, as it is blessed food from Jesus for His celebration. — Satish Daryanani

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Taking It Personally

Someone was upset with me for some reason. They used to read the daily thoughts and would comment on the benefits. Now they do not read the thoughts or communicate with me. I know of a person who became a widow at a very young age and blamed my spiritual Master, as her husband was very close to Him. Many things happen in our lives. We take them personally and blame someone else. We do not know the exact number as to how many customers God loses daily. We blame Him for almost everything. He is on the blocked list of many people. His words of wisdom, grace, and love are blocked. Have we ever blamed ourselves for our issues and put ourselves on the blocked list? No thoughts from me to me. No communication from myself. I do not exist anymore for myself. I am upset and now I am dead to myself. Blocking ourselves is not possible, as we are selfish and self-centered. How can we blame ourselves, the perfect beings? So catch someone, or something, that bruised our ego-selves. We only take things personally because we cannot live with the truth about ourselves. — Satish Daryanani

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Start Now

It is the holiday season, and I am on a vacation. It is easy for me to say, “Let the New Year begin and, when I reach home, I will start my diet and work on my body, my mind, and whatever commitments I want to make.” It is easy to postpone and start on Jan 2, after all the partying is over. Even to say let me start on an auspicious day, like Christmas, is too late. The ones who can start now, in spite of every excuse not to, will definitely achieve their goals. Right now, this very second, while reading this thought, you can get everything. Then New Year’s Day becomes another day with no resolutions, just another holiday—to get up late and go for a massage and see a movie—nothing special. No matter what, peace comes. Rejoice in everything. Have willpower over all your weaknesses. Do not hold on to the past. Stop complaining. Above all, learn to do everything now. Every time you decide on something, it becomes your new resolution and the new you experiences the change within.— Satish Daryanani

Choose Now

Think Before You Speak

I speak very fast and, often, I don’t think before I speak. The point I am trying to make may be misunderstood. On the other hand, if it a serious matter, I take my time and even pause before I give an answer. Being around many spiritual Masters in my life, I saw that They would think before uttering even one word. Their words have such deep meaning that they may take years to understand. Today is my Master’s birthday, and I am remembering His voice. Each word spoken to me has become a gem in my life. Every word is like a flower petal unfurling, leading me to a life He wanted me to have. It is as if He prepared me for all that was going to come, a map of my life. I wish I had His patience to value the words I utter. Then each word I speak would have meaning. Gratitude to You, my beloved Master, on this auspicious day for all that You have taught me. — Satish Daryanani

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I watch athletes practicing on a field. I watch singers and musicians practicing their notes. The more you practice, the more you improve your skills. Even spiritual Masters practice yoga, breathing exercises, and sitting in silence. I am the opposite. I like to play sports without warming up and practicing. Playing a sport enough will improve my skills, yet I get bored with practice. I prefer to just play the game. I did not even practice spirituality. I just enjoyed the show, watching this crazy mind, and I let God’s grace in. If peace, wisdom, or sick thoughts come, that is the Lord’s problem. If I practiced, I would be good at something instead being a Jack of all trades and a master of none. I guess learning from experience became my practice, so I learned the hard way instead of making the mistakes by practicing. I give credit to all those who practice, as it shows they really love what they are doing. I do not even practice what I would say and do if and when I would meet God. All I can do is burst out laughing at how cool He is, and practice just being myself.— Satish Daryanani

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We Don’t Know What We Want

We like to take a break from city life, yet we get bored when we are away from our night clubs, restaurants, and movie theaters. We want silence, but we are not able to stay away from our social circle. We want to lose weight and get in shape, but we are not able to exercise the discipline to stay away from our favorite foods. We want to have a companion in our lives, yet we want to maintain our independence. We want to enjoy peace and experience God, but we still get consumed by the world. We do not wish to lead a retired life, as we will have too much time, so we go back to our jobs and complain about having no time. Trying not to worry in our lives, we end up worrying about everyone’s lives. We want to save the world, but spend no time on saving ourselves. Most of the people I know are confused about what they want. Not being able to commit to even one thing, our lives become like yo-yos. We struggle with not deciding what we really want. — Satish Daryanani

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Walking on Air

When you attend spiritual camps, retreats, or programs for a few days or weeks, you come back with a feeling of being on cloud 9. You do not want the program to end. While you are at the program, you stop carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders and so you feel as if you have lost 200 pounds and are floating.. This is only a preview of the movie. Imagine what you will feel if you see the entire show. Now go deeper. Realize that you are the producer, script writer, director, actor, and the witness of this production. This movie of life is solely for your entertainment. Then, you are always walking on air. — Satish Daryanani

Walking on air

Changing Passwords

When someone has your passwords and is no longer involved in your life, you have to change all your passwords and update the information. If our personal information is compromised, we, too, have to change our passwords. We have many passwords, and so we need a place to store that information. We create a new password just to store passwords. What is God’s password? It is love. He never changes it. Everyone knows it, yet few use it. A lot of people do not give value to God, so no compromise of His password takes place. We, too, should have little value so no one will try to access our information. There are some who use the word “password” as a password, mistakenly thinking that no one will think of using it. What is the password for peace and happiness that some know? The password is “Let Go” and that, too, has never been hacked or changed for generations. God made everything simple knowing that very few will use it. The password for experiencing wisdom is “Silence.” He gave us a mouth knowing that few will be wise enough to keep silent to become wiser. God knew a long time ago, before computers, that there will be no need to remember complex passwords. — Satish Daryanani

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What Makes You Smile?

My spiritual Master always had a smile on His face. I would wonder what made Him smile. He saw God in everyone. He probably also smiled at my stupidity. Seeing Him smile brought a smile to my face. Now, I smile at all the memories of my Masters. I smile at people who are consumed by thinking this world is real. I smile at all the crazy questions I asked in the past. I smile at what I thought God was and what God is. I smile at all the useless stress I took on in the past. I smile while looking in the mirror and seeing the muscles that have turned to fat. I smile at the hair disappearing from my head. I smile at all the blessings the Lord has given me—the most important is the ability to smile. In the end, the most important smile comes from knowing that I am loved by all the Masters and the Lord. They have put up with me as I am, without any judgement. So let me smile as a form of gratitude for all the smiles I have received. — Satish Daryanani

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Comparing Spiritual Masters

People sometimes ask me which spiritual Masters have attained more in their lives. Anyone who knows how to swim in this world will not drown. This world cannot sink them. Then that person can choose to swim across the English Channel, the Atlantic Ocean, the Pacific Ocean, a swimming pool, or just enjoy floating on the water and relaxing. They can choose what to enjoy. This is not the Olympics where there are gold, silver, or bronze medals to be won. You are enjoying rising above all the miseries of ignorance. You can even go back and sink in the world for your pleasure but, when you get fed up, you can instantly get back to the surface and enjoy floating again. The key is to swim whenever and however you choose. We, with our limited minds, compare all the sages and saints and the miracles they can perform. Then we argue and debate as to who is greater. True saints see each other as a friend who can enjoy life as they can. They do not compare and see who has attained more. They are humble, only seek each other’s blessings, and try to learn from the experiences of each other. So, if you are blessed and one day become a swimmer of life, then you can choose what you want to do with this gift. You can even become a lifeguard and work on saving others from drowning with their egos and ignorance. — Satish Daryanani

Man reading book floating on the dead sea

Sleeping Buddha

When I was with my spiritual Master in a temple in Shanghai, He was gazing at the statue of the sleeping Buddha, waiting patiently. I asked him what He was waiting for. He answered, “I am waiting for the Buddha to get up.” Sleeping Buddha is an irony. The one who has truly awakened is shown sleeping. My Master was not waiting for Buddha to get up, but patiently waiting for all for us to wake up. Sleep is thinking that God and you are separate. If someone says that God and he are one and the same, it is considered a blasphemy. So let the world think that you, too, are a sleeping Buddha, while you are actually wide awake, living with the truth and joy of not wondering who is God, where is God, what is God, and when you will see God. — Satish Daryanani

Sleeping Buddha sculpture


Writing about cooking may be the greatest joke of my life. This is a person who can barely toast a slice of bread. Yet it is an important subject, as I love good food. This talent of cooking is one of the greatest gifts from God. Some fortunate souls just have a knack for cooking. Others work hard and struggle. One of easiest way to win the hearts of spiritual Masters is by being a good cook. Cooking requires love, dedication, compassion, focus, and, above all, patience. If you have all these gifts you can experience God just by cooking. The aroma and mouth-watering taste can even make God leave the heavenly world to taste your food. If God does not come, I will represent Him to enjoy the tasty food. Cooking is one of the best offerings as a service to humanity. You end up with more blessings than even saints receive. You make people say, “Thank you, God for this delicious food.” A good cook can heal better than can a doctor and can bring on a smile faster than a comedian. All things can be forgiven with a delicious meal. Inspire people to go to the gym as long as the food is good. So cooking is a gift I may get in my next life, as I only have good taste buds in this life. — Satish Daryanani

Fancy dessert

The Price of Choice

If you choose to lose weight and get in shape, you pay the price by giving up desserts and fried foods. I chose to be a vegetarian out of the compassion in my heart. I paid the price by giving up my favorite dish, my dear friend Lobster Thermidor. If you choose to have income from a clean source, then you cannot make money from meat products, liquor, or gambling. If you choose to experience God, you pay the price of losing the fun of separation and the longing for the Lord. The Devil and God are the same, opposite sides of the same coin. If you choose to discover the truth, the desire for heaven and the fear of hell are gone. You get equanimity and, then, the highs and lows of winning and losing, profit and loss, disappear. If you desire to be humble, the fun of attaining name and fame is gone. If you choose to surrender everything to God, the joy of enjoying the fruit of your labor is no longer there. If you choose to settle down, get married, and have children, you cannot go to nightclubs to choose new partners. Every choice has a price. Even to become a saint, you have to have patience to put up with everyone’s complaints. If you choose to always speak the truth, it becomes hard to pull someone’s leg. — Satish Daryanani

What's you choice?


