Think Tank

I was watching “Inside Bill’s Brains,” a documentary about Bill Gates. He takes a week’s time off to think. He goes to a secluded place, reads a lot of books, and comes up with ideas. We all must try the think tank method. Spend a week all by ourselves and think about many things. We will come up with many wonderful solutions. While we are in the forest of life, surrounded by gigantic trees, we get confined. Go out and see the forest from a distance, you will have a better picture. Use the think tank even for your spiritual evolution. We imprison ourselves with our beliefs. We get stuck. That why it is said, “Think outside the box.” Only open-minded people can get new ideas and experiences. Otherwise, you are stuck where you are. Success comes in every part of the lives of those who spend time expanding their minds and hearts. So, trying to see inside the mind of Bill Gates, I learned how much more I have to learn. It has inspired me to spend more time in isolation and contemplation. — Satish Daryanani

Bill Gates in a library

Having Everything in Front of You

Many go searching for God in holy places. People climb Mount Everest to conquer it. Some go deep into outer space, or cross the oceans, or go deep in the oceans, searching for something they cannot find, even though it is right in front of them. Everything we need is closer to us than we think. Peace and God, joy and happiness, are already within us. The ones who love us surround us. Service can be given to the one who is right next to us. Everything is right there, yet, many go on pilgrimages or go through great challenges for months, or years, to search for what is already given to them—looking for your glasses when they are on your forehead. All we have to do is appreciate everything that surrounds our lives from outside and within. Now, only go into outer space, cross oceans, climb mountains, for the adventure, not because you are lost and are looking for self-discovery. — Satish Daryanani

Talking to Strangers

You could be married to a person for over 50 years and still feel you are talking to a stranger. Very few people can find someone they can talk to about everything that is in their hearts. I was fortunate to have spiritual Masters to confess to and with whom to discuss everything in my life. Slowly, that relationship grew and I learned to discuss everything with the Master within. If you do not have that, you seek strangers from outside. You will even pay to communicate with someone. That true friend is needed in your life. No fighting or arguing, no judgements, or egos clashing, just a pure understanding of the situations in your life. To find that neutrality in people is not easy, as they should not be attached to you and only have pure love for you. God created this emptiness in our lives so that His life gets complete. If children do not show love and need for their parents, the parents lives are incomplete. So, God, too, is waiting for love, for devotees to seek His advice and blessings. Only the Lord knows what is in your heart. You cannot hide it. One day, God will not be a stranger in your life. Then, you are protected and are not lonely.— Satish Daryanani


After watching many movies and T.V. shows, I wish I had superpowers. I could have fun with them, protect people and get rid of bad guys. I could also help and heal people. I was thinking about which superpower I would choose. The answer came—the greatest superpower is to be able to control the mind. The one who can do that can experience peace at any moment, place, or situation. Indirectly, he can experience God whenever he wants. Having a superpower is of no use unless you can test it on a super villain. The more powerful the opponent, the more you get to test your power. Similarly, the more challenges and obstacles that come in your life, the more you get to test the superpower of the mind. The Lord can bless you with this superpower. He will also give you a lot of super villains to play with. He will be watching and laughing at the show of your life. — Satish Daryanani

My thoughts on superpowers illustration


In the old days, I used to carry a small dairy and a pen to remind me of things I had to do. Now, smart phones have replaced the diary. I asked my spiritual Master, “How do I remember God?” When I would wake up and, before I would go to sleep, I would think of God. Before every meal, I would say such a long prayer that the food would get cold. My phone would buzz every hour on the hour to remind me to thank God. Later, I would remind myself to thank God with every sip of any liquid I would drink. One day, all this stopped. God became real to me. A permanent connection was formed. I am always with the Divine. Now I can eat hot meals—no prayer required. I still need reminders to do my duties and service correctly, but not for my love. I laugh at myself today that I needed reminders to remember the love of my life. As the body gets older, reminders are still needed for medicines and supplements. — Satish Daryanani

Post-It reminder


Today we only look at the studies done by doctors and scientists. One study shows that eating a meat diet reduces strokes by 20 percent. Another study shows that a vegan diet reduces the risk of strokes and colon cancer. A study shows drinking red wine is good for you. At one time, a study showed smoking was good for you. Many years ago, I asked my spiritual Master how to know what was correct. He said to find out who was paying for these studies and you will get the answer. If the motive is for profit, the studies are in the favor of the sponsor. Use your own intellect and know what is correct for your body and mind. If the food is natural, from nature, it is always good for you. For example, protein is found in nature, but we use middle men, the animals, as the source of our protein. Peace is our natural state, but we need to read a study on how meditation benefits us. Stop studying the studies and study your own body. It knows more than all the doctors and scientists. There should be a study on what it is to experience God. All other studies will be forgotten. No one will sponsor it as no company will benefit, only you will. Studies of all the scriptures will not lead you there. Only one thing will—studying how your heart skips a beat every time you think of the Lord. — Satish Daryanani

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How Are You?

When we first meet someone, we ask this question. In reply, some people give a long list of all their health and life’s problems. So I avoid asking them this question. Some reply, “Thank God, all is ok.” Some will say, “It is God’s will, and we have to accept.” Those who believe in karma will say they are going through a karmic cleansing. In truth, how you are is not based on what you are going through. It is only what you feel. You can have a worried face and say you are rejoicing over life. We really should not ask how someone is doing. We can see based on their body movements and the expressions on their faces. Likewise, do not ask someone how is their business. I know those who have complained so much throughout their lives, I am surprised they are still in business. You know you have met a blessed one who answers, “I am on top of the world.” Or “Everything is perfect, multiplied by infinity.” Or “I am just doing monkey business, and the Lord gives me a good paycheck for it.” They feel they have never worked a day in their lives. All they are doing is having fun and getting paid for it. So, first ask yourself how you are doing before you ask others. — Satish Daryanani

I want. I want. What do I want?

Everybody wants something yet when they are put to the test, they really do not want it. The popular wants are to have money, good health, and peace, to know God, to serve others, and to have power and fame. The reason they really do not want it is because they not put in that effort. They do not have the focus, one-pointedness. If their egos get bruised, they will give up and go after another want. Also, they have several wants rather than focusing on just one want. After attaining one want, it is ok to focus on another. There is a catch to wants: Many a time, when you want it, you don’t get it. Then, when you give up and let go of the want, it gets fulfilled. So, what can you do? The simple secret in life is to choose one want that you wish for more than air when you are suffocating. When you have done your best, let go and forget the want. Then, the want is given freedom. The want feels like you are no longer interested. Then the want chases you. Instead of running after your shadow—the want, turn around and walk away. The shadow follows you. It is so simple. Then, even if you get what you want, it will be meaningless, as you do not need or want it any more. — Satish Daryanani

woman walking away from her shadow

Someone to Talk To

When a seeker reads spiritual material and tries to understand it on his own, he get confused. Like the different layers of an onion, spirituality, too, has many layers. So, if you read something from one spiritual Master and listen to a talk by another, there can be confusion. Then you look for someone who can clarify everything. If you have no one to talk to, then the only option is to sit in silence and bring all the points to God. You may get the answers right away. As your understanding increases, the answers will have more depth. Today, let us clear up one confusion: We have to play our parts and get caught up in the world and, yet, we seek divinity and do not wish to take part in this world. Brad Pitt is appearing in a new movie, “Ad Astra,” as an astronaut. While the shooting of the movie takes place, he has to remember the dialogue and forget he is Brad Pitt. When he comes to his hotel and is all alone, he goes back to being himself. So, during the day, play your part and repeat all the things that are written in your script. Then, spend more time alone and enjoy being the real you, the you that is spontaneous, peaceful, happy,  free of makeup. Enjoy both. — Satish Daryanani

Man talking to a statue

The New iPhone

The iPhone 11 Pro has a better battery life, camera, and display screen. We can now take better pictures and see them on a better screen. So, indirectly our vision improves. We will look better to ourselves, as our selfies improve. A pimple on the face will also be well defined. There is a better wide angled lens so the beauty and vastness of nature can be captured. We are still unable to take 3D pictures. That, too, will come one day. Yet no camera can capture the pictures taken by heart. They are beyond 3D. They are permanent and never deleted. The pictures of my spiritual Masters taken with my eyes are all in my heart: Every movement, every smile, and every action is recorded permanently. Neither amnesia nor Alzheimer’s disease can delete them. Even though I have Terabytes of pictures of my Masters’ lives saved in hard drives, I have never had to look at them, as they are with me permanently. All those who fall in love with the Lord, or sages and saints, do not need an iPhone to capture their beauty. As the iPhone models change to only capture the changing aspects of this world, the permanent lens of your eyes and your heart do not need to change to capture the unchangeable One. — Satish Daryanani

iPhone 11 models

Smooth Sailing

A couple, in their 40’s, was very close to my spiritual Master. When the husband suddenly passed away, the wife was upset and blamed the Master and so never met Him again. A lot of people say that those who get physically close to a Master face more challenges. Whatever is in our destiny will happen. Spirituality only teaches us how to deal with situations. Turbulence is part of our lives. What you learn from being around a spiritual soul is to have smooth sailing in your true inner core. It will always be calm and peaceful. Situations can make you angry, upset, fearful, anxious, and sad. No matter what happens during the day, your true inner core remains steady. When you are alone by yourself, you are at peace. The next day, you are back in the battlefield. The world will think you are a hypocrite, getting tossed around by the waves of the world and talking about equanimity. Only you know the truth and enjoy this smooth sailing. No one else needs to know otherwise. — Satish Daryanani

hands provide shelter from a storm

Las Vegas Odds

Before the sports season starts, you can bet on which team will win the championship. The trade of a player from one team to another, or a player’s injury, can change the odds. When you are born, what are odds of becoming a saint, a doctor, a scientist, or any other profession? The surroundings around you influence your outcome. I was born in a businessman’s family and was also surrounded by spiritual Masters from birth. The outcome was that my income comes from business and my thoughts are consumed by my Masters and their teachings. Yet my anger, ego, impatience, selfishness, and lust came from the collective karma of my past. If Las Vegas knew all this information, they could give odds on the outcome of life. It is so simple to know the outcome of everyone’s life. What we are born with along with the influence of our current surroundings helps determine our current status. But there is a very big factor that Vegas cannot predict—grace. Grace can change all the odds and the outcome of your life. With the grace of the Masters, all that I came with and was surrounded with changed my outlook in life. Those who bet in Vegas on me would have lost their money. Getting peace and wisdom is only through grace. Sending these thoughts is from grace. Experiencing God is grace. So the Vegas odds can change not only from injuries and trades, but also from grace.— Satish Daryanani

The Worst in You

There are situations that can bring out the best or the worst in you. It is good if that happens. You get to know your weaknesses and how much you still have to work on yourself. In the meanwhile, try to avoid the situations that can bring out the worst in you until you can rise above them. That which disturbs your peace is not worth entertaining. Can a person who has discovered peace still lose it? Yes, for a very short time. Then, when the awareness of peace returns, you can return to your original, peaceful state. The worst that has come out in you is over and forgotten, like it never happened, yet you know you still have to improve. When the worst in you comes out, it means, at that moment, you were away from God. No money or service is worth it, if you lose your awareness of God. Since peace is God, losing your peace means you become an atheist at that time. You lost control of yourself. There is one positive from all this: It makes you humble and you know you are on an endless journey toward perfection. As you are still in a human form, you will always be on the roller-coaster ride of situations bringing out the best or the worst in you. Start your new day with the prayer, “Lord, please keep me away from things that bring out the worst in me. I am weak, so please help me.” — Satish Daryanani

Illustration of man having a tantrum

Being Alone

You can surround yourself with people all the time and yet be alone. You can have many toys to entertain yourself and still feel empty. Our minds can be occupied, yet there is a void. This is being human. If this did not exist, there would be no need for peace or to lose yourself in God. Those who are successful in their fields of work, or occupations, can still feel empty and can easily use their skills to discover everything within themselves. They already have the focus and discipline for hard work and can, instead of complaining, find solutions. All they have to do is change the track. They, too, are alone after achieving worldly success. Use your abilities and skills to find all that is within you. When your mind is completely filled with the existence of God and seeing God as peace, you will never be lonely. You can be completely alone, but that one companion will fill your heart with love and your mind with wisdom. There will be nothing to seek or look for, no void to fill, and no questions unanswered. You become complete. — Satish Daryanani

Woman alone, embracing divine guidance

Love for One’s Country

When you become a spy, you sacrifice your life, your family, and all that is near and dear to you—country is above everything. Your identity is changed. You have to train to be ready to be tortured and even be ready to die. All this sacrifice is for the ever shifting borders of your country. You sacrifice everything for today’s enemy and, a few years later, the enemy can become an ally. We fall in love with our country and give up so much for a temporary residence. Yet, how many would do all this to attain God, which leads to a permanent residence? All that is required is love for God, over everything else. No physical suffering is required. The only training required is to occupy the mind with God. Nothing else matters. It is not something tangible, so people are not willing to sacrifice. The reward is the same: You are beating the enemy. In this case, the enemy is your mind. Once this is conquered, it too becomes your ally. Instead of protecting your country’s borders, you are removing the border between God and yourself. Those who have so much love and are willing to sacrifice for their country can easily attain God. All they have to do is change their love for country to their love for God. — Satish Daryanani

illustration of a spy

It is Only a Job

In a movie I saw, an employee of an intelligence agency took a great risk and leaked information to protect innocent lives. She went through major obstacles and was told, “It is only a job. You are only doing this for a paycheck, so leave it alone. Don’t get involved.” Her struggle showed the person’s character, to put her own freedom on the line for the sake of what is right. To have a strong backbone is not easy. Others, too, saw the same wrong taking place, yet no one said anything. Most of us feel we have a job to do and, if things do not go our way, we quit and move on. Only the brave go against the flow. We, too, are all here for a job. The location and type of the job might change over the years, but the real job does not. How you do it is up to you. Our real Boss is the same, the managers are different. The real Boss does not need cameras to see our honesty and sincerity. He will even tempt and test us. We have to pass His examination. We feel the Boss does not know we exist in the 8 billion work force, that He has forgotten to give us a bonus or promotion. He is not fair, as some make more money by doing less than others. The Boss is enjoying the show, watching the reactions of each one of us while we do our jobs. — Satish Daryanani


A big “L” is put on the forehead of losers. Fans even boo their home team when they are losing. There are many options and rewards for winners. Losers have nothing but misery and some even commit suicide. Parents even bribe their children with gifts when they win but give nothing if they lose. We give no credit to the efforts they put in, only focus on the results. Who are the real winners and losers? The real winners are the ones who have won the heart of the Lord, those who have served and received blessings without the recipient knowing who helped them. They live in peace, knowing they are doing their best as an offering to the Lord, while being free from the results of their actions. The world may call them losers, yet they smile knowing they are winning grace from God. Their joy comes from others who think they have beaten them. They encourage losers in life by telling them the lessons they are learning from their loss. The letter “L” on their foreheads is changed from “Losers” to “Love for All.” They have won the gift of realizing the true value of this human birth and the purpose of life—That is to enjoy the fun of losing. —Satish Daryanani

Loser - Man with hand in L position in face

Doing Good Deeds

Those who fight wars go through horrific experiences and have trouble sleeping. When we sleep, our minds are less occupied and our subconscious minds go to things that disturb us. When we sit in silence, we spend time going through whatever we have done or experienced. The memories of our experiences get magnified. Doing good deeds is misunderstood. It is not that St. Peter allows us to enter the gates of heaven. It is so that, when we sit in silence, we can experience heaven in the form of peace. Good deeds do not disturb our minds. It is what we are not supposed to do that pricks our conscience. We will never experience heaven, as we have to live with ourselves, which is hell, based on the deeds of our lives. Doing good deeds is selfish, as it benefits me instantly. I get to enjoy being with myself. All that we do comes back to us when we are by ourselves. So, to escape from themselves people drink, take drugs, and go to therapists. They can never experience peace. Do good deeds not for the benefit of others, nor for the benefit in your next life, nor for your soul to go to heaven, but do them to enjoy heaven on earth in this very moment. — Satish Daryanani

Losing Interest

When I was young, my spiritual Master asked me to give up alcohol, non-vegetarian food, and gambling. I did  so to please Him. Sometimes, we give up things because doctors advise us to for our health. Then, we give up things in a business deal with God. “I will not do this anymore so you can do that for me in return.” One day, an aspirant reaches a stage where he start losing interest in the things that consume his life. He starts giving up things because he does not enjoy them anymore. For example, I used to love watching live basketball, football, and concerts. Now, I no longer get enjoyment from them. Even my interest in traveling has reduced. The worldly things that consumed you do not enslave you. Automatically, the desire to accumulate money is not there, yet, the ability to do good for others motivates you to earn. When it is not for yourself, the highs and lows of profit and loss do not control your life. Even the game of making money does not interest you. So, what is it that keeps you going? It is discovering all that God knows and experiencing all that the great Masters experience, helping others experience what you have experienced, and living a life that would not displease the Lord. Finally, you may get bored and ask God, “Do You still need me around?” God is smart. By making you lose interest in everything and yet not losing complete interest in life, He takes you through different stages. You will always be entertained by the infinite peace and wisdom within you.—Satish Daryanani

Bored ape

Cellphone Tower

When you drive long distances, sometimes the phone signal is poor. Then, you see a cellphone tower where many companies put their equipment and you get 4 bars and LTE services. All your messages are then sent and received and you can catch up with all your mail. In our lives, spiritual Masters are like our cellphone towers. We keep looking for ways to communicate with God. Messages are being sent and received. When we are near a tower, we can communicate clearly. We can catch up on all our past, unanswered questions. You will realize that God has answered all your questions but, due to poor signals, the answers did not reach you. Unnecessarily, you suffered, thinking God was not listening. Try to be around a cellphone tower so you can send and receive messages instantly. Those souls that are permanently connected can boost your antenna. —Satish Daryanani

Cellphone Tower

Men Advise, God Guides

Advice is easy to give. It can be given without experience. It may also be given even if the giver does not believe in it. Some people are experts in giving advice without being aware of if the recipient will benefit from or be get hurt by it. Sometimes, advice is given with selfish motives. God’s guidance, on the other hand, is given only for your benefit. It may not look like it is a benefit now, but it is good for your overall growth. Guidance comes from God’s love for you, from the One who knows everything. If you have a choice between advice and guidance, be firm and stick with guidance. If you only obey guidance, then your mind may go on a permanent vacation. Your ego usually prefers advice rather than completely surrendering to guidance. If you feel God is out of touch and not keeping up with today’s times, you take advice from your peers. So, today: no advice from me. Only know that the Knower of all knows more than all those who you know.—Satish Daryanani

Man emphatically giving advice to a woman


The musical group, “ABBA,” sang the song, “S.O. S.” Whenever a ship, or a person, is in trouble, we send out an S.O.S.—Save our Souls. The irony is that the message is meant to save our human forms, and, yet, we want someone to save our souls, which are immortal. The only one who can save our souls is God. Yet, no one sends an S.O.S to God—not when our physical lives are in danger. We do that when we are fed up with our existing lives. When we are drowning, we run out of breath and, living our daily lives, we get choked by our routines. Then, the real lifeguard comes into our lives. A handsome, dynamic person with a sweet smile holds our hand and rescues us. Then, our souls are saved permanently. There is no fear of physical death. The soul is filled with peace and joy. We become members of a new Coast Guard team, rescuing souls who send messages to save them. The storms of this life will be our calling to go help the souls who need to be saved. Then, we, too, can write a song, “S.O.S.,” but the words will be inspired by the rejoicing that comes from becoming a saved soul. — Satish Daryanani

The Life of a Butterfly

It is a long process to become a butterfly, and some live for a day or less. All that beauty can be enjoyed for such a short time. Some people catch butterflies and do not let them enjoy their freedom even for a day. All these vivid colors exist for only a short span of time. This is to teach us that all outer beauty is temporary. We become slaves to the outer beauty, knowing that it is temporary. When we find our inner beauty and the inner beauty of others, we find permanent beauty. Even with wrinkles, no teeth, and a hunchback, inner beauty is not lost. That is everlasting divine beauty. This beauty, which comes from giving and receiving love, is far greater than the beauty of butterflies or peacocks dancing. The beauty of nature changes with the time of day or the season. Real beauty is always there, but may not be seen by many. Those few souls who have experienced God cannot describe the most beautiful experience in their lives. Work on discovering that beauty. Learn the lesson from the life of the butterfly’s beauty. — Satish Daryanani

Q. Do we have to be perfect to discover the perfect one?

A. We do not have to be perfect. If we were perfect, then there would be no need to spend time discovering the perfect one. A parent gives a child toys with which to play. The child is consumed by the toys, while the parent yearns for the child’s attention. When the toys need to be repaired or replaced, The child understands that the parent is there to fix the problem. Our toys are perfect health, wealth, name, fame, power, and position, which we enjoy. Some express gratitude, but some fortunate souls who have every toy to play with decide to find the source and leave all the toys behind. Their eyes are both focused on discovering the source, without a glance back at the toys. With grace, you might meet the source. You, then, complain, “Do I still have to go back and play with the toys to do my duties and service?” The perfect one who has accepted this imperfect one answers, “Play with the toys I give you. Just do not think that they are made in China, but are given by God. Use them to enjoy and help others.— Satish Daryanani

Girl playing with toys.

Being God for the Day

In the movie, “Bruce Almighty,” Jim Carrey has an opportunity to experience being God. So, if you are God, you have to experience the complaints from everyone, not just your family and friends, which you were already unable to handle. Everyday, new business deals will come: “God if you do this for me, I will do that for you.” Sometimes, if you grant their wishes, you will see that people do not keep their ends of the bargains. If two teams are playing in the championship, no matter whose wishes you fulfill, the other half will be unhappy with you. “You have given us everything, yet we are not enjoying life.” You will realize everyone is only cheating themselves. Everyone fears you and are not returning the same love you give them. You are an ATM machine for the world. You forgive everyone, yet everyone blames you for everything. All the peace and happiness you give is lost with worries and desires. When your day of being God is over, you will have only have one prayer, “God, thank You, for not letting me be God. Let me only enjoy You but, please, do not let me become You. — Satish Daryanani

Bruce Almighty movie poster

From a Drop of Water to an Ocean

When Jeff Bezos started Amazon, he would go to the post office himself to mail books. Now, he is the richest man in the world. We start by sitting in silence for five minutes a day and can become spiritual masters. Starting small can lead to something big. Most people want success instantly. Your austerities should be simple and small, like the repetition of a holy chant. That takes you to where there are no words. Studying in school, one subject and grade at a time, can make you a great scientist. Evolution takes place slowly. Your own growth does not happen overnight. Just wanting an instant blessing to become a realized soul, a great athlete, or a multi millionaire, is not what you are here for. The truth is that, in every field of life, it is the baby steps that can make you run one day. This society, which has instant coffee, frozen foods, and Instagram, is causing us to want everything instantly. A reply to an email or WhatsApp, we want right now. Even God has to reveal everything to you instantly. From every bit of your life’s experience comes the successful journey of your human form. Starting small does not mean you are not thinking big. Big things happen because you start doing something small. Just talking and thinking big is of no use. God, too, started small, and, now, see His creations. It took so many years to manifest. Enjoy the gradual growth in your life. — Satish Daryanani

Droplet of water

Paying Fees

One of the things that I get upset about is paying cancellation or change fees. We get tempted by good deals on airline tickets, hotels, car rentals, and other prepaid discounts. Yet, things happen and we have to pay fees to make changes or cancel. When traveling with spiritual Masters, many changes are made and so often there are many fees to pay. They see the look on my face when they decide to make changes. My fees recently have dropped, as I am traveling less with my spiritual Masters. In life, plans change, as they may not be God’s plans. We do not wish to overpay for making plans at the last minute nor do we want to pay all the change fees. What can we do? Plan according to your will, but the change fees are due to God’s plan. This is why I try not to get upset by them. Remember, even the loss of fees is God’s plan. He is testing you to see if you accept His wishes. I think, my Masters kept changing their plans on purpose to watch me get upset. They were enjoying themselves at my expense, and the Lord is enjoying playing with my reactions. If only I can overcome this weakness, I think my cancellation or change fees will stop. From today onwards, paying fees will not upset me. So God will not enjoy changing my plans. — Satish Daryanani

money flying away illustration

Tuning an Instrument

Before a performance, musicians tune their instruments to get the correct sounds. Even singers fine-tune to prime their vocal chords. If we are singing devotional songs to the Lord, why do we need to fine-tune anything? To please the audience, this is required. To sing for the Lord, we need to fine-tune the strings in our hearts. You could be the most out-of-tune person for the world, yet you can bring tears in the eyes of the Lord when you sing. With a rhythmic song, you can even make the Lord dance. When we get fine-tuned with true love for the Lord, no preparations are required. Everything flows perfectly. — Satish Daryanani

Young, redhead boy tuning a big electric guitar.

Virtual Reality

After finishing a Star Wars virtual reality game, you experience a high. In VR, everything seems so real: the height of the area with molten lava fires at the bottom and getting shot with Blaster rifles. It feels like you are in a real fight. Everything is different, even your own image is changed. When the game is over, you return to your self. The first person to think of a virtual reality ride is God. He lets us all play in this virtual reality world. We can have a fear of heights, fear of heat and fire, fear of being killed, and we can get excited. When this ride is over, we will revert back to our true selves and laugh at the virtual reality ride of life. All the good and bad guys meet and discuss the battles they had. We will even say, “Let us give a very high rating for this ride so others, too, can enjoy.” I felt the Star Wars game was too short, as I had so much fun. Similarly, this ride of life will feel short, as there is so much fun playing the game of virtual reality. — Satish Daryanani

Man playing in Virtual Reality

A Glimpse of Ecstasy

I used to wonder why God did not bless us with a glimpse of all that is within us so we can be inspired to go within. Then He can take it away when we see how wonderful it is. Today the answer came: Suppose a beggar on the street is given a day to live like a billionaire with private jets, yachts, and all the luxuries a billionaire has. Then take it all away and tell the beggar, “If you work hard all this can come to you.” For the rest of his life, the beggar will be miserable. Even if he gets enough food for the day, nothing will make him happy unless he gets to be a billionaire again. Similarly, if we get a glimpse of the ecstasy within, nothing will make us happy unless we experience it daily. So, spiritual Masters and saints are created to inspire us and to show us what it is to live in this ecstasy permanently. We put in all our efforts but, based on karmic laws, we cannot all enjoy being billionaires. The ecstasy from within is accessible to all of us. No karmic laws limit us. See the faces of those that live in this ecstasy permanently. All I can say is that it is much, much better than what you can imagine it to be. — Satish Daryanani

Luxury car parked in front of a mansion

Journey of God

We start being away from God, then a guide comes into our lives and shows us the way toward God. With grace, we reach a stage where we are on a journey with God. The load in your life will be reduced. The immediate difference is that you are not alone. A new friend is with you always. There will be no need to ask anyone for guidance. All your questions will be answered immediately. No worldly family, or friends, are needed to entertain you. Everyday you will experience something new. You will have no goals or destinations to reach, no speed-breakers or speeding tickets. Just a wonderful, endless journey with your new Buddy. Life becomes so smooth that you will enjoy being alive. Complaints are only in your rear-view mirror. Your ignorance of life is in the past. No one will understand you no matter how hard you try to explain. Only you will be able to see your new friend. People might even think you are crazy. So keep your new friend only in your heart. Inspire others if you can but do not get disappointed if they do not take your path. You will be questioned. Your answers will be spontaneous, as you will be talking about the love of your life. Hopefully others get the gift of completing their journey of life with God. — Satish Daryanani

Path of God, an illustration of a clear path up the mountain


The patience with which predators hunt their prey is worth watching. For spectators, it can take hours of build-up for the actual hunt. Yet, the success rate of catching a prey is around 20 percent. Going on a safari, it can take hours, or days, just to see the bird or animal you wish to see. Sometimes, your entire life may go by not seeing something you want to see in nature. Start cultivating the patience to see things in nature and this will lead to the patience to see your true nature. We feel so small in the vast lands of a safari. We will feel even smaller in the vastness within. Now, how many have the patience to see what cannot be seen, only experienced? It is this patience that makes one humble about one’s own insignificance. Problems will also feel small when you see the struggles that animals and birds go through just to exist. Now you will see your life with a new perspective. — Satish Daryanani

predatory lion

Cape of Good Hope

Seeing the end of the land and watching two oceans meet, is a wonderful sight. I was trying the see the line between, but there were only rough waters. There are those who go by road and walk to enjoy the view. Being in a helicopter and seeing it from the air gives a whole new perspective. The waves were not that big. The endpoint of the land juts out. Then, you see the infinite ocean all around, as there is no more land. Similarly, we, too, are surrounded by the turbulence of life—waves battering on all sides. Others are enjoying, watching this steadfast point. You, like the land, can remain still and not be affected, seeing the wonderful view, instead of letting the elements around control you. Then you, too, will become a beacon of good hope for the rest of the world. People will come from great distances to enjoy your presence. — Satish Daryanani

Cape of Good Hope
coconut shell being hammered


A coconut is hard on the outside but soft inside. A drill is required to pierce the hard shell. Once you reach the soft coconut inside, the drill bit is not required, and it is dropped off. The mind is like a coconut. The drill is the holy name given by the Guru or chosen by you. Repeating the same name again and again makes it a drill bit, which can pierce the hard shell of the ego. There are people who chant different holy names depending on the day of the week. It is like trying to make 7 holes but getting nowhere. Chant the same name, or word, to drill the hole in the same location. The holy name is the grace of the Guru, or the Lord, that can make you enjoy the soft nectar within you. More important is that you have faith in that name Divine so that it will set you free. The holy name is only a tool. It will automatically drop away when it has served its purpose. – Satish Daryanani

coconut shell being hammered
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What Makes You Alive

When you do things out of passion, zeal, then you are alive. If you do your work with that attitude, you enjoy and have fun. That makes you alive. When you do the same work for a pay check, then it becomes an obligation. The same work gets you tired, frustrated, and stressed. Now you have to find things that make you alive. You will never say, “I want to retire from that.” Even to sit in silence, people have to put in their effort and find time. If silence will make you feel alive, then you will always find time. And it will not be a struggle. It does matter what you do. As long as you feel alive, you are not a burden to society with your constipated face. That itself is a great service to the world. Writing these thoughts makes me alive! − Satish Daryanani

Woman's legs walking along surf with exuberance

Number of Steps

With today’s technology, we can keep track of the number of steps we take each day without having to count them. Yesterday, I walked 30,000 steps and felt good about it. Next time, I want to do 40,000 steps. Am I taking these steps towards God or taking them away from God? There is no technology created for that. If I thanked God with every step I took, I would have a chance to thank Him 30,000 times. I did not. I did thank him for the good weather, admired all aspects of His creation, thanked my legs for not giving up on me. Luckily it was Saturday, and not many phone calls. I was able to keep silent for more than 95 percent of the walk. My mind was wandering, yet the silence made me peaceful. It rejuvenated me. It is hard to keep your mind on God for the entire journey. At the same time, not keeping your mind too occupied, is automatically experiencing the Lord. The less we involve our minds in worldly matters, the more we are connected with the Divine self. So, in this walk of life, I may not think of God 24 hours a day, but by not over-thinking about stupid things is also being connected with God. My last thank you to God is for making it so easy to be with Him without even being with Him. — Satish Daryanani

Walking-steps measurement

Over Thinking

We all tend to over think. If someone offers us something good at a fair price, right away we think, what is the catch? The other person has to convince us that it is good for us. We think so much and hence lose many opportunities in our lives. Now imagine, God is free, wisdom is free, peace is free. So where is the catch?  There really are no books to read, no exams to give, no effort to put, no thinking required. The reason is that all three things are within you. You do not have to attain them. Your mind does not have to play a game of chess all the time, thinking of the next move and the move after that to beat your opponent. The great masters tell us things. We over think and thus do not grasp the meaning. Sometimes it is fortunate to be dumb and not study in order to enjoy the gifts given to us. − Satish Daryanani

Pile of books obscuring an adult reader

Our Real Home

When some people travel they like to take their own coffee, pillow, etc, so that they can feel that they are still at home. Even though we are on the road we want to maintain our comfort zone and our familiarity. We think the address on our driver’s license is our home. We have come for a short period of time and we might change addresses during this time period. So where is our real home? The place where we all belong? This has to be discovered. We are separated from that place. We must miss it. If you are not at home, then you are here either on a work trip or a vacation. The choice is yours. If you are here only for working, then keep on working till your last breath. If you are here on an 80-year vacation, then enjoy this life given to you. Knowing this is temporary, why be attached to your current address? I see people crying when there is a flood, a fire, etc in which their temporary address is destroyed. They say they lost everything. Do we cry if our hotel room is destroyed? Get to experience your true home and be free from your current address. − Satish Daryanani

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Lucky Charm

We all have our own lucky charms. It could be a hat, a tie, a color, a chair that you sit on while meditating or even a lucky number you bet on in a casino. We find things to bring us good luck and we think it is because of these objects that we are blessed. You may move into a new office and business goes bad. So you blame the new office. We need something to give credit or blame to. Keep the Lord as your good luck charm. You can enjoy giving him the credit or the blame. He will make you realize that everything is good luck for you. Nothing that happens in this world is bad for you. You are learning the lessons of life. One day you can sit with your grandchildren and tell them stories of your life. If everything was smooth and there were no hurdles the child will get bored and leave. We love movies that have villains who challenge the hero, otherwise we want a refund. Enjoy the roller coaster ride of your life. − Satish Daryanani

Sunset roller coaster

In a Split Second

When the truth is revealed to you, it happens in a split second. When we work to get something, we must put in an effort. Any person around us should feel we want it more than air. There is no harm in desiring anything, but the moment you feel it is slipping from your hands, let go. Walk away from it in an instant and never think about it again. Being completely detached from the world makes you no better than a rock. Being attached to the world makes you a slave. Being the master of your mind will let you enjoy life. You can get completely involved in the world and, within a split second, you should be able to go within and enjoy the ecstasy of bliss and peace. Enjoy the creation and be with the creator completely whenever you want . Then you can enjoy both, truth and the illusion of life. Both are here for your pleasure. − Satish Daryanani

A clock with a second hand


An artist needs a blank canvas, brushes, and paint to create a painting. Even more important than all that is expressing the images that come into the artist’s mind. Those images, transformed into a painting, becomes art. After it is completed, someone might appreciate it and pay even more than a $100 million for it.  I might look at the same piece of art and might not even take it for free. There is no logic as to who loves or hates a piece of art. One artist may become a multimillionaire while another may have a hard time to make ends meet. Our thoughts, expressed through words, songs, paintings, and actions, etc., may or may not be appreciated by the world. When you take the credit or the blame,  you go through emotional highs and lows, depending on how the world will respond you. If you live with the attitude that everything is coming from God–and all you are doing is sharing those gifts with everyone, then you are free from the reactions of the world.

These messages sent to you are the same. Some may be inspired by it and some may not. My part is to keep on doing it as long as these thoughts come. − Satish Daryanani

Artist holding paintbrush on floral painting

Change of Mind

We may get the best gift from God. Yet our mind will play tricks on us. We will still try to find alternatives. Sometimes it takes a friend or a family member to point out the wonderful gift you already have. Then we have an appreciation for that gift. Once we realize this fact, all the worry in your life should, could, disappear. When you see a chain of dominos that fall in order, it looks wonderful. Even if one domino is moved the sequence will be broken. Our life is the same way. Everything that is happening is in perfect sequence. One slight change and the game of life will not be the same. Everyone we meet and will meet is perfect. Every profit or loss is perfect. Every experience is perfect. Above all, the beloved is perfect. So our life is perfect. − Satish Daryanani

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City Life or Country Life?

There are people who only like cities. There are those who only like the countryside. There are some who like both.  In the cities, you see skyscrapers, museums, historical buildings, rivers, lakes, or ocean. In the country you see farms, nature, animals, birds etc. Both are wonderful as they are gifts from God. Now we must create city life and countryside in our mind. Countryside is where you can go within. It is calm and peaceful, with fewer people. We have to go into the silence and gain the wisdom. Only, enjoying this nectar for yourself is of no fun. Once you have gained this wealth, go back to city life. There are people there. Go and share this inner wealth. Watching people is fun. Helping people is fun. City life is for fun. Country life is to maintain your equanimity. − Satish Daryanani

Cityscape surrounded by countryside.

