How Not to Die

I saw a book with this title, “How Not to Die.” It was a very thick book. I would probably die before I could finish reading such a lengthy book. That means so much information is required not to die. Instead, if someone wrote on how to live, it would be written in just a few words, “Enjoy every breath as if it is your last.” No more words are needed as to how we should live. Death, in our lives, is given a high priority. I have been to a lot of churches and the image of Jesus on a cross is more predominant than the images of Him being alive. The simple reason for this is that we are already alive, so nobody cares. Death is unknown, so everyone is concerned. Even the good that we do is not because we are enjoying our lives by being good but, it is because we are not paying the price for doing bad after we die. Many people think of God hoping that it may have benefit in their afterlives, and not because it may enhance our lives now. Not living well now is nothing better than being dead. So how not to die, is to live. — Satish Daryanani


Confucius was a wise person and wrote many wonderful and simple quotes. Those who repeat them appear to be smart and wise. If you repeat some of the quotes and, add a few of your own, most people would not know the difference. It would be fun to get your points sounding like Confucius. Spirituality is so diverse that if you add your spice many will not notice. I, too, have done a lot of mischief using the names of my spiritual Masters. Similarly, God, too, plays tricks on you. He starts sending you messages that astonish you and, in time, you start spreading the words of wisdom. You cannot tell others that God spoke to you. So, go back to using the names of spiritual Masters as if they said it. The joke is on you, as you, now, are being used as Confucius. — Satish Daryanani


We get attached to locations and do not understand that the location has served it’s purpose. I have been to places where I have got an education, experienced peace, earned an income, enjoyed wonderful memories. Some places have taught me painful lessons. If I was attached to a place and not moved on, I would not enjoy the experiences that new locations have brought into my life. Similarly, if the spiritual masters were stuck in the location where they received enlightenment, they would not travel to spread the teachings. Some people even become ghosts and remain in the locations to which they get attached. Live like a postman. Do not get attached to any address. One day, we will all have to move. If we have learned from our experiences of detachments from our many temporary locations, we can even decide that we have had enough of the big blue ball called Earth. — Satish Daryanani

A Common Person

For a common person, spirituality comes last in their list of priorities. There are other important matters like food, health, family, friends, and trying to satisfy their insatiable appetite for their desires. Spirituality can wait till one gets very old. In the meantime, we read scriptures and do not question it’s contents. They are taken for granted as the truth. Hence, as years pass, untruths get established as the truth. Living with ignorance, suddenly, common people can decide to discover themselves. They expect immediate answers, as they have gotten used to getting everything instantly. If they do not get it, they get confused, as all that was true to them is now an illusion. They get frustrated and go back to the original way of thinking. Not being a member of a herd is difficult. Everything is different and you cannot share with others, as they will think you are crazy. So be a common person from outside and have a wicked smile, with knowing what is true. — Satish Daryanani

To Enjoy Me You Cannot Be Me.

As you go deeper within, you want to enjoy the Lord. You feel that you want to get so close that there is not a speck of separation. You even get frustrated with this human form for the separation. Then the Lord reminds you, “To enjoy Me, you need a vessel and, the human form is that vessel. If you become one with Me, how can you enjoy Me? This separation lets you enjoy Me and, I, too, can enjoy you through the separation. It is created for both of us to long for and love each other. One day, this vessel will drop and you and I will be one. You will miss the separation. It is painful and it is this pain that makes you enjoy Me. I have also given you a variety pack of distractions to take a break from the pain of longing. One day, you will see Me in everything. By then, you will have at least discovered the true purpose of this vessel.” — Satish Daryanani

Who Told Him to Leave?

A person was sitting quietly. He suddenly got up and left. Who told the the person to leave? It was the mind. Man feels that he is the decider and the doer. He forgets that he, along with all living beings on this earth plane, is a part of the five elements. Man has to act as per the result of the interaction between all the elements. Our minds have no say. It serves only as an indicator, and not as a dictator. The mind dictates the life of an ignorant person. For a wise person, the mind is there, but very feeble and distant. It is like a tree that falls in the forest. It does not disturb you. Therefore, no thoughts disturb a wise one. — Satish Daryanani