We all are crazy for things. I am crazy about desserts, movies, travel, business, and, above all, being with spiritual Masters. When I was younger and had a healthier body, I wanted to become the best basketball player. Later, I felt the craze to lose myself completely at the feet of the Lord—that craze where nothing else matters. When you do receive this gift, there comes another craze:  to inspire others to have the same craze for the Lord. You lose yourself in a love where everything else has no value. No words can describe that. In that kind of craze, you sing and dance, expressing the joy of being with God, time stands still, and every breath is spent on trying to tell others about this ecstasy. In that craze the world will think you are crazy. Forget the craze for a new boyfriend or girlfriend. This joy is far, far greater than that. The ones who have this craze do not understand how people pray to have craze for the Lord. Instead we should pray to get a break from the craze for God. “God, You are driving me insane. Please leave me alone for a few minutes and let me enjoy Your creation.” — Satish Daryanani

Woman in field praying

Strict Rules

Some spiritual Masters are strict. Even some school teachers are very strict. Some nations are stricter than others. I always find myself disobeying strictness. Instead, if it is explained to me nicely and if it makes sense, I will obey. Certain religions are stricter than others. They all feel that, by being strict, one will have discipline. Instead, real discipline comes when people want it. They will not do it out of force but, when they understand the benefits, they automatically will get discipline. For example, if you force someone to sit in silence in the same place and at the same time, he or she will gain nothing. If the sitting is done out of free will, then the benefit occurs. There should be only one rule that no one will break. The strict rule of life is to do unto others as others would unto you. Once you follow that rule, all other rules are not needed. We are all selfish. Our selfishness will change as we want only the best for ourselves. You will end up doing the best for others. This is the simple rule of life. — Satish Daryanani

Man's hand writing "Rules"


Sometimes we feel we get brainwashed by someone who has a strong personality. People also get brainwashed by watching the same advertisement over and over again. The military uses a similar method in the training of soldiers. In spirituality, too, we need to get brainwashed. If the correct teacher brainwashes us, then we can benefit, otherwise we can be used for the benefit of the teacher. Our brains are strong and, to get rid of our egos and wrong notions, we need a guide to literary wash away unwanted thoughts and desires. Like a child, we need to go back to the original setting. Then our minds are clear to experience God. The mind blocks us from experiencing peace. Sometimes, like the sun’s rays which can be seen for a short time on a cloudy day, we experience glimpses of peace. Brainwashing removes all the clouds of ignorance. You have to find the correct person first before you let someone brainwash you. In the meantime do not be influenced by the worldly brainwashing. They are only using you.— Satish Daryanani

light in a dark forest

Living Life with Your Beliefs

In the movie, “Black Water,”  a lawyer spends 8 years of his life going after the DuPont company. He left his easy, successful life to pursue his beliefs. When you do this, you are tested and may, like many, feel like giving up. The resolve to always speak the truth is not easy. Your belief in leading a spiritual life in the service of others comes at a price, like suicide bombers who die believing in their causes. It is important to have the right guide so your beliefs lead you in the correct direction. When I was young, I used to believe that one day, I would die and be reborn. Now I know there is no birth or death. My identification from this body has gone. I believe now only in having fun and helping others to discover this fun. Do so much good in this birth that you do not suffer after death. Live knowing everything is perfect. My last belief is that the grace of all my Masters will guide me through every experience that will make me grow.— Satish Daryanani

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Q. What do Saints think of?

A. Our normal thoughts are of family, desires, money, career, politics, weather, sports, lust, name, fame, and other people. Saints think of service, stories from scriptures and their meanings, the value of thoughts, and how this world is an illusion. They value each day and know that words spoken play an important part in our lives. Our day begins with actions, as per our thoughts. Witness the day. To realize your true nature you must be aware of “Who I am” and decide which soap to use to cleanse your ignorance. The soap-of-knowledge is passed on by a realized soul. So be careful about what you think and say. That is the main difference between Saints and all of us. — Satish Daryanani

Deleting Pictures

On a plane yesterday, I saw another passenger deleting a lot of pictures from his phone. He probably needed to free space on his phone. We take so many pictures, as doing so is free and we do not have to pay for the film or printing. How many of us go back and see all the pictures we have taken in our lifetime? I have a lot of pictures of my spiritual Masters hanging on the walls of my apartment. Once, one of my Masters mentioned these pictures should be in my heart and not only the walls. I kept that in my mind. Each and every wonderful experience is now in my heart. I do not have to delete them nor do I run out of space. Every moment with all my Masters are within me. I do not go back and see any old picture. The human form is born to enjoy all the sages and saints. Eventually all the pictures of God, or the saints, disappear into inner peace and joy. Just the cool light of their presence remains. If there is one picture I wish I could take, it is the smile of the faceless one that is loving, protecting, and guiding me—the anchor of my life. No selfie is needed with Him, as the self does not exist while He is present. — Satish Daryanani

Keeping Things for the Last Minute

Some people like to pack their bags the night before traveling. They know months ahead they have to travel. Then they rush and have a sleepless night. Putting off things till the very end can cause you to forget things you need to do. Similarly in spirituality, people want to enjoy everything from the world and only when they get old and retire do they start to work on packing for the real big journey ahead. It is too late. You will have more anxiety and stress by trying to rush what you did not enjoy while you were in your prime. It is like trying to get in physical shape at an old age when you did not take care of your body when you were young. Still, do not give up hope. Something is better than nothing. Those that have good years ahead of them spend time in taking care of their bodies and minds. If you are flexible, it feels so nice. You feel light, as if you are floating on air. Now imagine your mind is light. You carry no burdens of the world and are carefree and worry free, calm, and peaceful, enjoying relaxing in the lap of the Lord. Why wait for the last minute of your life to enjoy everything right now? Then, when the real journey comes, you will welcome it, as you are well-prepared.  — Satish Daryanani

Man with a clock for a head.

Q. Who can receive spiritual knowledge?

A. The one who is distressed by physical, mental, and spiritual problems can. Indirectly, if everything is perfect in your world, who needs or will care to have spiritual knowledge? You are already living a spiritual life. Who goes to an asylum? Only ones who have mental issues. Spirituality is nothing but removing the mental illness of ignorance. Then there are no problems, only solutions. The world takes birth in our consciousness. Nothing exists in the absence of consciousness. It means our consciousness contains everything. Spiritual knowledge brings this awareness within. The real you is free from prison. Problems are your friends, as they bring you to this state of mind. Water is thought of only when you are thirsty. Spiritual knowledge comes from the inner thirst of being lost. All you need is a correct guide, willpower, and grace, then everything becomes clear to you. So start a new prayer, “Lord, please give me so many problems that I get roasted by this world and seek only the true knowledge that will free me from this suffering.” — Satish Daryanani

spiritual knowledge

Seeking or Understanding

Seeking is based on some reason, understanding is without any. Seeking is with an effort and purpose, understanding is spontaneous and effortless. Understanding is absent in seeking, while the seeker is absent in understanding. Seeking consists of a searcher, understanding denies the very searcher. Seeking has an aim, understanding is itself aim-less. Seeking is supported by listening, reading, or contemplating, while understanding is self-sustaining. Fear of forgetting gathered knowledge prevails in seeking. While the thought of having understood is absent in understanding. Seeking is an ever-changing state, while understanding is a stateless state. We all start as seekers on this journey of life, seeking happiness and we, one day, understand that our lives are nothing but an expression of that happiness. — Satish Daryanani

landscape with clouds, water, birds

Comfort Zone

Spiritual Masters, or God, too, want a comfort zone, somewhere where they can just be themselves and not be put on a pedestal, but be free to come and go when they want. They like a person who treats them like a friend, someone who does not have a list of prayers, who is neither seeking grace nor trying to fulfill his desires, or who is attached to them. They prefer one who, when they get bored from resting, can bring deep spiritual questions that makes them pause to answer. Treating a Master, or God, as an average Joe is the greatest comfort to the one who is always worshipped. They don’t want special treatment or anyone touching their feet. They want no bowing down but for you to behave as an equal, you and they, just being your natural selves. They seek no formalities or protocols, no pressure of trying to please them or the fear of what might happen if you displease them. You are a good buddy, ever-ready for when they need a safe haven. The revolving door of your warm heart is the comfort to the ones who spend their whole lives comforting others. — Satish Daryanani

