Different News

Suppose one day the news covers that there are no fires, earthquakes, hurricanes, financial crises, immigration issues, coronavirus, or any other stuff they normally cover. Will the news be that today is a perfect day, that there are no stories to cover, so let’s enjoy ourselves? No one will watch the news and the ratings will go down. The world needs turmoil for all those who cover the news. We watch and listen to bring out our emotions of anxiety, anger, fear and stress. This is business so God provides daily material to entertain us. We all seek well-balanced, perfect lives but God purposely did not make it from outside. It’s like seeing the ocean from high above instead of going deep within. It’s a whole new world for those who dive. Jacques Cousteau filmed the wonders of the ocean to inspire us to dive. Unfortunately, the inner world within cannot be filmed but it is far better than what the oceans offer us. Watch the news, get affected and then shut your eyes and enjoy the perfect day which will make all news companies go out of business. Satish Daryanani

All Saints

The high school that I attended was called All Saints High School. We were all so mischievous that none of us could be called saints. Maybe the name was chosen to tell us that we are all saints in the making. Actually, we are all saints, as we are made in the image of the greatest Saint of all. We are lost in the woods and we need a guide to bring us out of the forest of darkness. If everyone was a saint, the guides would lose their jobs and have nothing to entertain themselves. The fun of being parents is when they enjoy the ignorance from the  innocence of a child. When children grow up, they think they know everything and everything becomes argumentative. If I were a saint, my spiritual Masters would have lost their best friend. I gave them a purpose to live. Once you believe you are a saint you will have no motivation to evolve. Others may see you as saint but you know that you are still a seeker. For me, a saint is anyone who can put up with me and have not yet killed me. My job is not to be a saint but to rub and scrub others and bring out the sleeping sainthood within them. Satish Daryanani

Secret of Humility

Everyone wants to be humble. What is the secret? If you have knowledge it can boost your ego. Suppose you have half a billion dollars, an IQ of 285, and are one of the most influential people in the world, loved by everyone, it’s hard not to have an ego. Now, suddenly, someone shakes you and tells you, “Wake up, the aircraft is landing,” you have to wake up from the fantastic dream where you had it all. When you have the wisdom that everything is an illusion and how irrelevant and insignificant your existence is your state of mind changes. Ego is only a projection of what you think, possess and accomplish in life. If you have or done nothing in your life then there’s no ego. Have you seen someone have ego because they are dreaming? In this dream called life you are neither egoistic nor humble. Others might see you as a humble person but in your mind you are neither. Satish Daryanani


We all have confidence in someone or something, but the self messes up the confidence. I did not have self-confidence when I was young, until the self was removed from my life. If we realize we are not the doer of anything and someone is working through us, our confidence level changes. We may not have faith in ourselves but there is a higher power in charge. We may not agree to everything that happens from the higher power but we do not question the abilities of this power. We are not perfect. We make mistakes which reduces our self-confidence but, if the perfect One is in charge, how can you lack confidence? When I was asked to cover this subject on self-confidence, I had full confidence that the higher power will give the correct answer to satisfy this issue. Satish Daryanani


I love the various colors and fragrances of flowers. The flower is not aware of its beauty or fragrance. It may be in a forest where no one may enjoy it or in a garden where everyone appreciates it. It is not afraid of catching the coronavirus if someone comes close to it without a mask. Even when it is separated from its stem, it still serves in spite of knowing its days are limited. That is why one of my spiritual Masters only accepted artificial flowers—out of compassion. I do not posses the qualities of a flower now, but I pray in my final days to have the fragrance of having imbibed the teachings. The vivid colors of a flower can be seen in you when you pour unconditional love and are living in eternal peace. You are sitting in a vase where everyone is enjoying your final days. Flowers teach us how to serve. Service is taking place through them without the awareness of it is taking place.Satish Daryanani

I Am Spiritual

Many people think they are religious, spiritual, or people of faith. Then there is a group of people who are atheists. A few think they are in between and are not extremists. The fact is only a very few are not atheists, they are true believers. We actually all belong to one group who use God and spirituality only as safety nets. Divinity exists only for our convenience, as a spare tire. If everything does not work in our favor, let’s go back to God’s will. Anyway, we have no choice. Our identification to the human form is too strong to completely let go and be absolutely nothing. Becoming irrelevant is not easy. For those who are good for nothing, spirituality is easy. It does not require talent, skill, hard work, education, influence or financial aid. It only requires you to delete yourself from the equation of your life. It’s that simple and then, you are on top of the world with a handful of other useless people like yourself. Satish Daryanani