Good Morning

We say good morning, good afternoon, good evening, good night, have a good day, and good luck. All want good and also want others to have good. Nobody wishes bad for themselves or for others. So what is good and what is bad? We have to understand the difference. What is good for me may be bad for you. For example, a jacket is good when it is cold. The same jacket is bad when it is hot. So the right thing at the right time in the right amount with the correct attitude is good. Each and every one of us is different. Those who have a positive attitude and the willingness to learn will understand that every experience that comes to them is for their own good. It is coming from the loving hands of the Lord. Everything then is for my good and will benefit me. Perhaps you feel it will not be good for you now but, in time, you will realize it was good for you. My favorite line is life is –  “All For Good.” Make this the motto of your life and enjoy His perfection.  Satish Daryanani

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The Art of a Deal

All of us would love to have good negotiating skills. It helps you in many ways. What is the secret? First and foremost, put yourself in the other person’s shoes before you start negotiations. Secondly, decide upon the highest and lowest number, depending on which side you are on. No matter what happens, do not go beyond that number. This requires willpower and faith. You get tested, and the inner greed can make you change your mind. If it is the will of God, the negotiations go smoothly. When you feel you are breaking your head against the wall, let the deal go. One day in silence you will thank God for saving you from those deals that did not go through. You will even laugh at your own stupidity for thinking of doing the deals. This way you will start getting detached in your negotiations. The other person will see that. They will not be able to take advantage of you. You will have a poker face. Keep in mind: Father knows best. − Satish Daryanani

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The Common Factor

Whether I travel to Miami, New York, or the wonderful Caribbean islands, there is one thing in common. People complain about money, their health, or their family. As long as I hear these complaints, I feel I am home. I am never homesick because of this common factor. It is as if people have a wound. A scab is formed. They scratch it and the wound opens. This repeats again and again. There are those who try to spread the teachings or let the world know about their teacher without first working on themselves. It is like a sick person teaching the world how to become healthy. You cannot try to save the world if you need a lifeguard yourself. It is only when you are positive minded, enthusiastic, jovial and intoxicated with gratitude are you helping. People will tell you that you are truly blessed. At least this way you are showing that there is God in the world and He still has the ability to bless.  − Satish Daryanani

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Time on our Hands

We all start with 24 hours a day. What we do with this asset is up to us. The success of a person should be determined on how one uses the limited gift. Everyone’s mind can justify how efficient and productive they were during the day. So what is the litmus test to see if you if your day was want wasted?

  • Did someone benefit from you?
  • Did you learn something new?
  • Did you consider today as one of the best days of your life?
  • Did you see the Divine grace working through you?
  • Did you make someone laugh?
  • Did you laugh at yourself?
  • Did you live today with Zero complaints?
  • Did you enjoy your inheritance of peace bliss and wisdom?
  • Did you thank the Lord for all the gifts he gave you today?
  • Did you pray today so you can have another day like today?

If you did, your time was utilized correctly. − Satish Daryanani

Watch face

Being True to Your Nature

More important than truth is being true to your nature. You should not try to change the true nature of others or yourself. Instead, spend time contemplating on your true nature. It is a gift from God that each of us is different from others. Find out about your strengths and weaknesses and use them to your advantage. You will not get carried away by your strengths nor will you put yourself down for your weaknesses. For example, anger, impatience, and greed can be used as strengths. Anger has the power to push you to recover from the losses you have had. Impatience makes you want everything done yesterday instead of tomorrow. Greed will make you want more knowledge and wisdom. Even the gift of gab can make you money and help spread the teachings. Every instrument is perfect in God’s garage to be used the way He wants it. Knowing that will make you see the world in whole different way. – Satish Daryanani

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God and Devil

If there is God there has to be a Devil. It is like heads and tail of the same coin. This entire world is made of opposites.

What are the differences between God and Devil?

  • The Devil looks for customers, God looks for your love.
  • The Devil can be won with your mind. God can be won with your heart.
  • The Devil will fulfill our wishes easily. God will only fulfill our wishes if it good for us.
  • The Devil will boost our ego. God crushes our ego.
  • The Devil will make us selfish. God makes us self-less.
  • The Devil gives us powers easily to deal with the world. God gives us strong shoulders to deal with the load of the world.
  • The Devil will give you name and fame easily. With God, the world will think you are crazy and need a psychiatrist.
  • To spread the teachings of the Devil is easy, as it can be expressed with words. To spread the teachings of God is harder, as it has to be expressed with your actions.

The Devil and God both are within all of us. It’s your choice. Both are powerful and attractive. The Devil is like a politician and seeks your vote. God has no competition and is only one so he does not run after you. But If you leave the world and walk away,  like a shadow He will come after you.  − Satish Daryanani

Flames of hell and the clouds of heaven

Fire Alarms

One of the most annoying sounds is that of a fire alarm, especially if there is no fire. You feel like cutting the wire and do not even care if a fire really takes place. We all have that problem in life. Our bodies have built-in alarms—aches and pains. When the alarm of anxiety, or depression, goes off, we do not analyze the system. We cut the wire with pain killers without ever fixing the cause of the alarm. Even when our heads hurt, we take tablets without working on the cause of the headache. The fire within is continuously burning with so many alarms blaring that we never put out the fire completely. Then it is too late and we end up with heart attacks or nervous breakdowns. Some even commit suicide. If a tummy ache is the fire alarm, we should go on a light, liquid diet. Think of the fire alarm as your best friend, to warn you that you have to work on your inner fire. — Satish Daryanani

Fire alarm


When a presenter has full knowledge, confidence, and enthusiasm, the presentation becomes effective. You can inspire others and get their juices flowing. The same material, if not presented correctly, gets the audience confused and can make an extra-ordinary concept just ordinary. Similarly, when a person introduces a Master, he or she should let the audience feel how fortunate they are to be in the presence of a great soul. Even to spread the teachings, the person on stage must have such a commanding presence that the audience should know if the speaker is speaking from experience or just repeating what they heard or read. Presentation can transform copper into gold, or gold into copper. A good presenter can even make the Devil look better than God, can make an atheist believe in the presence of God. Today is my spiritual Master’s birthday. His life’s work can be represented by the way His disciples live. If the fruits are ripe and tasty, the world will want to know the source of the tree. A seeker’s life represents the greatness of the Master. — Satish Daryanani

Dada J.P. Vaswani

Who is a Saint

We expect a saint to wear a uniform, speak spiritual stuff, behave saintly, and be better than the rest of us, according to our minds. Many people know that and fool the world by showing they are saintly, according to the perceptions of the world. Even the real saints have to maintain their saintly images and cannot go to malls, restaurants, or movie theaters—as these acts are not saintly. When the saints are around open-minded people, they can be themselves. They are only human like us. They, too, can enjoy worldly things. The only differences are the following that make a person a saint: They do not think they are saints. They are connected with the Lord and see the Lord in everyone. They speak from the wisdom within, not by memorizing the scriptures like parrots. They experience and radiate peace. They are in the world but not off the world. They only share what they have for the benefit of others and do not keep things for themselves. Lastly, they do not care if others see them as saints or egoists, money-minded, and self-centered people. — Satish Daryanani

Saint charicature

Blood Test

Blood tests tell us if our bodies are healthy or not and what we need to work on. If the numbers are higher, or lower, than the normal standards, then, with diet, exercise, or medicine, we can make adjustments and bring the numbers within the normal range. Medicine should be the last option. The blood test only tells how the heart is pumping blood, but not the condition of the inner heart. Like makeup covers the flaws on a face, fake smiles cover the flaws in our hearts. That is why spiritual Masters are needed, they give us the real report about our inner hearts. Their job is to convert granite rock into a compassionate heart. Similarly, they work on wandering minds by making them focus on their love of the Masters. The teachings are medicine. Silence is the diet, and service is your exercise. Slowly, your levels normalize. The Master knows the correct prescription for the inner you, like the doctor knows the needs of the physical you. When both aspects of your life are balanced, you have a healthy body, mind, and inner and outer heart. — Satish Daryanani

blood test

Not Understanding Desires

Being desireless does not mean having no desires. You can have all your desires but be not attached to them. For example, my desire is to make the whole world vegetarian. I, also, want to spread the teachings of my spiritual Masters. Yet, even if nobody becomes vegetarian or benefits from the teachings, it does not affect me. You can have desires and work toward fulfilling them, yet, be free from the results. Even the desire to see and meet God should be left in the hands of God. You must even be free from the desire to be desireless. The desire to be like my Masters is impossible, yet, I can try, knowing that I am getting nowhere. The desire to not displease God is also unattainable. Knowing that your desires are infinite and most may not manifest, you are not disappointed. This is the way you live a desireless life. Wanting, yet free from the want. — Satish Daryanani

Oil lamp illustration

Opposite Reaction

I was on my way to the city where my spiritual Master left His body last year. Normally, there is an excitement about getting to meet the Master. This time, I thought there will be some sorrow on the journey. Instead, an opposite reaction occured—the greatest joy, peace, and happiness. The reason is that, when the Master is in the body, there are many people around Him. You get limited time. You have to even wait in order to meet him. Sometimes, you have to control your conversation, as others are around. On my journey, the Master is with me exclusively, no sharing, no requests to meet Him. I have Him all to myself, one on one. I even feel guilty thinking that it is better to not have Him in the physical. I am enjoying it even more. The relationship from within is greater than the external relationships we create. Even those who want Jesus to come back will not have as much fun. All the rich and famous people will monopolize Him. You will only be able to see Him on television. You can enjoy the relationship you build with Him right now. All for you. Even if you see God in heaven, it will not be as much fun as experiencing God now, while you are in this human form. It is a great feeling. It can be more real than using all your outer senses. This opposite reaction from sorrow to true joy has made this journey worth taking. Build this inner relationship with the Lord, and no other relationship will matter. — Satish Daryanani

joyous woman in blue orbs

Finding Common Ground

When we meet new people at a gathering, we try to find common ground on topics we discuss. Even for the Brexit deal to be successful, there has to be common ground. When talking on spirituality, you must know when and where to discuss it. The capacity to understand and digest must be there. Otherwise, you are forcing your issues on others. When you spend time in silence with the Lord or talking with spiritual Masters, it is the same thing. The conversation is based on your capacity to understand and that it does not have to become argumentative. The more open you are, the more the knowledge is passed to you. The common ground is your deep yearning to learn. How much you want to gain is how much will somehow come to you. The correct person will be connected to quench your inner thirst. If you only want the common ground to be about money, sports, movies, or jokes, then that is all you will get. God and the Masters are smart. They know what interests you. They do not want to lose a friend. So, it is all up to you. Choose the topic that brings the best out of God and Masters. Let them pause and think before answering your questions. Let them earn the status of being God or a Master. Make them speechless in your discussion. That is the fun of life. — Satish Daryanani

a circle of open hands showing common ground

Sleepless Night

A sleepless night could be the gift of your life. It depends on what you experience. You could write books about all the wonderful thoughts that come while sleepless. If you enjoyed the gift, you will wish you could never sleep again. We sometimes do not spend enough time in silence, so God knows when to catch us. We cannot run away from Him. He has a captive audience. Then it depends on His mood. He can bestow so much that it will be more than enough for your lifetime. There will even be battles within you in the mornings. “Do I want to get up at all or just stay in this state?” I see many people leave worldly stuff and spend the rest of their lives in seclusion. But the real lesson in life is to enjoy the excitement from outside with others enjoying your existence, at the same, time shaking your head as to what can come from a sleepless night. When you do both, this limited lifespan seems to go by fast. You will not know if you should keep your eyes open or closed during the day, as both the aspects of your life are so interesting. Open for a few minutes and close for a few and enjoy the dance between the two opposite poles of your life. — Satish Daryanani

Post Office

Most post offices are losing money, as more and more people use e-mail and pay bills online. Children used to mail letters to Santa Claus. Now, fewer children believe and require gifts from Santa Claus, as Santa has been replaced by Amazon. We get gifts so fast that no one has the patience to wait for Christmas. We had time to write letters, but now we only have time to post our likes and dislikes. Even the mailman has reduced delivering mail, and God receives fewer deliveries of our prayers. Who has time to send the mail and wait for the response from God? If our prayers are not answered within a few minutes, we lose faith in prayers. In the old days, I would send letters from India to my father in the USA. The reply would take 2 weeks to arrive. We would be excited, waiting for the mailman to deliver our school results, letters from our loved ones, or a check. Who would do that today? Now it is all out-dated. No more catalogues or magazines to subscribe to, and not many thank you notes. — Satish Daryanani

Postal carrier on a bicycle, holding mail

Food and Travel

There is a magazine called “Food and Travel.” When we travel, food becomes a big part of it. We want to taste different food and enjoy the local delicacies. Yet, people want to go to the same McDonald’s, Pizza Hut, and Taco Bell. When we travel, we must forget the things that confine us. We must get new experiences, otherwise we are just taking our home with us. Do not compare what you have on your trip. If the vacation is not as good as where you live, at least you will learn to appreciate what you have. I know of a person who loves his wife’s home cooking so much that, wherever he travels, he is unhappy. His wife should pack her cooked food when they travel. Traveling is an adventure, to discover new tastes for all your senses. We are all travelers coming in this human form for an 80-year vacation. Make the most out of the new things you learn. I think travel and food are part of our lives. Trying to be a skeleton by being on a permanent diet does not make travel fun. Eat and taste in moderation but do not miss out on the variety of life. When I travel, my appreciation for God increases, seeing the details of all the variety in this world. How much free time He must have on His have on His hands to come up with all that we enjoy. — Satish Daryanani

exotic cooking


Words present the hardest thing a person goes through everyday. Correct words can get you success, name, and fame. You can heal with words and help inspire people. You can even spread the teachings with words. You can win the heart of a beautiful girl with words. My daily struggle is to put into words the experiences from within. Words can cause peace or war, marriages or divorces, friendships or enemies. Putting correct words together can create a beautiful poem or speech. Words can discriminate between people or create fear in them. Thank you, God, for the greatest gift of all. We can win Your heart without words. Our longing for You is only in pain, which can never be expressed. No talent is required to put our feelings for You in words. Best of all, You do not have to suffer to put into words all the wisdom You give us. It comes only in the form of experiences within us. Our relationship with God is free from spelling and grammatical mistakes. I would be given an F grade because of that. True love requires no words. Only a salesperson uses words to try and sell; even to sell that love to someone. — Satish Daryanani

Couple expressing words of love

Heat Wave

This summer, many cities have had some of the hottest days in history. For a person who loves walking, it becomes hard. Once, I was with my spiritual Master. It was very hot and we had no air-conditioning, so I complained. My Master said, “Spiritual evolution is being able to control the body temperature. As long as you are aware of the cooling light from inner peace, nothing can affect the body from outside.” Our minds create their own temperatures. The heat of a restless mind is far greater than the heat of a desert. Heat created from anger, stress, anxiety, fear, and ego is hotter than a volcano erupting. Equanimity and serenity cool us. So, hot days are meant to check if the inner air-conditioner is working. If it fails, it needs servicing. That means more time to spend on inner cooling. We have to set our own temperatures, 23 degrees Celsius or 72 degrees Fahrenheit, permanently within us. Then the hot, or cold, days will not stop us from walking our 20,000 steps daily. — Satish Daryanani

4 hot hiker rest on picnic table

Harnessing Grace

In Mexico City there is a shortage of water, as the lakes have dried up. In the outskirts of the city, people can spend about 20% of their income and buy water from trucks. There is enough rainfall, yet they do not know how to harness the water. Most is wasted. Similarly, so much grace is wasted. The irony is: We need grace to harness all the grace out there. Seeing grace in the small stuff, slowly brings the awareness of grace. For example, a good night’s sleep, no body pains for the day; nice weather, no delayed flight; tasty food, and the natural wonders of nature. Then, the awareness of grace grows in peace, wisdom, and experiencing God. Let grace not go in the gutters, unused. Otherwise, you have to pay for grace, like the water trucks in Mexico City. — Satish Daryanani

Circle of Life

In the Disney movie, “The Lion King,” the circle of life is mentioned. We are all connected in this circle. Those who want to live a selfish life do not believe in this connection. As your understanding grows, you will see that the connection is neither circular nor linear. It is nothing but perfect harmony. Everyone is perfectly designed in the Master plan. All of creation is doing its part for the big show. Even if you are selfishly living in separation, for your own happiness, you cannot change the movie of life. If you miss out on this universal connection, you miss the peace from seeing yourself as a part of everything. You, too, can sing the song from the movie, about having no worries from the mistakes of the past or fears of the future, and enjoy the beauty of the world around you. — Satish Daryanani

Lion cub


The mobile app, FaceApp, shows us how we might look when we get old. Those who are happy with their current looks, would like to look the same permanently. Many are already planning the parts to have fixed by plastic surgeons. If I uplift my face, will it will also uplift my soul? I look at my future picture and, with the wrinkles, my face looks more peaceful. Actually, wrinkles make you look wiser and contented. This will bring empathy from others, so no one gets upset at you. No one will want to fight and beat you up. It has advantages, people let you go first, doors will be opened for you. If you are carrying a lot of stuff, others will help you to lighten your load. I will look older and get senior citizen discounts without having to show my ID. They will not ask for my name at Starbucks, they’ll just put in “old man.” When I say something deep, they can say because I am an old soul. Wisdom with wrinkles has more effect, as it is backed with experience. I am actually looking forward to wrinkles, as it shows how time has passed and I am getting closer to being with my beloved.— Satish Daryanani

A Boxer

When the parents of a boxer are watching their child fight in the ring, they can send love, prayers, and blessings. They are watching their child get beaten up, yet they cannot do anything. They feel more pain in their hearts than the physical pain felt by the child. They are helpless, as the child chose to be a boxer. If a child takes a lot of alcohol, drugs, smokes a lot, or gambles and loses all their money, the parents feel the pain. Similarly, God, our real parent, feels all the pain from our actions. We make the choices in our lives, as freedom is given to His children. Yet, we blame God for all our hurdles. If we did not study hard and our careers are not going our way, we blame God. We do not eat, think correctly, or exercise and, when health problems come, we blame God. We spend too much and do not have savings, and we blame God. Poor God already suffers from our stupid actions and still gets blame from the results of all that we do. That is double pain to God. Just keep in mind that all the suffering you go through, God is suffering more than you. So use your choice of freedom well, so your parent suffers less. — Satish Daryanani

Two boxers, bloody nose

My Next Life

Some people give up easily and love using this phrase, “In my next life.” I was talking to someone about silence, and he said that he would practice silence in his next life. If someone is not a great athlete, he will say he wants to become one in his next life. Some women tell me that, in their next lives, they want to come back as men. Leaving things for the next life is like passing a hot potato to your future self. The problem is that you are still the same. Your today is carried forward to the next morning. You are carried into the next life with your strengths and weaknesses. What you cannot attain today with a healthy body, good guidance, and basic necessities provided, will most likely not be attained in your next life. If you were born in Africa, sick and with no food nor water, it would be even more challenging. Now, you have everything. Do not waste it. You may not have me to push you in your next life. The only thing you can pray is, ”If the Lord wishes to send this instrument again, please let me be of service. All my selfish desires should be extinguished in this birth so there is no person again. Lord, this slave is always ready to obey your wish. Heaven, hell, or rebirth, they are all the same to me.” — Satish Daryanani

Now vs later sign

The Day of the Masters

Today we celebrate and give gratitude to all those who have influenced our lives. Not just for the spiritual teachers, but for anything taught to us. One of my Masters is movies. They show lots of lessons I have to learn. Even with having many Masters and many teachings, there are still so many imperfections within me. There is no guarantee that, being around a magnet, one gets magnetized. The Masters can only guide and inspire us. Clinging to and possessing them will get us nowhere. One drop of water at a time, falling continuously at one spot can even break a granite rock. Our hard heads can break with the continuous drops of grace. This grace is the holy name given by the Masters. Continuous repetition, with complete love, melts us. Our gratitude comes from experiencing all that they want us to. Looking back, we feel how fortunate we are to have met them. I miss my Masters who are not with me in their physical forms. To the Masters who still have to put up with me, God bless You with the patience and the perseverance not to give up on me. — Satish Daryanani

Respect and Reverence

My spiritual Master used to tell me, “You do not have respect and reverence like we had toward our Masters.” Today, many parents complain that this generation does not have respect and reverence toward parents as soon they had toward their own parents. In the old days, wives did not even call their husbands by their names. What has changed? The notion of freedom and equality. We do not take life as seriously today. There is also financial freedom today. So, have we also changed our respect and reverence for God? In a way, yes. We do not follow the rules and regulations of structured religions. Many have lost faith in God’s existence. Yet, God is easy and loving. He does not require respect and reverence to give love and grace. You can think, talk, and obey at your convenience. You benefit by faith and letting go. No formal training or studies of scriptures are required to pray. Choose any chant you want to develop your focus. You can have an image, or no image, for the Lord. Speak in any language. You can even experience God with tremendous hatred. If God is not tough, why is it tough for the world to receive respect and reverence? The answer is simple. We give respect and reverence to our elders to get their blessings, love, and experience. It is to show gratitude for all they do for us. This discipline will help us grow. Giving respect and reverence makes us humble and helps us learn from the experience of others. Thank God for being cool, otherwise I would not have a relationship with Him. Yet, I wish I could show more respect and reverence in my life. — Satish Daryanani

Our Lives

I saw a movie based on a teacher’s life. Having everything, he gave it all up for the education of the poor. He even lost the girl he wanted to marry. His success came from the success of his students. The hurdles he faced made the journey more challenging. So, did he do it for God? No. He did not do it for God, or even good Karma. He just did them. When you do things just for the sake of doing them, it happens from a compassionate heart. There is no logic in your actions. Everyone around you discourages you. Many times you feel like giving up. The choices you make in your life show your character, e.g. doing just for the sake of doing, wanting nothing in return. Our lives are the sum of our thoughts, words, and actions. Sometimes a movie can be made about it. Even if no movie is made, you will think of the movie of your own life. You alone will know if it was worth living. Make your life in such manner that, when others think of you, tears of gratitude pour from their eyes. You had such an influence on the lives of strangers. Then you will leave this body knowing that you truly lived. — Satish Daryanani

Super 30 star


We all have different points of view, so we . Truth is one, debates about it are many. Ignorance can be debated but wisdom cannot be described. Those fortunate few thousands who have realized the truth do not debate it. When two realized souls meet, they just gaze at each other. No words are needed, just the look of enlightenment. There are many ways to please the Lord, to show devotion, to let others know your faith. There are so many rituals, dos and don’ts, rules passed down through generations: seeing God as One who gets special treatment; seeing that He is very hard to please; debating that there is only one method, one path to win His grace. All debates stop when the truth is realized—that there is nothing but God. There is only the One in everyone and everything. Discuss what? Please whom? Fear which one? Break what rules? Long for which form? Follow which scripture? Pray for which incomplete desire? Above all, seek which journey after death? All these notions are erased, and we can laugh at our self-imposed rules and regulations. We debate with others trying to explain the existence and experience of God. All thinking, talking, and debating come to a full stop once the truth is revealed. If you do debate, do it for entertainment. Play with the ignorance of others. You are so bored, as there is nothing else to do. — Satish Daryanani

Time Keeps on Ticking

You can stop many things but not time. On the other hand, when you go into the depths within, there is no time nor space. Time is an illusion like everything else. We still need it to deal in worldly matters. There are those who worship time and others think time is their servant. Time is based on their convenience. This friend, time, reminds us of the lease of this human form. Time heals and, based on our attitudes, shows us that the best, or worst, has still to come. Time is the litmus test in my spiritual growth. Time is like the waves on the beach, never the same. Time stands still when we truly enjoy something. It happens when I gaze into my Master’s eyes. Time shows that a whole year has passed since my beloved Master has left His body. Today, on this anniversary, I thank the Lord for the wonderful time I have spent with my Master. The value of the time He spent on us is based on how ripe the fruit has become. Time is appreciated when our lives are full of gratitude about how wonderful time has been for us. Now it is time to end the thought with knowing that time, too, has been one of my Masters. It keeps ticking without seeking any credit, or blame, for all the experiences it gives us. — Satish Daryanani

Clock with second hand


We think we need a good mind to understand things. It really all starts from the heart. The seeker wants to understand because there comes a yearning from the heart. He looks for a guide to turn the yearning to knowledge. The guide helps the seeker look within and convert the knowledge to experience. Once experience take place it turns to wisdom. This wisdom leads you to become a guide yourself and help others become seekers. This is the cycle of spirituality. As you grow, so will your understanding. Being in the human form there will still be some limitations toward perfect understanding. You can come close. In the end, after all the understanding, you will end up back in the beginning. “Lord, You know what is best. Why am I wasting my precious time and energy trying to understand Your play? Let me go back to being a child and enjoy life. I do not wish to understand Your perfection.” I wasted all these years trying to understand what I already knew. You start from the kindergarten of understanding and get your PhD realizing that everything was perfect when you were a child playing in kindergarten. The more you know, the less you need to know. In spirituality, intelligence means you know nothing. Realizing this is true wisdom. This empty head lets you discover peace. Enjoying this peace is understanding the purpose of life. — Satish Daryanani

understanding - light pouring into concentric circles


When we are in a rhythm, everything just flows. In business, sports, music, and many other fields, once momentum is built, it feels like nothing can stop the flow. Sometimes, the momentum of thought is so wonderful and instant you cannot type fast enough. These moments come fleetingly, and we must maximize them. A poet may be struggling to write one poem but, in the momentum, a whole book can be finished. When the momentum of divinity takes place, what can normally take years to experience can happen in a few hours or even in an instant. The momentum of ideas can change all the plans of your life. The momentum of creativity can transform the world. The entire creation can unfold to you at this moment. Truly, when it rains it pours. Even God’s grace can have momentum. You could spend your life walking for days in a desert thirsty and parched, and then, suddenly, you are brought under a waterfall, overwhelmed by water. So do not give up. Any dry spell is temporary. When the momentum of fortune comes do not be egotistic, remember the struggles when the momentum was not with you. — Satish Daryanani

President Obama enjoyig a waterfall

Our Greatest Quality

There are many answers to the question, “What is our greatest quality?” However, the root of all the answers is our ability to love. If we are not capable of love, then we have no quality at all. This greatest quality is within us, as we have been created by the One who is the ocean of love. That DNA is within us. Even the cruelest people have this quality. They are able to love themselves. They even have the love to hurt others. Hitler loved the Aryan race over others. Trump loves money, power, name, and fame. Love is consistent. Where, when, and to who is different among people. It is only with love that you can spirituality evolve. Only with love can you serve. This quality may be predominant or dormant in people. That is the only difference between a saint and an evil person.  So how did we have so many wars, if we all have love in us? It is because of selfish love: love for race, religion, nation, and belief. This limited love is the cause of all pain. It is not universal love. Love can justify everything. This quality of love is the cause of all the good as well as all the destruction in the world. Love can bring you closer to God or the Devil. Using love with wisdom helps one to grow. Love with ignorance creates anger and hatred. Use this greatest quality well. — Satish Daryanani

a heart out of clouds

World Cup Champions

Even though the women’s team won the Championship, they got paid less than the men’s team. The reason being that more people watch men play football. It is not fair, yet it is true. Financial equality is not easy. We are all created by the same source, yet our pay is not the same for the same job. More women can cook, and yet, more Master Chefs are men. The world is not meant to be fair and equal. In the depths of spirituality, nothing can hold you back. Neither gender, nor race, nor financial status, nor religion. Do not get mad, get even. Use the pain of inequality in life to reach the state where others cannot. Dig with this pain and find the equanimity. If you do get it, do not use it to show others your superiority. Instead, help others who feel they are not treated fairly. Those women know they may not get equal pay, but they have four world championships under their belts. No pay can replace that joy. Do your best for equality in the world and keep in mind: We are equal in the eyes of God. — Satish Daryanani

Women's World Cup Champions 2019

Old Age

As their bodies gets old, most people will have some form of physical challenge. The age of a person is seen when they meet a stranger and talk about all their health problems. They wear their problems like an Army General, stars on their shoulders, for all the battles they have fought in life. On the other hand, if the old person is healthy, he will keep on mentioning his age to show how fit he is. “At my age, I can still do this and that.” So age becomes our identity. I would love to ask them, “After so many years, can you sit in silence and experience nothingness? How many lives have you transformed? Have you seen God?” All these years are for this. Being proud or complaining about your age is of no use. How you have utilized your years gives value to your age. If you live to be 80, the stories of you life should be shared. As bees around honey, younger people will want to be around you. They will want you to become a mentor to them. Inspire them. They wish they could have a life like yours. Then you will have earned the stars on your shoulder. — Satish Daryanani

General George S Patton wearing his 4-star service cap.

The Way We Were

Would the music group, The Beatles, be as popular as they were if they came out with their music today? Would Magic Johnson and Larry Bird be the great basketball players among today’s talents? Would people have the patience and perseverance to experience austerities like Buddha did? The way people were is not the same today. Parents left their kids to do things once they were no longer teenagers. Now, parents still treat their adult children as kids even if they are in their 20s. We are in an Instagram age. Everything now. My spiritual Masters do not make it easy to spread the teachings as they mention grace is all that is needed. So people do not want to do anything. They are waiting for Insta-Grace to transform them completely. I’m not saying the way we were is perfect and today it is not. It is just different. There are things we can use from the past. Falling and learning rather than being spoon fed, actually communicating face-to-face, not via Facebook or WhatsApp, enjoying the journey in life rather than reaching the destination. One day, even the physical Masters will be replaced by virtual ones. Technology can help, but let us not lose the human beings. Speed is good. Let us enjoy the gradual growth of spirituality within us. Spread the teachings, the slow simmering growth that comes from the contemplation of the teachings. — Satish Daryanani

Taste Buds

We are fortunate that we can enjoy a variety of foods. There are many flavors and our of taste buds, a gift, makes it possible to enjoy life. If I had no taste buds, I would be a very slim person. Life is the same. To enjoy it, we need flavors. People think that by evolving spiritually and having permanent equanimity they will be free from the changes of the world. If you are not able to enjoy the variety pack of life, it will be like eating food without tasting it. The only difference is you do not want to taste only the sweet stuff. All that comes is for enjoying. No comparisons or longings for a particular flavor. This change stops all your complaints. Only peace and wisdom all the time is like having only spicy, or sweet, foods. All that comes is good. Even the flavors of silence. No matter how good something is in life, eventually, we will get fed up of it. Now, if you only have sunny days, profits, good health, success, and compliments, you will limit your taste buds. Even the taste of bitter foods has its own joy. If you want only perfection in your life try eating only steamed rice for one week. You will long for the dish you hate the most. Spirituality is not for conquering your taste buds. It is to not make you a slave of the few that you enjoy. — Satish Daryanani

Illustration mapping tastebuds on a tongue

Independence Day

One of the few countries that do not celebrate Independence Day is Great Britain. They were ruled by no one and, instead, ruled a lot of countries. The Independence Days of many nations occur thanks to British rule. Basically, someone rules us. We get our independence from them and we celebrate it. Most children want independence from their parents when they grow up. We want to be free from anyone who controls us. When will we celebrate the real Independence Day? When we are free from ourselves. We are the worst rulers of all. We take away from ourselves all of our own rights and we enslave ourselves with everything. Instead, celebrate your independence from everyone and everything. No one can bind you when you are not a slave of social approval, success, name, fame, or even spiritual growth. Be free, like the people felt when they got their nation free. They celebrated the freedom to run their own lives. You will feel the same when your dominant mind does not control you. That day will be your personal Independence Day, which you will celebrate annually — no fireworks, no holiday, no barbecue—only a naughty smile on your face. — Satish Daryanani

Girl with naughty smile

I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For

I was listening to this U2 song yesterday and wondered, “How many have truly found in life what they are looking for? If they did, are they completely satisfied?” Others don’t even know what they are looking for. The reason is: All that you are looking for you already have. This song was not needed. Instead, there should be a song, “Thank you, God, for letting me find everything I already need.” Have no searching, just discovering. If it comes from outside, it will always go away. What is within you from birth is permanent. We just do not realize it. Some might say, “All I was searching for was a Master and I found one.” That is half of the journey. The Master helps you find the Master within you. It’s back to you, a whole circle, to realize this truth. Search, get tired, and, when you give up, you find all that you are looking for. So do not waste time. Enjoy all that you already have. — Satish Daryanani

compass in man's hand in snowy woods


We can get sued for copying pictures, ideas, designs, or concepts of others without permission. Sometimes things are similar and, without knowing some aspects, it may look like you are copying someone else. This issue occurs in every field of life. Except, in the history of humanity, you have never heard of a lawsuit filed in spirituality. Everything spiritual that comes is free and should be given freely. It belongs to no one nor is any effort put into it. All that is required is letting go and letting wisdom pour in. Many times, it will appear as if you are copying. The source is the same, just a slight difference in words. If the teachings of my spiritual Masters were copyrighted, I would be in court most of my life. The joy of the Masters is that someone is spreading the teachings. Everywhere I go, one thing is the same—people want to be enlightened and become realized souls. They do not get it just because they want it. If from the bottom of your heart you only want to spread the teachings and nothing else, everything comes to you. You get access to the same library of information with no profit and nothing to gain. When you are ready, it happens. — Satish Daryanani


On Removing a Tooth

Extracting a tooth is not easy. You can talk to the tooth and thank it for its service. Now it is time to let go and move on. Yet, the tooth holds on, not knowing it has served its purpose. I know of many disciples who get devastated when they are not needed by their spiritual Masters. This ability to move on in life is not easy for most people. We get attached like the tooth, thinking we are still needed. Even in sports, great athletes, like Joe Montana and Jerry Rice, were traded to other teams towards the end of their careers. We are needed and used for specific purposes and times. Our bosses can use us and throw us like used chewing gum. We must not get hurt and still cling on like a tooth. Detach and leave without causing pain. Even if your loved one is suffering in a hospital,it is ok to tell them to move on and everything will be ok. Being here to serve and move on is our purpose in life. God needs us, uses us, and gets rid of us. This is a fact of life. So, enjoy life as a tooth. Be used and be detached to be free from the loving hands of the dentist. — Satish Daryanani

Being Better Than Others

When I was young, I was very competitive. In every aspect of my life, I wanted to be better than others. As I grew older, my body started to not co-operate with me. I slowly gave up being competitive. Yet I was competitive in my mind. I wanted to win the game of mental tug-of-war even with my spiritual Masters. I liked to outsmart them. One day, a change took place within me. “What am I doing all this for—proving someone wrong, outsmarting them, and proving I have more talents than they have? To satisfy my ego?” This was getting me nowhere. Instead, I started to see all the things that others have and I wish I had. I appreciate someone’s patience, which I wish I had. Those who can cook, be organized, sleep few hours, have neat handwriting, never lose their temper, be satisfied, having a loving and caring heart—seeing others able to do things that were my weaknesses became my goal. I cannot even compete with any of these qualities. Now, instead of feeling that I am better than others, I feel I have so much to learn. What do I have ego for when I am behind on everything? Now when someone says they are better than me at basketball, tennis, selling abilities, physical strength, stamina, or whatever subject they choose, it does not bother me. I am just an old, retired, and retarded person who has nothing to prove.  My only competition is to increase the number of steps in my movement tracked daily on my iPhone. — Satish Daryanani

What is God’s Caste?

There are many castes and sub-divisions within each caste. I wonder if anyone knows them all. From which caste does God come? Is He the only one from His caste or are there a few privileged people who belong with Him? In truth, we have created all the differences so that a few people get the majority to do all the jobs they do not want to do. Adam and Eve belonged to no religion, race, creed, or caste. People have created this caste system to take advantage of each other. Constitutions may contain words about equality, but our hearts and minds see differences. These differences are passed down through generations. When we slowly broaden the horizon of our narrow-mindedness, the light in our heart glows. By Limiting people because of where and to whom they were born, limits growth. Everything comes from one source and goes back to the same source. Those who think they are superior are missing the enjoyment of life. They have to maintain these high standards. Seeing everyone with the same love makes you a compassionate person. I want to start a new caste — the caste of love. — Satish Daryanani

When It Rains It Pours

Sometimes, no matter what you do, nothing seems to go your way. People go to priests and have them recite prayers. They even wear gem stones to change their luck. I was once told I would have to go through a seven year “grata,” during which, no matter what I do, I would not be successful. It did come true. I guess stars really determine your fortunes. Then, when things go your way, everything pours upon you. This feast or famine theory does occur. I have only seen deserts and rain forests, nothing in between. Yet, in spirituality, I have been fortunate to receive the pouring of grace. No famine, not even for a day. Fortune tellers and priests can only help with worldly fortunes. My spiritual Masters and the Lord have given me an abundance of spiritual fortune. So, the seven years of bad luck did not seem long. There is no need to wear those lucky stones nor to perform special prayers. What will come will come. That is due to me. There are no highs and lows of the inner wealth. Whatever you have will always be with you. It can expand but never reduce. — Satish Daryanani

Conference Call

When two or more people want to talk, they have a conference call. Today, we also have group chats. Those who have strong minds can also use telepathy. Imagine God’s mind: He listens and talks to all of us at the same time. What technology, or massive telepathic power, He must be using. Those who have big families with many kids and grandkids do not have time for silence. They are always around noise. The more we talk, the more we long for quiet. Poor God, when does He get His quiet time? I wish I could set up one conference call so I could finish all my work with everyone at the same time. I would communicate more with my thoughts and less with my voice. Thank God, so many things can be done online so we have to talk less to operators. God, too, should have a fixed time in which to listen and answer all your complaints at once. Then, for the rest of the day, let Him also enjoy the nectar of silence that He has created for us. One conference call for the whole world. We, too, can laugh, listening to all the silly complaints made by everyone. That will stop us from complaining.—Satish Daryanani

Man on two phones at the same time.