2 man friends on a beach

Giving Someone a Headstart

There are a few people who help others start new businesses that succeed. If you have benefited from that, then you, too, must help others to grow. Sometimes you can be taken for a ride, yet you must help as many as you can without hurting yourself. The spiritual Masters, too, help others to start collecting spiritual wealth. Some succeed while others may waste their time. According to the Masters, everyone is a saint-in-the-making, so there is no waste of time. The seed money for material and spiritual wealth is already given to us. We do not know how to utilize it. The right people may have come in our lives, but we have wasted the opportunity. It is never too late. Come up with ideas, enthusiasm, and a positive outlook and you will draw those who help you achieve your goals. Never give up. — Satish Daryanani

Purpose of a Trip

Some trips are for work, others for family, an adventure, to enjoy nature, or a spiritual trip. We travel for different reasons and justify the purpose of the trips. If a person says, “The purpose of my trip is because I have nothing better to do. I just want to pass time and appreciate what I already have,” then people will think of them as crazy for wasting time and money. We, too, have come to Earth on a trip, leaving our real home. What is the purpose? You have to determine that. First, realize this is not your home. You are only here on a short trip. Do you want a combination of everything or are you here just for one specific purpose? Your mindset changes, as this is not permanent. You can enjoy this life and give it a 5-star rating on TripAdvisor, or make a long list of complaints. Start with the mosquitos on Earth, then, complain about the traffic, extreme heat or cold, and the long lines everywhere. If you were supposed to have fun when you initially planned the trip to Earth, you forgot all about it. Now, you will only suffer until the end of your trip. No refunds are given. You get attached to fellow travelers and miss them when they are done with their trips. People even get attached to the hotel rooms, clothes, jewelry, and car rentals that they use. This journey provides only a break from your real home. If you want, you can come back again and again or get fed up and never return. It’s your choice. I love traveling and collecting miles, so I will come again and have fun with the travelers  whom I have forgotten while they were on vacation. — Satish Daryanani

Hotel on top of a snowy mountain

We Want to Be Remembered

People spend their entire lives so that, after they die, they will be remembered. The irony is: We, ourselves, cannot remember ourselves when we leave the body, yet we want others to remember us. All the good, or bad, you do for your legacy is not important. What counts is what you do to be happy while you are alive. If you do want people to talk about you, let them use your life as an example of the expression of happiness, faith in the Lord, and being carefree without attachments. The one who is happy within himself is not even concerned about what the world thinks of him. So on this Thanksgiving Day, let us thank God for giving us the gift of happiness. — Satish Daryanani

Happy Thanksgiving

3-Digit Codes

Many credit cards have a three- or four-digit security code, which is requested by vendors to make sure that the credit card is really in your possession. Even James Bond has a code—007. The Devil’s security code is 666. What is God’s security code? The answer is 000. We should all become nothing, just three dots, not even the space occupied by a zero. Becoming nothing is easier than you think. For example, having a secure government job vs. owning and running your own business. One has fixed pay, health benefits, and a retirement plan. The other has risks, high rewards or losses, and major ups and downs in life. It is the same in life. Choose to be nothing and serve the Lord, where your needs, but not greed, are taken care of, or take everything on your shoulders and enjoy the fruit of your labor. Neither gives you everything. Now, all that the Lord gives, or whatever you get on your own, is yours. So, you should not own a business or only work for the government. You can run a business being just a secretary to the real Big Boss. All your thoughts and actions are offerings to the Lord. Your 3-digit code of nothingness awakens the real you. Then you get the license to kill your ego. Life only begins once you are completely awake. — Satish Daryanani

007 Kill the Ego graphic

Q. Can prayers take away your karma?

A. As you sow, so shall you reap. Every action has a reaction equal and opposite to it. Whether or not you believe in God, you have to pay for your actions. In some cases, prayers can forgive your actions completely. If you pray from the bottom of your heart asking God to forgive all your lies and swearing that, from now on, you will always speak the truth—you may be forgiven. But if you start lying again, the karma from all your past lies, plus interest, can come back to you. My prayer on this issue is simple: “Lord, please give me the strength that, whatever happens in my life, I will always rejoice.” Then, even if I undergo a major surgery, the grace of anesthesia comes and there is no awareness of the surgery. The fruits of my actions are now all sweet. So the karmic law did not change, the prayers changed my attitude. Do not ask for forgiveness, but just to be on top of the world with all that life brings you. That does not mean you can do wrong deeds, but what has happened in the past will not affect you. As you pray for divine awareness, your thoughts and actions will automatically be in gratitude for freeing you from all your past actions. You have a protective shield around you. You become Superman, where only kryptonite can break you. That happens only if you lose faith in the power of your prayers. — Satish Daryanani

Superman logo shown under shirt

Q. What is the most important thing in life?

A. I do not know. You come to know that you are, that you exist. What is of greater importance to you than the fact that you exist? The most important thing is your beingness or consciousness, but the “I am-ness” is the quality of your physical body. This physical body and mind can only give us worldly knowledge, and we are proud of that. This awareness is the child-like consciousness within all of us. We are born with it. The transformation into adult conscience is the journey of our lives. Material knowledge is ignorance. Divine knowledge is adult consciousness—the real I. Being born is not consciousness, but a blessing. The blunder is in thinking we are only human beings. The only thing that changes is that you become the knower of the consciousness. All the pleasure of your achievements drops. The true self is free from the body, and leaving the body becomes blissful. All your knowledge dissolves into true wisdom. True wisdom does not dissolve. When I do not know turns to knowing, the purpose of human birth is complete. — Satish Daryanani

I am - decorative lettering

Day and Night

Suppose we dream of pretty girls at night, we will then look at and admire women during the day. We will not look at and admire handsome men. If we dream of satisfying our pleasures at night, we will try to fulfill them during the day. If we have dreams at night of harming people, we will try to harm others during the day. But if our dreams are of service, we will help as many as we can during the day. If we dream of our spiritual Masters, or God, at night, we will be carrying them with us during the day. Our daydreams and night dreams are connected, as the dreamer is the same. The only difference is that we can satisfy our dreams during the day physically and we satisfy our dreams at night mentally. The consistent word is dream. If we truly realize that everything is a dream, then we can enjoy life. If we can change our nightmare to a sweet dream in our sleep so, too, can we change our daytime fears into the dream we want to be in. Both are in our control. Change the dream and we have just changed the situation. — Satish Daryanani

Dreaming woman surrounded by flowers


Insecurity leads to jealousy. Don’t be a deadbeat who blames the whole world for everything, except himself.  Insecure and jealous people becomes selfish and make decisions that can hurt their futures. Self-confident people are jealous of no one. It may sound egoistic, as they feel they are better than others. There is no jealousy, instead the world is jealous of them. They not insecure about if God loves them or what will happen if they do not go to heaven. They don’t worry whether God will be just in His grace nor pray so that their businesses are successful. They not insecure about their abilities, talents, and their efforts. More than enjoying success, they enjoy using their skills. That is the fun of this game of life. Even spirituality becomes a game. If spiritual Masters can attain everything, they, too, feel it is within their capacity. The only thing to decide is if they want it. Once decided, it will automatically happen. Enthusiasm for life, with positive thinking, can only happen to a very secure person. All obstacles are only hurdles to be run so they can easily win. Being around such people will uplift you. — Satish Daryanani

Sad & Happy Masks

Teacher vs. Student

I once asked my spiritual Master, “Who benefits more in a question and answer session?” The Master would say, “I learn so much from your questions.” I thought He was being humble. It is true. When you speak about the teachings, your full attention is on the subject. The listener may or may not be paying attention. While speaking, the speaker’s conscience starts prickling, as he may not be practicing what he is preaching. As the speaker has to go in-depth to discover the answers, there is a deep peace that comes while answering. Listening to the questions being asked, the speaker feels that his own problems are small by comparison. The confusion of the student entertains the speaker, who realizes that he, too, sometimes gets caught in the web of ignorance. The speaker improves his patience by listening to all the student is saying. He feels good that, at least, he was of some use on that day. His inner gratitude grows as he becomes aware that he is not struggling like the student and has a direct connection with the Lord that provides the answers. The teacher, too, was a student at one time. Now he has no questions to ask. He is free from confusion. Now I understand why students are needed. They bring up subjects of which the teacher would never have thought. Thanks to all the students who bring the best out in the teachers. — Satish Daryanani

teacher and student illustration

The Spirits of Our Ancestors

In many cultures, people pray to the spirits of their ancestors. They seek their blessings before starting new ventures. They pray to them to show the path after someone dies. Many people have asked their spiritual Masters if their loved ones, who have died before them, would greet them when they pass on. The answer from the Masters was, “Yes. Their blessings can be poured upon us even while we are alive.” As the spirit never dies, our loved ones are always with us. I still feel the presence of my spiritual Masters, who are not with me in their physical forms. I get their guidance, grace, and friendship, only I cannot play with their beards or their soft hands. Ancestors in their spiritual forms are sometimes better than they were in their physical forms. You do not have to take them to doctors’ appointments. There are no arguments. You do not see them suffer. There are no differences of opinion due generational gaps. You can talk to them only when you feel like it. My love is greater for them in their spiritual forms. I only remember their good qualities. There are no sacrifices to make. If they do meet me after I drop this body, they will not make comments about my body weight, my hair loss, or how I wear my clothes. I will not see them wearing dentures or glasses or sitting in a wheelchair. All of us will be perfect. Thanks to all our ancestors for not giving up on us. — Satish Daryanani