In the TV show, the Sopranos, the main character Tony is suffering from the childhood trauma caused by his mother. My crazy sister’s fear of lizards got passed on to me. Now with the grace of God that fear is mostly gone. What we are today is because of all our experiences from this birth and ones we experienced in the previous ones. If I have anger, impatience and other weaknesses, it is because of my collective past. At the same time, the qualities we develop today also stay with us. Our relationship with God is permanent. We can get even closer or choose to be apart. Peace once experienced is with you permanently. You can disturb it once in a while to bring excitement into your lives. Our parents’ influence can only work till we become teenagers. Then we listen to no one. What I am today is because of my parents and spiritual Masters. If you see faults in me blame them. My excuse is that it is all because of my childhood. Satish Daryanani

Basic Necessities

I was attempting to explain spirituality to a person who was trying to explain to me the troubles he faced making ends meet. I shared this with my spiritual Master and He said that when someone is hungry, food becomes God. Those who have good health and have their basic necessities taken care of, their inclination towards growing on the spiritual path grows with the guidance of a spiritual Master. With focus and willpower there are no boundaries as to what one can experience. Grace gives the fortunate ones these gifts. Now only you can decide how to make the most out of this perfect life. Satish Daryanani

Mental Instability

We all go through ups and downs in life, which can affect our minds. We can go for professional help to talk about this and end up taking medication. The outside situation may not have changed but, we have temporarily tried to balance the mind. Many people eat correctly, exercise and take care of their health to build up the immune system so they don’t get sick. Similarly, we must keep our minds in shape so the forces of nature do not disturb us. Those who work on their minds by sitting in silence, contemplating on the teachings and realizing what life is can handle these ups and downs. They don’t need outside help as they are already well balanced. We say prevention is better than cure, but prevention is not only for the body, it is also for the mind. Mind your mind and nothing can affect your mind. Satish Daryanani


I love movies based on or inspired by true events rather than fiction. It takes imagination to write fictitious stories as opposed to the amount of research done on stories based on facts. Now if someone were to tell you all the stories of our lives were fictitious, how would you respond? The entire creation is a dream within a dream and we are only projecting our imaginations. We are creating new James Bond movies daily where the hero always wins. There is no suffering taking place in the world, only acting that there is pain to make the movie more dramatic. James Bond does not win the Oscar’s, it is the movies of pain that win awards. Everyday I get up and send these fictitious thoughts hoping some of you believe they are true. Satish Daryanani


Some answers come easily. For others you have to search the ends of the earth to find them. My shortcut was to get the answers from my spiritual Masters. In time, you will find that you need no one, as all the answers are within you. I asked why I came back in this human form. I was eating a delicious chocolate and the answer came, “to enjoy this very chocolate.” It’s simple and yet, this answer is the answer for everything in life. We do everything because we want to enjoy. Even to be miserable is because people get joy out of misery. We want answers to the questions that disturb us. Every breath is taken because we want to live. If we stop running after temporary happiness there will be no more questions or answers. For fun let’s ask the last question: how do we stop running after happiness? It is when we get tired that we stop running and discover that happiness is a by product of peace. If your peace is not disturbed, you will be permanently happy.Satish Daryanani


We love listening to music, the various sounds of nature, the wonderful words describing the love of God, and the teachings that inspire us. It is difficult to not listen to things that displease us. So what does God sound like?  Does He have a deep voice or a gentle soft voice? To hear God we first must hear the unspoken word. The hum which takes place from the earth’s rotation is similar to Om, Shalom, Amen and other words that hum. The hum created is in the vibration of a proton, newtron and electron of an atom. That is the vibration of sound. Eventually, when we hear God, it’s in the language we speak, the speed with which we speak and the vocabulary we can grasp. You will be able to understand. How will you differentiate between the words from God and the words from your own mind? The disparity between the words from God and my sick mind makes it easy for me to know to whom I am listening to. Satish Daryanani