Reading People

I have neither the ability nor any experience in reading people. I cannot tell if they are speaking the truth or lying. Some people have this gift. My spiritual Masters knew everything about people yet, they did not judge or put them down even if they were lying. They knew who were genuine and who were just there for the lime light. God even knows if their prayers are sincere or not. Many people lie to God, thinking He will not catch the lies. Whatever I am is what I show to the world. People may or may not like me. I cannot be a politician and play both sides. I am what I am. This gets me in trouble. I do love talking to God and my spiritual Masters, as I can let my guard down and be myself. — Satish Daryanani

Two Types of Suffering

The first type of suffering is based on the laws of karma, where a small portion of your debits and credits is being taken care of. The second type is for those who want to evolve faster. Within that, there are two types of suffering. First is mental where you may face challenges and, at the same time, try to maintain your equanimity. Spiritual Masters have control over their minds, so they only get the second option, which is physical suffering. The more layers you want to experience from within, the greater the challenges. They are meant to break you, not destroy you. Based on your capacity, the mental or physical challenge is chosen for you. So, it is up to you to be satisfied and either deal with karmic accounting, or push the boundaries to experience all the hidden inner strengths within. — Satish Daryanani

Who’s In Charge

We all need to be in situations which are beyond our control. We should not even be able to do our best or put in any effort. If you go through cancer, or any major health issue, where you have lost control, you get this opportunity to realize who is in control. Even when we go through some financial difficulties, these enable us to see who’s in charge. Actually, nothing is in our control but, we do feel we have done our parts. This lets us believe that we have some control. When you cannot play a part, it means you have completely let go. Now you have two options: be frustrated that you cannot do anything or shut up and leave it to God. You can even pray and try to negotiate with God but, when everything fails, it is for your good. “Boss, you have won. I realize I have zero control. I have learned the lesson. Now, can we move on?”This past year was to teach us who’s in charge. Believe me, these daily thoughts teach me who’s is in charge of the thumbs that type. — Satish Daryanani

Who is Correct?

Everyone sees the world from their own points of view. They make their own assumptions and predictions. Many people even think that they are experts and have an authority on the subject. Spirituality is worse, every one thinks they are a Master or have a direct connection with God, Jesus, and other evolved souls. There are many variations but, in the end, who is correct? The one who says, “I don’t know,” or, “What will happen will happen,” or “What do we know? We are all only going with the flow.” The correct answer for everything is to play dumb. Then there will be no debates or arguments. There will be no winner or loser. — Satish Daryanani

Holy Day

The word holiday is created to enjoy all the Holy Days. Some even go to places of worship to pray and celebrate. We all go on holidays, as we get a break from our daily routines. We can rest, get a change of scenery, and mainly change our thinking on these Holy Days. We can spend some time in gratitude and focus on the lives of the great souls that made this a Holy Day. At least no one complains about getting a holiday. The more open we are the more we experience a larger variety of Holy Days, as so many wonderful souls came to inspire us. The highest price we pay from our karmic actions is ignorance. Easter, stands for a new beginning. Today, we all can become “holey,” which means putting holes in this bamboo stick so that the music of divine grace can flow through us. We become the flute that the Lord can play and inspire others to do the divine dance. — Satish Daryanani

Our Needs

Our needs arise due to our consciousness which leads to suffering. Without consciousness there are no needs. Let’s take baby steps to rise above this consciousness that controls us. If we need something, we should ask ourselves, “For what do we need it?” Even for the need to save the world, ask yourself, “Does the world need to be saved by you?” The funny thing is, the same consciousness can save you. Being aware of your needs takes you to being aware of consciousness. You eventually have to rise above that. It is easier said than done. Observing your needs, which are only to satisfy the body or the mind, slowly leads you to the need of being free from everything that controls you. You need to be free from yourself. Let me start by asking myself, “Why do I need to write these thoughts?” The answer is, “I have nothing better to do.” — Satish Daryanani

Hard Heart vs. Strong Heart

A hard heart means your heart is made of granite rock and the seeds of grace cannot germinate on it. A strong heart means that you are not affected by the ups and downs of life. You are able to say no, be strong in your convictions, and not be attached to anything or anyone. The spiritual Masters have a very strong heart. They can be butchers in order for their disciples to grow and yet be compassionate for those in need. The strong heart is different from a strong mind. A strong mind means a person is not flexible. How can one find the perfect balance between being an ocean of love and having a strong heart? Give love but don’t let that love create any attachments. — Satish Daryanani