Man on beach feels presence of an ancestor

Q. Why do people not go to the end of spirituality?

A. People are not in search of the truth, they only search for peace and happiness. When they get it, they are satisfied and they settle there. Peace and happiness can be felt and experienced. All of creation wants happiness. So spirituality gives us what we are seeking. Truth has no words. It is only an understanding. As we are the slaves of our intellect, we will not want truth. It will make no sense to the intellect. Those who sit in silence and meditate enjoy peace from the thoughtless state, which makes the mind happy. It is only a handful who go to very end and realize the absolute truth. You cannot even encourage anyone on this path, as there is nothing to say. It just is. There are many simple explanations. You are not that which is known, you are the Knower. You are neither the illusion nor the experiencer of the illusion. Truth is much more than that. It is very hard to explain. All you can do is try. So, please do not be satisfied with peace and happiness, go and find the real you that does not exist. — Satish Daryanani

Young man gazing at a volitive candle


We have decisions to make daily. Some are small decisions and some can be life-changing. It could be to relocate your family and career. It may be a big financial decision. It could even be the biggest decision of going away from God or going toward God. Your whole life has to change if it is toward God. A big U-turn has to be made. All that is of value becomes valueless, as your goal in life is toward God. Nothing else should matter. Then come the testsYour time and money are wasted for no purpose. I could write books on how the tests take away all the logic in your life. Your time and money are wasted for no purpose. Things are told for you to do that do not make sense. All this is to test your obedience,  where your ego, “I,” is lost. Your reactions are tested to see if all you care about is going toward God. Every decision has a price. Please, at least make a decision, otherwise you will be stuck where you are. Whether it is a good or bad decision, only time will tell. At least you tried something new. — Satish Daryanani

Roadsign show right way in all directions

Taking Rather Than Receiving

Many rich and powerful people take up the time of spiritual Masters, but they may not receive grace. Many men take advantage of the physical bodies of women, yet do not receive any love from their hearts. Some rich people go to stores and take things without paying, even though they can afford it. Some people prefer trying to take things they cannot have rather than receiving what they are getting. Powerful nations can conquer and take over weaker nations, yet they cannot receive loyalty from the citizens belonging to that nation. The real fun is greater from receiving than from taking, as the gift comes from the free will of the giver. It is given with love, which benefits the receiver. God is the best example of a giver. Taking boosts the ego. It shows our power, that we can get whatever we want. It is our right. Receiving requires patience and humility. Gratitude is experienced in receiving. Receiving a ripe apple from a tree is tastier than plucking an unripe one. At the correct time, you receive. Taking what is not due to you is going against the will of God. We receive only what is due to us and not more. If the world takes from you do not let it disturb you. If, by mistake, you received more than what is due to you, then you are just balancing your account. — Satish Daryanani

hands holding bubble containing a heart shape


My spiritual Master used to love lying on a hammock by the ocean. He would watch and listen to the waves and drink fresh coconut water, just hanging and swaying, with no worries. We, too, should experience lying down on the hammock made by God—enjoying the waves of life, drinking the coconut water of love and grace from Him. Then, we, too, will have the permanent smile that the saints have. Let go and sway like a baby in its mother’s arms. Be carefree, knowing that everything is happening with perfection. You cannot do or change anything in life. You only feel it is all in your hands, that you are in charge. Can you change a wave? Can you change the weather? You think you can change your teenage child? You think you can change your spouse? You can only choose whether or not to lie down in the hammock of life. You can convince yourself that you are very important and have a lot of responsibilities, but it’s an illusion. Even birds and animals give birth and take care of their loved ones. What is the big deal? God is perfect without your prayers. What is so valuable about your existence that you give yourself so much value? Your ego will be sad if you do not give importance to your life. If you are a beach bum, then enjoy swaying in a hammock with a pina colada. — Satish Daryanani

man in hammock over ocean at high tide

Walking on the Beach

Walking barefoot on the sand at the beach is good for our ankles and our balance. We leave our footprints in the sand, but the water comes and goes and erases our footprints. They are temporary. It is the same for all the impressions we leave in life. Yet the footprints of sages and saints are permanent. Thousands of years later, they are still remembered. Their teachings are everlasting. It is not only what they said, but how they also lived their teachings. We average people come and go because we seek God in our lives. The saints realized they and God are one and the same. We see God as a separate entity. They see the one God in everything. We want God for all that comes with God. They only spread the love of God. We exist due to the ego, so God is separate. They do not exist—God is working through them. The imprint of their holy feet will always be in our lives. No waters of the world can wash them away. When will we leave an imprint on the world that time cannot wash away? — Satish Daryanani

Beach walker footprints

Go Easy on Someone

To become a U.S. Navy Seal, a person has to undergo intense training and pass numerous tests. If the training was easy, everyone could become a Seal. This career is for a chosen few. Similarly, in life, those who want to grow spiritually cannot do so by desiring an easy life. Someone, or something, has to push you. Sometimes my Masters pushed me so hard, I would wish I had never met them. Today, I appreciate everyone who came into my life to mold me. If I gave up on all the lessons they taught me, i would not have this feeling of gratitude. To get God, you have to go through a lot of tests. It is not easy to experience Him. Keep one simple thing in mind: When life is not easy, your ego is being crushed. Do you want to be a part of the group who want to be chiseled or to be part of the herd? The choice is either an easy, lazy life, or a hard and challenging one that can bring out the best in you. — Satish Daryanani

6 Navy Seals carrying raft

The End of the World

In 2012, I was traveling with my spiritual Master and, everywhere we went, He was asked about the end of the world according to the Mayan culture. My Master even wrote a book titled, 2012. In movies and TV shows, many stories are based on prophesies. Someone who can talk to God and predict the end of the world will come. Those in power want to protect this secret. Imagine God’s mind. How He must be laughing at our stupidity. We are waiting for the end of what He has created. Simple, when He is bored of this Game of Thrones, He will end it, calling it the last season. We will know about it, so everyone can enjoy the last few episodes. Hopefully people can, for the first time, enjoy life, knowing it is the final season. There will be no fears, or worries, about saving up for the children and grandchildren. Now we can enjoy the golden present. We are all actors in His show, so why worry about when the producer is fed up of us? Enjoy the lives we have now. Make sure you do enough mischief so God is entertained and does not want to end the show. I know, at least while I am alive, he will not end the world. He only has to handle me in small doses. Otherwise, I will be with Him permanently and He will go crazy. So, stop thinking about the end of the world for the next 20 years. Enjoy what is already given to us. — Satish Daryanani

Sign crosses out the Future on Dec 21, 2012

Wanting Eternal Peace and Bliss

I saw peace in the lives of spiritual Masters. Many were given names that ended in Ananda, which means, “peace and bliss.” My life has been a roller-coaster ride. How could I get peace? I thought I could experience it by sitting in silence and by staying away from situations that disturbed my peace. I went into early retirement to work on attaining peace. I travelled and hung around many sages and saints. After doing all that, there was no permanent peace. One of my Masters started calling me “Satchid,” which means a person who has experienced the truth and can tap into the inner wisdom. I used to think it was to inspire me. Yet, He never mentioned Ananda, eternal peace and bliss. Until yesterday, I never understood what He meant. “My boy, if you have the absolute truth and the wisdom that goes with it, bliss is only a by-product.” I finally got it. For example, if you are indulging in chocolate, you do not seek sweetness. It is automatic. If you understand that this whole world is a dream within a dream, how can something disturb your peace? We let everything disturb us because we think it is real. Profit and loss, birth and death, credit and blame—all the things that disturb us are only illusions. I did not have to leave my business to discover this. Now I can be completely involved in anything without getting affected. I do not have to travel with Masters or live in an ashram. Peace and bliss come from the grace of knowing the play of life, not just sitting for hours in meditation, but watching the show of life. Everyone and everything is created so you do not get bored with peace. Only peace will not make me alive. I need things to push my buttons to test if my peace and bliss can be disturbed. I thank all my Masters who have shown me the way to eternal peace and bliss. — Satish Daryanani