Arm Wrestling

When I was young, I used to arm wrestle. I was good at it and won most of the time. Yesterday, someone asked me, “Have you experienced any of your previous lives?”
If I look at just some of the stupid things I have done in this life, like arm wrestling, I wonder how many other stupid things I must have done in my past lives. Trying to prove my physical strength to boost my ego, trying to forgive and forget all those who took advantage of me in this birth are hard enough, now I will have to worry about all the past births. Losing and missing my loved ones in this birth is enough pain. Learning from all my mistakes in this birth is already a challenge. The game of dominoes of all my past births has brought me to where I am today. Let me enjoy this moment and, if anything, I look forward to what is going to come. I am grateful for all my past experiences, which have brought me to the correct point I am at right now. Overall, the past has served its purpose by bringing me to the top of the world now. — Satish Daryanani


I love cookies so much that, when someone makes them well, I wish I could have them daily. I would love to get the recipe. Yet, if I had them daily, the taste would not be the same. You truly enjoy them when they are fresh and taken in small doses. Let people around you treat you like a good cookie. They should feel they did not have enough of you. They should want you to stay longer and meet you often. I know a Master who does not stay longer than one week in any place. He does not overstay his welcome. This way, no one gets fed up with you. When you overindulge in anything, the flavor is not the same. Even the Masters should feel they did not get enough of you. This way, the longing remains. Many relationships break up because of too much togetherness. Everything should leave you wishing you had more. If you overstuff yourself, you will lose interest. I long to go back soon to the place where I can enjoy those cookies again. — Satish Daryanani

Chocolate cookie with heart sugar dusting

A Smart Person

I am not talking about people who dress smartly, but people who are intelligent. Sometimes, you will see certain aspects of people who are smart. On the other hand, in basic things, they are not very bright. Each one of us is smart in certain things. On others, we could be average or below average. No one is 100 percent smart or 100 percent dumb. As you work on your mind, slowly, you will see your focus, ability to comprehend, and your memory improve. In time, your mind will be utilized correctly. Like a piston, if clean and greased, will work perfectly with little effort. We do need a sharp mind to grasp everything that we discover and to put them in correct and simple words for others to enjoy. The clutter of the mind has to be removed to get optimal use. Our concerns, worries, attachments, and over thoughts drain our mental batteries. Silence is like using Windex and a cloth to remove all the imprints that have collected on the mind. Slowly, the mind becomes clear, fresh, and recharged. A smart person does not need to know everything, only what is really needed. All that is needed for your specific purpose should be on your fingertips. The rest is junk mail. Know the knower, and all that you need to know, for which you have been created, will happen automatically. — Satish Daryanani


The Earth is Flat

A long time ago, people believed that the earth was flat. Those who said it was round faced a lot of challenges. Today, we know for sure, as we have pictures from outer space. No one will fall off of a flat earth, as it is round. Similarly, in the year 2012, people thought the world would come to an end. Everywhere I traveled with my spiritual Master, at least one person brought up this subject. The reason is that we think time is linear. It has a beginning and an end. If it was circular, then there would be no beginning and no end. Our thinking is limited and this causes all these misconceptions—like birth and death, our souls going permanently to heaven or hell. Everything is eternal. No beginning and no end. Having the correct notion removes all the fear that comes from the belief in things being finite. As the saying goes in the movie, Toy Story 4, going to infinity and beyond is the truth. Everything is infinite, the only thing limited is our understanding. All the questions that I asked my Master were because of this limited understanding. When I look back and remember all that I asked of Him, I realize I truly am a dummy. Years from today, I will also laugh at myself based on all that I think I know now. This journey is about nothing but having fun with the evolution of all our limited notions. — Satish Daryanani

Planet Earth

To Be with God All the Time

I desired to be with God all the time. Yet, being occupied in my daily life, that was not possible. One day the answer came, “There is nothing but Me.” No matter where you are and what action you are performing, as long as it an offering to the Lord, you are with Him permanently. All you have to do is be aware of this fact. Sounds easy, yet we get consumed by our lives and lose this awareness. We go in search of what is already at the tip of our noses. If we were more aware, then all the holy places would have no pilgrims and they would be out of business. Look at them as vacation spots to remind you of the truth. Very few people have the capacity for this awareness. It comes with a strong, focused mind or a very soft, tender heart filled with devotion, where this awareness is never lost. So, profit and loss are made from God. Insult and praise are given by God. Anger is towards God. Jealousy and envy are for God. Insecurity comes from God. Hatred and racism are created by God. Superiority and inferiority complexes are due to the existence of God. Now, that we know these facts, should we not laugh at ourselves? The best joke is that our egos are bruised by God and we show our goodness by forgiving God. Now, you know why God is not with us all the time. He is there, yet no one enjoys His permanent presence. — Satish Daryanani

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A Turning Point in Life 

Everyone goes through an experience, or a situation, that changes his or her life. Sometimes it can be more than one situation, like a major illness,  the death of a dear one, or a big financial loss. My turning point was in 9th grade. I was an A-plus student and was very good at Math. I failed in five subjects including Math. From that day, I realized I have to do my best. I could either be an A or an F student—nothing in between. Sometimes, a major sickness comes at a young age and that becomes a wake-up call. We have limited time in which to transform ourselves. You have had enough fun in this world. Refrain from it for some time and enjoy all the possibilities to maximize this birth. A sacrifice is a selfish act. It gives you so much more in the long run. Every successful person uses that one moment in time that turns their life around. The bigger the obstacle the greater opportunity to turn your life. The best example is of Mahatma Gandhi who was not allowed to sit in first class on the train in South Africa, even though he had a first class ticket. He fought for the rights of the Indians under British rule. He brought the movement to India. One man’s turning point became the turning point of a nation. — Satish Daryanani

Alexander Graham Bell

How You Respond

Our lives are determined by the way we respond. Whether we enjoy heaven or suffer in hell depends on our response. How do we respond if we meet God? How do we respond to experiencing peace? How do we respond to grace and love from the Lord? There is nothing of any value in life, only our response gives it value. A diamond is a rock like any other rock, our response to it makes it expensive. I have sent this thought. The response of a thumbs up or down determines its effect. Nature plays its part, and we respond to it as a calamity. Everything is perfect, or imperfect, based on our response. A dimple is a defect, yet it is seen as very cute. Your responses make or break you. A movie is a success, or a failure, based on the collective responses of viewers. Poker players can win, or lose with a bad hand—based on their responses. Even our sickness and health are based on our response. Know that you are the master of your response. All that is happening will happen. You are living with the consequences of your response.—Satish Daryanani

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I love Netflix because it remembers what I was watching. I was watching Season 6 Episode 3 with 28 minutes and 7 seconds left in that episode, and it remembers that. Even after a few minutes, days, or months, I can go back to Netflix and it will take me back to that same location without me having to find where I paused the show. Even if I move on to do something else, I can go back to the same experience I had at Netflix when I left it. There are those who meditate and, if they are disturbed by something, they get upset. They are not able to go back to the same experience even a few seconds later. The reason is they are only working on building their focus. In the struggle to keep focused, the link gets broken. When meditation becomes like Netflix, you enjoy the show. You may not sit in silence for a few days or months but, whenever you do, you will experience exactly the place you left. You need not start again from Season 1 Episode 1. There are people addicted to Netflix, as they can enjoy whenever they want. Similarly, if silence becomes Netflix, you, too, will become a slave of it. All the entertainment whenever you want. Leave and come back to it at your convenience and enjoy it from where you left it. — Satish Daryanani

What Do We Believe

At Disney World in Orlando, there is a Virtual Reality ride in the Epcot Center called Soarin’. In it, we are stationary, only images move on a massive screen. People scream and lift their legs to avoid getting hit. It seems so real, as if we are moving at great heights. Do we believe what our eyes are seeing? We get deceived by our own eyes. I was with my Spiritual Master for this ride, and He said that every spiritual aspirant should go on this ride. Our lives are the same. We are seeing this massive screen called life, perpetually moving. We are afraid, happy, sad, stressed, and worried. We respond by crying or laughing. We believe this screen of life is real and are deceived by all our senses. Yet, no one sees that we are steady. We can react by enjoying the ride, not forgetting the truth that we are where we are. We are still, not moving. The screen of time and space is creating a ride for us. We are free from all that is happening. So, what do we believe? Is all that we think real or are we as the steadfast rock of Gibraltar, which is what we really are? — Satish Daryanani

The Irony of Human Birth

A river tries to meet the ocean. As soon it comes close to the merger, many waves are created. When the river becomes an ocean, it is no longer a river, it is an ocean. A moth wants to enjoy the light; as soon as it gets close to the light, it is killed by the heat of the lamp. We human beings want to get close to God. While we are in a human form, we can enjoy God, yet the human form also separates us. When we are no longer in the human form and we are one with God, there is no experiencer there to enjoy. Like the river, the moth, and the human formonce the merger takes place, they all do not exist. So the joy of longing is not complete. This is the irony: You are wanting the Lord, yet you cannot be complete with the Lord. The human form is the only way to enjoy the Lord, yet this limited form restricts you. You cannot enjoy being one with the One, as there is no one to enjoy the One. So keep on longing, knowing that the veil of separation is the only way to experience the Lord. — Satish Daryanani

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Father’s Day

Today the world celebrates Father’s Day. Only the mother knows who is the real father. In today’s world, many children are raised by single mothers. Having a father around as a role model helps the child. I know of children who are afraid of their fathers and lie to them out of fear. When they grow up, lying becomes a part of their lives. With many fathers who smoke or drink heavily, the children end up living the same way. With fathers who only think of money and who are misers, the children end up the same way. My father loved food, traveling, being around spiritual Masters, paying his bills on time, having a belly laugh, and living a simple life. I was fortunate to pick up many of his qualities. He also had a temper, which is also in me. He would get up every day between 4:00 am and 4.30 am and sit in silence. I, unfortunately, did not pick up this gift. My father never sat and taught me things; we pick up everything just by the way our parents live. Mothers spend more time teaching children. My physical father introduced me to other fathers in my life. They are my spiritual Masters. They took over and spent time teaching me. Today, I thank the Lord for all my fathers who spent their time and energy on this crazy boy. I am what I am because they all loved me. — Satish Daryanani

Swami Satchidananda and JP Dada Vaswany

I Am Tired

What have you done that made you tired? Everything is happening with the will of God, and still, you are complaining you are tired. I can understand if God says that He is tired, as the poor fellow is working hard. You are tired from sitting or standing in air-conditioned environments, moving your eyes, fingers, and your big mouth. That is how most of us earn our living and yet we feel drained. We are tired, not because we are using our bodies, but because we are unnecessarily using our minds. Wanting more and more causes us to get tired. More than 90 percent of people feel they do not make enough money. That pressure causes us to get tired, as we take on bigger loads to meet our so-called basic requirements. The list of basic needs has changed so much that, at one time, it was called greed. We all get tired from chasing after things to satisfy our needs. That is why it is called a rat race, not a human race. Even if we walked 50,000 steps daily, it would be less tiring than the miles our minds run daily. We are only tired of our stupid mind and nothing else. Keep your mind at ease and you will see that you are never tired. Your need for sleep lessens and you still feel fresh, as your complaints of being tired are reduced. Next time, you can say, “I am tired of boredom, as nothing much is occupying my mind.”—Satish Daryanani

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Talking to a New Person

To get deals done, we often have to deal with strangers. We research the people and come to a conclusion based on what we hear about them. Then fear sets in and we worry: “Will they be agreeable or will they be tough or rude?” You must have faith in your ability to make strangers into friends. Your homework has prepared you to be cautious, not afraid. Sometimes, I saw fear in people when they would talk to the spiritual Masters. They are all human, made by the same Lord. So, whether I talk to my childhood friend, or Jeff Bezos, or my Masters, or the Queen of England, it’s all the same. They are all the same. Be your self, speak with love and respect, speak to the point and get your job done. All of this will prepare you to talk to the boss of all—God. He does not get special treatment. He is in everyone, so I speak to Him the same way as I speak to everyone. Remember, no one is better or worse than you. When you see everyone equally, you talk fearlessly with everyone. Then, you will enjoy making new friends daily.—Satish Daryanani

Jeff Bezos

Pleading  Guilty

The courts sometimes are lenient, if you plead guilty to the crimes you have committed. If you are totally innocent, you fight for justice. Likewise, even with God, if you plead guilty for all your wrongdoings, the burden automatically is lifted from your shoulders. Your instant reward is being free from the burden of guilt. Still, it hard to admit our wrongdoings. The ego stops you from admitting it. Like God, the world is mostly made of soft-hearted people. Seeing the pain of your guilt is enough for them to forgive you. We are human, and mishaps will happen. Admitting your guilt shows your strength. Those who sit in silence prefer to admit their guilt, as they do not want to disturb their minds to enjoy peace. As you admit guilt easily, you will find not only that it is worth to play with fire and pay the price of being guilty. You are not doing the correct deeds for judgment day. You are feeling light from the release of all the burden of guilt. You are reducing the prison sentence from the inner judge, which is far worse than the judge appointed for the court. Make mistakes plead guilt, learn, and move on.— Satish Daryanani

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The Story of Your Life

If a book or a movie was made of your life, would people read or watch it? You might say that Hitler and mob bosses have each had an interesting life. At the same time, “Gandhi” was a popular movie. So the really good or the really bad have interesting lives; the average person is left out. Where do you fall in? In my case, I always believed I was created to inspire others to learn what not be. I always love playing the role of a villain. The life of a hero is boring. If everything is good and smooth in your life, then no one will pay for your autobiography. Even in school, the teachers remember the A-plus student or an F student, like me. Even if you meet them years later, they remember you. Make your life interesting so that your grandchildren will not be bored with your stories. Try new things and fail, overcome different challenges, be creative, experience new things so that you will have really lived. Even God should be impressed by your life. Either He feels, “What a wonderful child I have,” or He thinks, “How did I create this crazy one?” At least He knows you exist. Live your life in such a manner that either everyone is sad and will really miss your presence or say, “Good riddance,” when you are no more.—Satish Daryanani

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What is God’s Involvement?

A mother creates a big playground for her child with lots of toys to occupy his or her mind, and the child is kept busy playing. Once the child is bored with the toys or gets hurt, he looks for the mother. Until then, he is not even aware of the existence of his mothers. On the other hand, the mother is constantly aware of the child playing. As long as the child is busy, the mother leaves him alone. We have a lot of toys and distractions in the world. Only when we get fed up, or really hurt, do we seek our real mother, God. We involve God only when we musts. If we need Him, He is there and yet, not there. Some believe in God’s existence and some believe there is no God. This is how parents should be in the lives of their children. At a certain age, we parents should be spare tires, like God–there, only when needed. Let the kids play in the world. Hear their cries and then come running. God does not feel sad if all His kids forget Him and are enjoying His playground. This is how we know He is detached. Loving us without demanding love in return. So, let us learn from God about our involvement in the world. — Satish Daryanani

A Perfect Day

What is a perfect day? The answer is different for everyone. Most people would say, “If everything goes according to your plan and the end result is perfect in your mind, then that makes it a perfect day.” This, however, does not happen often. So, only a very few days are perfect in our minds. Now, ask yourself, “If things did not go your way, then whose way did it go?” The one who truly has the right answer will say, “Everyday and every second is perfect.” They cannot even remember this perfect day, as every day is the same. The understanding that every atom and every second is already perfect makes your life perfect. The experience you receive daily in silence is perfect, no matter the wavering of the mind. If you live like this, you may lose the excitement of the special perfect day. Believe me, getting that high of once-in-a-while is not better than the daily smooth sailing. You choose to celebrate perfection once in a while or daily. — Satish Daryanani

Problem-free World

I am selling a new concept, a problem-free world. How many people will sign up for that? There will be no learning or growing. Based on this fact, will anyone sign up? A problem-free life exists only in a graveyard. There is no one to enjoy it. Problems are like air, they keep us alive. Running from problems is like running from life itself. The more the problems, the greater the spice of life. We enjoy problems like a crossword puzzle. Too easy, we get bored; too hard, we give up. The right dosage of problems makes life worth living. So, we maintain faith in the Lord by praying for help with the problems and by not giving up completely. A problem-free world would feel like we are living in a coma—alive, yet dead. Make problems your true friend. They bring out the best in you. The experiences test your faith, your inner strengths, and your limits. Your life is judged on your problem-solving abilities. As soon as one problem is over, welcome another one. Blessed are those who live from one problem to another. — Satish Daryanani

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When Stephen King writes books, they are horror stories. Tom Clancy’s books have to do with the CIA. J. K. Rowling’s books have to do with magic. What you think of is what the authors write about. I love my spiritual Masters, sports, business, and movies, so these thoughts pertain to those topics. The subjects on which our minds focus determine our strengths and weaknesses. Our minds are so vast that they have the capacity to process subjects. Yet, all will find that one subject becomes predominant. You can become consumed by it. Be careful on what you choose to become a slave to. I thank my Masters for making themselves so predominant in my life that everything else takes a back seat. I still have a very large variety pack of things that consume my mind. Yet, when I think of my Masters, all else disappears in a split second. Enjoy everything that comes from your mind, but find that one thing that you love so much that everything else becomes meaningless.— Satish Daryanani

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I play with words and enjoy the reactions of others. I know which trigger points to push to make them react. I just enjoy the show. The ones who do not show reaction are not my customers. My fun is to enjoy the others as toys. I press one button to make them laugh, another to upset them, a third to put them on the defensive. The more buttons you have, the more I enjoy. People are made like toys, they can be played with by others. The world knows exactly how you will react to any particular situation. You are no longer the master of your reactions. Take control of your reactions so nothing can disturb you. My spiritual Masters had a lot of fun at my expense. I could see them smile, watching my reactions. If nothing can affect you, there will be no reaction. I was very ticklish. Now, if I close my eyes and someone tickles me, there is no reaction. I am lost within, nothing can affect me. I do not even react if someone talks against spirituality, my Masters, or vegetarianism. That is their opinion. Even if they want to debate the existence of God, there is no reaction. You know the truth of who you really are, so why react? Someone might call you selfish, egoistic, self-centered, hot-tempered, or even a male chauvinist, still no reaction. This gift comes from spending years in silence. Nothing, nothing is worth reacting to.—Satish Daryanani


Becoming Holy

A hollow bamboo stick is of no value. Once you make holes in the stick, it becomes a flute. Then the Lord can use it, and music comes from the flute. The flute is touching the lips of the Lord. Music can heal others, make them smile, and dance to the Lord’s tune. The flute becomes a perfect instrument, being controlled by the breath of the Lord. All you have to do is become holy. The hollow bamboo stick has to be drilled to make the holes. Similarly, we too have to go through the pain of the drilling. Our attachments, desires, and egos have to be removed from the hollow stick. Then the holes are created. Becoming a stick makes you a holy flute, as you are now useful, spreading the music of peace and wisdom. Connected permanently with the lips of the Lord. People see this and start calling you a holy person. All you did was to remove the unwanted aspects of your life and let the Divine breath flow through you. — Satish Daryanani

Lord Krishna playing his flute

Ocean Without Waves

Even though the ocean is sometimes calm, there are still waves. Trying to have perfect situations in our lives is like trying to remove the waves from the ocean. Trying to keep the mind calm presents the same situation. We are meant to ride the waves of life and not get bored by calm waters. That is why retired people are miserable: There are no waves like there were in their professional lives. We are only meant to work on ourselves, not our circumstances. We plan: If certain things happen, then within a few years, we will have smooth sailing. When one issue is solved, others will arise; this is guaranteed. You will never be free. If everything is perfect in the world, then doctors, lawyers, psychiatrists, priests, and even God will no longer be needed. Above all, there will be no one reading these messages. Thank God for the waves in life so, at least, God is always required.—Satish Daryanani

waves in calm water

Being Whom You Want To Be

Each one of us is brought up in a particular manner, with different beliefs and limitations. That should never stop us. A child who once sold tea has become a prime minister. We have equal opportunities for success. What do you really want out of life? Decide and stick with it. It does not only have to be spirituality. It could be anything. There is no judgment about what you choose. Once you know your goal, have a laser focus to attain it. Not all are meant to become realized souls. Your life is your own. Waste it or make something out of it. Lack of faith in yourself hinders your growth. Do not blame anyone or anything for your situation. If you are fed up with your job, leave and get another job or start your own business. If your health is bad, exercise and eat correctly. If you want God, then give God no choice in revealing Himself. You want to serve the world, so crush your ego with the love for others. No excuses, no complaints—your failure in life is because you failed yourself. — Satish Daryanani

Broken chain


Most shopping malls do not dedicate enough space in which people can rest. The only way you can rest is if you stop to eat or drink something. The rest of the time you are expected to shop. We all need time to rest from making and spending money. Not just physical rest, but mental as well. I have noticed the moment someone rests, they end up falling asleep. Even while practicing silence, I hear them snoring. They are so tired that the ability to rest turns to sleep. Rest from the constant movement of the mind. You see someone running a 26-mile marathon. As soon as they finish they are on the floor resting. We run a 26-year, 52-year, or more, marathon of the mind and still do not rest enough. After the rest, we have more energy to go back to earning the means to shop again. If the designers of the malls were smart, they would create places of silence and rest so that the shoppers could get their second wind to shop again. — Satish Daryanani

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Convincing Power

Some people believe these statements are true: Cigarettes are cool. Guns are needed. Coal is good. Killing others in the name of religion will lead you to heaven. There are so many things we are convinced are good for us. Even if you buy something at a good value, another storekeeper can convince you that you have overpaid, and you lose your peace. The master of convincing is our mind. The mind can make us feel tired or rejuvenate us based on what we are going to do. We can feel we are sick if we have to go to a spiritual retreat, but the mind can convince us we are well enough to go for a movie.  We can even try to convince ourselves we are happy. If you keep justifying your life, saying you are happy, you are actually not. You need not convince yourself and others about your happiness. True happiness is never mentioned. It is a by-product of peace and contentment. It is shown by the expression of the inner joy, that carefree life that comes from wisdom. Convincing others that you are spiritual or have inner or material wealth only shows you are seeking it. The one who has everything does not need to convince anything to themselves or others. Be a well-anchored person in your convictions and in your journey in life. Let the convincing power of your mind, or other’s, not sway you from your true self. — Satish Daryanani



It is the time of the year in the United States when students graduate from schools or colleges. Most mention how wonderful and quickly the four years went by. They are confident when they believe in who they are rather than what others think of them. All the speakers are positive and filled with gratitude. No one mentions the struggles and disagreements they may have had over the past four years. We will only appreciate and miss everything when we graduate. Similarly, we will all give the same speech after our 80-year graduation. How wonderful everything was, how fast the 80 years went by, how we will miss everyone. When we are living in the moment, and if we all have the same feelings, then the 4 years or the 80 years would be like our moment of graduation. Do not wait to appreciate it after it is over. Each section of our lives have mini graduations—pause, look back, and appreciate high school, college, single life, married life, and retired life. All the speeches we give or listen to are there to bring awareness of the wonderful moments and relationships during that period. Please do not wait for your last big graduation, as there will be no one to listen to your appreciation. Enjoy your graduation daily as you move from one day to another. — Satish Daryanani

Graduation hats flying


I do not like to read books but love it if someone summarizes them so I could get the gist without spending the time reading. If the book was made into a movie, then even the synopsis would not be needed. Holy books like the Gita, Koran, Bible, and Guru Granth Sahib should be explained in one page. I asked my spiritual Masters, “How would you summarize all the teachings in a few words?” Here are some of the summaries from different Masters: “In one word, accept, or thank you for everything.” “All for good.” “We are doing everything to pass our time and nothing else.” “Everything is a dream within a dream.” “Only in the purity of the heart can you see God.” “Speak the truth.” “I am not the body, I am not the mind, Immortal Self I am.” There are many more. My motto of life is to enjoy the effort of others. If someone puts in the effort to read a book, enjoy the summary without going to the trouble of reading the book. If all the Masters have spent years in trying to experience everything, just learn from them in a line or two. Use the guides who know their way so you do not get lost. — Satish Daryanani

Harry Potter books

Silence and Solitude

No matter how good your intentions are, if you utter even one word, it can cause misunderstanding. Silence is golden. Not only can it rejuvenate or heal, you, it also protects you, and you can enjoy peace. If you type slowly like me, you get time to pause before you press send. In talking, there is no pause. Silence and solitude are the only things needed to discover everything. People find it hard to be silent or sit in solitude. On the other hand, talking and mixing with people is difficult for me. Some think I am an egotistical person and success has gone to my head, as I do not communicate with them. The reason I prefer silence is to not get in trouble. My words may not appeal to everyone. Talking of spreading the teachings or of vegetarianism, is different. Then you are only a microphone. Talking about normal stuff is not my strength. So, my weakness becomes my strength, as sitting in silence is my natural state. Talking is going against the current. Solitude is fun. You can be by yourself, dress the way you want, do what you want, eat what you want, and think about what you want. I even prefer staying in hotels, as it gives me a break from the world. People, people all the time, get to me. So being around people is for my entertainment and, being in silence and solitude is, for me, a chance to enjoy my true nature. — Satish Daryanani

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Quality of Life

A country’s quality of life is rated based on the safety, health, and prosperity of its citizens. Yesterday, I was listening to two people discuss the quality of their lives. Not once did they mention having free time. There was no discussion on the benefits of silence or peace. God did not exist in their conversation. Yet, they were talking about the quality of life. I think it was more about the quantity in life, the more possessions we have, how many people know us and follow us on Instagram, how much temporary happiness we enjoy, and to how many restaurants did we go. Quality is not about how much we have, it is about how much we can enjoy with what we have. Developed countries get a higher ranking on the quality of life, as their citizens can enjoy all the benefits for free. Yet, there is more loneliness and depression in their lives. Real quality is on an individual basis, not national. Quality comes from living a balanced life, not by complaining about the lack of opportunities but, instead, by maximizing what is around you. Quality starts when God is real in your life and not just a picture on the wall. Peace is experienced when you are not working to attain it. When I was a young boy, I used to love the Quality brand ice-cream. The way to enjoy ice-cream and all aspects of life is the same. Then you attain real quality of life. — Satish Daryanani

blond boy eating ice cream cone

Walking on Water

If you practice austerities with full devotion, you can gain the gift of walking on water. There are those who not only can walk on water but also become a boat and help others move from one shore to the other. To attain this, you have to become nothing. Even for a split second, if you become aware of yourself, fear will set in, and this gift will be lost. This ability to walk on water is a yogic power. Using this power for the sake of others by becoming a boat is Karma Yoga. The purpose of life is to work on ourselves first. Only if we can float, can we be of use. Then no storms can make us sink. People do the opposite. They try to reform others without reforming themselves. Work to a state where there are no more questions, no you, and no fear. This makes you ready to be a useful instrument. To reach this state is not easy. There are a lot of tests. Many give up. If you do get it, then it is your choice. Enjoy this gift for yourself or help carry others with you. — Satish Daryanani

Ferry boat

Three Wishes

We all wish we could have a genie who would grant us three wishes. Then, all our problems in life would be solved. We would have a lot of money, name, fame, superpowers, and we could become all that we want. A spiritual person would wish to get all that Buddha had attained. Yet, inside, he would always know he did not earn it. That fun is different. If you become a billionaire, there will be no memories of the journey. Even lottery winners go through depression. If I had three wishes, what would they be? First, let me have permanent gratitude for all that has been given to me, including the three wishes. Second, I wish the whole world would be vegetarian, yet, that would not please me, as it did not happen with free will. My third wish would be to please remove the desire for the fourth wish. We have so many wishes that three is not enough. So, having three wishes will not fulfill my life. Thank God I am not put to the test. — Satish Daryanani

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In a Minute

A person was on the phone in a church. He knelt down in front of Mother Mary, closed his eyes, and prayed. He got up after a minute and again started using his phone. He was getting nasty looks from others. On the same day, I saw a TV show where two lawyers were trying to meditate for one minute during their lunch break. They managed 42 seconds and gave up. We want peace and God, like a microwave oven—instantly, within a minute. Some even give 15 minutes to half an hour to pray and expect to get everything, like the Masters. They want grace quickly, like winning a lottery ticket without earning the money. Our normal routine, where we are so busy deducting a few minutes, should make us realized souls who Get God, peace, and wisdom instantly. Can you become a doctor with little effort? Can you win a gold medal by putting only a few minutes towards your craft? Yet we want to experience the ultimate with our haphazard effort. You must really want it, to get the ultimate treasure—spirituality first, everything else like instant coffee. Gossip within a minute, talk to God like you just met your childhood friend. Sit in silence for the time that we sit for pedicure, manicure, makeup, and fixing and coloring our hair. Seek the truth like you seek the perfect handbag. Convince God of your love for Him like you would spend time convincing a customer to buy a high-value item. Only when spirituality becomes predominant in your life, can you enjoy everything that is already within you. — Satish Daryanani

Microwave oven

Ideal Position

We look for the ideal position in which to sleep so we do not get up with body aches. In deep relaxation and meditation, we try to find the ideal position so we can be comfortable for a certain period of time. Yoga is practiced so that the body is supple and you can remain in one position for hours or days without moving. If the body is not still, how can you expect your mind to be steady? When you are extremely sleepy, your ideal position does not matter. You can fall asleep instantly. In time, the ideal position for relaxation or meditation becomes meaningless, as you can do both even while standing. The ideal position is only required in the beginning. My favorite position is putting my head on the lap of my spiritual Master. My physical position is irrelevant, as the mind is fixed on the ideal position. Then there is no movement of the mind, as I would like to stay in this position permanently. Find your ideal position in your mind, the one from which you would never want to move, then the physical ideal position does not matter. — Satish Daryanani

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Winning a Major Election

If your political party wins an election with a large majority, then no compromise is needed. The public has given you a green light to work on your agendas. It is like a mini dictatorship. Sometimes we need one person who can get things done. If you keep on compromising, the nation cannot change. We, too, have too many people controlling our lives. We are controlled by friends, family members, society, co-workers, and our crazy minds, which confuses us about which direction we need to go. Let the dictator take control. Obey unconditionally. This dictator could be God, your spiritual Master, or your inner voice. The dictator should have no attachments and should be neutral. Your mind is selfish and confused, do not listen to it. There is no election needed to choose the leader in your life. You chose the correct compass before you came into this world. This compass will guide you and you will never be lost in the haze of life. Unfortunately, we lose faith in the compass, and lawyers and financial advisers take over. Go back and listen to the sweet voice to which you used to listen when you were in your mother’s womb and you will never be insecure again. — Satish Daryanani

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The Moment

There are moments when time stands still. Whenever I would see my spiritual Master, time stood still. My ever-wandering mind would come to a complete stop. My eyes would tear, as I would be unable to blink—lost in the moment of calm as I gazed at my Beloved. The wandering of the world can come to a standstill as you become aware of the Lord. This is the moment we live for—a pause in the action of our lives. Getting lost and wishing the moment would last till eternity. The moment passes by as the play button is pressed and we are back in the never-ending motion of life. Work at being able to pause whenever you want, and press play to play your part. — Satish Daryanani

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God Talking

If you are confident that you have received a message from God, or your spiritual Master, to do something, you have to act on it. That does not mean you should tell others about it. They will think you are crazy. The hard part is if the information involves another person. You cannot make another person obey the message just because God has spoken to you. When you develop a close relationship with the Lord, you will get answers easily. Others have their own opinions. Sometimes you may not have the power to convince them to change their minds, even though it may be for their good. You will wonder how, if God talks to you, your hands are tied. Remember, He is enjoying the show, watching you struggle to enforce His will. Showing that you know it all and telling others about your close relationship with God is a form of spiritual ego, the worst form of ego. These are all tests to make you grow. You tried and failed. Today, I will share the first conversation I had. It was early morning on August 20, 2002. My beloved Master left his physical body. I was told that only family members could come and see the body. I asked my Master whether I should go? The answer came, “If you think you are my family, then go. I went. Luckily, no one questioned my presence. How could I tell them that I came because of my inner voice? As time goes by, you can write a book on God talking and about your struggles in convincing others. Some you win and many you will lose. All I know is that He is enjoying Himself at my expense. — Satish Daryanani

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Mind vs. Heart

The mind has logic, it rationalizes all actions. It makes moves based on fear and insecurity. It sometimes overthinks and misses the simplicity of things. It is the main barrier in spiritual growth. The heart does everything out of love. It does not justify what it is doing. Even if the world may tell you that you are being used, you still do it no matter how painful it might be. The heart does everything for the Lord without seeking anything in return. Only a pure loving heart can set you free from the bondage of this world. The mind and heart are the opposite sides of the same coin. The mind makes you financial profit, the heart gives spiritual profit. The mind will give intelligence, the heart awareness of the intellect. The mind can give you power, name and fame. The heart does everything out of gratitude for having everything. The mind makes you selfish, protecting and securing everything you have, whereas the heart makes the world think you are crazy because you are losing everything. Those who use only their minds continue being hard-headed. Those who use their hearts continue being soft and let nothing change in the way they are. This is the gift from the Lord. There is a battle between these two personalities. Both cannot understand each other. Yet, they have to co-exist. — Satish Daryanani


In sports matches, sometimes the key players play poorly in some of the matches. Then, in the following game, they become aggressive and win. Athletes are paid millions of dollars to play and yet, while trying to win the championship in the playoffs, they do not put in their best effort. Why do you have to come back from effortless play? Why can you not be consistent and do your best daily? Set a pick, rebound the ball, play defense, and hustle. Sometimes, when you shoot the ball, it may not be your day. You can shoot better with practice and by letting go. The more effort you put in, the more you may overthink and miss your shot. In our lives, we should win all the hustle plays daily. We should have no regrets and no need to come back. Some days you can be off, nothing can be done. Let go and let things fall in their place. For example, I sit in silence and let the thoughts flow. Some might have the WOW effect, others might not. Your routine and effort are the same. What comes is not in your control. Doing your best daily and leaving the rest frees you from the guilt of underperformance. Then there is no need for a comeback if there is a loss. — Satish Daryanani

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The healthcare industry in the United States of America spends 3.2 trillion dollars annually. Those who want to help with alternative medicine face a lot of obstacles. They do not understand that the healthcare system is a business like any other. It is profit-oriented, not service-oriented. We only like to cure the symptoms, not the problems. Changing our lifestyle is the medicine we need to heal. People are slowly realizing that with meditation and Yoga they can heal their own bodies. There has been a lot of research to prove that. Yet, there is no way to prove the benefits of what the spiritual Masters want us to experience. It would be easier to convince people to meditate if there was scientific research done on the health benefits of deep inner peace. The use of pain killers can be reduced when we can be free from the body-mind complex—we won’t need anxiety pills or sleeping pills, or listen to people speak softly and make funny sounds to relax. This is bad for the economy. It will disrupt the multi-trillion dollar industry. Healing is within us. By observing and listening to our bodies, we can free ourselves from taking medicines. Spirituality is the best remedy. It’s easy and free, and only a few use spirituality. Headaches, backaches, sore necks, and many physical discomforts are nothing but symptoms of the burdens that we carry in life. Show the world the benefits of going within. Do not try to change the Medical system, change yourself first. — Satish Daryanani


Living Twice

We have to experience everything twice. Once as an aspirant and the once as an awakened being. You may have to travel to the same places, eat the same foods, meet the same people, go through the same pleasures and pain, see the same movies, and listen to the same jokes. The only difference is you. You will laugh at all your past reactions. You will wonder if the experiencer of all these events even existed. Even when watching the reruns of a TV show, Seinfeld, your reactions will be different. If you visit the places you went to, your school, college, and work, the memories are there, but it will feel that they all happened in a dream—that they were not real. This is because the real experiencer does not exist. The mind has the movie of memories. You can watch it, and the person in the movie looks similar to you but is not the real you. For everyone’s sake, you play your part by showing the reactions you had. Inside, you are telling yourself, “I was the dumbest person ever created. I got affected by such small things. One who was scared of cockroaches, snakes, rats, dogs, lizards, and other creatures, or cried and had fear of financial losses, death of loved ones, major sicknesses, or the pain of various attachments.” You too will laugh at the reactions of the ignorant you. Enjoy living the second time. Hope each one of us gets to live twice. — Satish Daryanani

Poster of Sean Connery in You Only Live Twice

Taking Time to Decide

Some people take so long to make decisions that they lose many opportunities. They kick the bucket before they even make a bucket list. They want to experience God but do not make up their minds in time to work on it. Then it becomes too late and the experiencer no longer exists. Luckily, heaven can wait. They would not be able to give an answer to St. Peter whether they want heaven or hell. They only wake up after it is too late and then complain. There are two reasons for this: fear and faith–the fear of making mistakes and losing what you have, and the lack of faith that everything will be for your good. You can say, “Not making a decision is for my good.” Fine. Then do not complain if opportunities are lost. You cannot have it both ways. I prefer making decisions, learning from them, and choosing whether or not to repeat them. You can make quick decisions when you do not want to waste your birth. You must want to experience God now, to realize “Who am I” now. Enjoy peace and wisdom now. Live in heaven now. Help others now. Stop complaining now. Above all, share now this thought, without the fear of people liking it or not.—Satish Daryanani