A Good Day

Today is Good Friday, but everyday is good. This weekend is even closer to my heart than Christmas. It is the day when the world got a chance to get the teachings from the source. There is such a variety pack of teachings to choose from. Many religions originated from these teachings. My favorite one is to realize that we are all an image of God. We do not have to be good, do a lot of austerities, put in a lot effort, or do service. We just have to realize this simple truth. If we are an image of God then we are a reflection of all the good stuff. How hard is that to understand? Yet we suffer because we think we are not good enough. We are the image and we cannot change or do anything about it. If someone does not like this image, blame the source from which this image came from. Now you are free. If others see the good, the bad, and the ugly within you, it is because the source messed up. See, I do not have to change myself. I truly love this simple teaching. — Satish Daryanani

Getting Kicked Out

Many times the creator of a show or a movie can be kicked out by the studio, as the producers keep extending the shows or producing sequels to the movies. Even the founders of companies that go public can be ousted. We all can be replaced. Others might even do a better job than the you. Yet we give so much value to ourselves. This funny ego makes us think we are more important than we are. God, too, uses and literally fires us when we are no longer needed. I know, every day, I have to do my best to continue being in his human form. If my big Boss feels I am of no use, He will shut off my oxygen tank. So I try my best to send the best thoughts or these fingers will no longer function. — Satish Daryanani


A professor teaches students. A few students may become professors themselves. Most use their knowledge in their daily lives. In spirituality, all can graduate, as there are no examinations. The professor shares his knowledge and the rest is up to you. Out of those who become professors in spirituality, only a handful may decide to come back in the human form to spread the teachings. The students who really understand the teachings live a life of freedom and spread the teachings to a few thirsty souls along the way. They do not consider themselves professors, so they do not need to come again in the human form. At their graduation, they got the “get out of jail free” card in this monopoly game of life. They thank their professors but decide not to emulate the way the professors serve. — Satish Daryanani

Being Used

We use and get used by people and things. We use God and spiritual Masters, they also use us. We go to them for blessings and wisdom, they use us to spread their teachings. Everything in the world is created to be used. If a chair is not used to sit on, it loses its chance of being a chair. A useless person like me is being used but, not out of free will. On the other hand, a useful person goes out of his way to be used. If no one uses the vaccine, it will be kept refrigerated and will have no purpose for which it is created. Let us not get upset if we are used. At least we have a purpose to be alive. — Satish Daryanani

Brand New

Today we purchase branded products and the “newness” has disappeared. We like acquiring new stuff because we get bored easily. If the same message was sent every day, no one would read it. Sitting in silence is never the same, as you will always experience something new. Even if you meet God, He will always let you see a new dimension of Himself. You will then see the world daily with a new angle. We want to visit new places, meet new people, eat and drink in new restaurants and buy new things on Amazon. The world economy depends on our addiction for new things. As we evolve, we will be motivated when we learn to enjoy the newness within. Thank God, I am not perfect. I need lifetimes to become a new me. So let’s hope new words come daily, so at least we are all entertained. — Satish Daryanani


We watch movies which create in us a variety of emotions. We get happy, sad, angry, afraid. We watch the news and our emotions get elevated, as we think the news is real. When we see something happening in front of us our emotions get more affected, as we are watching the action in real time. If something happens to our loved ones, our emotions reach a breaking point. And if we experience something traumatic, we can be completely consumed by our emotions. The more real we feel that things are the higher the state of our emotions. From the illusion of a movie to reality, we feel our experiences. Even though both are the illusions, we give priority to the illusion. That is why we go through the roller coaster ride of emotions. If we treat life as a movie that we are watching, then our emotions make watching this movie fun. If there are no emotions involved at all, you will be watching a blank screen. Enjoy your emotions but don’t get so emotional that others feel you are over acting in this drama of life. — Satish Daryanani


God may give me prosperity, but of what use is it if I lose the awareness of being in this human form? It’s all over. I can be aware of this prosperity for about 60–100 years. What then? How can I be aware of my being? I am stuck with the three states—thirst, hunger, and the activities to sustain myself. This state of being will vanish one day, taking me to the state of non-being. So God, more than prosperity, please tell me about the appearance of my beingness. My prosperity is understanding this which I will always have with me. This illusionary prosperity that everyone seeks will not satisfy me. Let me understand and experience the true me, that which is never born nor dies. — Satish Daryanani