At the end of Jackie Chan movies, they show all the bloopers that took place during the making of the movies. These make us laugh. Today many movies have copied that. Even sports bloopers make us laugh. In Shaqtin’ A Fool videos on nba.com, we enjoy the basketball bloopers. I only wish I had a camera recording my life’s bloopers. They’d start with how I thought children were born and include: the questions I asked my Masters, what I thought God was, the fear of what happens when I die; the tears I shed for the passing away of my loved ones; the anger, stress, and anxiety of all the futile experiences of my life; and the fights I had with my friends. I’d laugh at the ego of thinking I have a strong intellect and of my physical flexibility, stamina and speed I had when I played sports. I’d chuckle at all the notions as to what is real, praying to God for my useless ambitions and desires, all the attachments that are meaningless today. If only I could watch my entire past like a movie, I would be watching the best comedy show. At least let me try recording everything from today so, a few years later, I can again laugh at the bloopers taking place in my life now. The fun of the evolution of your life is watching the blooper show of ignorance taking place in your mind now.— Satish Daryanani

Jackie Chan sequence

Faulty Wiring

The power companies in California have faulty wiring. High winds, which can cause sparks in the power lines, can set fires. People who have blocked arteries can end up with heart attacks. Many places remove wax from our ears so we do not end up with a faulty connection when listening. The misery of humanity comes due a faulty connection with the Lord. This is why spiritual Masters are needed. When they tell a story, we should get lost in it. When they describe their experiences, we should feel their experiences. When they are in the depths of peace, we, too, should be enjoying the peace. When they give us a glance, we should be receptive to the grace that comes from them. Then we do not need to touch their feet and seek blessings. The middle man, whom we call Master, gets us a direct connection with God. His purpose is over. Now you can listen to God with a direct connection. Digest the information, implement it, experience it, and later transmit it to everyone. It is our faulty connection with the Lord that creates all the fires in our lives. — Satish Daryanani

electric fires on hillside

Hard Work

A person may be very hard-working and honest yet not get worldly success while a person who is not as hard-working, but who has talents, may be more successful. It does not seem fair. We feel unlucky and that God is not on our side. We feel our actions should reward us in a just manner. In spirituality, many leave their families and friends to become monks and dedicate their lives in service, yet they may not get what they seek. On the other hand, a householder living a life of luxury, name, and fame, may get everything that the monk seeks. Why? The answer is simple: We only see the efforts that we put out in this lifetime. We do not know the purity of  heart of the individual or the strong ego and stubbornness of an individual that blocks grace. We don’t see their ability to enjoy whatever comes nor their desire to be rewarded for the effort spent. The secret to getting everything is to do your best as an offering, without thinking you have put in any effort. Enjoy whatever comes and then it is an automatic success. Have the faith that you have an overstock of grace. Seek nothing, not even grace. Let things flow. The laws of nature will give you what is due to you. Learn by not being rigid, so your skills improve. Automatically, success will come in your life as your clear mind comes up with ideas. Within you, the grace of peace and wisdom awakens. True success is when you stop comparing your success with others, as you are contented with your perfect life. — Satish Daryanani

Success Ahead road sign

Listening to God

If you tell people that God talks to you, they will think you are crazy. Others will think you are talking to God but the mind is playing tricks on you. God tests you to see your obedience, your love and focus, whether you have the patience to wait for the answers and the correct attitude to implement them. Then comes the last, but most important factor—Grace. Only then can you listen to the voice of God. You reach a stage where there is only you and God. Everything else in the world is white noise disturbing your time with God. Deal with it as quickly as you can and move on to the ever-presence of God. You need not advertise this Grace. People will test you, asking you to predict the future. Honestly, if someone has God, he will not ask or be concerned about anything in the future. Once you attain this gift, it is permanent. The signal works in Heaven or Hell, in the human or astral form, this birth or the next. There is no difference in your life, as you and the Lord are now one and the same. Your buddy is with you even if you sometimes get distracted by the world, waiting patiently to start a conversation with you again. If someone asks you to describe the conversation with God, the only answer is, “AAAHHH!” — Satish Daryanani

Talking with God

Life Sentence

Some prisoners are given life sentences for the crimes they have committed. Some who are married, feel that they, too, have been sentenced to life imprisonment. A prisoner has no chance of reformation, just a lifetime of punishment. God, too, has given us a life sentence to be here on this earth plane. Some people, who are frustrated with life, question God as to why they are still alive. We have a lot of “why” questions for God. We are not able to understand the difference between punishment and reformation. We are here to grow, not to be condemned for life. This imprisonment of our physical form is so we can enjoy our evolution, not so we create a revolution against the will of God. What surprises me is that people get attached to this physical prison. We should serve our time with fun and joy, then move on to the real freedom. Let us grow in every aspect of this life sentence so, when we leave, we have no regrets that the time spent during this life sentence was wasted. — Satish Daryanani

Blurry Vision

When you go to the ophthalmologist, the doctor puts drops in your eyes to dilate the pupils so he can get an image of your eyes. When you are finished, your vision is blurred. The sun seems very bright and you have to wear sunglasses. It is irritating. Most of us have blurry vision our entire lives. We need to correct our vision. We need a guide who can teach how to see this world correctly. First, stop seeing the world with your eyes. The lens of ignorance has to go. Seeing the world with divine eyes changes everything. All are equal. All have no faults. Everything is perfect. There is gratitude for all that you are enjoying. You are in your own Imax 3D Disney movie. All are having fun. No stress about future. No one to forgive for the past. You can enjoy the vivid colors of the creation. Everyone is wearing a smile. It sounds too good to be true. Yes but, with the divine vision, you see everything is in your dream. All I am doing is describing my Disney dream. In my dream, everything is real. Whatever is in your dream will be true. The correct vision is simple. Enjoy your own divine dream of perfection. — Satish Daryanani

Doing Good

We are not supposed to be attached to doing good. That attachment also can disturb your peace. If everything is done in the spirit of service, that helps everyone, including yourself. If you are attached, then a selfish motive takes place. For example, if I’m attached to writing this thought as my daily good deed, then my imprint is on this thought. Instead, when I am just the typist, the free flow comes. I have no impact on it. If your whole life is lived in that spirit, everything that is happening through you is perfect. Whether others benefit or not is not your concern. The number of followers on Instagram is not important. You do not seek heaven or good karma. You are not trying to improve your balance sheet of sins and service. You are not even trying to get good points with God. You are living in the correct spirit, where your existence may or may not have value. You know the real you, other opinions will not matter. You are living carefree, like a flowing river that will go back to its source one day. If this feeling is experienced once, then you become like Niagara Falls. The mist from your flow does good to you and to all around you. — Satish Daryanani

Niagra Falls


When I was younger, I achieved the rank of second-degree black belt in Tae-kwon-do. My body was very flexible, but now I laugh at myself for losing my flexibility. You realize you are out of shape when you need go to the gym to work on your flexibility. And after the classes finish, you feel light, as if you have lost 200 pounds and have no body. Flexibility of the physical body requires effort. Flexibility of the mind requires you to let go of all the wrong notions you have. Similarly those who are flexible in their minds feel as if they are nobodies. You do not carry the weight of the world on your shoulders and you feel like you are floating on clouds. Those who are stuck in their ways cannot benefit from the wisdom that comes from the realized souls. Real flexibility of the mind takes you to a state where you get an out-of-body experience. First, there is no body, then there is no mind. A flexible person also benefits from opportunities that come in life. You are not rigid in your thinking and welcome new ideas and new opportunities. So, start by being flexible like you were when you were a baby. Then let your mind be like that of a baby. You will have a carefree and worry-free life, just laughing, smiling and playing with the toys of life.— Satish Daryanani

The Value of Name

We pay much for a Patek Philippe watch because of the name brand. You can experience God by repeating the holy name of the Lord with love and devotion. A name like Hitler is hated permanently. No one wants to name their child, Hitler, while many name their children Abraham, Moses, Jesus, Mary, Mohamed, Ram, and Krishna. Names have vibrations. Similarly, when you have a good name, or reputation, it becomes a brand and you can get credit, goods on consignment, and make money—only because of the value of your name. On the other hand, just mentioning your name might bring out negative vibrations. No one will trust you. Your actions in your lifetime build or destroy your name. When your name is more valuable to you than all the money in the world, it carries value. The world knows a person will even commit suicide to keep the reputation of his name. The name of the Lord carries value because of what comes with the name. Everything that the Lord has, you too can have just by crying out the name of the Lord. If only everyone could realize the value of a name.” — Satish Daryanani

Patek-Philippe watch

Yes and No

Many aspects in spirituality and life can be answered with both yes and no. It depends on our understanding. Spiritual Masters can confuse the disciples, who then debate over which one answer is correct. There is karma, yes and no. There is heaven and hell, yes and no. There is reincarnation, yes and no. There is a God, yes and no. This world and everything is an illusion, yes and no. There is realization and liberation, yes and no. You are a soul and spirit, yes and no. And many more yes’s and no’s. There are a few 100 percent yes’s. We will all leave this physical form. Peace is within each one of us. Our reaction to whatever happens to us is our freedom. The depths to which we go within is permanent. Everything that happens is only for our good. Work on changing ourselves first. No two creatures are the same. We all will have different opinions about this thought. — Satish Daryanani