Possible & Impossible intersection signs

To Touch Someone

We can touch someone with our physical bodieswith a look, a word, a smileor with our thoughts and our actions. Within a few minutes of when you meet someone new, you may hear them say the words, “You made my day.” That reflects the gift of touching someone. Your day is not made by the person who just told you those words, but by the feeling you have that you did not waste even one day. As you are able to make someone’s day, you will not only be able to change people’s lives but also enable them to touch other’s lives as well. This word, “touch,” has a deep meaning. It leads you to touch the heart of God. We say, “to touch your soul,” it is to touch your divine heart. Wake it up. Small actions of touching others daily, lead to the gentle, loving, touching of the love in the heart. So, start with the easiest touch of all, a smile. Then your mere presence, without doing anything, can touch and make the day for anyone who comes near you. The ability to manage this powerful touch should be our goal. May this thought touch everyone today. — Satish Daryanani

touch detail of Sistine Chapel

195 Countries

There are 195 countries in the world. Most people will not even visit half of the countries. If we did, we would need additional pages in our passports for all the stamps. We tend to revisit the countries we love rather than seeing new ones. Only a handful of people may see all the countries. We are fortunate to have so many choices. Now, how many countries are there in the inner world? Only one. We divide this one world into 195 countries. There are not 8 billion egos to divide this world. You are the only one in this inner world. The borders are drawn with peace. The password is wisdom. Love is the only language. There is no jet lag as there is no time. Travel is free. There is no extra baggage to carry or to check in. Be empty-handed. The climate is temperate, and there are no mosquitoes. Yet, fewer people than the ones who see all 195 countries will see this one. — Satish Daryanani

camera and passport on a world map

Rights and Needs

When someone speaks the truth about you, you have no right to get upset. If someone speaks false statements about you, then you have no need to get upset. If you understand this and, if anyone says anything about you, it will not upset you. That’s one less thing to forgive someone, as you were not hurt by it. My spiritual Masters used me as an example and would destroy me in their public talks. They spoke the truth about my weaknesses. People would ask me, “Are you not upset that He mentioned this in front of everyone? He even shouted at you in public!” My answer would always be, “I cannot see anything beyond the love they have for me. Their love takes away the need to react. The truth they reveal puts me on the right path.” People need a job and, after they get one, they fight for their rights. Need and rights are in battle with each other. Once our need is fulfilled, our minds work on our rights. We need to find someone we love and after that, we try to make them our life partner. We argue for our rights, our right to freedom. You were free, you chose to bind yourself with someone, and now again you need your space. Similarly, you need God, not the other way around. If you need Him to be your slave, that will not happen. All your rights are lost if you really, really want Him. — Satish Daryanani

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Every day is a Birthday

When we go to sleep we die. We become nobody, unaware of anything. When we wake up from deep sleep, it takes a few seconds to realize who we are. If we travel a lot, it takes a few seconds to realize where we are. People know their birthdates from their birth certificates, but the real birth, which only a few people experience, takes place when they truly awaken. It can happen only once in a lifetime. It cannot take place daily. This moment cannot be shared with anyone. Only the spiritual Master and you know about it. No cake is cut, nor candles are blown. You do not need the light of the candle. The inner light glows permanently. This is the best birthday gift of your life. It is a combination of austerity, desires, and, above all, grace. Birthdates on the birth certificates come and go. They remind you of the limited time you have in this physical form. Either you work on your real birthday or spend it in gratitude helping others to find their true birthday. So, get up every morning and wish yourself a happy birthday. The gift of one more day is given to find the real treasure of your birth. — Satish Daryanani

Mother’s Day

We celebrate Mother’s Day just one day a year. It should be celebrated every moment, especially if you were a naughty child, like me. Most people would quit, but mothers have no choice. Many of my qualities, my strengths and weaknesses, come from my mother — luckily more strengths. She alway said, “Look at those who have less than you. So, do not think too much about the future. Be content and humble.” She was a spiritual person and helped me get close to spiritual Masters. I also got my temper from her. Also, my love of snacks and junk food came from her. She fed me delicious food, so I became a food lover. During meals, she would read to me stories of saints, of Lord Krishna and Lord Rama, so I would eat. She introduced me to movies. She taught me how to laugh so much that I would run out of breath. She taught me to walk, as she loved walking. She was never envious of anyone, so I do not have that in me. My mother showed me how to pray. I thank God, not only for my physical mother, but also for all the mothers who have taken care of me, even the spiritual Masters who have mothered me. I only pray that one day this heart made of granite rock will become as soft as a Mother’s heart. — Satish Daryanani

Mother Terese

In Spite of vs. Because of

If the best player of our team is injured and we lose, we can use the excuse that we lost because of the player’s injury. On the other hand, in spite of losing the best player on the team, we can still win. The difference between the two words shows your character. “In spite of” all the challenges, I am still at peace. I still have faith. “Because of” all that, my peace is disturbed. I cannot understand how God is heartless. The situations are the same. It depends from which angle we see them. If everything is perfect then you are peaceful, happy, you win championships, become successful, do your charity, and have faith in God. Big deal! It is easy. When every possible challenge comes in your life and in spite of that you are all of the above, then you deserve a reward. The victory is sweet. When everyone around you thinks you will fail and you still do not give up, that shows your real strength. We admire people like these. They have the hearts of champions. Most people use the words “because of” as an excuse for their failures. “In spite of” becomes an inspiration to the world. You choose, in spite of everything that has happened, is happening, and will happen that you will not get affected. I will still always roar and say, “I am on the top of the world. I have the pedigree of champions.” — Satish Daryanani

Stephen Curry and Clay Thompson

Feeling Groggy

If you take a sleeping pill at bedtime, you will wake up the next morning feeling groggy. The pill still has its effect on your body although you are awake. Everyone who wakes up from this deep sleep initially goes through this experience, awake but still sleepy, wise but still ignorant, divine but still attached to the human form, peaceful yet concerned about many issues. It is called the twilight of spiritual evolution, neither here nor there, understanding the real essence of the teachings but not totally accepting them. It is the worst kind of feeling being sleepy yet still awake. In this haze, you can see the sunshine through the clouds. Your divine guidance and the mind cause confusion about which direction to focus on. This is a positive sign that you are on the right track. The spiritual Masters have not wasted their time on you. Now comes your inner willpower to push you and wake you from this grogginess. It is like a built-in coffee machine — it gives you the caffeine to completely wake up and overcome the heavy head of a long sleep. Only when the grogginess and haze are removed will there be the smile of sunshine on your face. So, fight the grog and enjoy the chirpiness of being completely awake. — Satish Daryanani

Sun behind clouds over Miami Beach

Second Half of Life

Sometimes at night, we watch on TV the first half of a game and then go to sleep without seeing the second half. The next morning, when we get up, we find out that the second half was much better than the first. If we recorded the game, we can still enjoy the second half. Life is similar. In the first half, we go to school, college, take a job, buy a house, and go through the various life challenges in life. Then comes the half-time. We analyze and see what we have attained. In my case, I learned about all that I have lost. I lost my flexibility, my ability to sleep as long as I want, my stamina, my hair, my ability to heal fast, and the true joy of life. This half-time in life can set you on a new course. Did I experience God? Do I know the real me? Do I have a compassionate heart? Can I experience peace and wisdom within me? Now that my basic needs are met and not my greed, can I work on gaining real wealth? This turning point changes your life. In the physical aspect, the first half of your life is better. The second half has no words to describe it. You may sleep through and miss the wonderful treasures of the second half. So, stay awake and enjoy the second half for which we are born. I will take the second half any day over the first half. I will even joke about it, “Did this person who lived in the first half even exist?” It seemed to be a dream. The saying, “The best has yet to come” is true for those who change their game plan at half-time. — Satish Daryanani

scoreboard at half-time


When someone says something and the other person misses the opportunity to understand, it causes a misunderstanding. Saying one thing and doing the opposite is another source of misunderstanding. The person who is most misunderstood is God. How can the world understand that everything is happening for good, that lessons come to help us learn? People who are filing for bankruptcy, extremely sick, or going through a divorce will not understand the benefits of their experiences. Parents and children misunderstand each other over the so-called generation gap. How can you stop all misunderstanding? You can give your point of view and then let go. Others may or may not understand or benefit from your opinion. Your job is done. If you are on the receiving end of someone’s suggestion, based on the history of his or her past suggestions, you may obey or disobey. My spiritual Masters and I used to have misunderstandings about what I was told by others. When I look back at all that was said, I could have benefited. Misunderstanding is the price of disobedience to the One who is connected with the Lord. Work on your understanding from a neutral point of view, not using your ego or while pursuing your desires. You will gain many benefits by listening to the experiences of others. Even the benefits of spirituality are misunderstood. Only when we realize the benefits, will God be understood. — Satish Daryanani

cartoon of boy and girl misunderstanding each other

Making a Stage

When my spiritual Master came to visit us in our town, we would make an elevated stage so everyone could see Him when He spoke and be able to hear the teachings. Similarly, organizations are created for the Masters to spread the teachings. They, too, are only platforms. Yet, most people get attached to the platform and not the teachings. I see many people speak with the microphone on the streets of New York about how Jesus Christ died for our sins. That is all they talk about, not any of the other teachings He spread by actually practicing them. We get stuck on the teacher, the organization, or the religion but never the true essence of what is told to us. The stage I used is of no use, as my Master left His body. It is only wood. The Master is now an image and memories. The only thing that matters is the implementation of the teachings and actually experiencing all that the Master experienced. Christ, too, went on the cross to show us the benefits of surrender. Yet, how many truly surrender? So, be attached only to the teachings, everything else is temporary. — Satish Daryanani

Speaker behind live streaming microphones.

Being Moody

There are some people whom you are afraid to approach. One day they can be nice to you and then, another day, they can snap at you. They are unpredictable because they are moody. If they are always bad we can leave them alone. If they are easy then we would have no fear in approaching them. I used to check to see if my spiritual Masters were in a good mood before I said anything that pushed their buttons. Then I realized they were always in a good mood, they just did not want me to take them for granted. Even God might be scared to reveal Himself to a moody person, as He might get rejected. Moody people have the biggest roller coasters rides as they can be the best, or worst, of humanity. They do not have equanimity of the mind. The smart ones can act as if they have mood swings so others do not take advantage of them. It is good to keep them on their toes. As long as you are the Master of your mood, go ahead and have fun with the reactions of others. Once you become a slave of your moods, the fun of playing this game is over. — Satish Daryanani

Happy and Sad faces on 4

Number of Steps

With today’s technology, we can keep track of the number of steps we take each day without having to count them. Yesterday, I walked 30,000 steps and felt good about it. Next time, I want to do 40,000 steps. Am I taking these steps towards God or taking them away from God? There is no technology created for that. If I thanked God with every step I took, I would have a chance to thank Him 30,000 times. I did not. I did thank him for the good weather, admired all aspects of His creation, thanked my legs for not giving up on me. Luckily it was Saturday, and not many phone calls. I was able to keep silent for more than 95 percent of the walk. My mind was wandering, yet the silence made me peaceful. It rejuvenated me. It is hard to keep your mind on God for the entire journey. At the same time, not keeping your mind too occupied, is automatically experiencing the Lord. The less we involve our minds in worldly matters, the more we are connected with the Divine self. So, in this walk of life, I may not think of God 24 hours a day, but by not over-thinking about stupid things is also being connected with God. My last thank you to God is for making it so easy to be with Him without even being with Him. — Satish Daryanani

Walking-steps measurement

Q. What changes a person?

A. If everything runs smoothly in your life and you receive a lot of compliments from everyone, you will be happy. If people criticize you and put you down, or if you face financial, health, or family issues, then you have a chance to change. This change has only two outcomes. You lose faith and get depressed or you turn towards God and become a stronger individual. Your ego is crushed and you let go completely. This is a gift given by God when He sees potential in you. Sometimes we feel that people with no faith, who do wrong things, have nice comfortable lives. It is because they have no chance to change. It is only with tremendous heat that gold gets purified. Raw gold has no shine. When you become a finished product, people want you. In every aspirant’s life and in your life, there is this one moment that will you toward God, or Self-realization. It could be a sentence you read or hear that pierces your heart. “ENOUGH!” This cry should come from within. You can change only if you want to. Grace only plays a part in creating the correct environment to help you change. Get fed up of your existing life to realize and enjoy your true self. — Satish Daryanani

Gold melt pouring from a furnace


When my spiritual Master came out of surgery, he looked at everything like a child. He kept on repeating, “Wonderful, wonderful!” People asked him, “What is wonderful?” He gave no answer. When the cataract of blindness, or of ignorance is removed, we will look at everything and just say, “Wonderful, wonderful!” We all see the same world with the same eyes and lose sight of the wonder that is around us. Come out of the deep coma of this never-ending sleep and see the wonder you have missed—not the noise, pollution, traffic jams, and overcrowding, but the wonder like a child starts seeing when it is born. Seeing everything as wonderful is the reward for leading a spiritual life. The reason for our birth is to enjoy this wonderful life—not just running after the shadows of money, name, and fame. It is to see the wonder of the divinity in every atom of this world. Only then will this thought be wonderful. — Satish Daryanani

children with eyes filled with delight

A Hero

Today, there are many superheroes in movies. We need super-villains to give them competition. A hero is a person who is strong and brave. My heroes are different. They did not defeat many villains, they defeated just one: themselves. Becoming a hero by your brave actions is easy, being a hero by your existence is hard. One hero has no fear of death, the other is already dead. One hero saves lives, the other teaches others how to live. One hero may have superpowers, the other may have the power over his mind to become a zero. One hero can destroy you with his laser eyes, another can melt you with his eyes. We all want to become heroes, to help and save others. We wish we had superpowers to defeat bad guys. Yet, how many would love to have the superpower to remove ignorance from this world? Both heroes are needed, both can inspire us. One entertains me in action movies, the other entertains me with peace and wisdom. Thank God for all the heroes that make my life complete. — Satish Daryanani

Super heroes

Doing it for the Love of God

Someone told me, “You must be spreading the teachings as a form of love for the Lord.” I said, “No.” We must do everything only to entertain ourselves. If someone benefits from your thoughts, words, and actions, that is a bonus. If you are giving a talk in front of a large audience and only a single person gets some benefit, then your entertainment becomes useful. Now, when it comes to the love of God, your actions or inactions have nothing to do with your love. Cherishing everything that you go through in life shows your love, as it all comes from the loving hands of the Lord. Secondly, love has no desires, not even to please the Lord. Just love Him because of His love for you. You really have no choice but to give love back. True love is wanting nothing but to be permanently in the lap of the Lord. You are living because He has some use for you. So, until the curtain closes on this human birth enjoy the show. But please do not say you are doing it for the love of God. True love is losing yourself completely in God. — Satish Daryanani

Returning Calls

There are those who return phone calls by the end of the day. Some people are busier than the president of the United States and never return calls. Slowly, these people get out of the loop. They fall into the category of Missing in Action. Even spiritual Masters prefer dealing with those who respond. They like doers, not just talkers. God also sends us messages. If these thoughts are not written or shared for the benefit of others, my phone calls from Him will stop. If you keep postponing, then eventually you will forget to respond. That is why you can set up reminders on your phone. If you are busy, make a note to call. Sometimes thoughts come when you cannot type. Just save the title and the rest of the thought will come when you are free. The value you give to someone else’s time is the same value the world will give to your time. So, please respond to messages. Thank God, at least someone needs you and has left you a message.— Satish Daryanani

Call Us hand written note

Happy Hour

Many bars offer special prices on drinks for a short time and call it “Happy Hour.” After the hour is over, you have to again pay full price for the drinks and lose your happiness. Many try to entice me to come in for the happy hour. I tell them, “You want me to lose my permanent happiness so I can enjoy your special price and be happy only for one hour. What will I do for the other twenty-three hours?” I think God should also offer us a special: Experience permanent happiness for only one hour; God can then take it away after the hour is over, but He will give it permanently to anyone who will never complain again. How many customers do you think will get this gift? If we were always happy, bars would end the happy hour. Divorce lawyers would have to file for bankruptcy. Massage therapists would have no relief to offer. No one can give or take away your happiness. Thank God everyone does not have permanent happiness. Otherwise, I would miss having my favorite special — buy one lychee martini and get the second one for free. — Satish Daryanani

Happy Hour neon sign

Standing in Lines

When we see people standing in a line at a store, we figure the products sold there must be excellent. Many restaurants purposely make people wait while tables are empty inside. If we see no lines and no customers waiting, we figure that the business is not doing well and is not worth entering. The longer the line, the more we want to go and check it out. In India, sometimes people wait for days at a temple just to get a few moments of blessings. If the same God is in a temple across the street where there are no lines, they will not go. So, God and His grace only work if you have to wait in long lines. Even with Spiritual Masters, the longer the line to get their blessings, the more evolved a soul He or She must be, so more grace and wisdom. The fewer the disciples, the less the power. The only place there is no line is for God. He has no customers, as only a handful has tasted His dishes. Social media has not rated His grace. It is easy and takes no effort, no struggle, yet we do not want to go because we will not come back as the same person. There are no refunds. We want to stand in lines to show we love God, get blessings for our desires, and be forgiven for all our wrongs. There are no lines to go directly to God just to lose your identity. So choose your path. Either be part of the herd and keep standing in lines or be the one who inspires others to create a new line where there will be no lines to limit them. — Satish Daryanani

long line of buddhist monks

Auto Show

We go to auto shows to see all the fancy cars as well as the new concepts that are not going to be on sale. People sit in expensive cars dreaming of the day they can buy them. We take a lot of pictures standing with our dream car. Whenever I see the cars, I recall the different memories and stories I had with my spiritual Masters pertaining to certain cars. One story stands out: I was with my Master in Paris looking at the Smart car. It was not available in the USA at that time. We tried our best to bring it to the USA but, after all our efforts, we could not do so. My Master dropped the subject and never discussed it again. I was upset that we had wasted half a day in Paris for nothing. I was still holding onto the Smart car in my mind. My Master behaved as if the whole incident had not taken place. My lesson was to put all the effort into something I want and, if it does not happen, drop it like a hot potato as if it did not exist. There’s no use holding on to it, no benefit. So, whenever things do not go my way, even though it may be for a good cause, drop it and let go as if it never happened. This goes for past relationships, losses in your life, any experience whether physical or mental that has wounded you, or all the things that you tried to achieve and failed. The ultimate car in this auto show of your life is the priceless one—your body. Peace is the fuel that makes your physical vehicle run smoothly on this highway of life. — Satish Daryanani

Auto Show

Blaming Others

We love to blame others for so many things. We even blame God for many issues. I used to blame my spiritual Masters when they would verbally butcher me. Yet, we must blame ourselves for everything. If you are in a tough relationship and you want to break it off, it is because you do not have the capacity to handle it. Thank the other person who is showing you all the weaknesses in your armor. You may leave the person, yet you will still be carrying your flaws and the bitterness of the person will stay in your mind. Everyone is created to grade you. Your examinations are taking place every moment. If all you get are praise and kindness from the world, you will think you are perfect. Only when there are disagreements, rubbing and scrubbing, will you know how you are fragile. For the smallest thing, we cry, lose our peace, and have animosity towards others. If someone ignores us because they have previous commitments, we stupidly end years of relationship. We are truly our worst enemies. If someone uses harsh words or abusive language, treat it like a dog barking. We do not understand what the dog is telling us. Words are said to cause more damage than physical pain. In my case, when someone punches me, it hurts. I never understand how words can hurt, there are no physical bruises. Yet, people tell me that the scars created by words can destroy you. So, build a fortress around you by knowing one fact: An actor only speaks his lines because the director tells him to. Actors play their parts so well that they affect you. They deserve an Oscar for making you forget they are just playing a role. — Satish Daryanani

Blame and denial

Gift from God

The first gift given to us by God is human birth. If we have a healthy body, have an inclination for the truth, and are given a correct guide or Guru, we are fortunate. Then, there is the gift of ego—my favorite gift from God. When He created me, He was in a good mood and therefore gave me an abundant gift of ego. This gift helps me in life. Someone might tell me, “You are spreading the teachings, yet I do not see you practicing them.” My ego is so strong that these comments do not demoralize me. If I lose money, my ego gives me self-confidence so I can always recover my Monopoly money. In spirituality, my ego tells me that there is nothing that can stop me from experiencing what my Masters would like me to experience. My ego will not separate me from the Lord, as the gift of ego is given by Him. I am never trying to be humble. Instead, I do my best to show the world the Lord’s gift of ego bestowed upon me. I only keep this one thought in mind: I did nothing to deserve this wonderful gift. It was given to me free of charge by the Lord. All I am doing is making maximum use of it. Sitting in silence, I give gratitude to the Lord for this wonderful gift. Thank you, my friend, Ego, nobody can hurt this thick-skinned person, nor can any hurdle stop the journey of my life.—Satish Daryanani

A Mad Person or a Saint

Many times, a mad person and a saint are one and the same. A person may say that everything in the world in an illusion, that nothing is real, there is no birth or death, no creator or creation. When someone says these things with conviction, either he gets followers and is considered a saint, or he is considered to be a mad person. He is either showered with flowers or has stones thrown at him. Now, if someone who really understands meets this person, he will not consider him as a saint or a mad person. Instead, he will find someone who has come from the motherland, speaking the same mother tongue. They become instant friends and he does not ask a list of questions like how to calm the mind in meditation or what will happen when I die? They are on the same wavelength—both are longing to go back to their real homes and sharing the stories of their journeys. If we consider someone a saint or a mad person, it is because we have not truly experienced everything they share. When we do, the saint or the mad person will become your best friend.—Satish Daryanani

Agree to Disagree

Some may or may not agree with the wording of these thoughts that are sent. I, too, often disagreed with my spiritual Masters. As I grew in understanding and reflected on the teachings, I realized my mistake. Everything that was told to me was for my good and was absolutely correct. So, how do we know if something is correct and if our disagreements are only due to our limited capacity to comprehend? The “I” in us is strong, so it’s not easy to accept without logic. Start with small tests. See if the teachings are helping you. Then, spend time thinking from different angles before disagreeing. See if the thought will make you humble, more efficient, and have more devotion. If not, it is ok to disagree now. One day, I promise you will laugh at all your disagreements. Ponder this point today: People climb Mount Everest, go to the North or South Pole, go deep-cave diving, swim the English Channel, or take on other great challenges. This is because we are driven by challenges. Yet, all the above challenges combined are nothing compared to the greatest challenge of all—overcoming the challenge of the lower self. It is the only reason disagreements in the teachings occur. The lower self does not want to give up the throne. — Satish Daryanani

Mt Everest

Giving Value to Our Lives

Only when we feel we are serving, helping others, and performing our duties well, do we feel there is value in our lives. Once in a while, when we get nice emails or text messages expressing gratitude for our services, we feel our lives are complete. They even encourage us to do more, and we think we are on the right path. If we are good providers and our children are successful, we think we did our duties well, so our lives were worth living. The real value of your life comes when you think that you are valueless. You feel you are on the correct track if you are going Godward: You feel that you know less today than yesterday. You are more egoistic today than yesterday. You have less faith in God today than yesterday. Your flaws are increasing daily. In your heart, you are moving away from God. Aspirants feel they are wasting their lives. There is no spiritual evolution taking place. When tears pour from a belief that your are displeasing the Lord, only then are you truly living. If some crazy person actually can benefit from your existence, then live with the pain of gratitude from seeing how a good-for-nothing was helpful because of the Lord’s grace. This is the true art of living. — Satish Daryanani

Falling Down

We fall down and sometimes get hurt. Out of embarrassment, we try to not show our pain to the world. People help us up, and we smile and thank them. We get bruised and have pain, yet we act as if we feel nothing and we cover up our mishaps. In life, too, we fall in difficult situations and we cannot show our pain to the world. We cover our pain with fake smiles and tell others that things are okay. God knows our pain, yet we do not confess it even to Him. And there also are those who fall down but do not think of the pain. They, instead, learn from the falls and do not repeat them. They are the ones who benefit. While you are young, fall physically as well as in difficult situations. You will recover faster. When you get older, you will not have to suffer as much. You will be more careful. Your bones will not break and you will not get a heart attack when people and difficult situations let you down.—Satish Daryanani

Silhouette of falling man in a suit


While taking off, an airplane has to be at full speed. You can hear the engines at full throttle during take-off. Once it reaches cruising altitude, the speed and the sound of the engines are reduced. Airplanes burn the most fuel at take-off. If the airplane would continue the entire journey at full speed, it would run out of fuel before it reached its destination. The engines would get damaged in the long run. Our lives are the same. When starting a new project we have to do so at full throttle. As it is set up, we must learn to run it at cruise control. We, too, can burn up our inner fuel and damage our mental engine. In spirituality, we do the same. We do all austerities at full speed. Push our buttons till a discipline is formed. Then, at cruise control, let spirituality happen. No effort is needed. This balance of pushing and letting go is needed. Sometimes even an airplane increases speed in mid-flight to level off. If work needs it, you push yourself once in a while to level off, to move ahead. If you start getting complacent in your spiritual evolution, then work on your focus. But please do not run your life pushing yourself to full capacity. You will lose the fun of life itself. You will give up before reaching your goal. — Satish Daryanani

Airplane take-off reflected in auto's side mirror.

Too Good To Be True

We see deals online and, if they are too cheap, we feel that they must be scams. If the price is a few percent lower than the competition, then it is a good deal. If something is completely free, we get scared and feel it is too good to be true. Poor spiritual Masters face that problem. They make spirituality so simple that they lose customers. One day I was with my Master and told Him to use big words and make spirituality complicated. People would then think that He was a real Master. He laughed and said, “Should I use words like “transcendentalism” instead of a simple word like “accept” so people think I am knowledgeable? There is nothing else needed. No donation or service is needed to discover the truth. You need not be humble or simple to realize God. Peace can be experienced while getting a massage on the beach. Words of wisdom can be spoken by an uneducated person. Scriptures can be understood by a person of a lower caste. Becoming an awakened soul takes place in a split second. All that happens is that you wake up from the long sleep of ignorance. Now, if someone tries to tell others about these simple and easy ways, no one will believe him. They will say it is too good to be true. They will give him a one-star rating. It is a scam. Do not fall for it. — Satish Daryanani

Massage on the beach

If you win the lottery, what will you do with the money?

People waste their time thinking about and planning things before they even occur. They decide what to choose before any choice is given to them. Many plan to buy big things before they have even made a penny. It is the same in spirituality. People imagine what they will do once they achieve realization. Spend time on the current situation in your life, on the choices you have to make now: Exercise or meditate. Read a book or watch television. Spend on something you can do without, or save for a rainy day. We have so many decisions to make in our daily lives that we should get fed up with choices. Yet, we spend time choosing when a choice does not exist. There is one choice each one of us has—either choose to be peaceful or let situations disturb our peace. This choice is available every second of our lives. If we just focus on this, no other choice will matter. So, winning or not winning the lottery is not important. If you ask God for a winning lottery ticket, ask for the winning number to win the lottery of peace. The lucky number is 000000, all zeros. Want nothing, be nothing. Experience nothing, and fear nothing. Then your name will appear in the newspaper as the winner of the first billion dollar lottery. — Satish Daryanani

I am a winner button held by a woman.

People Wonder, “What Do You Do?”

People wonder about those who have unusual careers. “What is it that they really do?” I always asked my spiritual Masters, “How do you spend your time? You are in a permanent state of bliss, peace, and wisdom.” They would just close their eyes and get lost within. I wondered about an author, who writes one or two books a year. How does he spend his time? My friends who have retired, what are they doing to not get bored? Here’s the secret. When two people talk, it can get tiring after a while. You will even run out of topics to talk about. Sometimes, you might end up arguing, as the two of you have different points of view. The one who can enjoy a conversation with the Lord has a different life. The conversation is not verbal, it is from within. The Lord has a great sense of humor and wisdom. The conversation is in the form of experiences, deep inner peace, silliness, just looking at each other with love, troubling Him, and wishing this life will never end. Sometimes, I wish that there was nobody, only the mind. Enjoying being with the Lord without any physical needs. Like in the movies, only a functioning head with nothing below the neck. How can you explain to someone what you do? Those who have not built this relationship are missing the best part of life. Not God as a business where you do things and get things, not God as a complaint box, not as a wishing well or a fortune cookie, but God as a 24-hour free entertainment arcade with all the video games in one room to enjoy. You will never want to leave the room. It’s like being in a virtual reality game permanently. All your desires, fears, attachments, and concerns are lost in the game. The Lord is the only player you are playing against. You can never win. You will be astonished as to how little you know. — Satish Daryanani

Virtual Reality game

A Revolving Door

Make your life like a revolving door. Friends may come and go. Money may come and go. Name, fame, power, and possessions may come and go. You are not affected. There is no one standing by to keep a count of how many came and went. An open door wastes air-conditioning and heating and allows mosquitoes and other bugs to enter as well. A revolving door is energy-efficient and good for the environment. The door of your life is not closed to anyone. Others have to put out a little effort to push the revolving door to enter or leave your life. This is not an automatic revolving door, with too much maintenance expense. This even gives the Lord the choice to extend His grace or to take it back. You are not possessive of anyone or anything. The Lord and the Spiritual Masters can come and go in your life. Even health and sickness can come and go. This way you are not attached to or stuck with these guests. You become a receptionist in your hotel. Welcome all of them and wish them well when they decide to check out. Even if God checks out of your life, wish Him well and say, “See you soon.” So, all those who come into your life and then do a final check-out will not make you sad, as you are used to having guests stay for a short while, not permanently. Have fun with all those who come to enjoy your hospitality. — Satish Daryanani

Waiting for the Doctor

Our common sense tells us how much to eat, how much to exercise, how much sun we need, how much to rest. We wait for our bodies to be deficient in vital minerals and then go to a doctor who tells us what to do. We fall sick, become weak, and feel low. Then we try to recover rather than maintain a healthy body. Similarly, spiritual Masters guide us to sit in silence. Do not chew more than you eat, as far as your workload goes. We get stressed by making too many commitments. Build a relationship with the Lord when things are fine. Help others when you have an abundance. Then, if hurdles come, they are only small stepping stones in life. We do not need a doctor to guide our bodies or a psychiatrist to deal with our minds. We know what is good for us and do not yield to our greed, laziness, or weaknesses. People do small things that hurt us, we lose relationships, and we end up feeling isolated. All of our self-caused sufferings come from a lack of discipline of the mind. Our health, feelings, insecurities, stress, and anxiety arise from that. Work on the mind and all the so-called challenges will disappear. Then, your peace is maintained even though external situations in your life may not cooperate with your will. — Satish Daryanani

Girl with beach umbrella

Preview vs. the Actual Movie

Sometimes the previews of a movie are so good that we get excited and then we get disappointed when we watch the actual movie. We even make jokes about Hell. We enjoy ourselves so much on the first day, that we chose Hell over Heaven until we live there and experience and realize the suffering. Spiritual Masters woo us with their love, and, once they have us in their webs, the roasting begins. God, who is not a good director, has not made a good preview to show us the world of peace and the ecstasy within. Even the experience of being with Him is a poor preview. Whatever we think about peace, truth, and other aspects of spirituality, the actuality is far, far greater than what we can even imagine. There will be no disappointments. The only regrets that will come are, “Why did I waste my precious years not experiencing what I already have?” If God hired Steven Spielberg to make the trailer of the movie within us, He would increase His business. It is due to poor marketing that He only has a few thousand customers who have experienced the movie within. This experience, like wine, improves in time. The movie gets better and better as our ability to grasp increases. The vastness of the mind increases as the depth increases. It is not like seeing 25 movies, like the next James Bond movie which is the 25th in the franchise. It is only one, never-ending movie without a conclusion. So, enjoy this movie. — Satish Daryanani

25th James Bond illusration

(Image: MGM)

Tug Boats

When big vessels come into a harbor, two tug boats are required to maneuver them to dock. If the two tug boats do not communicate with each other and go in opposite directions, the ship could get damaged. We, too, are ships. The bigger the ego, the bigger the ship. We do not learn from our lessons. The two tug boats are guidance and grace. People come into our lives to give us guidance, they are the first tug boats. With every birthday that goes by, have you learned anything? If you are still the same, then the first tug boat cannot do anything. The second tug boat is grace. We do not have faith in grace, so we resist the efforts of the tug boats. Whatever is due to us will come to us, yet the big ego wants to take on all the pressure. These two tug boats are at full throttle, yet the ship cannot dock and rest. We are restless in the ocean while a safe harbor awaits us. So, like the captain of a vessel, let go of the ship, which is the ego, and let the two tug boats do their jobs. Then you can enjoy the steadiness of a solid dock. Enough of rocking in the open seas.— Satish Daryanani

tug boats and cruise ship

Out of Sight, Out of Mind

When we are around people, we get attached to them. Once we part from them, due to our busy lives, we tend to not think of them as much. I remember so many very close school friends. Now that we have not kept in touch, they are not on my mind. Honestly, when I was busy working and sometimes did not get to see my spiritual Masters, they, too, went out of my mind. How do we expect to keep God in our minds when He is always out of our sight? It happens when God turns from a physical form into an experience form. You can forget anyone and anything if you lose connection. Can a business person ever forget money? Can a mother forget her newborn child? When God is closer to you than anyone or anything, the presence is felt permanently. It is a form of love and peace. It is wisdom and friendship that goes hand in hand. It is always in the background when you need the focus to function in the world. It is a merger and a separation, depending on your mood. There is permanent gratitude and wonder of the Divine presence. There is no fear or guilt with your Beloved. Still, pray and long for the presence of the Lord even though you are permanently in His presence. A buddy that you can joke with, talk to, confess to, and make fun of. Both are crazy to put up with each other. We have no choice and are stuck with each other until eternity. So, never out of sight and never out of mind. — Satish Daryanani

So near, yet so far illustration

We Want Justice

Someone told me there has to be Hell, as all those who do wrong have to go there. There has to be justice for that. So, Heaven indirectly is our reward for being good. Who are we to judge who is good or bad? Most people think they are good and, according to that assumption, Hell should have no customers and will go bankrupt. We think a priest is good and a prostitute is bad. We do not know anyone’s devotion and purity of the heart. A sign of a good person is being able to see good in another, see their strengths, and work to bring out their qualities. My Hell will be the day I think I am good. Working to correct my flaws is my Heaven. Justice in life is not my problem. What comes to me is justified, as it has come from the supreme, supreme judge. We suffer so much trying to be a policeman for the world. Let others be the way they are. You can find even a good quality in Donald Trump. He sticks to his campaign promises. There are as many qualities that we have to work on as there are people. Let me start with one—not finding faults in others. — Satish Daryanani


Laughing and Crying

I know people who, while laughing, have tears falling from their eyes. Many times, I meet people who, when they talk about spirituality, cry from longing for the truth. There are some who do not cry or laugh. I have seen spiritual Masters who have belly laughter. Yet, when they talk of their Masters, or of their love for the Lord, tears come to their eyes. Once, my Master had tears in His eyes from the love His disciples showered upon Him. He said, “This piece of dirt received the grace of the Lord. You see His hand working through me and it is this love that is being shown. It should be the love for the Lord, not for this good-for-nothing person.” It is the sign of a healthy person to have the ability to laugh and cry. Please, do not cry to complain or laugh at others misfortunes. Cry for longing, not for attachments or letting your feelings get hurt. Laugh at your own stupidity that you thought the world would end in 2012. Laugh that you think birth and death is real. Laugh if you think by satisfying your desires you will be happy. Laugh if you think you can change your wife. Above all, laugh if you think you are in control of what is happening in the world. Cry that you wasted so many years thinking this world was real. Cry that you tried to change everything but yourself. Cry that this will be the last Avengers movie. Above all, cry that you did not experience God, who was lying dormant within you. So, enjoy laughing and crying to spice up your life.—Satish Daryanani

laughing and crying triangular, stick dolls.