No or Yes choices held by a woman


Today being Halloween, people put on costumes and go out. They may dress as a superhero or a comedian or even a president. Many years ago, I wore a costume as Swami Vivekananda, a great saint. Some people came and touched my feet to seek blessings. At that moment, I realized the power of costumes. We have to play a part. Being a saint for a few hours, I got to appreciate what it is to be a saint. As soon as the outfit came off, I went back to enjoying being a saint-in-the-making. It is more fun being around a saint than being one. There are too many responsibilities that come with being a saint, too many blessings to give. The costume given to each one of us in this lifetime is chosen by us for this 80-year Halloween party. Once a year, we can change the costume to appreciate the one we already have. It may or may not be perfect for the rest of the world but it is perfect for me. I even chose my Buddha belly. So, today, have fun being someone else, but, thank God for letting us be who we are. — Satish Daryanani

Swami Vivikananda

The Same Story

When people meet, they talk about their families, jobs, health, and their problems. It is the same story every time. We know, word for word, what they are going to say. Even with creditors to whom they owe money, they give the same story. At least, you can come with some new B.S. so they might believe you. Invent new sicknesses you don’t have so the conversation gets interesting. God also gets bored with the same grocery list of complaints in your prayers. Even a wonderful prayer like “Our Father, who art in heaven….” can be modified: “My beloved Friend in heaven, how are you? You must bored without me. I am willing to sacrifice myself and come to heaven to entertain you, even though I am not seeking to be in heaven.” Your life, too, should not be the same story. Do new projects, discover new talents, open new businesses. Be so dynamic that your presence becomes earth-shattering to people who are around you. When the story of your life is written, there should be so many chapters that readers are glued to the book. If the biography only has one chapter, no one will read the book. Even the spiritual Masters should be inspired by your new daily questions. Sales people should come up with stories to sell their products. Pick-up lines for girls should be new. Every day is a new chapter, a new story in the experiences of your life. — Satish Daryanani

What's Your Story, chalk text on blackboard

Keeping a Secret

Some know how to keep secrets, and others cannot withhold any information. When I was with my spiritual Masters, many things were told to me and they said, “This is between us.” These things will go with me to my grave. Selective information from the Masters who have left their bodies can be mentioned if it helps in spreading the teachings. Those who cannot keep secrets lose my confidence and I am very careful about how I speak to them. They are not in my inner circle. This weakness of not keeping secrets makes one lose the opportunity to gain knowledge and wisdom. People lose trust in you. Now the most important part of keeping secrets is when you go within. The entire truth, the map of the entire creation, can be experienced by you. There is so much information that you can burst out with the load. If you try to explain it to the world, people will think you are crazy and put you in an asylum. Very few can understand what you are saying. These secrets from the Lord can be disclosed in very small, diluted doses to the true seekers who are ready at the right time. The rest of the stuff is like working for the CIA—given on a need-to-know basis. So practice by keeping small secrets from your friends, family, and coworkers. Then the Masters and the Lord can trust you with the secrets of the real you. — Satish Daryanani

Woman with taped mouth and finger showing secret kept


When we travel, many resorts try to sell us timeshares. With one, we can go to the same place annually. I tell the salespeople I like to see different places. They try to sell me the fact that we can use the timeshare globally. Then I tell him I will be stuck with the same brand of hotel. They have no answer. Seeing different places and experiencing various hotels adds the spice in my life. Every year is based on all the new experiences we will have. Bad habits are dropped and new, good habits are formed, and new teachings implemented. New skills and hidden talents are discovered. Some fears are overcome, and a few souls are influenced. One step closer to the truth brings us one step closer to experiencing God, going one step deeper within. You may be a little wiser based on your mistakes, a few more friends made, even a few more dollars made. If a few dollars are lost, at least you are not the same. Up or down, as least you are not stagnant, for mosquitoes come and fester on stagnant water. If everything was the same, then the year was lost. We are made to only move forward. You must enjoy the way you saw the world the previous year more than the way you see it now, like the way you saw things as a child and the way you see them now. — Satish Daryanani

Timeshare written in sand on a tropical island

The Beginning of a New Year

Today is Diwali, the new year in the Hindu faith. We clean our homes on a regular basis, yet for this occasion, we clean every corner we might have missed during the year. We wear new clothes so our exteriors look new. This is all symbolic to help us change for the new year. The exterior change of a new outfit could be a change in our faces and attitudes. The change of wearing a permanent smile. The cleaning of the corners of our mind. The dirt that collects from fear, greed, anger, desires, and ego and, when it’s gone, the clarity of the mind takes place. So, every year, this day is for cleaning everything in our lives. Whatever happened is over. It is time to move on to the new beginning, towards experiencing the infinite layers of the inner light. Today is the day of gratitude for a wonderful year that passed. Only it passed by very fast. So, wishing all those who celebrate this auspicious day: a Happy Diwali. May you all become a light to everyone who comes in your presence and may they feel the light and happiness by being around you. — Satish Daryanani

Candles and Buddha quote about light

Tears from Seeing Your Own Reflection

When you gaze into the eyes of someone peaceful, loving, and caring, tears can come to your eyes. You get to see the reflection of your true self. Tears come from who you are instead of who you think you are. For example, if a beautiful woman gets up in the morning and sees the reflection of a wrinkled, aged face with pimples, she will start crying. That is not the face she thinks she is. Saints become mirrors because their minds are crystal clear. We see pure unconditional love being poured. That love melts us into tears. We see who we truly are and who we have become. This childlike face reminds us of what we have lost over the years. In reality, these tears are empathy for our own true selves. All that we have thought and done in our lives has made us lose having the same loving eyes. The eyes which heal and bless have been lost. The glow of our faces has been lost over time. Seeing a pure soul brings out the lost treasure of our lives. So tears are not for the love of the Holy One, instead they are tears from missing the Holy One within. — Satish Daryanani

A young woman's face reflecting an aged woman

Only a Saint Can See a Saint

Being with various saints over the years, I realize it is hard for people to see someone as a saint. We see only their exterior and arrive at conclusions. It is possible to see the inside of a person only if you, too, are a saint. People wonder: Why would saints need to wear overcoats in winter? Why do they need to travel in first class or in private jets? Some think: They definitely should not see movies or eat delicious food. They should feel no pain or show signs of any pain and never show they are upset with anyone or anything. Being a saint is from within. Being and living as a human being in the exterior form is also being a saint. That is why sometimes we feel saints are not impartial. They show they are closer to one disciple over another. The saint sees the inside of the person. They see the potential. They even know which disciple is a saint but lets the world think he is a normal human being. You do not need to wear a T-shirt or a cap saying you are a saint. Instead you should wear a big sign, “Saint in the Making.” The first sign of a saint is that they see everyone as a saint. Some have realized it and some have not. That is the only difference between being a saint and not being a saint. — Satish Daryanani

2 street musicians with halos of sainthood

Inspirational Words

We get a lot of messages and videos from family and friends. Some are inspiring. We get motivated to follow the teachings, which make complete sense. They are for our benefit. Some of us may or may not benefit. Yet the next day, everything goes back to normal. The message now becomes a memory. In a few days or weeks later, another message may inspire us. Then we forget it. Reading, listening, watching, and getting inspired for a short time leads us nowhere. Only when the words of inspiration become a blueprint in our lives do the words have value. The inspirer’s purpose is served. He may not know it worked. He is just throwing seeds of wisdom out in the universe. Some may germinate. When words of inspiration pierce the depths of your heart, transformation takes place automatically. These words told to me changed me: “Haven’t you enjoyed eating enough flesh? Now it is time for seeds of grace to germinate in your heart.” “The way to thank the spiritual Masters is to spread the teachings.” “You are a product of fun, so have fun in this life.” “Whatever is due to you will come to you.” “The only freedom in life is your reaction to the drama of life.” These inspirational words have become some of my anchors in life. — Satish Daryanani

Sprouted seedling in rocky earth


I see more and more people wearing prayer bracelets made of beads or the necklaces made with 108 beads. In the beginning, when I would meditate in silence, I, too, used beads to focus. I would, slowly, chant the holy mantra 108 times, moving one bead at a time. One day, the repetition of the mantra became automatic and the prayer beads were no longer needed. All that I did—wearing beads, repeating the holy name, keeping a fixed image in my mind, was to help me focus. I was not taught a short cut. All this became mechanical and I was getting nowhere. I spent years experiencing nothing new. When my Master left His body in 2002, my life changed. I did not need the physical props. My prop was pain. Nothing else mattered in the world. Instead I might have needed a prop to come back to the worldly life. If something is done out of pure love, do we need prayer beads to focus? The greatest bead is pain. The best holy chant is tears. The image to focus on is the one that rips your heart apart. Then growth happens. Now I see the beads and remember the past school days. As a punishment in school, I would fill books with, “I will not talk in class,” Today this talkative person worships silence. That’s the irony of life. — Satish Daryanani

Man wearing many mala beads


Scientists use the term “global warming” to explain the melting of the icebergs. In winter, people who live in cold places wish there was more global warming so they would not have to suffer from chill. Global warming means that we will have more extreme weathers, not just the warming of the earth. So some smart person came up with the idea of calling it “climate change,”rather than global warming. Now the marketing makes more sense. There are some spiritual Masters who have great marketing teams. They end up with millions of disciples. Thank God all my spiritual Masters did not have a great marketing team, otherwise I would not be so fortunate to spend all that time with them. God also does not like to spend money on a marketing team. Atheism is the fastest-growing religion—not because it is God’s fault, but because of the religious leaders who force their views on others. Instead, if spirituality could be marketed that would be great. I think the easiest thing to market is happiness. Everyone wants it. Happiness comes from peace. Peace comes from silence and wisdom. God is the source of peace. If this was marketed correctly, everyone would be spiritual. Religions would be out of business. Yoga became popular with marketing. All we have to add is that the purpose of Yoga is to discover peace and happiness. If we remind everyone that God is the source of peace rather than a Creator, then He, too, will have more customers. It is all in the marketing. — Satish Daryanani

Social marketing chart

Blessing Yourself

We seek God’s blessings. We think God favors one person over another. Grace is like sunshine. If you want to get a tan, go outside and get it. Many avoid the heat of the sun, decide to stay in an air-conditioned room, and then complain that they are not getting grace. One day you will reach a point where you know that the receiver and the giver of grace is one and the same. That person is you. The veil of ego separates us from this truth. It separates us from God, so we are not able to bless ourselves. I used to joke with my spiritual Masters about why we were praying for His good health and wasting our time: “If You want You can bless yourself and heal Yourself.” Yet, in spite of being able to heal themselves, the Masters choose for their bodies to go through the cleansing. Physical pain also helps you to grow within. When the seeker and the sought become the same, only then can you become one with the Lord. There are no two beings. As your ego self is no longer there, the divine self tells everyone the merger happened with grace. You, the lower self, cannot take credit. This discourages others from putting effort toward experiencing grace, which comes when it is going to come. Your effort to remove the separation is required. Then when the merger takes place, you can touch your own feet. One part of you is touching the feet to get blessings, and the other part of you is receiving the blessing. You will live in the ecstasy of seeing nothing but blessings. — Satish Daryanani

One's own feet

Q. Do you have to practice all the spiritual stuff?

A. The answer is no. If you are peaceful and content, do not even waste time reading this thought. Someone yesterday told me that, without taking stress, you cannot be creative and useful to the world. So I asked, “What is the purpose of taking stress to be creative?” He said it makes him happy. The irony in life is that you do not need to disturb the mind by doing things to be happy again. Creativity is not lost by being calm and peaceful. Instead, with a clear mind, you are more useful to the world. Then he asked me if those who retreat from the world for self discovery are useful to others or only to themselves. A realized soul may not be physically useful in the eyes of others, yet can send such strong positive vibrations that others can get great benefit from them. They can write or teach others all they have experienced. This path is not for everyone. Nor should there be guilt that you have to do it. For those who ask themselves, “What is the one way to entertain the mind?” If your normal
life fulfills you, that is perfect. Crazy people, like me, with so many questions, need spirituality. I guess you have to be a lost soul to contemplate the teachings. So if you are confused as to “Who am I?”, “What is my purpose in life?”, “Is this world an illusion?”, then welcome to this endless journey of self discovery. All this will lead you to “nothing has happened, is happening, or will happen.” Welcome to the asylum of confusion. — Satish Daryanani

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Three Types of Truth

The first type of truth is personal to an individual. Someone might believe the earth is flat, the universe is 6 million years old, or there is no such thing as God. That is the freedom given to everyone. The second form is truth is political. A politician can keep on repeating the same lie again and again, until the world believes it is true. The third form of truth is objective. There could be debates about how we reach objective truth, but once experienced, there is no debate. For example, it is our birthright to experience peace. The actual peace everyone experiences is the same. Scientifically, we are all made up of atoms. A force has created this creation. Everything is an illusion. Heaven and hell are states of mind. Every action has a reaction equal and opposite to it. Truth could be scientific or spiritual, but it is still the truth. Your personal points of view cannot change the facts. This is the similarity between science and spirituality — both have set rules which cannot change. There is only one big difference: The truth of science can be understood with studying, learning, and with experiments.  Gaining the truth of spirituality requires a combination of your effort and grace. — Satish Daryanani


How Do We Know What God Wants Us to Do?

I hear many times, “God wanted me to do this or that” We even hear, “It was a calling for me to become a priest,” “God told me to run for president,” You never hear, “God told me to become a janitor or a bank teller, or work at Walmart, Burger King, or at other jobs that pay minimum wages.” We use God’s name when it is an important job, like a doctor, or an activist, or an environmentalist. Only a few people actually listen to what God really wants them to do. We use His name to justify our own needs and desires. Now let’s get to the bottom of what God really wants us to do. Every thought, word, and action in your life should be an offering to the Lord, by seeing the same God in everyone, by how you deal with people, keeping your word of honor in all that you promise. Like the Bible says, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” Treat others like you would like to be treated by the world. Then every profession, or business that you do, is a calling from God. Even if you do nothing and are retired and of no use to the world, as long as it is all of the above, you can say, “God wants me to teach others what not to do.” — Satish Daryanani

The Golden Rule

Shutting Down Your Phone

Sometimes I get upset because the cell phone networks are slow. Then, out of frustration, I just turn off my phone. I wait a few minutes and then turn it back on. Suddenly, the signal is improved and I am back in action. So it was not the fault of the network. I was not able to receive the signal due to a problem with my device. If we sometimes do not get answers, we, too, must turn off our receivers, our minds, just for a few minutes. Let the mind reboot and maybe we can receive the Divine signal again. We have so many apps running simultaneously in our minds, that our minds get hung. Just don’t think about anything and soon you will have answers for all your issues. The real signal is LTE 4 bars all over the universe, to receive we only have to work on our mental capacity. So we seek guidance from spiritual Masters until we are able to receive a signal on our own. Once you can do it for yourself, you can help others when they face difficulties. So please turn off your phone and mind daily, for at least a few minutes, so nothing can weaken the signal you need. — Satish Daryanani

phone signal 4G

Back to Square One

I got up very early today and wanted to experience instant grace. I got a jolt and wanted to analyze the experience after that. Imagine a steel ball hanging from a string and continuously moving, like a pendulum, back and forth. In a fraction of a split second, someone held the steel ball. All movement stopped instantly. That is your mind when all movement is stopped by instant grace and you can enjoy instant peace and wisdom. With this instant clear mind, you get to experience the reflection of God, then you realize you are back to square one. You have already had the experience. One form of grace is instant and shortlived, the other takes time with austerities and grace and is lasting. Now which is better? I prefer the steel ball slowly coming to a standstill, the mind slowly coming to a point of equanimity. It takes years but is more fun. In both cases, the final experience is the same. Getting a flash of instant awakening may be the desire of some people. The slow journey of going back to square one has its own charm. In the end, both experience the same thing, which is nothing.— Satish Daryanani

pendulum being held up

Pledging Your Soul

Some who play the Ouija board game pledge their souls to the Devil. Some pledge their souls to their nation. Many pledge their souls to money. Some, out of fear for what might happen after death, pledge their souls to God. Those who are spiritually evolved pledge never to identify themselves as the soul. They do not want to limit themselves by saying, “My soul.” They work on finding out who is the “MY” that is using the soul, like my hand, my heart, my mind. How can we pledge something that does not belong to us? Everything is given only for the use for the Master Plan. Those who think they are the soul have to live with the fact that they will either go to heaven or hell or keep coming back in the human form to cleanse, according to karmic law. We are much more than that. So, for fun, I can say I pledge my hair to cancer patients. Similarly for my fun, I pledge my soul to the lotus feet of the Lord. — Satish Daryanani

Walking Down Memory Lane

Sometimes a song or a situation takes us back to our past experiences. It might have been a joyful or a painful experience. This memory comes in a flash, with many years compressed in a few minutes. Once you sit in silence, you can get a flash of your entire being—not just this human form, but everything that has made you reach this point. What you are is because of all your experiences. All that happened in the past was only for what you have become today. Everyone and everything has come in your life to teach you. Going back and changing even one thing would change where you are today. You would ruin the perfection of your life. For me, going down memory lane is for my entertainment. Being with my spiritual Masters and making fun of my own ignorance by remembering the questions I asked. As years pass by, there will be another thought sent: enjoying the memory of the ignorance I have today. Walking down Memory Lane is only a chance to laugh at our stupidity.. — Satish Daryanani

Memory Lane, Old photos being inspected

Too Much Knowledge

Those who have read a lot of scriptures or have heard many talks of the masters have too much knowledge. Describing the experiences that come within you in words dilutes the true experiences. Some, who hear or read this, have enough knowledge from before so that, instead of listening, they reply with the knowledge they have already heard. It is hard to make your point as the vessel of knowledge is full. Sometimes it is easier to explain to those who have not heard or read a lot. They are more receptive. Just knowing the teachings and repeating them like a parrot is not enough. See the teachings with a new angle. Even if you have heard it earlier, now focus on digesting it. For example, the saying, “It is all for good.” It took me over 20 years to truly digest it. Listening and repeating shows that you have a good memory. You know a person truly understands when he responds with a silence and a radiant look appears on his face. This radiance comes when you are bathing in the nectar of that particular teaching. – Satish Daryanani

What’s Your Age?