Q. Why do people block out others?

A. On our phones, we have a feature that lets us block callers. If we do not want to communicate with someone, we can use this feature. When people do not want to get hurt, they tend to block out the world. They are insecure so they stay away from others. It takes a lot to win their trust. Maybe others have taken advantage of them and they do not wish to go through the painful experience again. It is not easy to convince them to forgive and let people back in their lives. They prefer being left alone. If they choose to be left alone for their spiritual evolution, that is different. One comes from your choice and the other comes from the world choosing it for you. Living an isolated life does not help you in developing your inner capabilities. The more people hurt you, take advantage of you, betray your trust, and insult you, the more you grow in spirituality. See all these tests as a blessing. To see God in God is easy. To see God in all those who test you is real devotion. Block all the junk calls trying to sell you things you do not need. Accept the calls that push you so hard that you may lose faith in God. So go ahead and answer the calls from your mother-in-law first. Others can follow. — Satish Daryanani

blocked calls illustration

Letting Things Develop

I am an impatient person. Even when I toast a slice of bread, I keep staring at the toaster waiting for the bread to turn brown. In business, the bigger the deal, the longer it takes to develop. When I started to meditate and practiced controlling the mind, my mind would wander. I used to discuss this with my spiritual Master and tell him that His grace and the repetition of the holy name given by Him were not working.  My Masters encouraged me not to give up. Last night, on television, a woman said she takes marijuana to help her relax and meditate. You do not need anything from outside to enjoy what you already have within. Let your development take place naturally, do not force it. Like the toast, if you want the correct crispness, let it develop. Some movies are slow, but, if you sit and see the entire movie, the conclusion can astonish you. Let the movie within you play. There is no conclusion, as it is a never-ending journey. The development of experiences can change your life. Your reactions change as you let the scenes of the movie develop. The more you let things develop, the greater the reward. If God and the Masters have patience with your evolution, so you, too, should have patience with their warming grace. Then the world can enjoy the fragrance of baking bread and eating the fresh, hot toast that comes out of the oven of self-discovery.— Satish Daryanani

baking cake in an oven


A very rich person who was calculating his wealth. He was so wealthy  that for eight generations his family would not need to work. His wife saw him looking very sad; his fear was for the ninth generation and how would they be able to manage. We laugh at his stupidity, and yet I see grandparents worrying about it today. You did a poor job with your children if they are not capable of taking care of their own children. You will be dead, so what will it matter? Just by leaving money, will the problems of your grandchildren or great grandchildren matter? To worry about anything after your death is like the story above. Your spouse, family members, and friends may be better off without you. If you want to feel human and worry about something, then worry about expanding your mind while you are alive. The more you enjoy your life with infinite peace, joy, wisdom, and divinity, the more you make your life worth living. There is so much to discover that even a hundred years is not enough. If you do want to leave an inheritance, then leave this wealth by showing your loved ones the benefits of expanding the mind. — Satish Daryanani 

Family tree

Our Value

I went on a trip for 10 days and, during this time, I did not send out any thoughts and did not have much interaction with people. Yet, everything in the world was perfect. We think we are important and give much value to our own existence. A friend of mine who owns a retail store just told me that he had taken a month off from his business and that the store had the best sales in its history. I told him he should retire and let his team do a better job. Your value in life comes only when others let you feel they need you. In my case, people make me feel they need me out of their charitable budget—it’s their good deed for the day. This speck of a speck puts so much value on himself, thinking that he is serving God and the world. Instead, I want to thank everyone for putting up with me so my existence is not wasted. This time off taught me that it is others who bring value to my life and not the other way around. — Satish Daryanani

Woman with umbrella i large amphitheater

Q. Who is asking the question?

A. If we spend our entire life just on this question, our lives will be worth living. The Who was the perfect name for the band that played rock music. Who has a doubt? Who is the one going to understand? The two whos are different. One of the whos has all the questions and the other has all the answers. The only thing missing is that there is no wireless connection or a HDMI wire connecting the two. One is worried, stressed, confused, and depressed. The other has no customers and is bored. One wants to be a slave of the world. The other is the master of the world. One who has complaints. The other who sees perfection in everything. One who seeks grace, the other gives nothing but grace. Both the whos are really one and the same. Yet, until we work on the true who, the two will separate.— Satish Daryanani

The Who

Action vs. Reaction

Actions and reactions are interconnected. If your actions are of a selfish nature then, automatically when someone says or does something wrong to you, it will immediately upset you. Your ego dominates both your actions and reactions. If your action is an offering to the Lord, then your reactions to what comes to you will be considered as blessings. Actions and reactions are nothing but mirrors in life. If your actions are out of fear, then your reactions, too, will be of fear. If your actions are of a compassionate nature, your reactions, too, will be the same, as you do not wish to hurt anyone. If actions are spontaneous, so will be the reactions. Patience in your actions will teach you patience in your reactions. Regrets of actions will give you regrets in your reactions. The more you control your actions from thoughts, the more it will help you not react irrationally. Only when you get fed up with apologizing all of the time because of your actions and reactions, will you start the habit of pausing before acting or reacting. Is the action worth doing, and is this reaction necessary? I, too, am struggling in this. Hopefully one day the Lord will bless me with the strength to overcome this weakness. — Satish Daryanani

Silver balls hang in action and reaction

Winds of Desire

The waters of the ocean are calm. As soon as a desire comes, it creates wind, which creates waves. The stronger the desire, the larger are the waves that come crashing towards the shore. Even the desire to serve and change the world creates waves. We work day and night trying to calm the waves of desire. We may even use as an excuse satisfying the desires of our family members. We take on a lot of stress and make sacrifices to satisfy the desire to be rich. We think all our desires can be purchased with money. Show me how to satisfy with money the desire of being peaceful. More choices will be available to you when you gain more wealth. These choices create even more desires, leading to more misery. Whenever you can be of service, do your part. Then, service takes place without you even being aware of it. The calmness of a desireless mind can be experienced by others. Recently, I got caught up in this web. This thought is for me. When I let go, I automatically became free. My biggest desire was to influence people to turn to a vegetarian diet and to spread the teachings. I became a slave to that. Now I am free.  My desire to change the world has changed to the desire for my own transformation. — Satish Daryanani



Ocean wave

Mind Your Mind

When I was in the retail and wholesale businesses, I used to see people walking around to see how many customers were in their competitors’ stores. They would not mind their own business but were more interested in others’ businesses. Similarly, we are more interested in influencing the minds of others rather than working on our own minds. My spiritual Master gave me a holy Mantra to chant that would keep my mind occupied. Eventually, with the grace of God, that too drops away when the mind links with the One who has created the mind. You get such wonderful experiences that cannot be described with words. You even ask God, “Do I have to come back to this asylum to do my part, or can I just stay here permanently?” To reach this stage, we have to be aware of how we spend our time. If a phone call pertains to my duties, spreading the teachings, or any form of service, then I answer it. Otherwise, short text messages are fine. Realizing that most thoughts are unnecessary, we still spend so much time on them. Most of what I dream and what actually happens are poles apart. We waste a lot of time in imagining what heaven is like, what God looks like, when will we attain realization, will we be reincarnated, or who we were in our previous lives. Spend time only in witnessing your crazy mind. It is better than the cinema or Netflix. Slowly, the mind gets tired of wondering and the true joy of the human form can be enjoyed. Experience being in the lap of the Lord. Nothing can make you happier than being at this state permanently. This is true heaven. So, mind your mind and you will become free from the mind.—Satish Daryanani

Woman's silhouette with words of awareness

Motivation and Inspiration

Motivation is used to bring out the best in people. We get complacent, so bosses, coaches, parents, and motivational speakers are instrumental in pushing our buttons. Even fans in a stadium can motivate the players by cheering. Inspiration is caused by the actions of the one who wants to inspire, by living the teachings. Inspiration brings out hidden, inner strengths. People do not know their own capabilities so, if you inspire them correctly, they can build up their self-confidence and the focus that is in them—the good qualities that are within each and every one of us. The main difference is that motivation can be done with the mind, inspiration comes when the person does it from his or her heart. Teachers motivate, but spiritual Masters inspire. — Satish Daryanani



What You Are

If you identify as a father or a mother, you deal with all the issues of a parent. A husband or a wife, then you have to deal with marital issues. If you identify with the body, then you have to put up with the physical elements of the body. If you identify with the mind, then you have to deal with stress, happiness or unhappiness, excitement or depression. If you identify with the soul, then you think of Heaven, Hell, reincarnation, and karma. Now, if you identify with nothing there are no issues with which to deal. There are no further concerns or fears over your past actions. There is nothing that has happened or is going to happen. No one is there to experience anything. It is not easy to reach this state. When you get fed up with all the responsibilities of the previous identifications, you give up and become nothing. It is this nothingness, or zero, that will set you free. Then all questions are over. — Satish Daryanani

zero carved out of wood

Record Player

In olden days, people used gramophones to listen to music. They had to place the needle on the correct track to hear the music. If only there was one record that could hold all the music ever created and in every language, then, all we would have had to do is find the correct track, and we could listen to any music, whenever we wanted. That is what inner wisdom is—one record with all that we need within us. Use the inner needle of the mind, and all the information that the Lord has will be yours. Listen to it in the words you hear and the experiences you have and you can enjoy His music. How can we find that needle within us? Focus, devotion, silence, and letting go make the needle function. Then, depending upon the situation and the questions asked by others, you will put the needle on the correct track. That is why the spiritual Masters say, “I learn from your questions.” Questions help them find the track and learn the answers. This fun of wisdom is to be discovered, then you can start your own discovery channel.—Satish Daryanani


First Choice

Many years ago, I had a retail store. My store was the first store that every tourist had to pass by. No matter what I did or what price I gave, customers wanted to look and compare it with other stores. Even if I offered them one-tenth of my raw cost, they still would not buy. I wondered: If I gave them God, would they still want to look around and compare, looking for a better God? If these people went to Heaven, they may still want to check out Hell to see if that was better. We do not accept as best that which comes to us first until we look and compare all the options. Even if our dream house comes to us within our price range, we will still want to shop around. People even shop around to find the perfect Master. They keep changing religions to fill the void within. When we start developing faith and follow our instincts, we will know right away what is good for us. There will be no need to shop around or waste time on Google. Once, we had to paint all the buildings of an organization. Out of 30 colors, we narrowed down the choices to three: White, so they will refuse, as it gets dirty easily; Barn Red, so it would be rejected right away; and a perfect neutral color that they should have picked immediately. Yet, it took me months to get approval. Imagine, if we gave the organization all the 30 colors to pick from, it would take a lifetime to get approval. We overthink and get nothing done. The Lord knows what is good for you and sends it right away. When anything comes easily, we think something is wrong. What is the catch? The catch is that the Lord loves us and does not want us to waste our precious moments searching when what we are looking for is right under our nose. — Satish Daryanani

Excess Baggage

We have to pay the airlines for the extra weight in our bags when we travel, so we try our best to distribute the weight among our bags so that we do not have to pay the fees. It is good that the airlines do not charge fees for the excess weight of the passengers or I would have to pay fees on every flight. We overindulge in food and are overweight. We buy and possess more than we need, and so we have to pay the airlines fees and also own storage rooms to keep all our extras. We are going to leave all this weight behind, yet we want to own more and more. If something is not used for four years or more, it should be donated or thrown away. We won’t miss it. I love the United States Tax department. After seven years, we can get rid of all our paperwork. Shouldn’t we do the same in our lives? The excessive fear, grudges, insecurities, the losses we had, the sorrow of losing a loved one—all the burdens we bear should be deleted after seven years. Neither the government nor we need them. Then, when we travel on our ultimate journey, there will be no fees to pay, as we are not carrying any load from this life or our previous ones. Just a roll-away bag and your favorite pillow in it will help you sleep well.— Satish Daryanani


Carousels of baggage

Being a Boss

Most people want to become bosses, yet being a boss comes with a lot of responsibilities. The first ones are taking care of the employees, paying them on time, and keeping your promises to them. Many times, bosses do not see things from the employees’ point of view. They think they are giving them money so they own them. We go to restaurants, stores, and other businesses where we may never meet the owner. If the employees do not treat us correctly, we will never go there again. The bosses should realize they are working for the Boss of all. The same God made them, their employees, vendors, and customers. So they are only the caretakers for the One who owns all the businesses. If you do not do a good job, you too can get fired by going out of business. So, bosses, you have a lot of responsibilities. The employees only have to deal with one boss. You have to deal with so many employees. Good luck. — Satish Daryanani

Employees with Female Boss

Contentment vs. Complancey

There is a thin line between the two. Many people who are actually complacent tell the world they are content and end up doing nothing. Contented persons put out as much effort as greedy people, but are free from the fruit of their labor. They do not sit idle and waste their lives away. They are people of action and end up doing a better job, as they are not attached. A complacent person uses God and, without doing anything, says, “Whatever the Lord gives me is fine.” The contented person offers everything to the Lord without even seeking the blessings of the Lord. That person has discovered and experienced deep inner peace. Contented people may strive to become billionaires, world champions, superstars, and yet, if they have no money, name, and fame, they are unaffected. So, to my complacent friends: Please do not be content with your complacency. — Satish Daryanani


Good- and Bad-natured People

The opposite of good is bad. If there are good-natured people, then there are also bad-natured people. Let’s focus on the goodness of humanity. People with good natures are humble, loving, patient, service full, and forgiving. Then there are bad-natured people, like me: selfish, hot-tempered, ruthless, egoistic, and impatient. Most people fall in between. It is easy to deal with good-natured people, yet, to live in this world, you have to deal with the bad. You have to see the same Divinity in them, too—buried deep, but there. They are your barometers to see if you have any of their qualities. They are needed, as they push your buttons. You may even feel like killing them at times. They are here to bring out the best in you, to test your inner capacity. See if you can inspire them with your reactions. I have seen that the spiritual Masters keep them near so as to have challenges in their lives. I have seen many transformed. I thank God for bad-natured people, for life is useless with only good-natured ones. Imagine an entire school of A+, obedient, good students. No dentition rooms are needed. If you are a good-natured person, thank the bad-natured ones for making you look good. — Satish Daryanani

Boy hiding his face

Q. Why does God test us so much?

A. We believe that God tests those who have faith in Him, those who are close to Him and love Him. We see so many undeserving people getting away scot-free. It seems like God has forgotten us. It may be that the more we think of the Lord, the more challenges we face. The reason is that time is spent on those who have potential. God has not given up on us. His grace also comes in the form of tests, which are for our growth. Imagine if you ran an obstacle race: Would you still win the trophy if you went around all the hurdles and finished first? We have to jump over each and every hurdle to win the biggest trophy—the prize of being free from God’s tests. You will graduate. So, the physical, mental, financial, and family-members tests are His way of showing His love for you. You might pray to God, “Please do not shower so much of Your love on me. I am overwhelmed by Your love in the form of these tests. Still, the more I want to get closer to You, the more I will be tested by You.” It is up to you. If you want a soft comfortable life without tests, you will remain in the same classroom. If you want to graduate, then welcome the tests as examination papers. — Satish Daryanani

Graduates tossing the caps in the air

Interacting with an Older Person

Youth can learn from the experiences of an older person, yet, the generation gap makes it hard to interact. Sometimes, we feel that the older generation is more conservative, as they see life differently. They have limited time and do not like taking risks. They live in the past, while the young live in the future. It’s not easy to reach a happy medium. We still should have respect and seek their blessings. Elders are, sometimes unable to progress in their spiritual evolution, as they spend more time making ends meet. Younger people may be able to go deeper in their spiritual evolution, as they may not have seen a lot of hardships and thus have less fear. Above all, youngsters are not bound by the rituals and dogmas of organized religions. They are free-spirited and do not get caught up in rituals and seeking approval from society. For elders and youth to see eye-to-eye is not easy, yet there can be love and appreciation of each other’s points of view. Both may be correct, based on the times in which they live. There is no point in putting anyone down. Instead, see the strengths of each generation: the hard work, patience, simplicity, family values, and reverence of the older generation and the spontaneity, fearlessness, carefreeness, social justice, and environment-friendly attitudes of the younger generation. One could have the best from both the generations and become a truly wise person. — Satish Daryanani

Young man and old man

Q. Is God satisfied with our actions?

A. If God depended on our actions for His satisfaction, He would be permanently miserable. Even Spiritual Masters do not depend for satisfaction on the actions of their devotees. If parents, family members, and friends only understood this, they would not get disappointed. Your job is to teach others with your own actions and not depend on the implementation of your teachings. God and the Masters have shown us the correct way to live and react. If we live that way, we benefit. They do not base their happiness on our performances. So, if you spread the teachings to someone, be free from caring about whether or not others truly understand and practice. Your job is to do your best. We want our efforts to bear fruit instantly. Sometimes it takes time for people to learn. The Masters are patient. One day, this fruit too will ripen. They do not give up hope. When we get tired of shedding tears like the Niagara Falls, as situations in life throw curve balls, only then can we work on living a perfect life, where our will is blended with God’s will. You, too, will be completely satisfied and no longer depend on God’s actions. Both you and He will be free from each other’s actions. — Satish Daryanani

Curve ball

Over My Head

I heard from people that some of the messages I sent went over their heads. They want simple messages that everyone understands. Yet sometimes, to go the next step and understand, takes time. For example, when a person leaves the body, we say that they will have a seat next to God. Others pray so that they will go to heaven. Even on the death anniversary of a person who died years ago, people pray that he or she is with God. So, do you want them to be with God after they die even if they did not build a relationship with God? If God was real for that person and if they had such a close relationship with God while they were alive, please do not waste your prayers on them. Their fate is determined within a few moments after they pass away. If they are attached to worldly things, you can pray for them to move on. You can even joke with them that you are better off without them, that you have computerized their business and have become more successful. Death is nothing but the extension of life. Spend your prayers on people when they are alive. You cannot change anyone when they are in the astral form. If this is understood, then you are on the right track. You can pray and send blessings to God when I die, as you should have empathy for Him having to put up with me all the time. — Satish Daryanani

kid puzzled by phone message

Be Yourself

I was not created to be the next Einstein, Abraham Lincoln, or Rockefeller. I was created to be just me, a blunt, rusty saw, teaching others what not to be. I’m not trying to be a Master or a Guru. The Lord made each and every one perfect in His plan. We are influenced by celebrities, and people want to be like one of them. Stefan Curry did not try to be like Michael Jordan. Now, everyone is trying to copy his style of playing. Elon Musk, the owner of the car company, Tesla, did not try to copy Ford or Toyota. People like to copy others. Make your own mark in the world so people try to emulate you, not the other way around. The real fun in life is when others copy your ideas. Do not get upset if they do. Be glad that you are the creative one. I am inspired by great souls who have achieved things in their human forms. At least I can put in my effort. You should never look down upon yourself, as only you can limit yourself. Be bold, come up with new ideas. These thoughts are not to copy anyone, but to bring a new perspective to the same truth. You be you and let nothing change that, no matter what the world says. You may hear that you are good for nothing and will not amount to much. Yet, there is a purpose that only you can fill. Find it by being yourself. Only you can perform it perfectly. — Satish Daryanani

Tesla Coil


When we send a wire transfer from a bank, we see a confirmation of the transaction. With shipping services like Fedex and UPS, we get a confirmation that the package has been delivered. We wait for the two blue tick marks on WhatsApp to know that the other person has read our messages. How do we know that God is receiving our prayers and devotion? Where is the confirmation that our the messages have reached Him? There is no tracking number. You might wonder if anyone is out there. There are no thumbs up or thumbs down in response to our desires and wishes. Are your prayers a waste of time? All you need to know is that you have done your part. Those who evolve send blessings to the whole universe with no confirmation that it worked. We pray for those who are sick with no guarantee that the prayers will work. There is one confirmation in my life — the Lord is laughing at all my stupidity. My prayers may or may not be answered. Everything is based on what He thinks is good for me. All I know is that He is being entertained at my expense. — Satish Daryanani

sculpture of man listening

There Is so Much out There

There are too many stars to count. There are too many creatures to keep track. There is so much information on anything that we do not have time to read it all. There is so much information on spirituality available on the internet that anyone can get confused. Having too much of everything overwhelms us. Actually, if information gets summarized, it becomes easier to understand. In school, during my examinations, I wrote very long answers to the questions. I felt the more information I gave, the better my grades would be. Sometimes, my teacher would get tired of reading my answers. Today, I understand. It is a wise person who can say something in the fewest words possible and know how to get the most of what is out there, spending the least amount of time. So, those who hunger for spirituality must learn only to grasp what is important from all that is out there. This is done by taking one sentence at a time. Start with this, “Whatever I am seeking in life is already with me. Look within and nothing from without will be needed.” — Satish Daryanani

Young woman overwhelmed by so much online


When we work on any project, delays will always occur. No matter how hard you try, one hurdle will lead to another. The day you are running late, you will find the biggest traffic jam. When you are in no hurry, all the roads will be empty. You will find that even God delays in answering your prayers. Delays test your patience. You might get upset and lose your temper. The longer the line, the slower the people serving you. So what can you do? There is no delay in your physical death. That will always be on time. So, we know God is punctual. No delay there. Then, sometimes, there are delays in getting grace. There are those who understand that delays are a major form of grace. I was trying to buy a property. The delays got me frustrated. I gave up. Thank God, I was not able to buy the property, as it had become devalued. The delay was grace. Now, when I leave early for my destination, I have no delays. If I am late, all sorts of delays slow me. So, please, go to the airport early and you will have no delays at the security line. Above all, if the Lord delays in revealing Himself, it is only to make sure you really want it. So, welcome delays, as you do not know the benefits that you can receive from them. — Satish Daryanani

sculpture of a patient man

Extremities of the Mind

Our minds can go from one extreme to another. We can binge-eat during Fat Tuesday and fast during Lent to lose weight. We either become alcoholic or give up alcohol completely, be spiritually minded or an atheist—the same person can do both. Unfortunately, I, too, am the same. I was a staunch non-vegetarian and then switched to being a complete vegetarian in a split second. I can either be a retired bum or a workaholic. Moderation is not my strength. This shows we do not have control of our minds. So, how do we bring balance? The irony is that only with extremes can one bring balance in life. You have to completely refrain from things that enslave you. Each one of us has to find our Achilles heel. When we are free from all that binds us, only then can we again enjoy it in moderation. I gave up alcohol for 13 years and now can drink without losing control of my mind, I drink just for the taste, and not the buzz. Mastering our minds does not mean not enjoying life. It means enjoy everything in moderation, free from becoming the slave of anyone and anything. This even includes being free from the slavery of yoga, meditation, and breathing exercises. If you miss a day or two, you should not get upset. Real spirituality is being free from spirituality itself. — Satish Daryanani

Extreme landscape


There will be situations with your family when, no matter what you say, you will be misunderstood and others will get upset with you. If it were a friend, you could avoid him or her. Family members live in the same house as you. First, try not to give them any advice. Even if you keep silent and don’t say anything, they will get upset about that. Now, what to do? Look at it this way. They are here to test your patience and crush your ego. Those who had, or have, a spiritual Master don’t have to worry. The Master does the job. No matter what I did, I was on the receiving end of a firing squad. So, your family member is doing that job. If you do something wrong and get a firing, that makes sense. When you get roasted for saying anything or not speaking at all, it is for your spiritual growth. If you are strong enough, tell them, “You are sacrificing your precious energy to show that you are upset with me. I know I have a tremendous ego, and you are crushing it for me. You are the only one that really loves me. No matter what I do, please continue doing the same. Hopefully, with the grace of God, I will know the correct words to speak to you. I chose you to be my family member, as I have a lot to learn from you.” Thank you, Lord for making me a part of this family. So, my Master, You can retire. I have found a wonderful replacement. — Satish Daryanani

Social Approval

In big cities like New York, Hongkong, or Dubai, social approval is dominant. People do anything to fit into society. They even overspend and take on debt to keep up their social images. Many people starve themselves to look slim so others think they are beautiful. Their hair, shoes, and clothes are chosen for others. They only live for compliments. These people actually deserve credit. The “I” in their lives is gone. They live for the sake of others. They become spiritual, as others are more important than they are. The only difference is they are trying to fit in, whereas true spirituality makes you stand out. But they are all half-way there. Women sacrifice their comfort by wearing painful, high-heeled shoes to look good to others. Those who live for social approval are very insecure within. They are not sure of themselves, so being approved by society makes them feel complete. If you sacrifice to bring joy to others, not for any approval but for blessings, sacrifice not to compete or outdo others with material things but to help fill the void in people’s empty lives, then you become their Versace, Armani, Louis Vuitton, and Chanel. They can get the same joy from being with you, free of charge. You will not go out of style. You can buy anything as long as it does not hurt you financially, not for approval from society, but for you to enjoy. — Satish Daryanani

3 fashionable women social climbers

Q. How do I want to be remembered?

A. People do much in life for this answer. What do I leave behind? What is my legacy? You are dead — what does your legacy matter? All that matters in my life is what my Spiritual Masters and the Lord think of me. Did I trouble my Masters enough? Did I put on weight enjoying all the delicious food everyone fed me? People should remember me by showing them what to be or not to be. My purpose in life is to teach others what not to be, to show them how to have fun in life by living a life with no regrets, by being a pain in the butt so no one misses me. The great Masters who come into our lives show us how to live. Their lives matter. Their thoughts, words, and actions are aligned with their teachings. They lead humble lives of service and give unconditional love. Just thinking of them brings tears to our eyes. These souls are worth remembering, as they live for others. They do not do all these things for how they will be remembered, but because they see God in everyone. I hope that, when I leave my body, a new James Bond movie will soon be released, so that my funeral may be celebrated by going to the movies. — Satish Daryanani

Lincoln Memorial

Looking for the Perfect One

The 91st Academy Awards ceremony was the first time the Oscars were broadcast without a host, as they could not find a perfect candidate in time. Many people keep on dating, hoping to find their perfect life partner. Poor real estate agents get tired of showing people the perfect home they want. The perfection that you seek does not exist. It is only in your head. Even those who might get to see God may want a refund. God is too white or too dark, too tall or too short, or does not have a good smile, or looks too old or too young. He, too, might get rejected. We want to find a better God. We, human beings, are never satisfied. Even to find the perfect restaurant or a product, we spend more time studying the reviews rather than actually eating the food or using the product. Honestly, it is our own imperfections that push us to find perfection from outside. We find faults in everything because we are not satisfied with being in our own skin. Our state of mind is flawed, so the whole world is flawed. It is only when you find the perfect one that is inside each and everyone, will you be able to see the perfection in every atom of the universe. — Satish Daryanani

Decision Making

We are not able to make decisions easily. The main reason is our having attachments. If there is a cancer cell in the body, it has to be removed, no matter how painful it may be. We have to make correct, objective decisions if we want to maintain peace. No matter the losses, we have to bear them. They can even break relationships. Peace is above everything. First, choose what is valuable in your life—money, relationship, or peace. Make your decisions based on that. Then you will have no guilt in your life. Others will consider your decisions to be selfish ones, yet, in your heart, you know the truth. Once you decide, then nothing should change your mind. Be firm in your convictions. Know that these situations came to test you. See that you are honoring the greatest teachings from your Master. Nothing is worth disturbing your peace. So, if you pass the examination of making the correct decisions, then, automatically, you will make all decisions in the same manner. There will be no more decisions to make. Then, you will have peace, and, nothing but peace. — Satish Daryanani

Hand gesture showing a good decision

Good and Evil Acts

You can achieve perfection and immortality through a long struggle. The mortal being in a relative plan performs good and evil acts. Evil is negative good. Out of evil, good can occur. Everyone learns lessons in this world and evolves. God is only a witness in this drama of life. He does not make us do evil acts. We are given intellect and free will. We act out of our ego. We reap the fruits of our good and evil actions. By practicing virtuous actions, purity increases and we become divine. We are responsible for all our thoughts and actions. God is not responsible. So, spend time daily analyzing your day. You will first be able to distinguish between good and evil actions. Only then can you walk on the blade of a sharp razor. Those who want to attain divine knowledge know that it starts with your actions. It is up to you. Good and bad actions are two sides of the same coin. — Satish Daryanani

illustration of woman writer with angel and devil talking to her


Intuition is the ability to know something directly without analytic reasoning. It is an instinct we can develop that bridges the gap between the conscious and non-conscience parts of our minds. We have to be completely objective, without desires and attachments, so we can get clarity in our decision-making process. Those who have it can utilize this gift. It is non-conscious thinking. There is no real proof it can work all the time, as it is based on a feeling rather than a fact. I was told by my Master to use the intuition of a family member, as I do not have good intuition. I get carried away with what people tell me. I believe them. If I had good intuition, I would have stayed away from deals that ended up in big losses. There is no training required, as the brain is on auto-pilot and the feeling comes. However, intuition in spirituality is different. Your gut feeling and your moral compass work hand in hand. Our brain spends 80 percent of the time on non-conscious thoughts. All the mind does is try to simply feel good. Nothing can make you feel better than linking with the divine self, which is linked to peace and wisdom. This instinct, to be permanently happy, is ingrained within each one of us. Some people, who get tired of all temporary happiness, follow their intuition and that leads them to permanent joy. So, if, like me, you do not have good instincts, at least follow your inner instincts. This will aid you in creating a new, deeper relationship with the self. — Satish Daryanani

illustration of intuition

Reheating Food

We reheat frozen or leftover food. Even though it tastes the same, it loses the benefits that we get from eating freshly made foods. Fresh foods need no preservatives. What we put in our bodies can benefit or harm us. It is okay to bend the rules sometimes. Our minds, too, get reheated foods when we hear of others’ experiences rather than experiencing them ourselves. It fills our appetite for knowledge but does not benefit us completely. Reheating food is easier than preparing from scratch a fresh dish. Listening and learning from others is easier than putting it into practice in our lives. Microwave gave a shortcut to preparing food. Internet gave a short cut to spreading knowledge. But fresh food and fresh ideas have no short cuts. They are earned. Those who care for their bodies and minds are aware of this. Fresh food is created in nature and fresh ideas are created within us. So, work on making and eating fresh food daily and spend time in the fresh thoughts that can arise from you daily. — Satish Daryanani

Fresh vegetables and fruit


I was on a flight, and a fellow passenger was praising God for how fortunate he was, as he had financial success. Suddenly, another passenger came and handed him his wallet. The man had not known he left it in the bathroom. In the wallet were his USA green card, drivers license, and all his credit cards. He thanked the person. Before the flight landed, he looked through his wallet and found that $1000 was missing. He got very upset and started shouting. He got all the crew involved. Even after getting off the flight, he told everyone about it. I told him, “The person who returned the wallet could not have taken that money. Someone must seen the wallet, removed the $1000, and left the wallet in the same place. The one who gave it back did not know what was inside. You have so much wealth, all your important stuff came back to you, so just think that you gave a $1000 reward. You would not even be able to clear immigration without a green card. I would gladly give a $1000 for all the headache that the person saved me.” This is a test. We thanked the Lord for all the fortunes a few minutes ago. Yet, if a $1000 is taken away to teach us a lesson about being careful with all our valuables in our wallets, we lose our peace. With every lesson you learn, think of offering a reward to give to the person who gave you the lesson. Giving the reward may hurt slightly, but it will not destroy you. Appreciation of life’s lesson makes you appreciate all that you still have. The lesson on the plane was also for me. See what comes to you and the benefit you get, even if there is a small price to pay. Then you’ve got a bargain. — Satish Daryanani

Man's wallet in back pocket


In Islam, Friday is a holiday, kept for God. In Judaism, Saturday is God’s day, and in Christianity, Sunday is kept for God. We keep this one day to think of God with prayer and with gratitude. Some do good deeds on this day or spend time with their families and rest. Others go for movies, shopping, and night clubs. So, God gets one special day. Those that follow the path of spirituality do not get a holiday. Their lives are the same every day. If you are working, resting, partying, serving, or doing your duties, it is one and the same. Everything is an offering to the Lord. So, going to a church, mosque, synagogue, temple, or a night club is all the same. The awareness of the divine is within you. Your actions or inactions do not change your relationship with the Lord. For example, while doing anything in life, you are breathing. Your breathing varies depending on your actions, yet the action of breathing is taking place. Now, if you are always aware of the breath, does it matter what you do? If the awareness of the breath changes to the awareness of the Lord, then every moment is for God. So, if you exercise your breath versus resting,  or sit in the house of God versus in a night club, the awareness cannot change. However, having no awareness of God does not happen. When your parents force you to go one day a week to God’s house, it is to build your relationship, and not to be stuck doing only that for the rest of your life. Once a week leads to every second of your life. — Satish Daryanani

Jeruselem with mosques, churches, and synagogues

Finding the Disease

When a patient is comatose, doctors have to perform a lot of tests to figure out the cause. Once they diagnose the problem, with the correct remedies, the patient gets healed. We, too, have to find the one thing that is holding us back from enjoying life completely. For some, it is negative attitude. Some live in fear, or with constant guilt. Once you find the one thing that controls your life, slowly, you can self-medicate and free yourself from the coma in which we all are. Feeling that I was responsible for all my profits and losses took a burden on me. That was holding me back. Now, knowing that I am but a secretary, and not the owner of my life, has brought me out of my coma. Vegetating in the same state of mind is no better than being in a physical coma. The same person, with the same attitude, going nowhere and complaining that business is bad, does not change anything. It is not that business is bad, it is the state of mind that is bad. So, life becomes bad. Everyone is a psychiatrist and the patient at the same time. If someone else points out to you your Achilles heel, you will get defensive and reject all advice. Only you can find the remedy and cure yourself, and then, everyone will enjoy this renovated, energetic, dynamic, positive-minded, and jovial person. Then, others will come to this self-made doctor for advice. — Satish Daryanani

Intensive care unit bed and patient


There are those who have a lot of wealth and do not show it, while others have little wealth and want to show the world they are extremely wealthy. Also, in the spiritual world, there are some who have reached 95 percent of divinity, but still have in themselves 5 percent of the lower self. With that, they can get wisdom and bliss. Slowly, they get followers and disciplesand then get stagnant. They get caught up in building their base and do not get to their final destination. Then, there are some who have the knowledge, but have not truly experienced everything. They, too, can get followers and write books. They are good orators and can get famous. They even get involved with politicians and like to have their pictures taken with famous people. They are the bluff masters. Some do not show anyone that they have attained anything. They call themselves seekers, like all of us. They feel they are on this endless journey of evolution. In their minds, they are not masters, but students of life. They are the real bluff masters, having attained everything, yet showing they have nothing and appearing to struggle like all of us. While being complete with the Lord, they beg to get a glimpse of the Lord; they show they are lambs, yet can roar like lions. These few divine souls are present among us. Fortunate are those who come in contact with the real deal.—Satish Daryanani


There are those who are driven. They do not need encouragement to push themselves. If anything, they are told to take it easy, that heaven can wait. This is a blessing and a curse. They achieve a lot and yet, can burn out easily. They can lose family and friends along the way, as no one can keep up with their pace. They can succeed easily in worldly matters. A driven person is capable of changing the world. If that drive is used in the correct manner, they can transform their lives completely. The Spiritual Masters love these people of action. They are useful to them. They have positive energy and nothing gets them down. They usually speak and text fast. They are not patient. According to them, the world is in slow motion. Everything should happen yesterday, even today is too late. Gossip is not in their vocabulary, as it is a waste of time. They are poor listeners. People will think they are egoistic and self-centered. Yet, they live in their own world where nothing can stop them. It is that drive which can free you from all the constraints of this world. Even God will not be able to hold you back. You want something, you can get it. All you have to do is want the priceless gift in this human form: the gift of self-discovery. — Satish Daryanani

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Bored of Grace

When we have too much of anything, we get bored. Even rich, delicious food at a wedding can get to you. Having a simple veggie burger on the street can satisfy you. If you have $500 billion and still make more money, you can get bored with making money. So, you end up sharing your wealth with others. How can anyone get bored of grace, which everyone prays and begs for? You should have permanent awareness of grace. The one who sees nothing but grace, every second, gets overwhelmed in grace. There is grace, grace, grace, and nothing but grace in the world. You even stop thanking God for grace as you will be doing that every second. Grace gets boring as all your needs, desires, goals, aspirations are completely satisfied. There is no mission or purpose anymore. You get intoxicated by grace. It feels like God, too, got bored and poured all His grace on us. He was overstocked with grace and gave us his excess inventory. Now we are stuck with it. I love desserts, but if I have too much, I get bored and stay away from it. I cannot stay away from grace, as I am surrounded by it. Some people have not found grace and keep on asking others to bless them, or have received so much that they have got diabetes from grace. — Satish Daryanani

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Event Co-ordinator

Planning a small event for a few hundred people takes a lot of time and energy. No matter how well you plan things, there will be people who will still be unhappy. Their rooms may not be ready. The food may not be to their liking. They may have to wait for transportation. Many lose their voices and get stressed. They have sleepless nights and get exhausted for no reason. Imagine the Event Co-ordinator planning for 8 billion people and the infinite other creations, trying to coordinate everything perfectly for a lifetime and not just for a few days. So, sometimes, if we have to wait in line and things do not go our way, keep in mind that the one Co-ordinator is doing His best. Only if you have been in charge of an event, will your appreciation for the big Event Co-ordinator increase. Your tolerance for petty glitches in life will increase. This ultimate Event Co-ordinator does not charge any fees, yet all He gets are complaints and demands for services. So, let us all enjoy this 80-year party for which we have come. Just thank the Event Co-ordinator for choosing us. — Satish Daryanani

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Pin-drop Silence

This is a contradictory term. If a pin drops, there is no silence. If there is silence, there is no sound. When we attend marriages and other functions, we are surrounded by loud sounds. Afterward, we feel like bathing in a shower of silence to remove the sounds from our system. There are two type of sounds. The first is natural, like waves of an ocean, birds chirping, flowing water. Nature creates sounds that soothe us. These sounds make us peaceful. The second is sounds that are created by us – like loud-speakers, traffic, talking — these affect our equanimity. Even the vibration created by the hum of the universe is a sound. The rotation of the Earth on its axis creates a sound. The sweet melodious voice of the Lord speaking to you has a sound. So, being in silence does not mean pure silence. It is the choice of the sounds you want. The correct sound of a devotional song can take you to the depths of silence. Each one is different. Enjoy the sounds of the Imax movies and night clubs, if you want, but when your core needs rest, spend time in sounds that can rejuvenate you. Then, sound and silence can give you the same blissful experience. — Satish Daryanani

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In the old days, people shook hands and the deal was done. Today, we have so many contracts. Even after agreeing and sending a Whatsapp message, we still need to sign every page. Our word and messages have no value. All a signature means is that you have agreed to all the terms and conditions and will not change your mind. Now, money is so important that people break their deals. When we were in our mothers’ wombs, in the darkness, we made a deal with God to never go into darkness again. There was no pen to sign the contract. So, we come out of the darkness after so many months just to go back into the darkness for many years. Perhaps, if we had signed a contract we might have tried to stick by our promise. It is not too late. Remember the verbal contract made with God. Be free from the self-imposed darkness. — Satish Daryanani