We say our age based on the number of years we live. The real answer should be based on the days we are true to ourselves. Many women do not reveal their age, not because they want to be young, but because of the number of years they have lost by not being themselves. They have not lived for a very long time. When you and your individuality is lost, you have not lived. Age is based on the number of days you are truly free, having lived the life worth living. That is your real age in this human form. You are truly a fortunate person if you can tell your age based on your birth certificate. By wasting the years of being alive, you are not better off than a dead person. Even if you say you are one year old, at least you have experienced what it is to be alive. You have not wasted even one day of your life. That is the true definition of living a long life. — Satish Daryanani

Photo of old man looks like baby

If You Knew the Future

If you could predict the future, then you could bet on any game and win. You could buy stocks or real estate and make a lot of money. However, there is a price for that. You will know the ending of every movie before it begins. You will know when you are going to die. You lose the mystery of life. More important than having the gift of knowing your future is to be able to enjoy this very moment. When you watch TV, all the pundits are predicting the elections, stock prices, winner of a sporting event, and so on. Experts are hired to predict the future. No one is hired to teach us how to enjoy the here and the now. Thoughts come to me daily. I cannot even predict tomorrow’s thought. It is for me to enjoy today and learn the lessons I need to learn. In a way, it becomes my protective shield as to what may come to me today. – Satish Daryanani

black and white op art landscape of the future

Using God

Prayers are good and very useful but I always hesitate to pray, as I feel I am using God. The only prayer I believe in is, “Thank You, Lord.” Yet, once in a while, when I face a real hurdle, where I need help, I pray to God and my hurdle is removed. Later, when I am sitting in silence, I feel guilty for using God. My dear friend is being used for my benefit. Then the question comes: Is my love for God real? Or is my love given just because of all that the Lord does for me? Is my love unconditional love, loving just for the sake of loving? With the Grace of God, my prayers are answered instantly, so the guilt grows. The Lord is so loving to me that everything I need is provided. So, I use prayers as a spare tire only when I reach my breaking point. All I can do is pray to God to please forgive me for using Him. — Satish  Daryanani

Extremes of a Person

A person can be spiritual in the morning and very competitive and calculating in the afternoon. In the movie, “The Joker,” a person who wants to make people laugh is pushed by others to become a villain. Similarly, a lioness can hold her cub gently in her mouth and can, with the same jaw, take the life of a prey. We are all built with extremes. Situations and the desire to control them can bring out the best or the worst in everyone. Grace can help bring the best out of you. You see it with ordinary people who go to war. Some end up becoming violent their whole lives. The world can get to us. A person who wants to be always helpful to others can be heartless after being battered by others. The same soft compassionate heart can become hard as granite. There is a breaking point in everyone. This can change the direction of your life. You give into the world or be firm in who you are. We should not judge others by the way they behave, as we do not know what they must have gone through or are still going through. Everyone is a saint, only situations change them. Grace can help bring the best out of you.— Satish Daryanani


We get carried away by what others tell us. Until we hear it from the source, from the “horse’s mouth,” it is only a rumor. People have nothing better to do, so they spread rumors about whatever they want and, as long as people believe them, the information spreads. It even may remain permanently on the internet. I had to defend a lot of false rumors about my spiritual Masters over the years. The Masters do not get affected by the rumors. If it is the truth about you, you have no right to react. If it is false information about you, there is no need to react. People talk a lot about spirituality and spread their experiences, which may not be true. You do not need to argue about the truth. Some religions say that their path is the only way to God. You do not need to prove them wrong. Let the world say, or write, anything about you or your beliefs. Let that not change you or your reactions. The only purpose served by rumors is to show how bored the world is.— Satish Daryanani


To prove that one is a saint, miracles have to be performed. Some people do not believe in miracles. Others believe the formula that, if you pray, and if God so chooses, then miracles take place. Even if an alcoholic, or a very bad person, gets a miracle, he believes God will not waste it on them. Due to miracles, many people lose faith in God, as they feel He is not just. Many spiritual Masters have to perform miracles to get devotees. Even Jesus had to perform miracles. Those who have the gift of miracles can see nothing but miracles. For example, this good-for-nothing instrument is sending out these thoughts. Every effortless breath is a miracle. Everything in nature is a miracle. Peace and joy are miracles. Most people only want the big miracles: heal someone, bring someone back from the dead, walk on water, change the future. All the small miracles are easier to see instead, and that is truly a miracle. For me, the greatest miracle is to come in a human form and experience God. No miracle is greater than that. — Satish Daryanani

Buddha, when you see life as a miracle, it becomes precious

Inventory Control

Checking an inventory can take a lot of time. We have to tally everything and, sometimes, we cannot find a few pieces. That becomes a financial loss. How many of us have taken an inventory of our lives? We will find that we have wasted so much of our precious time, losing our peace on meaningless things. That is a bigger loss than losing a few pieces of any product. You can earn the money back, but not the lost precious time. So at least start taking a daily inventory of your time. See if anything was worth losing your peace. Slowly the inventory of life will be in order. No piece will be missing. The only thing you will find is that you will wish you had taken inventory sooner. — Satish Daryanani

Checking inventory

Giving Up Your Throne

Once you have power and are number one in your craft, there comes a day when you will have to give up the throne. With age, even great athletes lose their number one rankings. In business, some one younger, with newer ideas, can dethrone you. You could be the right hand of a spiritual Master, and you can be replaced. We get attached to our thrones, not realizing they, too, have to be thrown away. To be on top is to enjoy the view only for some time. If you keep God in the throne of your heart, only you can dethrone Him. Then, even if the world gives you all the highs, inside you know who is the real owner of the throne. You can even laugh and say, “These crazy people are putting a slave of the Lord on a throne.” Then when you are demoted, you can go back to your original state—a nobody who is just blessed that the Lord chose to sit in the throne of your heart. — Satish Daryanani

Silhoette of lifting the boss on a throne.

Leaving God

Sometimes we get so involved in things that we do not focus on spirituality or on God. In the last few days, my mind was so consumed by worldly matters that spiritual thoughts could not come. It felt like I had left God. Yet, God did not leave me. His hand of Grace is always upon me. That inner peace is always present no matter how much your duties consume you. After all the obstacles, you will always end up in a win-win situation for all parties concerned. Once you have connected with God while things are normal and calm, the storms of life do not really make you leave God. His friendship is permanent. This link can never be broken. You may sometimes feel guilty that the awareness is not there all the time. Yet if your life is a complete offering to the Lord, getting completely consumed at times in your duties and service is still thinking of the Lord. “Thank you, my dear friend, God. Even though I may only subconsciously think of You, You are always thinking of me.” — Satish Daryanani

Sun behind clouds over desert dunes

Drop It Like a Hot Potato

I was on a 3-day trip with my master in Paris. He wanted something, and we spent an entire day working on it. In spite of all our efforts, it did not happen. The moment the master saw that, he dropped the project like a hot potato, never discussing it again, as if it never happened! I learned my lesson from this. I went to the Miami Heat basketball games for ten years. My life revolved around their schedule. Recently, I gave up my seats. All I kept are the good memories and the friendships I made at the games. I moved on. Now I am working on a project. I want it to happen but, if it slips through my fingers, it will be out of my mind, completely and with no regrets. If you want something, go for it. Want it more than you want air to breathe. The moment you want to walk away from it, drop it like a hot potato. This is a great gift to have from God. Pray for this gift. Then you can get attached to and detached from anyone and anything at your will. – Satish Daryanani

Deep Sleep and Deep Meditation

Deep sleep and deep meditation are similar. In both, you are free from time and space. In both, the lower self takes a break and you have to let go. The main difference is that, in deep sleep, you are unaware of the true self. In deep meditation, you are aware of the deep sleep, therefore the true self. The by-product of deep sleep is freshness and dreams that you may remember. In deep meditation, the by-product is the peace, bliss and wisdom that you experience. I give credit to those who can survive with just 2 hours of sleep and spend no time in silence. I would be a walking, talking zombie. Many people have a hard time in dealing with me, even in small doses. Just imagine, I have to deal with myself all of the time! In my case, to escape from the lower self, deep sleep and deep meditation is easy. For those who are consumed by their duties and service and who give importance to their lower self, it is harder. You, either become a crusader trying to save the world, or first work on saving yourself from yourself.  − Satish Daryanani

Closed eyes illustration

Screen Time

On my smartphone, I now get a weekly report of how much time I have spent on the screen. I averaged 2 hours 25 minutes daily. It takes me 25 minutes to send the thought and reply to everyone pertaining to the thought. So that 25 minutes daily is justified. Work-related 30 minutes a day is fine. I can even give another 30 minutes to friends and family. What ab