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I wish I knew all the languages of the world. There would be so much fun communicating. It would be so easy even to spread the teachings. I use Google Translate to send these thoughts in Spanish but, sometimes, the real essence is lost. Certain things written in Latin or Sanskrit lose meaning when translated. The language in which we dream or talk to ourselves is our main language. When we talk to God, that is the language of love. He understands all languages, but He loves the language of feelings, not words. As you grow in your spiritual path, there is nothing to say, no language. It just happens: wisdom without words, experiencing grace without saying, “Thank you.” There is clarity in everything, without questions or answers. This is how all can communicate, with one language that all can understand. Examples of universal language are music and a smile. Even though you may be, like me, not good at learning languages, once divinity radiates from you, everyone will be able to understand you. The language of love is pouring from you. Then you are spreading the teachings, not with words, but with your presence.— Satish Daryanani

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Different Sockets

When we travel internationally, we find different electrical sockets. We have to carry adapter plugs to match the sockets. Electricity is the same, outputs are different. If you do not have the right adapter, your electric devices will not work. With God, who is the ultimate electric current, it is the same. Different countries and religions are different sockets to get to the same source. If you do not follow the procedures, you will have no access to God and you are discharged from the community and society. The fear of your battery running low gives no access to the real electricity. People yield to the rules of the community. They say, “This is the only way to God and has been for generations. Therefore, it is correct.” If you figure out the universal plug that can connect directly to the source, you get excommunicated. Spirituality frees you from the limitations of the sockets. It is the direct wire to the electricity. You do not need a plug. It gives you the real shock. The current runs directly through you. It’s your choice—carry different sockets to fit into the world or become the shining bulb that is permanently connected to the source. — Satish Daryanani

Various electric adaptors


Many places advertise, “We are at your service twenty-four hours, seven days a week.” Some people say that, too, but when I call them, they are fast asleep. It is hard to make this commitment. We need time to rest and relax. Even to make this commitment to God is not simple. We mostly end up forgetting Him. So, what commitment can you make 24/7? Only one. I will always be happy. Nothing will disturb my peace. My actions during the day can change, but not me. Sometimes people might see me act upset or tough. This is required for the world but, inside, I am the same. I pray 24/7 to be free from this asylum, wanting to be only with my Beloved. Stuck 24/7 with my crazy mind, I wonder how God has not given up on me. 24/7 my mind is constantly looking for things to entertain me. I get bored very easily, so I look for the smallest thrills in life to get my juices flowing. So, Lord, you are there for me 24/7. Let me never worry, knowing this fact. — Satish Daryanani

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Being a Comedian

Making people laugh is one of the hardest jobs. The worst part is explaining the joke. The whole fun is gone. Sometimes my Master would repeat the joke. We laughed every time because of the way He would tell it. There are those who do know how to laugh. We watch competitive talent shows on TV where comedians are given only a few minutes to tell jokes. This is unfair to them as comedy is all about the timing. We are all comedians. Only God is laughing. He laughs when someone gets scared of the joker, watching our reactions to making or losing Monopoly money, coloring our hair when it turns grey hair from being wiser, praying to Him as if he has forgotten us and does not know what is good for us, fighting and killing over different religions that are all created in His name, discriminating over the color of the pigmentations of our skin. I wish the world could see that God is having fun at our expense. He could reveal the truth to everyone, but then, who will make Him laugh? So, please continue to be ignorant so that my Beloved Lord has 8 billion comedians. — Satish Daryanani

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Many people leave their countries and families and move to different places for work. Many do not even have time to eat their meals properly. One day, he or she realizes, “What am I doing all this for? After the stress and sacrifice, what do I have in hand?” We say all this is for the family. So, if a person took care of his family and suddenly died of a heart attack at the age of 55, did he really live? There are a few who want more while they are alive. They start reading spiritual books to find answers and take pilgrimages to discover the meaning of life. They even ask others for help. To find the meaning of life, you need to find a person who has lived and found the answer. All that you will learn is that everything is within you. The only job you have is to find the real you. All that you did got you nowhere. Until this job of finding your true employer and the true Boss is complete, your life is not. So, please spend time in silence for your retirement. That inner wealth you share with your family members is priceless. — Satish Daryanani

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Hard Fate

Hard fate is a term given to an unseen force that brings unpleasant experiences and test’s one’s patience. The person who faces these experiences tends to feel that what he or she is going through is undeserved, but there are no such things as accidents, chance, fate, or luck. Everything is the result of one’s own past actions, whether or not we are aware of this fact. Everything that occurs is due to cause and effect. The one who understands this, not by listening or reading, will not complain. You can develop willpower and inner strength to overcome these experiences. They make you a stronger person. The same strength and qualities you develop will help you in your spiritual growth. God is just a witness in this whole game. He is not here to change your experiences. You can pray for strength. All you need to know is that you can change your destiny with strong willpower, by leading a pure, spiritual life, by leading a life of good conduct. Self-effort is necessary on the spiritual path. You have free will to even attain God. So your past is your past. Let what may come. My today is in my hands. Let me make the most of it.— Satish Daryanani

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Seeking Pleasure

In seeking pleasure, you have already created your pain. Pleasure in worldly objects and people is neither pure nor permanent. If something is capable of giving you pleasure, the same can also cause you pain. For example, a newly married couple can have the pleasure of being with each other and, later on in life, that same relationship can become painful. This world will give you joy from pleasure. So, we jump from one pleasure to another in search of this joy. When a person is tired of this roller coaster ride, he looks for permanent happiness. He has to rise above petty desires and seek ultimate reality. Only supreme bliss, the experience of indescribable joy and peace within, can satisfy us. Once you get it, nothing, and I repeat, nothing can make you lose it. So, run after worldly pleasures more and more. Get tired, and then become a part of the club with the membership of just a few thousand, the club where all the members have the same last name, Joy. — Satish Daryanani

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A Good Business Person

When a business owner makes a profit, pays the suppliers on time, and does not cheat his customers, the employees are happy. When the same person does everything in the same manner and, unfortunately, does not make a profit, he is considered to be a bad businessman. As long as your principles are correct, bad and good are not in your hands. The economic situation is not in your hands. You have done everything as an offering to the Lord. You have put yourself in the shoes of the suppliers, landlord, employees, creditors, and customers. There is no guilt in your actions. Then the ups and downs of your life are meaningless. The Lord tests us all to see our reactions. If you have only success, God has given up on you. You can only progress through challenges. So, if things are good in your life, do your best to be perfect. If things are bad, the world will help you—as you are a person of character, a person of honor. You do not run from your problems but face them. So, if someone gives you credit for being an amazing business person, please tell them, “It is grace, as all my stars are aligned correctly. I conducted all my business practices in a way that would not displease my Master. It is for His business that this secretary, treasurer, gets a nice paycheck. — Satish Daryanani

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Owner Versus Tenant

Most people want to own their own homes. Others like to rent. The owners benefit from the appreciation of the property. They get a tax deduction on the property tax and interest on the mortgage. The tenants do not have to deal with repairs and maintenance or the ups and downs of the valuation of the property. Once the lease term is over, they can move to a new and happening place. They do not get attached to the property as they know it belongs to them only for a limited time. They do not spend much on renovations because, when they vacate, the landlord will benefit free of charge. This does not become their permanent address. They do not have to despair when their homes are on fire, or in hurricanes, mudslides, or earthquakes. They have no stress of rebuilding. We should all live like tenants for this short period that we are on this earth-plane. Let the real Landlord, who owns this massive property, worry about maintenance. Stay, have fun, pay the rent by serving others, and then, move on to a better location where no rent is required. Take care of your existing place like a good tenant and leave in peace knowing that nothing belongs to you. — Satish Daryanani

House wrecked by earthquake

Spiritual Progress

This is your report card. If you enjoy great inner peace and indescribable happiness, you get a B-. If you are not affected by turmoil and troubles that go around, you get a B. If you radiate peace and happiness to all around you, a B+. When your negative qualities slowly vanish and are replaced with sublime virtues, and you become good and radiate goodness, an A-. Your mere presence is able to inspire others to lead a good life, free from hatred, jealousy, and malice and your heart is filled with cosmic love, you get an A. You have become one with God and the Eternal Being. The experience you feel when you are one with God cannot be described with words. You serve spontaneously and selflessly, as you see God in everyone. This undisputed tranquility of mind deserves an A+. — Satish Daryanani

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Lawyers are needed when two parties agree or disagree on anything. If we all were honest and each of us kept our word, every lawyer would be out of a job. In most cases, both parties feel they are correct and honest. Who to believe? Lawyers are required to prove the honesty of the individual. When I was with my Master, I asked Him how to resolve some bad debts and if I could use a lawyer. He told me that, as a businessman, I could use a lawyer—but, as a spiritual aspirant, I should not, I should try to resolve it on my own. If there were losses, it is the will of God. Whatever is due to you will come. No one can take that from you. Perhaps, in error, more was given to you. Your account is being settled. These days, I still use lawyers for contracts. Hopefully, they are honored. If not, the other party is free from legalities and consequences. At least, let me do my part by honoring all the contracts that I have signed. A lot of jokes are made about lawyers, but they are needed to keep us on track. If you are able to forgive and forget, try not to use lawyers to go after your assets, even if someone has taken advantage of you. I have even taken advantage of my Masters and the Lord. This is my chance to pay them back. To my lawyer friends, I am not trying to reduce your business. Human greed is such you will always be needed. — Satish Daryanani

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The Relationship Between Science and Spirituality

Science studies the creation, but spirituality is focused on the Creator. Both go hand in hand. Science tells you everything is made up of atoms. That is the common factor. Only the forms vary. In spirituality, there is nothing but Adam. Consider atom and Adam. Science and spirituality agree that the building blocks are the same. Scientists cannot even scratch the surface of what is out there; spirituality cannot scratch the surface of what is within. Both require faith and focus to succeed. Both are mysterious and cannot be solved. Those who excel in either field are considered crazy. Science wants explanations for natural phenomena, spirituality accepts all as a way of life. Scientists use the head, spirituality uses the heart. Scientists can explain, spirituality has no explanation. Both see the same world, the same life — only understanding is different. In science, you use the senses, in spirituality, you lose your senses. Both believe in evolution. Nothing is permanent. Both are there to support your health and happiness. The more knowledge and wisdom you gain from science and spirituality, the more wholesome your life becomes. Thank God for giving us both science and spirituality. — Satish Daryanani

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Q. Can a realized soul be affected by Alzheimer’s disease?

A. Alzheimer’s disease affects the mind. Relationships and past memories may be erased from the memory. People who are affected by this disease lose their memories and may only have brief moments where they can remember their surroundings and close ones. But what they have gained from within—the connection to the Lord, the Divinity within, the answer to who am I, the ability to go within to deep inner peace—that cannot get affected. If you show them a picture, or image, of a Deity or the Lord, they will fold their hands and bow their heads in respect. They may not know the name of the Deity, but they know it is someone Divine. It is like the hard drive of a computer getting corrupted but is still able to connect to the internet. They can still dig in and get wisdom every day. They can talk about it, write about it, or write a poem, but they will then forget about it, as they cannot retain any memory. Their knowledge can come, be given and be gone. So, the essence of who they are and all the inner wealth that they have earned is with them permanently and is not affected by the mind that is being destroyed. Everything from the outside can be forgotten but not what you have learned from within. — Satish Daryanani

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Align Your Heart and Mind

If we are all the spirit then why are our hearts and minds different? Not only are we all different, our hearts and minds are also not synchronized. Our hearts would like to do something, and our minds, the opposite. Mind discriminates, it can judge, analyze, and is dominated by the ego. The heart does things out of compassion, it is controlled by our love and feelings. In certain things, the mind and heart should work together—for example, when it comes to service, forgiveness, longing for the Lord. Listening only to the mind makes you inhuman. Listening only to the heart can get you in trouble. You can spoil your children and lose money on bad decisions. The mind should process what comes from the heart and work together with it so you do not have to go through extremes in life. Your heart will break easily from the world, so the mind helps you deal with that pain. When it comes to my beloved Master, however, it is only the heart that works. My mind is discarded, thrown in the dustbin. I obey Him completely, without analyzing what is said. Father knows best. So use both wisely.—Satish Daryanani

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We Underestimate Ourselves

We are able to land on the moon. We fly on a plane. We can make or destroy the world. However, we limit ourselves by thinking small. Our lives go by just making ends meet, struggling for our basic necessities. Even in business, we struggle to pay our bills. Our lives are concentrated in a very small circle — like blinkers put on a horse so it only sees the road ahead. What are we really? Once that understanding comes, all the pettiness from our lives is gone. Imagine if the Queen of England got up one day, forgetting that she was a Queen, and tried to get a job, living from hand to mouth. Someone would tell her, “You are a Queen. These palaces and jewelry are all yours. Come and reclaim your throne.” We, too, are like that. We have the abundance of fortune and wisdom—all that God has, has been given to His children. We also forget. Someone has to remind us. We have to reclaim our thrones, our inheritance. When things are good in our lives, we do not spend time on this. When we get laid off from our jobs or are struggling in our businesses, it’s too late. When the moments are good in your life, work on the real you so that, when things are bad, you know your true worth. Hurdles will be a walk in the park. You underestimate your capacity. You underestimate the control you have over the forces of nature. Everything can become your slave. All you have to do is find the Royal blood flowing in you. — Satish Daryanani

A queen

A Wrinkled Shirt

You see a wrinkled shirt. What happens to the wrinkles when you iron the shirt? You see an ocean with waves. What happens to the waves when the day is nice and calm and the ocean looks like a lake? Where do the waves go? It is the same in our lives. We have a life full of dualities. The dualities are the waves. When we go within into calmness, what happens to the dualities? The difference is this: When we look at the shirt and just see the cloth, there are no wrinkles. The wrinkles are an illusion. The ocean is made of water. There are no waves. Similarly, when you see life as just life itself, then there are no waves of dualities. It is just life. It is when we do not realize the truth, we see the ripples in our lives. — Satish Daryanani

water ripples around drops

The Gift of Miracles

The human mind is very powerful. As you evolve spiritually, you will also gain the ability to perform miracles. Now, who is it that wants these gifts? It is your ego that wants to increase your powers. We see so many movies about superheroes. We wish we had the power to help and protect the world. We even convince ourselves that the power is not for us, that it will be used for the good of the world. So, the one who has all the power does not know how to utilize it correctly. You, with your limited intelligence, know how to use your powers correctly. The one miracle I would love to have bestowed on me is the ability to become humble. The more the inner powers grow, the more the ego will get boosted. As your focus and inner wealth grow, so will your abilities. Keep them in check. Do not desire them. Even if you can perform the miracle of healing, keep in mind that each person has to go through his or her karmic reformation. Pray and bless them with anesthesia to reduce their suffering, but not the experience through which they must go. — Satish Daryanani

illustration of healing hand on body

Impurities of the Mind

Lust, anger, and greed are three impurities of the mind. Algae that covers the surface of water represents the veil of ignorance. We, too, have impurities covering our crystal-clear minds. The restless tossing of the mind comes from these impurities. They serve a purpose. So, we have a challenge to overcome. We can enjoy our minds when they are free from impurities. Now, if you cannot get rid of them, like me, at least know that they are illusory. They are not real. They come and go. Sometimes, for no reason, these impurities appear. Tell them, “I am already a weak person. I cannot get rid of you. Lust, anger, and greed may stay for a few minutes, but, please, do not make me your slave. Please do not stay too long. Lust, please come for a short time, when I am in Miami Beach. Anger, please come to me when someone takes advantage of me. Greed, please come when I need the motivation to expand my business. You all are my guests and are welcome. My true friend is my peaceful mind. So, come, and we will enjoy each other’s company. I will leave you at the airport when it is your time to go.” — Satish Daryanani

Angry man on a phone

Forms of Love

Loving yourself starts with being selfish. It is okay to be selfish as long as this removes self-pity and self-hatred. Loving yourself leads you to fall in love with the Divine Self within you. That love for God, which you have discovered, is none other than love for yourself. Slowly, the same love is shared with everyone, as you now have an abundance of love. The last form of love is universal love—that love in which there is nothing but love for everyone and everything. So, everything starts with loving yourself. If someone is selfish and loves only himself or herself, that is good. Hopefully, it is this beginning that will lead them all to the stages of love that they have to go through. Love is a four-letter word, short and sweet like the thought today. — Satish Daryanani

Buddha radiating golden love


The USA government shutdown hurt many people, as they live from paycheck to paycheck. We must try to save at least 10 percent of our income. Now imagine giving an additional 10 percent to charity. It is hard. The 10 percent to charity does not have to be in the form of money, it could be your time, well wishes, positive attitude, or even just a smile. Even if you are unable to help, just by not hurting others is equivalent to your 10 percent. We are supposed to save for a rainy day, and this shows how many of us yield to temptations. This world is created to take all our earnings. We commit our future earnings to all the loans we take. Now, how many have really saved the real wealth. Temptations stop us from the wealth of wealths. Willpower can make you save. See your income and spend 10 percent less, no matter what temptations come. Save 10 percent of your precious time in self-reflection, service, building relationship with the one who gave you these 24 hours. Then, even if the government shuts down, you are not starving. When the good fortunes of your life slow down, you will have enough savings from within to be able to rejoice in all that comes. — Satish Daryanani

Shoveling pennies

Chanting and Meditation

Silent repetition of the Lord’s name leads you to the constant flow of one idea of God. That is meditation. When you go beyond, where God is omniscient, omnipotent, and omnipresent, it is also meditation. Repetition gives you focus and enables the mind to reach a stage where God is beyond form and formless. On my trip to Tibet, a lady used to chant different names of the Lord each day. I told her, “You are digging seven different holes and going nowhere. Instead, if you dug in one place continuously, you could go deep.” She replied, “I am pleasing the Lord in His different forms.” The Lord’s name is used to maintain one idea, not many. A laser-like focus will penetrate the granite rock — our hard heads. Then, the repetition, which is a rocket booster, will drop away. You are now free in outer space, away from the gravitational pull of ignorance. The irony is that the repetition of the name lets you become one with the Lord and, then later, becomes a distraction that has to drop away. — Satish Daryanani

laser light beam like meditation


Whatever you learn in life is never wasted. When we are young, we get distracted and lose the opportunity to study. Some drop out of schools and colleges. With an education, your mind is able to grasp all that the world has to offer. Even accounting will make sense. Soon, you will understand the universe’s accounting and not get upset when things do not go your way. Our minds are limited. With an education, the mind expands and hopefully you can get a glimpse of the Divine plan, like architects see the finished product just by looking at a plan. The building is already finished in their minds. Similarly, your mind will understand the Master Architect’s plan. You cannot explain it, just enjoy the perfection of it. The more you know, the greater the appreciation of the Master Builder. None of us will ever graduate from this university of life. I love being a student for life and troubling all my teachers. — Satish Daryanani

Architectural plan

Lost Baggage

When airlines lose your baggage, you get compensated. There could be profit or loss, depending upon what was in your luggage. In my case, every time they lose my luggage, I end up with a profit. My clothes do not have much value. If you are attached to your possessions in the suitcase, you will be sad. We all are carrying our luggage with us. I wish the airline would lose the baggage of our lives. Some carry so much luggage that the airlines have to put a “heavy” tag on the bags. You can hurt your back carrying this excess weight. As years go by, our baggage gets heavier with more possessions, memories, attachments, ego, and desires. The compensation for losing this luggage is not monetary. Instead, it is freedom from all the loads you have carried. This is losing the real weight of our lives. This feeling is better than losing fifty pounds of luggage. So start small, by making your travel baggage light and of less value so that every time your baggage arrives, you are disappointed as you lost a chance to profit from your lost baggage. — Satish Daryanani

Businesswoman missing luggage

A Bad Call

In sports, sometimes a referee can make the wrong call and the team can lose. The players and fans get upset and feel they got robbed of the chance to win the championship. It can happen in your career, a person less deserving than you gets a promotion. A person of less faith and godliness can see God. A dumb person like me is chosen to write these thoughts. An innocent person can get a death penalty. You feel there is no justice in this world. Is God unfair? Many times, He loses a lot of customers because of that. To understand the Lord’s method is hard especially if you are on the losing side of His actions. How can you realize that this is for your good when there is anger within you? Only time will tell. The Lord is too wise to make a mistake and too loving to punish. We know this and yet, when the pain of injustice happens, it is hard to believe that. You have two choices: Fight and get upset, or know that injustice can be used to change the rules and regulations so that, in the future, others do not have to face the same results. You become the guinea pig. Faith is not easy. Those who go through these tests and still maintain their faith are the ones who become the Lord’s favorites. — Satish Daryanani

Cartoon of an angry referee

Q. When Godliness is lacking within, can others light our way?

A. When your mobile phone’s battery is low, you look for the charger and charge the phone. The charger is connected to a socket that lets the electric current pass through. We need to find those people who are always connected to the Divine source. We call them sages and saints. The Divine energy is the same in all. Sometimes, due to lack of faith or understanding or difficulties in our lives, our awareness of the divinity diminishes. Our lives become a struggle at this time. We even start questioning the existence of God. So, how to find these portable chargers? Look for those who do not complain, those who are contented and peaceful. They will have a permanent smile on their faces and have a good sense of humor. They see the Divine current in everything. These are the instruments of the Lord, who will recharge our divinity if we cannot find it on our own. Pray, and guidance will come. You, too, will be recharged and be able to help those batteries that are in the red with one percent charge left. — Satish Daryanani

Recharging phone in hand.


Once we take a vow, we must keep it. Before taking the vow, everything is easy. But there will be many tests that arise in our lives after we take a vow. This is to strengthen the mind. For example, if you take a vow to abstain from desserts for six months, you will find that more temptations come after you take the promise. In the heat of the moment, in the presence of my Master, I made a few promises. I have kept some and broken some. I took a vow to always speak the truth, and yet, I have broken it many times. I took a vow not to yield to anger, I broke it in less than a day. I even tried the vow of being humble and lost it in a second, thinking I was humble. Thank God, it has been over 20 years since I have kept the vow of being vegetarian. Even a vow to keep silence daily benefits you. One vow that has great power is to live a life with no complaints. That is hard. Just saying, “It is so cold today,” is a complaint in itself. So, what vow can we all keep? “Lord, I make one vow that I will never break, that You will always be my best friend. No one will be closer to my heart than You.” My mind is weak and might fail in everything else, but not in this vow. This vow requires my heart and not my head. So it is easy for me to keep. The second vow is to not grow up, to keep having fun as a child who has come to play. — Satish Daryanani

Justice being sworn in by President

The Fear of Nothing

When I was young, I had a fear of lizards. When I became a vegetarian, my compassion grew for animals and, automatically, my fear of lizards disappeared. People fear cockroaches, rats, dogs, heights, and water. We all have these fears because we fear death. People even fear God. You can fear displeasing God, but not a God who loves us. I wish I had had a little fear of my Masters. Maybe I would have had more reverence for them. The one fear that no one talks about, is the fear of one’s own self. When we sit in silence we have to see ourselves, all that we are, and all that we have done. As with a mirror, we see the reflection of our lives. Most of us cannot deal with the fear of seeing our own shadows, or of becoming nothing as we realize the truth, or the fear of losing all that we value in life. The fear of all that you think is real now is nothing but a dream, the fear of losing your ego and your self-worth. All your possessions are now illusions. So, all your fears are for nothing. Once you realize this, you will have wasted your precious time and energy for nothing.—Satish Daryanani

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Source of Income

I used to gamble in casinos and win. I told my Master the winnings could go towards good causes. He told me: If you win, then someone loses. That vibration of the loss is in the money you win. Nobody loses willingly. So the source of the money and how you earned it is more important than the money itself. Nobody will benefit when the source and method of earning are not clean. It has been over twenty years since I last gambled. Even the food we eat must come from a source that is loving and not forced. Only then can the body and mind benefit from it. Cheating your family members and banks creditors and taking bribes, all have a price. All the dirt you have collected comes out when you first sit in silence. You will feel you are better off not sitting in silence. Income is just not financial; your earnings also come from all that you do and your intent behind it. If your actions are done as an offering to the Lord, your income is automatically clean. There will be no guilt in your heart. That itself will bring you peace. Be honest, and the world will be honest with you. The source of my real income comes from obedience to the teachings of my Masters. That is real wealth. I thank all my Masters for not giving up on me. I still have a long way to go. — Satish Daryanani

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Q. Is truth the same for all?

A. Angels and sinners are the same where truth is concerned. Both the highly educated and the uneducated can reach the same goal. Having a spiritual guide makes it easier to attain, but an individual can also do it on his own. There are many ways to get there. Age is not a restriction but, the sooner you get there, the more time you have to enjoy it. Why do we need to discover the truth? We do not have to. We all want to remove our blindfolds when we get tired of playing the game of Hide-and-Seek. Then we can see and laugh at how, although our friends were right next to us, we could not find them. There are those who say: When grace pours, the truth will be discovered. Yes, grace is important. So, do your part in the meantime. What is your part? Sitting in silence and seeing the angel within. We are all angels but have cut off our wings by moving away from the truth. Truth is something that shows that we are all equal. The experience of truth is the same for one and all. This shows God loves us equally. The only difference is who wants it more. This, then, becomes your primary goal in life. You do not have to leave your family or your day job for it. You might have to take away at least 15 minutes from your smartphones and computers. Start with 15 minutes to infinite hours in trying to see the truth within yourself. You will find that, one day, it was time well spent. Then you, too, shall get your wings and be free. — Satish Daryanani

Sign of Peace above


My Master had gone to the Soviet Union in the 1980s. The Russian translator realized that all the talks were pertaining to God. She did not believe in God. So my Master asked her, “What do you believe in?” She said she believed in “Camaraderie.” This is solidarity—oneness as a nation. The Master said, “If you really believe in this, you do not need to believe in God.” This is God, all living as one for each other. No religion is greater than that.” Today, the world wants to separate. Countries want to build walls between them. Even Brexit is not easy—leaving your neighbors, your largest trading partners. It can even cost you over 60 billion dollars to leave your wife. Solidarity requires unity, like-mindedness, mutual support, and living for one another. This is what it is like in heaven. Loneliness and living for yourself feel like being in hell. So, is living in the Soviet Union like heaven? In concept, it was meant to be that way. The selfishness of humanity ruined it. Money and power came into the hands of a few. To be like-minded is not easy. To find it even in small, non-profit organizations is nearly impossible. We are trying to live in solidarity. See the same divine spirit in everything. Then we are all on the same team—playing this game of life together, supporting each other without being a burden on one another.—Satish Daryanani

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Enthusiasm and Excitement

My beloved Master told me that the one who has these two needs nothing else. With enthusiasm and excitement, there is nothing that cannot be attained. With excitement, every day is worth living. With enthusiasm, you want to discover all that there is within you. You want to see God so you can experience all that you have heard about Him. You are even excited about your own death so you can see your beloved Masters again. You can experience the astral form, and even be excited about Hell so you can see and feel how hot the fires are. You will even help others, if only for your excitement. You will get up every morning with the joy of experiencing a new thought, sent to others so you can enjoy the comments that come. You will have the enthusiasm for learning new skills or seeing the different cultures of the world. The sign of such persons is that their lives are full of wonder. They do not want the same repetitive boring life. What next? A new dawn means a whole new life every day. The power of enthusiasm can transform people’s lives. They are never down with themselves or the circumstances they face. OH!!!! Those blessed souls who have this, truly live. — Satish Daryanani

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The Cuteness of a Baby

We are all drawn to the cuteness of a baby—the smile, joy, happiness, and love draws us to it. We were all cute at one time. So what changed? We grew up. We forgot what we are. The child is without responsibilities, without caring, free from judgments, free from discrimination, and free from identity and ego. A child belongs to no religion, has no ambitions or goals, does not fear death, does not have the stress of the world. The same child grows up and, one day becomes a teenager. Most parents wish that their child would never grow up. The loving child becomes difficult to deal with. Poor God had all the wonderful innocent children at one time. We all grew up to become a burden on Him. He also must be wishing that we all would not have grown up and He had 8 billion babies with which to play. Then He would not have to listen to our prayers, as babies do not pray for anything. They have everything they need. Today, parents go to classes to learn how to deal with babies. In the old days, there were no classes as, once you fall in love with the innocence, you automatically know how to care for the baby. So, go back to being a child and let the make-up industry go out of business, as nothing is more beautiful than the face of a child. Let us all work on getting our natural smiles back and not the fake smile we have to put on in our social lives. Then we can post our baby-face so others can say, “Oh, how cute. We wish we could volunteer to be your babysitter.” —Satish Daryanani

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Q. Does numerology work?

A. This question was asked of me today. If someone knows how to read numbers and the alignment of the stars and planets, he or she can predict the future of a person. It is not easy to find such a person these days. By knowing your future, can you change anything? The answer is no. If you have financial problems, or health problems, nothing can change. Even if you pray for grace, it can only give you the anesthesia for the surgery you still have to endure. My father knew a person who was skilled in this field. All that he said came true—even the age when my father left his body. Knowing this, however, does not change the facts. I learned that we all have a great numerologist. It is our thoughts, deeds, and actions. Our mathematical formula is written by us. We are the accountants of our own debits and credits. Our reactions, spiritual development, and service are free from our horoscopes. Knowing this we should enjoy the suspense of our doings. So, those who want to find out the final score of the Super-Bowl before it takes place, can look for the numerologist and bet on the game and make money. Others know that the ultimate mathematician, the Lord, cannot make mistakes. Let Him worry about keeping track of everything. He has nothing better to do.—Satish Daryanani


Mixing Things

We human beings do not want what nature gives us. We want to mix things and make our own concoctions. We like things that are bittersweet. We mix fruit juices with vegetable juices. Some things are not meant to be mixed, like oil and water. Our bodies and minds have limitations. When we go against their natural order, we pay a price. For example, our lungs are designed for taking in fresh air full of oxygen, and not nicotine from cigarettes. Our minds can get high from inner peace and wisdom; we do not need chemically induced drugs, which give a temporary high and then lead us to crash in the lows of depression. Most of us know the truth, yet, we mix in lies—because the truth is not convenient for us. When we watch the news, we know the truth, yet we believe the politicians’ lies. We know the truth that we all have to die, yet, no one wants to accept it. We all know our bodies are aging, yet, people spend millions of dollars trying to look younger. We all know everything happens with the will of God, yet, the ego makes us believe we do everything. We know we cannot take our money with us, yet, we do everything to collect as much as possible. That is why there is a saying: Truth hurts. Mixing our inner wisdom with selfish ignorance creates all the problems in our lives. It is okay to have mixed drinks in moderation, like a Lychee Martini, my favorite, but the more you have natural products, the better it is for your health. The nature of the mind is truth. To entertain yourself, please mix, in moderation, the lies that people say on CNN and Fox. — Satish Daryanani


Anniversary of Our Loved Ones’ Passing

The first anniversaries of the death of our loved ones are the hardest. We only remember the good moments we had with them. We forget the arguments and disagreements we had. Even when couples are contemplating divorce, if one partner dies, the other feels miserable. I pray that when I pass on, please remember my anger and how I roasted everyone—then there is no pain and I am no longer troubling anyone. So, use this as a lesson. Enjoy the good, bad, and ugly while people are alive. There is no point in missing them when they are gone. Look on the positive side. Your loved ones are not sick any more. There are no more fights, only love and blessings for them. You can only have gratitude for the wonderful things they have done for you. My Spiritual Master left His body. There is now no need to go early to get a good seat close to Him. I do not have to go to India twice a year. I do not have to worry whether He gives me a look and a smile. I am free from all that. Now, you can think of your loved ones whenever you want. You can talk to them privately, seek their guidance when you need it. Learn all the dos and don’ts from their lives. But, crying and being miserable is not helping anyone. Know that you, too, have limited time. Use it well. — Satish Daryanani

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Making Up Your Mind

If you make an offer to buy a property and the seller agrees to all your terms and conditions, the mind will automatically wonder, “It happened too smoothly and easily. Did I overpay?” On the other hand, if you worked hard and argued and then got what you wanted, you will feel you got a great deal; you earned it. People ask me for many things. If I agree immediately, they tell me, “Let me think about it.” The doubt comes. Our minds are funny. Everything that comes easily is the flow of nature. When we overthink, the ego takes control and we lose many great opportunities by not being able to make up our minds. I use this line a lot: “Even if I brought God to you, free of charge and on a platter, you will ask, ‘What is the catch?’” Not everyone in the world is trying to take you for a ride. Sometimes, good things can come with no strings attached. The thought that there is a better deal out there and your desire to not make a mistake by making a quick decision puts barriers in people’s lives. It is better to make a mistake and to learn from it than to do nothing at all. In time, you will be able to make up your mind in a split second. There is a higher power that is there for your growth, not necessarily only for your success. So, make up your mind quickly. Do you want the treasure of all treasures? Then remove the fear of making mistakes by taking quick decisions. Everything is for your good. — Satish Daryanani

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Q. What am I doing it for?

A. There are those who want a job of service, yet, they also want a good paycheck. Anything you do, ask yourself this question: Do you want to make money or do service? It is hard to get both. Saving the planet, spreading the teachings, helping the needy—the purpose is more important than the action. If it is for your fun and others benefit, that is the correct purpose. Everything we do should be for our joy. Even God wants you to think of Him, but only if it brings you joy. Reading this thought should bring you joy, otherwise, you can delete it. Why do we take so much pressure and stress in our lives, what are we doing it for? The more you think about it, the less you let things bind you. People tell me they are so busy that they have no time to breathe. What are they doing it for? This should be your new mantra (holy chant). Most of the things we do have no purpose. So, if we get no joy from them, we should stay away from them. Finally, writing these thoughts, what am I doing it for? I have no answer. See my point? — Satish Daryanani

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Q. Why are people easily bored?

A. Over time, listening to the comedy of top comedians even like Jerry Seinfeld, the jokes sound repetitive. That is why his show had to end. Reading these thoughts daily, they seem similar, they have the same flavor. Even when I traveled with the Spiritual Masters, their talks seemed repetitive. Those who experience deep inner peace will have a similar experience daily. So, how not to get bored with our daily routines? No two grains of sand are the same, the reactions of two people are different, no two butterflies have the same beauty. Everything in this world is unique. God knew we will get bored so She created variety. Some, who repeat a holy chant to keep the mind focused, give up because they get bored with the repetition. However, if you persist, the reward you will find is a whole new inner world to entertain you. So, eat in new restaurants, travel to new places, try new hobbies, make new friends. Even try to not complain to God. That will be a whole new experience. Please do not get stuck in your ways, otherwise, you will end up being the most boring person to be with. — Satish Daryanani

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Q. Who is the best and the worst disciple?

A. It is Judas. Just imagine, he betrayed the love of his life! If he did it out of obedience to his Master, Jesus, it makes him the greatest disciple ever. To watch one’s Beloved being crucified because of one’s actions is the greatest pain one can bear. I am surprised he took so long to take his own life. I would have killed myself right away. Even though he may have done this deed according to the master plan of Jesus, history will judge him as the worst disciple ever. There were 12 fortunate souls who got a chance to be in the physical presence of a realized soul—an ocean of love. Would someone betray Him for a few measly coins, which he did not use? The Master would choose the strongest and most obedient amongst His 12 disciples. In Jesus’ master plan the crucifixion was needed so He could resurrect. The disciple who can obey his Master, even if it harms the Master, is the best disciple. On the other hand, if he betrays His trust and love, it makes him the worst disciple. It is up to us to decide which one he is. — Satish Daryanani

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Q. What is our responsibility in life?

A. Ask yourself: What is the responsibility of a microphone? It relays sound and music. There is no ego involved. Similarly, when the “I” goes and you realize you are only an instrument, you are free from all the responsibilities of life. All your burdens are removed. God’s will is to subdue the ego. Our ego is dependent on the spirit, we are never independent in that respect. Once we consciously submit ourselves completely to the spirit, we are independent because God’s will takes over. The choice is yours to make: Be a very responsible person and pay the price—or surrender yourself into His hands and allow Him to do everything. Then the supreme consciousness, or the cosmic energy, flows through you. The responsibility in your life is simple. Choose your path. — Satish Daryanani

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Q. Are there terrible people or situations in the world?

A. Today, the U.S. government has shut down because of a wall between the USA and Mexico. The irony is that, in fact, a wall has been created between the two political parties. Both sides are correct. They both want security and are actually the two sides of the same coin. There should be no hatred. Life is a matter of understanding and accepting. Then, there is nothing bad, terrible, or negative in life. To make a movie you need light; to enjoy the movie you need darkness. The one who understands this enjoys the real movie of life. Each one of us and every situation we face is perfect; our lack of understanding makes it terrible. When we rise above our differences, we develop universal love for everything. We must learn to enjoy everything in the world as it is. We must rejoice in every situation. Those who go to heaven and complain can make heaven into hell. There is only one terrible thing in this world: It starts with me and my limited mind. — Satish Daryanani

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Q. Why do people get married?

A. We are all married to each other in spirit. Yet people may have a ceremony. They end up with a marriage certificate from the court and so can claim a tax deduction. Even if they file for a divorce, it is not possible to break up. Spiritual marriage to each other is permanent. People end up paying lawyers for no reason, thinking they have broken up. It is only the changing mind that thinks it is changing relationships. We are all one. That cannot change, we have to keep this in our minds. So, should people not get married? You can marry so your parents will stop bothering you. Also, it is good for the diamond business that people marry. Marriages are good for the economy. But know that your marriage was already made in heaven. Earthly marriages only renew your vows. Remember, no one is single in the world. We are all suffering being married from birth. Married people, do not be jealous of your single friends. We are all in the same boat. Even death cannot free us from our marriages. Get used to being married to one another and make the most of it. — Satish Daryanani

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Q. Can you really change someone?

A. If a dog’s tail is bent, can you make it straight? It is not easy to change someone. However, it is not impossible to change your own self; this can only happen if you want to change. You can try and help people to change if they want your guidance. Parents try to change their children. Spiritual Masters try to changes their devotes. People try to change their life partners. I am trying to change people with these thoughts. All must realize that we can only inspire them. They must want to change. We are all different in our thinking. So to inspire someone, speak in a manner to which they will be receptive. Do not force your point of view on them. The best way to change someone is to practice what you preach. That, itself, can inspire someone. But please, do not expect anyone to change, as you might get disappointed. Even if they tell you they have changed, only believe them when you see it through their actions. We are all creatures of habit. Only someone with grace and strong willpower can truly change. Do your best and pray for those who need help in changing themselves. — Satish Daryanani


Q. Why is the world so competitive?

A. I hear complaints that there is so much competition in business that it has become hard to sell and make a profit. First, realize that life is a sport. Everything that you do is a game. Play each game well. Don’t worry about competing, just play your part. Don’t always look to win. Constant winning with no competition and not losing is boring. Learn to enjoy the wins and losses in life, as long as you do not lose your mind. Getting stressed because of competition means you have lost before even starting. In today’s world, even parents get involved in their children’s wins and losses. They have taken the fun out of just playing. Their children grow up thinking winning is everything and then they suffer when they lose. According to God, the Creator, this world was for His play, His fun. If he is enjoying watching us play, then why are we suffering? It is because we only give value to competition and winning. Treat competition as a way to improve. Use this to become better at your craft. Know that there is always someone better and worse than you. Enjoy this game knowing that you want to win. Do the best you can. Know that He is laughing at your reactions to the so-called losses. — Satish Daryanani

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Q. What drives the stock market?

A. The entire world, including the stock market, is driven by fear and greed. That is why the prices go up and down so fast. Long-term investors put aside their savings monthly and do not get affected by the daily roller coaster ride. Religious people, too, live with greed for heaven and fear of hell. In our lives, when things are good, we get greedy for more; when we go through challenging times, we bury ourselves in fear—both are our natural instincts. If you can handle it, enjoy this ride. If you are tired and want to be free, then, realize both are not permanent. Nothing can remain the same permanently, except my reaction, that is in my control. The stock market and everything from the outside world goes up and down. Spirituality is not only for seeing God, it also gives you the correct way to live. All that is happening is not in your control. Sitting in silence and analyzing your life is in your hands. So, have the fear of displeasing the Lord, have the greed of trying to get as close to Him as possible, and all the greed and fear of worldly stuff will automatically drop away from your life. — Satish Daryanani

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Q. Is it more important to do good or to have a good heart?

A. It would be nice to do good and have a good heart. However, having a good heart is more important. Some good people do good from the fear of God. Some do good so that the world can see, some so that their conscience cannot prick them for all the wrong they have done. People do good so that their credit of good karma goes up and they can enjoy the fruit of that. On the other hand, the world might think that a person is a jerk, and yet he could have a good heart. There is no credit or recognition, as the world might not even know who has a good heart. Only the Spiritual Masters and the Lord know that. The ones who have a good heart will not even know they have one. It comes from grace. The purity of the heart grows with unconditional love for the Lord. Those with pure hearts feel they are heartless and not worthy to see the lord. Yet, because of their pure and good hearts, the Lord reveals Himself to them. So, pray to have a good heart. Leave being a good person to others. It is an easier path.—Satish Daryanani

Q. What should be our New Year’s resolution?

A. For many, it is to lose weight and get back in shape. For some, it is to give up smoking, drinking, and other addictions. For others, it is to not lose their temper and be more patient and loving. Some want to spend more time in silence and connect with the Divine. There are so many resolutions. Some of us may succeed, and some fail. At least, we will give it a try. My New Year’s resolution is simple: Why mess with perfection? I’m not saying I am perfect, but that everything in this world is controlled by the Perfect One. There is nothing wrong with taking care of your health, doing your duties and austerities, trying to overcome your weaknesses. But this is not my real resolution—to live every day, every year, and every lifetime in the same manner. Knowing that, what can I do to change when the one who controls me holds all the strings? Enjoy the champagne, the fireworks, the ball dropping, the music, company, and good food. It has been many years since I spent New Year’s Eve without being in the physical presence of a Spiritual Master. I feel they are all with me—blessing me, guiding me, and, above all, forgiving me for my sick mind. I wish you all a Happy New Year. May God bless you that I can wish you a Happy New Day each day, as all the days will become the same. Then New Year is every day. — Satish Daryanani

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Q. What gives your life meaning?

A. Each one of us will have a different answer to this question. Each one of us has something that makes our life worth living. Even God has a specific purpose for us. Three things give my life meaning: One is to spread the teachings that come from within and from being around Spiritual Masters. The second is to have fun—fun from experiencing the divine in everything, from enjoying this entire creation, from enjoying the grace and having gratitude for the giver of this grace. In spite of knowing that whatever I do is not in my control, I still take credit for my doings. I think that the world benefits from my existence. The third thing that gives my life meaning is knowing that this life is an endless journey—to evolve, to learn, and to experience as much as I can. This year is coming to an end soon. I wonder, “The person that I was a year ago, where did he go? Was he even there?” The person who used to react, think, and understand things should feel that a whole lifetime has gone by, and not just a year. So, with the coming of each new year, a whole new person is re-born. What gives your life meaning should change annually, as the person which you think you were the previous year died. The new year brings the birth of a new soul. Thank God 2018 is over, so we can say good riddance to that crazy person who is not here anymore. — Satish Daryanani

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Q. How many ways are there to see God?

A. Just as there are many ways to go to Rome, there are 8 billion ways to see God. Hence, there are 8 billion religions. There are infinite dishes to feed our physical hunger. Similarly, we have infinite ways to feed our spiritual hunger. You can get God through intense love or hatred for Him. The hatred has to be that intense. You can get Him by complete surrender or by taking everything on your own shoulders or by practicing tremendous austerities. You can lose yourself in the service for the world or stay in seclusion and enjoy Him in silence. I am not trying to put religious organizations, priests, or Spiritual Masters out of business. Use them all to inspire yourself, but create your own path. This is the freedom given to each one of us. Just as God cannot be defined, the paths cannot be defined. We fight over our religious beliefs, yet no two people practice their own religions in the same manner. One may only speak the truth, the other may think white lies are acceptable. No two minds are the same, so no two paths are the same. The only thing common is that those who truly see God have exactly the same experience. Those, who see God as a hallucination have different experiences. One way to try and describe God is that you see the reflection of your true self when your mind is a clear mirror. Nothing more can be said. This is God. — Satish Daryanani

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Q. Why do we all think differently?

A. We are all unique. No two persons can think alike. When we see or hear something, based on our experiences and intelligence, we end up judging and arriving at conclusions. When people meet, they end up debating as to which angle is right or wrong. Truly wise people do not get into debates. They see the world the way they want. Only when they are asked for their opinions, do they speak. Someone may like a particular movie, follow a particular Spiritual Master, political leader, or a special restaurant. Even if they are atheists and do not believe in God, it is their choice. Sometimes they may like or hate someone or something for a crazy reason. Please do not laugh, they may get insulted. Your spiritual examination comes when you are faced with these situations; all your austerities prepare you for these. This world of illusion is going to be seen from each one’s own point of view. Why do people debate with others as to what appears in their dreams? Your precious time and energy should not be wasted in changing people’s minds. Guide them only when they are ready, with open minds, to expand their horizons. Otherwise, enjoy the show of a blind person describing the elephant while touching only one part of the elephant. Until the blindfold of ignorance is removed, the world is seen from a very narrow point of view. — Satish Daryanani

illustration of elephant and six blind men

Q. Who wins the lottery?

A. Many people buy lottery tickets hoping they will win big and their lives will change. Unfortunately, only a handful win the big ones. Most people who do not win, feel they are not lucky. Yet, if a situation occurs and they are about to lose their lives and, miraculously, they are saved, they then realize how lucky they are. They have won the biggest lottery—not losing their lives. When we see the miracles of God—our good health, life itself, our loved ones, our limbs, our eyesight, our ability to hear and talk, we will not care if we win or lose with the lottery ticket. The one who understands the good luck given by God has already won the jackpot. You can still buy lottery tickets for fun, if you want, but inside, you know that you have already won the big one—the inner peace that comes from realizing the miracles from God. — Satish Daryanani

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Q. Why are people so possessive?

A. When I was around my Spiritual Masters, I felt very possessive of them. I wanted to monopolize their time and affection. If they did not bless me with their continue gazes and smiles, I would get depressed. I would wonder if I had thought or said something wrong, for which I was being punished. Then, one day, I realized, “What must I have done for them to bestow their love and grace on me!” It was not that I deserved it or was being punished. It came only out of their kindness. It was for me to learn that they are the Masters and that I could not possess them. I see many parents being possessive of their children, trying to control them, even if they are adults and have themselves become parents. We become attached to our kids and judge them on our own terms. If God, himself, appeared, all His devotees would try to possess Him. Some people are also possessive of their religions and their beliefs. Accordingly, those who do not follow their path will end up in hell. The ones who are possessive already live in hell. They live with continued hurt and pain when the ones whom they posses go against their will. Be free and don’t bind yourself with someone or something. True love for someone comes from letting go. Let them be free from you. — Satish Daryanani

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Q. What is the final destination?

A. The knowledge that is available in the world is limitless, it has no ceiling. There is also an abundance of wisdom within that we can tap. Retirement and death are only a part of our journey. Making money has no limits. We can do endless service and we will not make even a dent in the needs of humanity. Even trying to be humble is endless. As long as we are in the human form, there will be a subtle ego. There are endless layers of inner peace. Giving and receiving love has no bounds. The real destination in our lives brings us to realize that there is nothing in this world with a destination. Everything is an endless journey, yet we put up barriers. Believing in heaven and hell is only a part of our journey, not our destination. Trying to become a better person creates a constant battle with our own minds. Now that you know this truth, put no limit on anything. For example, if I become a millionaire, a billionaire, a doctor, a retiree, or a realized soul, what then? There is more, much more. Set goals to inspire you but, in the back of your mind, know that there is no peak in any aspect of your life. — Satish Daryanani

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Q. Why does the body get confused?

A. The body needs little to sustain it. The less you put in, the more you get out of it. The more you put in, the less you get out of it. Yet, we have no control over our intake. Our minds are the same way. Enter less data so that, like a hard drive, it is not overloaded. When you need to function, it will have optimal performance as it does not have to sift through too much data. We put so much spam and trash in our minds by reading, talking, thinking, and listening to unnecessary material. The body rejects the overload with diseases, and the mind rejects the overload with anxiety, stress, and worry. Both, the body and the mind can be perfect instruments. All you have to do is listen to your body. A burp tells you that your body is full, and not that it has digested the food so you can eat even more. When you get a headache, feel lethargic, or dizzy, have a shortage of breath, or feel depressed, the mind tells you: Enough is enough. Use these gifts from God so others can also benefit. As a sick and depressed person, you are of no use to the world. You end up being a burden on others. So, please stop sending pictures of high calorie and tasty, unhealthy food. Please also stop forwarding things on WhatsApp that do not benefit anyone—it’s just unnecessary data filling the mind. Even today’s thought may be unnecessary data to some. Forward it only to those who might benefit from it.—Satish Daryanani

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Q. Why do we check the weather report?

A. We check to see the hourly, daily, and weekly weather report so we can plan accordingly: what to wear, whether to carry an umbrella or not or to change our plans if the weather is severe. Planning is good so we are not surprised. On the other hand, if there is a 90% chance of rain and we carry an umbrella, and if there is no rain, we complain. We carried the umbrella for nothing. Now, how do we prepare for other things we have to face in the week ahead? There is no forecast we can read. Weekends are good for preparing for the next week because we have a little extra time. Spend some minutes in silence and contemplate. You are giving yourself a chance to prepare for the days ahead. There is a weather channel within each of us. In time, you develop an instinct for sensing what lies ahead—the so-called obstacles you might face. As time goes by, you will reach a state where, no matter what comes, you remain unaffected. Until you reach that state, spend every weekend with the accountant, doctor, psychiatrist, lawyer, financial adviser, family counselor, and any other professionals you need—all are within you. They will prepare and guide you for what you might face. Then, nothing will surprise you. Please do not complain if no obstacles come; it’s like carrying an umbrella when there is no rain. Enjoy the week ahead.—Satish Daryanani

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Q. Is doing one job better than another?

A.  It does not matter what job we do, it is how we do it — especially the ones who have government jobs and are secured for life. Even those who volunteer in non-profit organizations and do not take a pay check should still do their best. When we call the airlines, or hotels, or credit card companies, we sometimes get a person who really helps us, who goes above and beyond his or her call of duty. We thank them and send them our blessings. On the other hand, you can get someone who is not helpful at all. Even if you do your best, you may get laid-off due to corporate decisions of cost-cutting. In any situation, all you can do is your best. The attitude and effort you put towards everything in life is more important than the results of your actions. See all your actions from the recipient’s point of view. That caring should be there. When you do everything as an offering to the Lord and not for a paycheck, your life changes. You do not need to pray, meditate, go out and serve, give donations, visit holy places, or read scriptures. You are already living a spiritual life. The thought of God is in each action. So, whether you are the CEO or the teller at a bank, serve your customers as if you are serving God. Even if you get fired, you need not be concerned. The real Big Boss knows your value. He will find you something. No one wants to lose a sincere worker. Do your best and leave the rest. Simple. — Satish Daryanani


Q. How does it concern me?

A. This is one of the main teachings of my Spiritual Master. We unnecessarily get involved with so many things—especially when money is involved—we end up losing relationships. If you want to help, give to those who need help without expecting anything in return. You end up paying a heavy price to be a financial bridge for others. I wish I had listened to my Master and not gotten involved in such situations. The strength of “No” grows in the lives of the spiritual aspirants, as all they look for is peace. If you are doing it as a business, that is a different issue. There is profit and loss in that. It does not become personal. In life, most people face obstacles. You guide them, if needed, based on all that you have learned. This subject is for me to learn first. People might even think I have become heartless. That is fine. I cannot save the world, only myself. Today, on the 104th Birthday of my Beloved Master, I take a promise to never involve myself in things that do not concern me. I have been roasted enough. This lesson sounds selfish, yet being selfish has its benefits. You will avoid misunderstandings with people. They have to deal with their own karmic situations. All you can do is pray for them. Let the forces of nature take their course. You must not get caught up in that. Sorry Master, for not listening to You. — Satish Daryanani

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Q. Why does grace not work all the time?

A. There was a person who came to the spiritual Master seeking his blessings to become a Jeevanmukta (a liberated soul—one who is from the world but not of the world). The Master blessed him. He, also, wanted to enjoy the same nectar the Master enjoys from His silence. The Master blessed him. Some time passed and I asked him, “Did the blessings work?” He said he is still struggling and is not able to control the mind. I asked the Master, “Are your blessings not effective, or is it the lack of faith of the one receiving it?” The Master smiled and replied, “More important than grace or faith is that the person who asks for something really wants it.” You must want it more than air itself. Then even grace is not required. When you do get it, tell the world it happened due to grace, so as not to develop the ego. Take the world like a pot of hot water—if you need grace, or permission to drop it, then it is not hot enough. When the world gets to you and the pot of water is so hot, you will just drop it—that is the real want. Only then can you become a Jeevanmukta. — Satish Daryanani

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Q. Why can’t we remember our past lives?

A. We are unable to remember our past lives because we are not able to forgive all those who have affected us in this life alone. We are unable to recover from the guilt of what we have done in this life. We are still saddened by the loss in this lifetime of many loved ones. We are not even able to scratch the surface of our desires in this lifetime alone. So, thank God we have amnesia when it comes to our past lives. Imagine if we also lived with the fear of future lives. If you think this is your only life, then do not waste time. Make the most of it. Those realized souls who know the truth understand that, once the gift of life is given, it cannot be taken back. They do not live in the guilt of yesterday, nor do they have the fear of tomorrow. They live in the moment. For them, life and death are like going from one day to another in this endless journey called life. Each day, or birth, has the same purpose: to learn and serve. They live with the gratitude for the gift of life, gratitude that cannot be taken from them. Each birth, or day, is a gift to be enjoyed. Each birth, or day, is to be made into heaven or hell. So, if we cannot remember our past lives and definitely have no control over our future lives, can we enjoy this present life by living in the moment? While reading this thought, it is all that should matter. Enjoy this moment. — Satish Daryanani

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Q. Why do we all seek the award for being the best?

A. The Bahamas just won the 2018 award for being the best Caribbean destination. Due to this award, the island will attract more visitors. Businesses seek the award for being the best in their category so their clients will feel more confident in dealing with them. Trying to be the best is in our nature. Yet, we only seek awards that everyone can see. The Miss Universe pageant award is to show the world that you are the most beautiful person. However, no one seeks the award for being the dearest to the Lord. No one will find out; only the Lord knows the real beauty in your heart. Who can get the award of all awards? One who has equanimity. He enjoys whatever the Lord bestows upon him. His thoughts are blended with the teachings of the Lord. He is free from attachments and desires. He sees in everyone the image of the Lord. He brings a smile to people’s lives. His positive attitude uplifts others. In his heart, he does not seek anything for all that he does. Even if he wins the award from the Lord that he is dearest to the Lord, he will feel that he is not yet worthy of it. — Satish Daryanani

Ms Universe Pageant

Q. What attracts us in the world?

A. This world has fruit, which we enjoy—some are sweet, some bitter. When we get fed up with eating the bitter fruits, we try to elevate our souls. We start practicing silence, reading scriptures, and we go on spiritual retreats. Slowly, we start to experience peace and joy. As we elevate, our eyes look down at the world. We remember the sweet fruit we used to enjoy. All the austerities we practiced, the experiences we went through, are now of no value. We go back to the way we once were. This world will again make you go through challenging experiences. We are going up and down the branches of the same tree. Only those fortunate souls who have had enough of the bitter fruits from the world will rise up permanently. They know the price to pay to taste a few of the sweet fruit of the world. This temporary happiness that you get from outside is not going to enslave you anymore. When you have reached the state where nothing can attract you in the physical world, you are now free to come back. Enjoy the sweet fruits again. When the bitter fruits come in your life, you can again leave the world. So enjoy the peace, wisdom, and bliss of not being attached to the world. Come, play, and satisfy your taste buds when you want to enjoy the world. This is the true art of living. — Satish Daryanani

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Q. Why do we live according to what others think?

A. A person gets fired from a job, and he wants to show everyone that he has got a better job and is doing better than them. We live for what others think of our accomplishments and success. Even the way we look is for others. Society is our God today. Everything is based on the approval of society and social media, like Facebook or Instagram. What about what God thinks of us? Our identities are lost in trying to fit in. Even when big weddings take place, we keep track of who was invited. Belonging to the elite social circle becomes our goal. Who is watching? What do they think of us? Who knows us? These worries become our lives. Does God know you? Are you in His inner circle? Do the Spiritual Masters miss you when you are not around? Above all, are your parents and family members proud to be related to you for what you have become? Have you become that person where your existence becomes a light for everyone who comes into contact with you? — Satish Daryanani

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Q. Why do we eat and drink more when it is free?

A. At a buffet, you will notice people overfill their plates. They waste a lot of food. When drinks are free, people often get drunk. If we have to pay for it, we order only what we need. What draws us to free stuff? Free stuff is enjoyed because we do not have to work for it. Our hard-earned money has value. Yet, no one wants the best things which are free. Peace is free. Wisdom is free. Grace is free. Yet no takers. The difference is we only want that which is concrete and not abstract. We want what we can see, touch, and taste and not what is experienced. Even though we can enjoy everything through our senses, we convert it to experience to enjoy it. We prefer the by-product of the experience rather than the pure experience itself. But the irony is that we all want money which can give no pleasure. It is what money can buy but not the money itself. In that case, the second-hand experience is fine. However, the direct experience of the true wealth no one wants. Who can understand human beings? I give up. — Satish Daryanani

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Q. What three things consume our entire lives?

A. People are consumed by financial matters, health issues, and family problems. If I only talk about these three topics, I will have an audience for life. Those fortunate souls who do not get caught up in the above are consumed by spirituality. “When will I see God? When will I become a liberated soul? When will I see the inner light and discover the deep inner peace?” And so on. Some souls that are free want to help others with their situations. They create a fifth situation. “God, You had everything. You got bored and created this universe. Now I see all the problems You face. I am trying to help only a fraction of the issues that consume humanity — what must You be going through dealing with 8 billion people who are consumed with these issues?” We consume ourselves with something and our entire lives go by, not resolving even one of the issues. So, those souls who are free get involved in helping others with these issues. Neither God, nor the realized souls, nor the rest of humanity is completely free from things that consume us. — Satish Daryanani

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Q. Why must we choose between business or pleasure when we go on a trip?

A. How about a third option, both business and pleasure? When I was younger, I used to leave the warm Caribbean islands and go to frigid Detroit in the month of January for business. Even that was for business and pleasure. There were certain foods I could only get there. I got to meet nice people with whom I worked; they were more friends than business associates. Today, I am flying to the Bahamas. It’s easy to add pleasure as you can have a nice, chilled pîna colada on the beach, or have a Bahama mama in a restaurant. I can meet friends and do my job. The word pleasure should be in everything. In your duties, service, spirituality, exercise, as well as entertainment. Even at a funeral, I have the pleasure of watching my friend being free from his wife permanently. Even a split second that does not have pleasure in it is wasted. Waiting in a long line at Starbucks for coffee is a pleasure because I know what I am going to enjoy. So, immigration and customs forms worldwide should have the third option — both business and pleasure. — Satish Daryanani

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Q. What blessings should we crave?

A. I used to wonder what blessings would the spiritual Masters seek. There are two. First, they seek the blessing of humility. Along with this, they should feel they are more egoistic today than they were yesterday. Not even in their subconscious should they feel that they are becoming humble. The second blessing is to get closer to God. Even though they have experienced the merger with God, being in the human form there is still a separation as fine as a strand of hair. They seek the blessings to get so close to the Lord that there is no word yet created to describe it. On the other hand, they must feel each day that they are walking further and further away from God. These two blessings, contradictions, is what we must all seek. On one hand, is the blessing to evolve; on the other, the blessing to not realize our spiritual growth: wanting and not wanting, getting and not realizing. The true blessing is when the one who is blessed feels that he has not yet earned the blessings. Craving for grace when you are already a manifestation of that grace. That is why great souls always bow down and seek your blessings. They know that the Lord is in everyone and hope they receive these two blessings. — Satish Daryanani

Dada and Swami Satchidananda feeding each other

Q. Would there be world peace if there were no politicians?

A. If people lived with perfect righteousness, wisdom, truth, and justice there would be world peace. Since we do not rise to this level, politicians who are in charge of the administration will continue to take advantage. Their selfishness and greed will supersede the feelings and sufferings of millions. They will even embark on wars to hold on to their power. Remember: World peace starts with you. Your reflection of inner peace can be the beginning of world peace. Most people lose hope and so they do not do anything. The rich and powerful control everything. Yes, they do, but they do not control you. World peace is in your control. It is your state of mind, and not what politicians control. So start small. Contribute to peace at home and work, peace in your community, peace in your town, and your city. Even if nothing changes in your lifetime, at least you will have changed. Politicians are created in order for me to watch all the jokes about them on television and in other media. In my world, there is nothing but peace. — Satish Daryanani

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Q. What do most people misunderstand?

A. In the T.V. show, Magnum P.I., Tom Selleck, the actor, would often refer to his inner voice. We think we are able to listen to our inner voice for guidance and then follow it. However, the difficulty for the ordinary person is that it is the voice of the lower mind. The voice of the brutal instincts is often misunderstood as the voice of the conscience. As a result of such misunderstandings, guided by the animal tendency, we commit colossal blunders, involving danger to others. It requires a great degree of purity and calmness of mind to hear the true inner voice. It is the pure conscience itself that is the inner voice. Those who say God spoke to them are referring to this experience. So, how do you know which voice you are hearing? That’s simple. When the “I” has no say in whatever thought that comes. You are completely neutral. There is such a disparity between the two that it is easy to tell. If you are not sure, seek the advice of someone who you feel is able to listen to the real inner voice. Until then, take the inner voice with a pinch of salt. When you do get it, lawyers, friends, family members, psychiatrists, and priests, will no longer be needed. You will have a direct link to the ultimate Google. — Satish Daryanani

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Q. How do life and meditation intermingle?

A. Each and every being in the world is divine by nature. The divinity in people differs only by degrees, but not in kind. Even so-called atheists have rays of divinity in them. The actions of good, bad, or ugly vary in proportion. Even murderers, robbers, or drug dealers who commit vicious actions have some good in them. However subtle a pure action may be, it is to be considered as worship, or meditation. Meditation is not about just sitting in silence in a corner and thinking of the Lord. Actions that tend to purify the grossness of the individual are to be collectively treated as meditation. The difference is the speed of your evolution. The evolution of the soul takes place when you do good, selfless acts out of devotion. Your actions occur as a non-doer-ship. Automatically your life will become cheerful and enlightening as you evolve quickly, with the speed of light. When your life and meditation are intertwined, your actions and your thoughts work towards the same goal. So, life itself becomes an act of meditation. Your mind will remain the same all the time. Choose to crawl or run in your own evolution. — Satish Daryanani

Women runners dressed as hare and tortoise

Q. How can you do things correctly?

A. If you want things done correctly, you have to do them yourself. If you depend on others, then you have to live with the effort of others. What you put in this world comes back to you. Sometimes people will tell you, “Why don’t you delegate?” If you delegate, then you cannot get upset with what you get. If you do it yourself, you have to live with your mistakes. Get upset at yourself and learn from the lesson. This will lead you to realize that even your spiritual growth is in your own hands. You cannot blame the Masters or the organizations that help you develop. The whole world is created to fail you. Only you can help yourself. Put in that effort required to get all that you want. At least you will accept all responsibility and stop blaming others. Remember, the word correct is from your own point of view. So, your thoughts and actions are only correct when you are in control. God has given us this freedom. Even though He is in charge of everything, He lets you put your own effort to attain anything you want. Therefore, do your best and know that whatever happens is for your good. Have no guilt for a lack of effort. If things go according to your plan, you will enjoy a great feeling of self-satisfaction when all the effort pays off. So, please do not make God a mule to carry the load of your life. Take it on your own shoulders and leave only the results to Him. — Satish Daryanani

Large burden to be pulled.

Q. Can prayers cure when doctors fail?

A. Doctors and medicines are only instruments in the hands of God. Unless God wills it, no one can cure or get cured. A man should do his best with initiative, enterprise, and perseverance, but depend on God’s grace for everything. To bear suffering and accept it as a blessing in disguise from God is great wisdom. Prayers invoke the inner potential of the individual, which flows only from God, and they can certainly work miracles. More important than the actual prayer is your faith in the prayer. All this is wonderful, but without truly believing in it, nothing will work. Even for the doctors and the medicines to work, you must have faith in them. Those who have wisdom will rejoice at the blessings of suffering from the loving hands of the Lord. — Satish Daryanani

Surgeon with angel wings

Q. Are we all ignorant or wise?

A. Ignorance is just a creation of the mind. In reality, we are full of wisdom. When the veil drops, you will shine in your own essential, divine nature. First, allow your egoism and desires to pass. Behind the clouds of ignorance is the bright sunlight of wisdom. Behind the mind is the radiant light of God. Purify yourself, destroy evil thoughts, move on the spiritual path, and the attain the correct vision intended by the Lord. This is the purpose of the human birth. It is like going to school. You have to have short hair, wear a uniform, do your homework, obey your teachers, do not talk in class, and so on. There are many dos and don’ts in life. When you graduate, there are no more rules. Then you are free to do all that you want to do, free to have fun in life. Once the true purpose of your human birth is complete, then the real fun of being human starts. There will even be some crazy people reading your thoughts. So, unfold your inner wisdom and let others also enjoy the light you discovered.— Satish Daryanani

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Q. Are people born with talents?

A. We are born with some talents. Over the years we have to work on many things. Becoming vegetarian and talking about it was not my talent. Being shy, giving public talks was not easy. Playing sports rather than studying, was easier for me. I had to go against my nature to study. To maintain silence for one week every month takes a lot of effort. Real talent is going against your nature. Do not say you have no talent. These austerities are required for your growth. Even writing these thoughts is not my talent. My real talent is being lazy. I got tired of fighting God’s will. Accepting His will is easier. I got fed up of trying to fulfill my desires and I finally gave up on that. I was not allowed to be around my physical Masters, and that pain of separation made me detach from their physical forms. This led to all detachments, as attachments give you pain. Life is about utilizing your strengths and adding more strengths. I’m not saying I do not have any talent. Being on the spiritual path is definitely not my talent. I do not read Spiritual books. Yet, the love of my Masters has put me on this path. So, if the lover of non-vegetarian food, a selfish, egotistical, lazy, hard-headed, talkative, and disobedient person tries to spread the teachings, then anyone can develop any talent they want. — Satish Daryanani

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Q. Can sins be forgiven?

A. Some minor sins are forgiven if you repent with a pure heart and do not repeat them again. The repentance itself is sort of a self-punishment. It erases minor sins. However, you will have to suffer the capital sins. The laws of action and reaction are equal and opposite. You have to carry the impressions of your actions with your soul. God’s love gives us a chance to reform. It is not a punishment for capital sins. Instead, it is a chance to cleanse yourself, to learn the lessons and move on. Even a mother will forgive the children for their sins, but would love for them not to repeat them. If you scratch a table with a key, you have to work harder to remove the scratch. You have to sand the table, buff it, then apply varnish. Only then is the scratch removed. Similarly, the action of capital sin is easy. It takes more effort to undo it. So, please think of your thoughts and actions, as only you will have to clean up the mess. We do not have to blame God or question His soft heart which forgives us. What you sow, so shall you reap. Easier said than done. — Satish Daryanani

Remorse of man behind bars

Q. Is there light at the end of the tunnel?

A. Yes and no. It depends on many factors. When you visit Switzerland, you pass through many tunnels. Some are so long they seem to be endless. Eventually, the tunnel ends and you see daylight. So, physically, there is always light at the end of the tunnel. Those of you going through challenges feel there is no light, that you are stuck permanently in the darkness of the tunnel in which you find yourself. That is why the answer is “yes and no.” Physical tunnels appear in the world, constructed by governments or private contractors. Your journey of life has tunnels created by you, and not by situations. As you have made your own tunnel, only you can find the light at the end. One who knows that nothing is permanent can be free from this situation. What seems to be a struggle today, will be a blessing when you realize the benefit. Simple theory: What goes up must come down. What is down must go up. Neither the tunnel nor the light at the end of the tunnel is permanent. You will be going through both situations in your life. Learn to enjoy both situations. Then, your life is like living in Switzerland permanently. — Satish Daryanani

man walktng toward light at the end of a tunnerl

Q. How to deal with women?

A. If I had the answer, I would become a multi-billionaire. I’ll try: Women use their hearts and they get affected easily when someone hurts them. Living in a male-dominated world, they have to strive harder. Sometimes, women act tougher with other women. It is hard for a woman to balance her family life, career, and spiritual evolution. Those who have a strong will can excel faster than men. Women have less room for error, as their lives are being watched with magnifying glasses. I was shy around girls and could not communicate with them. Now, as I am slowly getting better at it, I am learning to see life from their points of view. They have a mother’s heart. Most of my body fat has come from their love for me because they feed me well. How to treat women is simple: Treat them with equality. Joke with them. They quickly can grasp deep thoughts. They have plenty of the patience needed to deal with me and are more forgiving. Please do not break their trust, as they get hurt easily. Tough women are like coconuts — hard outside, soft inside. Break the hard shell and make a new friend. The strength of a woman is under-estimated. Above all, see all the qualities that women have and pray for those qualities. I thank God for making women the way they are so my life is entertained all the time. — Satish Daryanani

Ms Florence Nightingale tending wounded soldiers.

Q. Why have guilt?

A. When we say or do something wrong, we feel guilty. It disturbs our minds. We may even lose sleep over it. If we keep on repeating our actions we can reach a stage where there will be no guilt. We can even justify our actions. Our minds are that strong. It can remove all the guilt eventually. That guilt is our friend. It guides us to not do something. Those who have chosen the spiritual path have to pay a heavy price. This guilt becomes a pain in the butt. If you go slightly off track it ruins your day. Even if you sit in silence your mind is disturbed. The price of guilt is high. So you would rather give up the situation that causes the guilt and go back to the peace and joy which you lost. Even to give up financial profits if there is guilt in your actions. It is your choice; to either become the slave of guilt and give up the situations that give you temporary pleasure, or tell yourself, “Life is short, let me enjoy.” So, choose guilt as a big stick from God to keep yourself in check. Or become stronger and overcome the pain of guilt. — Satish Daryanani

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Q. Why are we drawn to light?

A. When the Christmas tree at New York’s Rockefeller Center is lit up, it is a big event. The tree is placed there a few days before, yet there was no crowd around the tree. Once the lights on the tree are lit, the tree changes. It draws huge crowds. An unlit building, or a bridge at night, has no charm. When lit up, people are drawn to it. They start posing and taking selfies. They even stand in the cold to see an enlightened tree, or building, or bridge. We are all like the Christmas tree. Only when the grace of peace and wisdom is poured upon us, does real beauty show. People put on make-up so others will notice them. When the lights are on you, crowds will be drawn to you. Security guards will be required. All you did was connect to the source. The tree does not enjoy its own lights. They are meant for others to enjoy. That is what motivates a person to become an enlightened tree. — Satish Daryanani

Rockefeller Center Tree

Q. What do you think of yourself?

A. When someone breaks up from a relationship, they put themselves down, especially if their ex-partner has moved on. They even think that they may spend the rest of their lives alone. What we think of ourselves is often caused by the experiences we go through. So, if our outside situation changes, our thinking about ourselves changes. If we go through a financial crisis, we think we are useless. On the other hand, if we achieve great success, we think we are smart, creative, and courageous. The outside experiences will always change; what you are does not. The strengths that you have will always be with you. Feeling self-pity gets you nowhere. This is why all the teachings are only for one purpose: Discover the real you. Then all the ups and downs of life will not affect the real you. Neither will the highs of life make you an egotist nor the lows of life make you lose your confidence. People can post anything about you on social media and you can laugh at it, as they do not know the real you. They are only showing their own insecurities by posting. As people get older and start losing their physical capabilities, they start putting themselves down. When you know your true self, you will only think of yourself as the fortunate one who is here for one purpose — to help others also find themselves and be free from the suffering of ignorance. — Satish Daryanani

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Q. What are you trying to prove?

A. Boxers go through so much pain to prove they are champions. They have to keep on fighting to defend their titles. Children try to prove to their parents that they know more than them. Old people try to prove that they are still young by playing sports competitively. Seekers try to prove to their spiritual Masters that they are on the right track. Politicians try to prove to the public that they deserve their votes. Girls go through so much trouble to prove they are beautiful. People who have an ego try to prove they are humble. Even those who do good deeds are trying to prove to the Lord that they are good and that they love Him. Those who are good at meditation are trying to prove that they are in control of their minds. Intellectual people want to prove their intelligence by showing how much they know and the great memory they have. The rich people want to prove their wealth with the possessions they have. You try to be funny and have a good sense of humor when you do not have one. All I am trying to prove to the world is that this good-for-nothing is being controlled by the One who is good-for-everything.— Satish Daryanani

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What is better — imagination or reality? Part 2

A. What we imagine as deep, permanent inner peace and what we actually experience are poles apart. If we could imagine that state, we would not have to go through the process required to be in it permanently. We are already at that state, but not aware. Some of us get glimpses of peace. It’s like watching the trailer of a movie, not the whole movie. Rather than making the effort to be aware of this state permanently, our limited minds use our imagination. The second imagination is how much God loves us. In our lives, the greatest love that is experienced is a mother’s love. Based on that experience, we think God’s love is similar or slightly greater. Mother’s love still has a mix of attachments. When you really gets God’s love, it will shatter your imagination. It can never be expressed. Your whole life will change. There will be no desires left in you. Chit-Shanti (permanent deep inner peace) and God’s love, together, will replace all your imaginations. You will be living only with these two experiences. Nothing else will matter. To entertain yourself, keep imagining different things, though you are full and complete. Therefore, do not limit these two experiences with your imagination. Go and get the experience. Then this vacation of human experience is complete.— Satish Daryanani

Sunrays through clou

Q. What is better — imagination or reality? Part 1

A. A man meets a pretty woman and imagines spending the rest of his life with her. What he imagined was actually much better than married life. We imagine going on a vacation. In our minds, the temperature is at 72°F, or 22°C, and sunny. The vacation spot could have a lot of rain, mosquitoes, long immigration lines, and cost a lot more than what we planned for. Women read romantic novels and dream of a lover like Fabio. They end up marrying a fat, bald guy. Even Walt Disney did not get to build exactly what he imagined. When you get to know your self and realize the absolute truth, both will be better in your imagination than what you experience. You will say, “That’s it.” All the austerities are for that. You want to see God. What you imagine is far different than when you do meet Him. Our imagination is far greater than what we go through. Even God’s imagination of creating this world was much better than what was created. We were not so crazy in His imagination. There are at least two things where reality is better than imagination. Please think over it. Will share the answer tomorrow. To be continued. — Satish Daryanani

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Q. What will please you?

A. Every breath we take is taken to please ourselves. Everyone does different things to constantly please the mind. Some even enjoy pain as a form of pleasure. Even the so-called good deeds are done to please. Someone might adopt children and take care of them; still, it is for pleasing themselves. Those who want to please God do so because even that is to please themselves. Each one of us is different, so each method of pleasing ourselves varies. There are infinite ways to even please God. Just the thought of trying to please God will please Him. He is easy to please because of the love He has for us. Speaking the truth, selfless service, spreading the teachings are some examples. The lesson is that we are not here to judge how people please themselves. Some may paint their walls white, others may paint it pitch-black. Enjoy the show of how each one does different things on this journey of life to find the never-ending ways of pleasing oneself. — Satish Daryanani

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Q. Is criticism good?

A. It depends on whether the criticism is constructive or not. If it comes out of anger, ego, or hatred, then the criticism is harmful to the one giving as well as to the one receiving. No one benefits. When I was around spiritual Masters, they criticized me a lot. It was for my growth. The same God is in everyone. If you are completely detached and with no selfish motive, it is okay to point out problems so that mistakes are not repeated. Most do not have that capacity. Until you do, please do not criticize others. You might be misunderstood. Sometimes, we criticize as a form of motivation. If not done correctly, the other person can lose their self-confidence. Before you criticize, see if you first need to work on the problem yourself. If you criticize someone for being late, make sure you are punctual in life. Be careful before the thought of criticism for another person comes. — Satish Daryanani

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Q. How to keep yourself busy?

A. Get a smart phone and even 24 hours a day will not be enough. There are those who work so hard, they do not have time to scratch their heads. There is no time to think of God, or any service, or self-contemplation. And here is a question on how to keep yourself busy when we already do not have enough time! Being busy with hands and feet is one thing, trying to keep your mind busy is another thing. We are busy trying to carry the whole world on our shoulders, like Atlas. We can worry about things that might not happen. We can be busy bees, minding everyone else’s business. Being busy is healthy. How you keep busy is more important. Analyze the past 24 hours and learn from the dos and don’ts. Quietly ask God for forgiveness for a specific situation, if needed. Spend time relaxing and having fun. You will become more efficient. Learn from the lives of saints and sages. Being fascinated with all creation is my favorite way of keeping busy. Everything around me is miracle. Connecting with the Magician has kept me busy. Realizing that I am trying to understand everything with my limited mind keeps me busy constantly. — Satish Daryanani

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Q. What is real Thanksgiving?

A. No words can describe the feeling of when you live in the permanent awareness of God’s perfection. How can the words, “Thank You” express that feeling of gratitude? We keep one day of the year to thank the Lord. We have a nice meal, meet family members, and thank God for the bounty given to us. Instead, we should use that one day to take a break from thanking God. Those who realize everything is a loan given by the Lord will complain: Lord, You have given me much more than my needs. By doing so, You have increased my workload in sharing with all those whose needs are greater than mine. On top of that, my debts to You keep on increasing. With so many loans, You have me as a customer for life. But, I will still thank You on Thanksgiving Day. Thank You, Lord for giving me an extra holiday. Thank You for three football games on T.V. Thank You for the big budget movie released for me to see during this time. Tomorrow, I will go back to complaining about the abundance of love and grace from You, for the abundance of wealth from within which is difficult to share, for giving me more than I need so I am putting on weight. Above all, I cannot ask for anything, as Your perfection crushes my intelligence. Most important, thank You for the great deals on Black Friday. — Satish Daryanani

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A. What would you like to have?

A. This question is often asked by those in the service industry. Sometimes the answer is quick, “A mimosa.” Sometimes, we take a lot of time to decide. The more choices we have, the more time we take. Imagine if God came to you and asked the same question. Would we give a quick answer or take time to decide? God, too, is in the service industry — trying His best to satisfy us. If you are not sure of the answer, imagine this crazy one, “Lord, I would like to never have You!” God will be confused. He will ask why? “If I have You I will be satisfied. Then, I will want nothing else. If I do not have You, my whole life will be spent in wanting to be with You. Being with You is the greatest joy of my life. Separation from You is the greatest sorrow of my life. Yet, I choose separation so I will do my best to win Your heart. Otherwise, I will get complacent. Separation is my inspiration. So, please come again and again to ask me this same question. This way, I get to see You. If You so desire, end our separation when I take my last breath. It is totally up to You. I am happy either way.” — Satish Daryanani

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Q. What causes frustration?

A. When things do not go our way, we get frustrated. Loneliness is another cause of frustration. We think we are alone and there is no one watching over us. Nobody understands us. All our good intentions are not manifesting. There is a higher power who knows more than you — who even knows you have a pure heart and good intentions. Yet, you get frustrated because your actions are not bearing fruit. One day, you will thank God for being smarter than you. I cannot give an example as I will get in trouble. I thank God for getting me so frustrated that I had to move on to a whole new path. Frustration is a great blessing. It can change you completely. Please get frustrated with this crazy world so that you can discover the inner world. Frustration will make you realize you cannot save the world, only yourself. — Satish Daryanani

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Q. Why can’t God Almighty make sure everybody acts properly?

A. Each one acts properly. A thief must steal, a police officer’s job is to catch him. These are their duties. The world is a relative place. Kings, saints, beggars, lawyers, prostitutes, are all doing their respective duties. Good and evil are relative terms. Evil exists to glorify good. Hate exists to glorify love. Even a murderer can become a saint in the twinkling of an eye if he is placed in the proper pure company. Buddha did that to Angulimala, a murderer. If everyone was good there will be no villain in James Bond movies. Honestly, God even created Devil so we can glorify God. No action takes place without God having a purpose for it. We judge actions from our limited minds. In His mind, all actions are perfect for His drama. If all became saints, even saints will be out of a job. So, appreciate the real director of this big movie, who has so many performers playing their roles and duties correctly. They still haven’t given God an Oscar for the Best Director. — Satish Daryanani

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Q. What are benefits of being mischievous?

A. A mischievous nature a young person is an indication of intelligence and good health. If this energy is channeled in the right direction, you will become a wonderful, intelligent person. At the same time, do not act mischievous with your elders. We have so much to learn from them. We need their blessings and experience. I was mischievous with my elders and, now, I regret it. Mischievous people get joy out of life from the smallest thing. They are positive-minded people, happy with their own mischievous thoughts. They entertain others and are easy to get along. They do not dwell on past sorrows; their minds are looking forward to the next thrill. They have realized that the most mischievous person is God. He lets the puppet think it has freedom even though all the strings are controlled by Him. Above all, the teachers in schools, colleges, and even the spiritual Masters, never forget the mischievous students. The good, boring ones are forgotten. — Satish Daryanani

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Q. What are the virtues of a righteous person?

A. A righteous person is one who is pure in thought, words, and deed — a well-anchored person who is not motivated by personal gains. He is pious, God-fearing, centered in the eternal self, has equanimity, and is tolerant towards all. A righteous person is full of virtues, like charity, nobility, sincerity, humility, simplicity. He has no ego, no lust, no greed, no crooked-mindedness, or vanity. Nothing can affect that person. A righteous person is full of adoration for all and has no enemies. He treats friends and foes alike. His word is his honor. You can even write a postdated check based on his word of honor. Above all, a righteous person does not know he is righteous. He thinks he is full of flaws, struggling like everyone else. Only those who are blessed to be around such a person can see these qualities. May we all become righteous people. — Satish Daryanani

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Q. What discourages us?

A. We put our efforts in various things and often times see no rewards, so we get discouraged. People who exercise and go on diets to lose weight often see no results and give up. Even those who try to meditate get discouraged when they are not able to control their minds instantly. There is no barometer to check your spiritual evolution. When you give half your mind to something, the results does not take place. Collect the dissipated rays and give your full mind to things–then you will have instant success. If you do that for God, even God will appear instantly. There is nothing you cannot achieve when you put your mind to it. Then you are courageous. The “dis” – disappears. The problem is we really do not want anything. We just say we want it. That is the reason we give half our mind. There is a saying, “You want it, you got it.” Your mind is so powerful that you can align the forces of nature to your thoughts. It becomes your slave. You become a beacon of encouragement to everyone. Discouragement and encouragement are only opposite states of mind. — Satish Daryanani

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Q. What is Earth?

A. Earth is one of the planets in the solar system. It is one of the fields for experiencing the outcomes of good, bad, and mixed actions, and for initiating actions. Not only is it a place of action, it is also a place of experience. It is a place where thoughts, as well as the consequences of actions, get manifested. It is a bundle of atoms, a form of energy. It is one of the fields where we can fulfill our desire. Each one is an individual, separate, yet all the same. It is one of the stop-overs in our evolution, a temporary rest-stop in our never-ending journey. Here, we are all farmers sowing the seeds of our labor. The abundance of beauty for us to enjoy is a gift from the Lord. We become caretakers of this rest-stop. Let us not forget that Earth is only a speck in this universe. This is not your real home. It is only a place for you to enjoy while learning and resting. — Satish Daryanani

Planet Earth

Q. How does the mind differ from the soul?

A. The mind is limited, the soul is unlimited and all-pervading. The mind is the sum total of all your desires, thus inert and powerless. The soul lets the mind think it is conscious and powerful because the soul is reflected through it. The mind is the experiencer of every condition, both objective and subjective. The soul is the absolute—unaffected by any experience. The mind is mortal. The soul is immortal. The mind can make you a slave of the world. Awareness of the soul sets you free. The mind alone is the real person, the individual, the doer of actions. The mind is responsible for the cause and effect, for karma. The soul is free from cause and effect. The mind is the creative, enthusiastic, productive aspect of you. It can be your worst enemy or best friend. The soul is the source of what you are. Use both aspects of what you are. Use the mind for fun, duties, and service. Be aware of the soul to know the true self. — Satish Daryanani

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Q. How to put an end to doubts and questions?

A. By answering this question, I am going to lose all my audience. If that happens, I will be happy. As one goes deep within, the doubts, delusions, and interrogations disappear. It’s like when the sun rises, the mist disappears. Slowly, with grace, as you grow, the problems of life dissolve into the ever-abiding truth of existence. Our duty is only to intensify the inner purity with our daily spiritual practices. Slowly, all the spiritual teachings you have heard and read become clear. The only doubts you can have in life are, “Have I done enough? Do I have enough gratitude for all that is given to me?” The small doubts can go, but, to keep yourself in line, feel that there is still a long way to go. To enjoy life, play with the doubts of others—like children who think parents have babies because they simply kissed, or the children who think this world is real. Laugh when you are alone at the doubts that people have about life after death. Above all, I thank God for the questions, otherwise, I will be bored and out of a job. Please, evolve slowly so I can always be entertained. When you do get it, please enjoy the show of ignorance. — Satish Daryanani

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Q. How can we play our roles correctly?

A. I was in Hong Kong with my spiritual Master and there was a question and answer session with children. In my mind, I felt I had better answers, and I wish I could have answered the questions. My Master read my mind and said, “I am sitting in this chair to talk. That is my role now. You are here to listen, that is your role. We are all playing our parts in this drama of life, and this is the role we have to play.” I learned my lesson that day. I drive fast. When I sit in an Uber with a slow driver, I remind myself, “My role is that of a passenger, not a driver.” I can give and receive strong massages. When the therapist is working on my back and not putting enough pressure, I tell myself, “I am here to receive a treatment. I cannot massage my own back.” When good cooks eat food cooked by other chefs, they are there to eat, not to cook and compare. Even those who are used to serving should give a chance to others to serve them. Our roles keep on changing. Sometimes we are givers, and at other times receivers. It is not that we can do a better job, it is so we can play our given roles perfectly, without any comparisons or complaints. — Satish Daryanani

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Q. What is God?

A. That what sparkles and glitters in your eyes is God. That what prompts you to think is God. The source that supports your mind, senses, breath, and your body is God. All that you experience is God. The light within you is God. Peace, knowledge, and wisdom is God. The enthusiasm, inspiration, and sense of humor in your life is God. Your desires and the satisfaction of the desires are God. Truth is God. The soul, the spirit is God. The energy in the universe is God. The freshness from deep sleep is God. The dreams and the dreamer is God. Above all, love is God. The one who recognizes this carries the presence of God all the time. Then the question changes to, “What is not God?” The answer changes to “Nothing.” In simple terms, everything is God. — Satish Daryanani


Q. How to make your heart grow?

A. My spiritual Master told me that my heart was made of granite rock, in which seeds of grace could not germinate. I had no words to say; this was true. To be big-hearted, I had to become compassionate. My love for animals made me a vegetarian. It is easy to love animals because they do not push your buttons like human beings do. My enthusiasm and compassion inspired others to also turn to a vegetarian diet. Yet, this is not sufficient. It is those who are pure in heart for they shall see God, not those who are pure in mind. This makes your heart bigger, and to purify it you need to become selfless. This is my Achilles heel. I became stagnant for many years on this issue. Then, after all my efforts, grace poured in. The only way to make your heart grow is to first see the Lord in your heart. Not the physical heart on the left but in the center where He is sleeping. When you realize His existence, your life changes. Not only will you see His presence in you but also in everyone and everything. Now your heart becomes soft. The pain of humanity is felt. The self becomes less; that is how you become selfless. I feel that women are most fortunate in this aspect. They have innate motherly instinct and are naturally full of love and compassion. We, men, have an uphill battle. So, this is what is meant by bringing out the feminine side. The beautiful, caring, compassionate, loving heart of a mother and a Guru. — Satish Daryanani

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Q. Why is it hard for people to keep quiet?

A. When I was in school, my teachers used to send notes with remarks for my parents to sign, “Your son is very talkative.” As I now grow older, I am finding it easier to keep silent and to be less talkative. When it comes to the topic of spirituality, or of the lives of my spiritual Masters, I have an insatiable appetite to talk. When I told this to my Master, he laughed and said, “Talking about the teachings is not considered as talking. All the other words that we speak are unnecessary.” When we talk, we get sidetracked. Others automatically join into the conversation. We, then, judge and can come up with false conclusions. We end up arguing unnecessarily about things when we talk. Thank God for texting. It has become easy to communicate. Today, while I was sitting in silence at the beach, I realized that the Masters have so much wisdom that comes from within. Their lives, their talks, the books and poems they have written, are equivalent of one grain of sand compared with all that they have experienced. I think true humility comes when you realize the deficiency in your linguistic skills. What comes to you from within is of far greater value than anything we hear or read. Until we enjoy the value of silence, talking will be our best option, but—least for a movie lover like me, please do not talk during the movies. Any other time it is fine. — Satish Daryanani

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Q. What causes an inferiority complex?

A. The movie, “Bohemian Rhapsody,” addresses this as it tells the story of the musical group Queen. The lead singer was from a Zoroastrian faith from India. He changed his name to Freddie Mercury, not wanting anything to do with his past for it gave him an inferiority complex. Over time, you slowly start losing your identification. You get lost. With all the success in the world there is an empty feeling. The race, religion, culture, family background you are born into is perfect for you. It is given to you for your development. If others see faults in you, tell them that it is the manufacturer’s defect, not your fault. Do not feel inferior to anyone as you have qualities and duties only you can perform. This is coming from a person with average intelligence, looks, athletic abilities, qualities, height, and above average waistline — yet there is no one to whom I feel inferior. Those better than me in any field inspire me to improve. My name is not easy to spell or pronounce in the western world. Yet I have kept it so that when people who remember me, will never forget my name. Do not be a lamb in life, roar like a lion, because you are the child of the King of the jungle. — Satish Daryanani

Roaring lion

Q. How to enjoy Diwali daily?

A. Diwali is the Hindu New Year, a day of light. Most people who do not pray daily will pray on this day to Laxmi, the Goddess of Wealth. It is a good marketing tool. If everyone prayed instead to Saraswati, the Goddess of Knowledge, there would be fewer customers. On this day, you may eat sweets without worrying about calories or diabetes. You get new outfits and do not have to make immediate payments to your creditors. You get in touch with those who you do not meet often. Hopefully, you thank God for the bountiful year. The key function of this day is to lead you from the darkness of ignorance to the light of truth. Only when you get that, can Diwali be within you permanently. You do not even have to pray to the Goddess of Wealth. You become the wealthiest person alive. All you can do is pray for this real wealth, and then share it with all your loved ones. Happy Diwali to one and all. May God bless you abundantly. — Satish Daryanani

Diwali light

Q. What makes us return to a restaurant?

A. When we enjoy the ambiance, food, and service, we return to the same restaurant. If it is out of town, we wish they would open a new branch next to our home. If businesses treat their customers correctly, they will have repeat business. God and Spiritual Masters are smart business people. They shower you with so much love in the beginning that you get caught in their web. Later, when they have trapped you completely, they start rubbing and scrubbing you. Other businesses want you to be a repeat customer so they will get more of your money, God and the Masters turn you into “Honey.” Then, the businesses will not only want you for the money you spend but also for the sweetness that comes from the wisdom within you. They may have a lot of repeat customers, but they will never forget you. — Satish Daryanani

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Q. What makes a person unique?

A. To be unique is to be unlike anyone else. Those who are unique have just one complaint. There is so much to learn, discover, and do that there is not enough time. Even to complain of anything, takes away their precious time. They are not here to compare or judge, but to grasp as much as possible. They are not bound by social structures. They are fascinated by everything around them. Even the so-called duties of the world that have to be performed, occur in the background. Imagine the mindset of God: What made Him create everything? What must He have been thinking when He made this or that? What a crazy mood must He have been in when He made this unique one? Unique means the world thinks that the screws in your head are loose. Many unique souls have been killed because of that and many unique people have helped make changes in this world.  Mahatma Gandhi did not accept that he was not allowed to sit in his seat, after purchasing a first class ticket. Abraham Lincoln abolished slavery. Being unique is not easy. But, if you are blessed and fortunate, then this world becomes a paradise. Thoughts of depression and suicide do not occur. You are already in heaven. All you can do is pray that everyone can enjoy life as do you.—Satish Daryanani

A unique standout

Q. Why do beautiful made-up women still look at a mirror and put on even more make-up?

A. This is due to insecurity. Putting on more and more make-up covers up the natural beauty given to you. How many think that the beauty, intelligence, strength, and all other assets given to them are perfect? There are only a handful like that. I am starting to lose hair on my head. If even one hair was less or more on my head, it would mess up the Lord’s master plan. Imagine, one hair can change the Lord’s plan. When you really understand the absurdity of this, then no war paint is required on your face. Put it on for fun, if you want to play, and not because you are unsure of your true beauty. Let people see you the way they want to see you. You are still the beautiful princess of your love. So please do not let the next pimple ruin your day. — Satish Daryanani

Woman applying makeup in a mirror

Q. What do you do if your flight is delayed?

A. It all depends on the length of the delay. If the delay is a short one, all you can do is walk around and use your phone. The longer the period of the delay, the more options you have. First, you can write a few thoughts down. Then, tell yourself that this time is a bonus. What you had to do at your destination cannot be done. You have free time. This is a gift from the airlines. They should charge you for it. Watching people is also fun. Some even eat more than you. Most importantly, analyze if you are affected. This unplanned time should become your life. You are neither at your previous destination nor at your final one. You are in the no man’s land. You are stuck. This is life. Our flight is delayed for 80 years, going nowhere. We are waiting in this airport of life. The flight that we are all waiting for is the one that will set us free from this airport. In the meantime, I have a trapped audience. All are, like me, stuck here. Take advantage of the opportunity to transform someone. They are also bored and need entertainment. Prisons and airports have good audiences. People have nowhere to go. Those who can make the most use out of the airport will even forget about the flight. When the time comes for you to “really” take off, you might just miss being at the airport.

Airport wait

Q. What is the key to everything?

A. I just saw the movie, “The Nutcracker.” It tells the story of finding the key to a music box. When the key was found and the box unlocked, the character was disappointed. She found nothing inside. Then, later, she discovered a small mirror behind the mechanism and saw her own reflection. She got the answer. Everything is within you. When you go inside, you will be disappointed to see nothing. All your efforts were for nothing. Then, when your mind is clear as the small mirror, you will see the reflection of your true self. That divine self and you are one and the same. Unlocking this truth is the key to everything. Then the music of ecstasy starts to play. Now, you can dance to this music, which comes from within. Everything that you will ever want comes true. Discover the key to unlock the treasure of treasures. Then you will be living in a Disney movie permanently. — Satish Daryanani

Ornate vintage key

Q. How to stop feeling powerless?

A. The feeling of powerlessness comes when things do not go your way. Even if you are trying to serve the world, hurdles will appear before you. When you try to take the load of the world on your shoulders, you will feel powerless. Find the source of all power; like electricity, it is everywhere. All you have to do is get connected and then you are fully charged, the current starts flowing through you. How do you get that? When our parents take us to the church, mosque, synagogue, or temple, it is as if we are sitting in an electric substation. There, electricity is easy to access. You can also access this at home. Slowly, begin to experience the power that flows in you. Not only will you stop feeling powerless, but there will be a power surge. Now, to prevent an explosion, you will have to distribute the current. Then, when they are connected to you, you will be able to lift up all those who feel powerless. — Satish Daryanani


Lighting hitting man

Q. Do thoughts and prayers work?

A. The answer is both, yes and no. Thoughts and prayers are very powerful but often unused. The simple reason is that we think one thing, pray for something else; ours minds are wandering. Even God gets confused as to what we really want. With so many distractions in the world today, we have lost the focus and ability to think. You can change the weather with your thoughts. What you think can actually manifest. Our prays can not only help us, but also our loved ones. But if your prayer becomes a spare tire of a spare tire, how do you expect it to work? When your prayer turns from mere words to the cry from the bottom of your heart, even God will come running to obey your command. We pray, wondering if God is actually listening. We do not have confidence in our prayers. You do not need to know the rituals, or go to a priest, in order for your prayer to be heard. When you build a relationship with God, He knows what is in your heart. You do not even need to pray. He will do all that is good for you. Then, your mind will become an antenna, sending positive thoughts to the whole world. Everyone will benefit from your existence. In that case, prayers and thoughts work. — Satish Daryanani

two humanoids broadcasting waves

Q. What is the purpose of having a Parliament of the World Religions?

A. People from different religions and beliefs meet every four years in different parts of the world. It is a buffet feast to feed the hunger of the soul. There are those who give talks and those who listen. When it is not your allocated time to talk, you may choose to listen to the other speakers. It is always a good place to pick up one-liners to improve your craft. In the end, the whole purpose is to see that truth is one. While there, we may enjoy sampling many of the flavors available to nourish us while finding that universal truth. Though it is fun being around like-minded people, the problem is that those who come are already open-minded. Not much is required for them to be united. Unfortunately, the religious extremists, who really need to come, do not show up. I hope good and positive vibrations are sent out to the world as differences between the peoples are increasing. Innocent people are being killed because of their religious beliefs. This year, the Parliament is being held in Toronto, November 1-7. In addition to having good food for my soul, I hope they also have good food for my physical body. — Satish Daryanani

swami vivekananda at the Parliament of World Religions

Q. What is philanthropy?

The act of sharing wealth with others is called philanthropy. To help others with the wealth you have is a good act, however, the truth is no one is truly a philanthropist. If everything is given by the Lord, and we are only custodians, then how are we giving donations? I feel I am a thief, keeping a very large portion for my personal use while being in charge of the Lord’s treasury. I cannot justify the amount I withdraw for my personal use with the amount of effort I put in. Even the deal I made for the wealth within was to share it with others. It was given for that. Instead, all I give is a daily thought and a few lectures; and I meet and talk with a few thirsty souls. In the meantime, I over-indulge in the nectar within. Maybe that is why I have put on some weight. Both kinds of wealth, spiritual and material, come from the Lord and should be distributed. Otherwise, you will feel that you are a thief. Keep some for your needs, but even the Lord’s treasury cannot satisfy your greed. So, the word “philanthropy” should be removed from the dictionary. — Satish Daryanani

hands, giving and receiving

Q. What is the true purpose of all these thoughts?

A. The real purpose is that I am bored. So, to entertain myself, I write these thoughts every morning. The deeper purpose is to see that every one of us deals with someone, or something, that has an impact in our lives. All those who do not face any obstacles are enjoying themselves in the graveyard. Until we are fortunate enough to join that group, we have to deal with all that comes in our lives. There is no escape. These thoughts cannot change even one situation, all they can do is to make you see things from a different perspective. The more you contemplate these thoughts, the more grows your understanding of the truth. Then, instead of being consumed by your daily situations, you look forward to new challenges—as you want to test your newly found inner strength. One day, when you really get it, you will laugh at how these dreams you faced daily, affected you. Then, you too will be sending thoughts to help everyone enjoy the gift of gifts: This perfect human birth, given to each one us. — Satish Daryanani

Rays of sunlight through a hand mudra.

Q. How much information should we keep in our minds?

A. I have a good memory and I retain all the information in my mind—until yesterday. The thought came, ”If the Internal Revenue Service (the tax department of the USA) is only interested in our information for the past seven years, then why am I storing information longer than that in my mind?” I would store in my mind all the talks, the questions and answers with spiritual Masters. Instead, if I become a microphone and just relay the message given for a particular situation, or a particular group, or individual, then I do not have to store all the teachings in my mind. So, yesterday I felt like I lost 200 pounds by deleting all that excess information from my mind. When needed, the right thoughts will come for His service. I just want to let the spiritual Masters know that the time and energy I took asking questions of them is not wasted. Even though it is not stored on my mental hard drive any longer, this open mind is there to be used. Instead of me taking control of spreading the teachings, this microphone is ready to do as they please. — Satish Daryanani

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Q. How can one see good qualities in others?

A. It is easy for me, a person of limited quality, to see the good qualities in others. All I see are those who have patience, are organized, hard-working, obedient, and caring. Even those who can type quickly fascinate me. Those who are technically challenged appreciate the mastery of those who have technological skills. When I was with my spiritual Master, I saw the importance He gave to details: how gently He moved a chair, how softly He moved a spoon. Masters see the Divine in everything. Seeing positive qualities in others can inspire you. There is so much to learn that you feel there is not enough time. I thank all the chefs in the world for creating delicious food, the athletes and entertainers that thrill and amuse me. Above all, I thank God and all those who have a sense of humor and make me laugh. Seeing the good qualities in others makes you humble as you see how much you lack. — Satish Daryanani

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Q. What is the purpose of having certificates?

A. To sell diamonds, a certificate tells you the color and clarity of the stone. Doctors, lawyers, massage therapists need certificates to give them the licenses to practice. While there are some doctors, lawyers, and therapists who are better than others, no one is allowed to practice without a certificate. Even spiritual Masters need certificates. They have to wear orange or white uniforms so people can recognize them as Masters. Even to be a husband or a wife, one needs a certificate. To own a car, one needs a certificate. We believe in certificates and uniforms. What certificate is given to one who has not wasted this human birth? Only he or she knows that fact. One needs no certificate to serve. Without being the Master of any profession, one becomes a Jack or Jill of all trades, reducing the load of humanity. — Satish Daryanani

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Q. Why do we lose opportunities?

A. We lose many opportunities due to over-thinking. We feel fear and walk away. Even if things come on a platter, we do not accept what comes. We wonder, “It is too good to be true. What is the catch?” Even if realization comes, we may lose the opportunity to grasp it, thinking it is a hallucination. Opportunities appear sometimes in the hurdles through which we may be passing. We might end up changing our businesses, careers, or the towns in which we live and, later, find great opportunities come from making the move. When you are young and have good health, do not waste the opportunity to see the world. Anytime, seize the opportunity to see God and then have fun with His creation. The opportunity to be around realized souls should never be lost. Also, never lose the opportunity to flirt and make pretty women laugh. — Satish Daryanani

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Q. Who is your true soulmate on this journey of life?

A. Many times this question is asked, “I met so and so, and is this person the right one for me?” Or we hear, “I am still looking for the right person with whom to spend the rest of my life.” Ask yourself this question: “Can I sacrifice everything for that person without ever getting anything in return—not love, a smile, or even a thank you?” When you are willing to do that, then that person is perfect for you. When we expect things in return from our so-called soulmate, it becomes a business deal. You give and get so that you can have a companion on this journey of life. Your true soulmate should be the Lord. In this relationship, He only gives, and you do not have to love, smile, or even thank Him. There is no divorce and you do not have to buy any gifts. You get to keep 100 percent of what you have and He still gives more. So, make the Lord your soulmate, and find a companion in life so you will not get bored. — Satish Daryanani

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Q. How many friends do you have?

A. In my case, aside from my spiritual Masters, I have no friends. I have a lot of acquaintances. This way, if someone wants to be with me, or if we are apart for long periods of time, I am not affected. With friends, there are too many expectations. When I was a child, friends stopped talking to one another over small things. We would use a third person, a common friend so that we could communicate. I realized then, that, when a friend let’s me down I get hurt. The reason we all suffer from the ups and downs of friendship is that the true meaning of friendship is not understood. My Masters are my true friends, as everything they do is for my benefit, no matter how painful the experience might be. They give unconditional love and do not expect anything from me in return. For others to do that for me is not easy. For the smallest misunderstanding, they like to break the so-called friendship. So, it is easier to keep everyone only as acquaintances, as there is neither a break-up nor a make-up. Just have fun with the relationship while it is convenient for everyone. Then your focus is on the one true friend. If you have that, no other friend can satisfy you. — Satish Daryanani

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Q. Why be serious?

A. Most serious people should be in a hospital. They say, “This patient is serious.” On the other hand, those who have a good sense of humor may be admitted to a hospital only to trouble the nurses and entertainment them. In life, take light things seriously and serious things lightly. Even religion and spirituality are taken seriously. God has enough people who pray to and worship Him. He looks for those who want nothing from Him, who just want to entertain Him. Your parents have an effect on you. Very strict and serious parents influence their children, trying to live their lives vicariously through them. Even sports, which is for fun, is made serious by the parents. You are made to become a doctor, a professional athlete, losing the joy of your childhood. You will never discover God by being serious. He is sleeping within all of us, so play with His beard, tickle His feet, tell Him a joke. That just might wake Him up. Then, no one can call you a sleeping soul. True awakening is that simple. We all are the products of our parents having had a lot of fun. When there is joy in your life, how can God stay away from you? — Satish Daryanani

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Q. How can we manage our resources?

A. We all have limited resources. We must utilize them correctly. One of our resources is time. Successful people know how to utilize this 24-hour time period given to us daily. We have goodwill in the world, make sure we do not waste it. Like a bank line of credit, we maximize the returns. How many of the limited breaths that are given to us are used to help others? How wisely do we use the material wealth we have? Do not take for granted what you have. All that you have may not be permanent. Do not let people influence you about how to spend your resources. Be firm and spend a few minutes daily considering how to use your different resources. You can utilize your resources completely for your inner growth. There is no budget limit for that. On worldly matters, use your resources like a bank loan: Think you have to pay it back with compounded interest. — Satish Daryanani

Resources symbols: shelter, money, and time.

Q. Which is the best language in the world?

A. There are so many languages, the most popular being English. When you are alone, the language you use to speak to yourself, or to the Lord, is your primary language. The language I most love, the language of silence, is used when words cannot express what you are trying to say, when you speak with someone with your eyes. When I am around my spiritual Masters, I love communicating with the different looks and smiles. When you are alone with the love of all your loves and speak the language of love, there are no words to express that feeling. Just by being you, the language that inspires and transform people is another wonderful language. Language is our tool for communication, yet it cannot express all that we want to say. Trust me, the toughest thing in my life is trying to put into words all that the Beloved sends to me daily. — Satish Daryanani

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Q. How can we make correct choices?

A. We have to make choices throughout our lives, from ordering our favorite flavor of ice cream to selecting our life partner. The choices we make will determine the life that we are going to have, whether they are about our career, the place where we live, the friends we make, the service we offer, and so on. The more the variety the harder it is to choose. How do we know if our choice is right for us? The first, simple step is to enjoy making the choice. Ask these questions, “Is it going harm anyone?” “Will it help me to achieve what I want in life?” “Will this choice take me away from my spiritual path?” In the end, if you cannot make a good choice, ask a spiritual Master or someone whom you trust, to help you with your decision. Be careful before you choose. You have to live with your choices. It will be too late to complain after. Now comes the secret: All these thoughts are there to lead you to that day when you will never have to choose. Something within you will be automatically guiding you. The choices made are for your evolution or for the benefit of others. It happens to those who are fed up with choices and completely surrender to the One who knows more than you. So, the ultimate choice is whether you want to choose or let Him choose everything for you. — Satish Daryanani

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Q. What is your purpose in life?

A. We all have a general purpose, the same purpose: to get closer to God, to experience God, which can only be done in the human form. Then, there is a specific purpose for which each one of us has been created. The only way to get the answer is to either go within or find a spiritual Master to reveal the answer. In my case, my Master told me, “Your specific purpose in life is to spread the teachings.” Once you know your specific purpose, you will find that the capabilities are within you. The hidden talent for which you were created is already there. For example, if a person is a good massage therapist, his or her specific purpose is to be a healer. We must find our specific purpose so that we can get into the work, or path, for which we were created. In time, you will find yourself drawn to your strengths. No one purpose is greater than the other. We are all not meant to be doctors or spiritual teachers, but each one of us is equally important in His master plan. In this jigsaw puzzle of life, everyone is required to do his or her part so that this game of life is played perfectly. Even if one piece is missing, the game gets disrupted. Pray so that you can find your specific purpose. Do what God has planned for you. When you do, you will see that this will bring you true joy in your life. Knowing that you are doing that for which He has created you, gives you a true purpose of life. Then the real fun begins, as you are being utilized correctly. Hope you all find your purpose soon. — Satish Daryanani

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How shall we respond when people disappoint us?

A. When someone lets you down you get disappointed and hurt. The trust you had in them is broken. The more the faith in that person, the greater the pain. Now, what can you do? Get upset, be hurt, be sad and miserable? On the other hand, we can use this experience for our growth. This is our test to see if we have grown from within, by not letting others affect us. Speaking and writing on spirituality is easy. Thinking that you have faith in God is easy. The bigger the loss, the greater the disappointment, the greater the test. If you can still maintain your peace from within, you have reached that state where nothing can disturb you. I am not saying to not have trust in people, but if this happens again with another person, you are prepared. The world might, but this will only bring you closer and closer to the One, the One in whom you can completely trust. There is one friend who will never hurt you. Then no one and nothing can disappoint and hurt you. Thank all those who have disappointed you for bringing you closer to the love of your life. — Satish Daryanani

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Q. Why is the world divided?

A. Today, the United States is divided into blue and red states. The country is broken up into political beliefs. Islam is broken into different sections. People argue, debate, and even get into physical fights because of the differences in their opinions. Some people say climate change is caused by man, while others do not believe that. Even with these thoughts, there are some who may agree and others who may not. I was with my spiritual Master and a close disciple asked a question. The Master’s answer did not satisfy him. Later, when I was alone with him, I elaborated on it. There was no difference. I learned my lesson that day. Once someone’s mind is made up, even the truth cannot help him. If someone wants more of an explanation of my thoughts, I will most gladly expand on them, but I will not get into a debate to try to change their mind. Each political party or religious group has positive things from which we can learn. Even if someone believes that there is no God, lovingly try to explain, but do not force your will upon them. — Satish Daryanani

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Q. Can one truly say, “Never again”?

A. After “Diamonds Are Forever,” Sean Connery said he would never play the role of James Bond again. Still, he came back for one more movie — “Never Say Never Again.” We say never again to smoking, drinking, and people still end up smoking and drinking again. Saying never again and sticking by it is not easy. On the other hand, if we fly with a low cost airlines such as Spirit Airlines, or if we have any other experience we do not enjoy, saying never again is fine. Still, sometimes we have no option and end up using that service again. In spirituality, if you say never again, then no matter what happens you should never break your word, for example, being vegetarian, spending time in silence, serving others, and enjoying all that comes to you. These should never become never. The most important thing is never, never have any regrets of the past. You are wasting your precious time and energy for nothing. In anger, never say you will never talk to a person, because life is funny, you will end up being his friend again. — Satish Daryanani

Never again! Holocaust memorial.

Q. How to avoid traffic jams?

A. The simple answer is, “Stop driving!” If you have to drive, figure out alternate routes or alternate timings. Still, if you have no choice and have to face traffic jams, what are the options? First, look at the opposite side of the road. If they are going slower than you, thank God you are not on that side. If you are stuck in traffic and do not have to go through it daily, thank God you are saved from this. If you do this daily, then form a routine with this gift of free time given to you by the Lord. You can catch up on hands-free calls with your friends and family, listen to chanting on your radio, or have a nice conversation with the Lord. Plan your day correctly. Look at the other miserable souls around you and give them a smile. There is no such thing as a bad situation. We must have an ability to make the most out of any situation. When I used to travel with my spiritual Masters, a traffic jam meant I got to spend more time with them. Sometimes I still imagine they are sitting with me when the car is going nowhere and I, again, get to spend quality time with them. — Satish Daryanani

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