In the show, ”Family Feud,” the answers are based on the results of a survey. Many times you will be astonished at the answers that people give. Suppose a survey is done on, “What is heaven like?” Most of the answers will probably be, “We see our loved ones, Jesus, St. Peter waiting to welcome us. There is peace and light everywhere.” Other answers may say, “It looks like Miami!” How many in the survey would say, “Heaven is exactly where I am right now?” I am already here. No matter what happens after I leave the body, I will still be me. What I experience now will always be the same. Heaven is when you can live with yourself and make every situation heavenly. Satish Daryanani

Losing Control

Many people do not want to take the vaccine because they are told they must do so. Smoking cigarettes, consuming alcohol, drugs and eating non-vegetarian food is okay as it is their choice. Even when auto-driven cars are perfected, people will still hold on to the steering wheels of their vehicles tightly. I am also a control freak but, lately, I have been put in so many situations that has made me aware that nothing is in my control. Letting grace take over completely is not easy even though you are free from running your life. You can enjoy life sitting in a limousine and not having to deal with traffic jams. Then, where will your desires and the results of your actions go if you are doing nothing? Your desires are thrown in a garbage can and the results of your deeds or karma are stored in an abandoned warehouse. Now there is no one to claim the assets or liabilities. Your destiny is no longer in your hands. You gave up control willingly or unwillingly. Enjoy being a passenger in the story of your life. Satish Daryanani

Nothing to Achieve

What do you do when you realize there is nothing more to achieve in life? All your ambitions, desires, goals and purpose in life are gone in a second. You feel lost and empty. You can’t search for anything as you have realized you have everything. You have to get rid of the compass in your life. Are you sure you want enlightenment? All you will do is to look for strangers and try to confuse them by telling them to just pass time and have fun. You are used to chasing after things but now, everything in your life will chase you. Wanting nothing is easy but society judges us on achievements. To just be and let everything flow through you is the greatest achievement of all. Satish Daryanani

A Smart Person

I met someone who was watching the videos of spiritual Masters on YouTube and found them to be really smart. We base the spiritual experiences of a person on how smart they are. Intelligence and wisdom go hand-in-hand in today’s world. One has got nothing to do with another, otherwise all scientists would become evolved souls. We do need to use our intelligence to experience divinity. Instead, we use our hearts. Once we experience wisdom, we convert the experience into words to make others see us as smart. They have not heard people speak like that. When we don’t understand we assume the other person is smart. It is the simple minds that experience the simplicity in spirituality. The smart ones outthink themselves and miss out. The real smart person is the one who knows everything and lets others think that he is still lost in ignorance. Satish Daryanani

We Think Too Much About Others

We spend more time thinking about what others think, do, like, dislike, and even about their past and future. We should, instead, be focusing on ourselves. Even when I traveled with my spiritual masters, people were more concerned about their travel plans rather than the plans to save themselves. It may be my strength or weakness but I am truly consumed by myself. I am always analyzing everything that can affect me now and in the future. I have given up on my past and, now, prefer to move forward. I keep making new friends and don’t think too much about my childhood friends. I truly don’t care about what people think, as it does not affect my life. There is a song, “It’s my life,” and we should keep singing that song. We are alone when we come and leave these human forms. If you want to add someone then add God and imagine what God thinks of all you do. This way your mind is occupied. This thought is written only for you, and not for what others think of it. Satish Daryanani

Wake Up Call

A wake up call wakes us up from deep sleep. We all need a wake up call to awaken our sleeping souls. The Covid-19 virus is one such example. It can either take a tragedy or an experience of something truly wonderful. But it has to be different. If it is the same, you will continue sleeping and not listen to the call. First, we must want a wake up call. Most people enjoy living in their dream world. Then, you have to pray and, with grace, you get hit on your head with a hammer. Now you hear the ringing that tells you it is time. However, if we complain and do not see the benefit, the opportunity is lost. Wake up calls can also be small ones that can improve your health or give you appreciation and a positive outlook in life. The best wake up call is when you realize that all your past lives and the current one has been wasted in the sleep of ignorance. When you do wake up all you will do is nod your head and realize that you are the dumbest human being in the history of humanity. Satish Daryanani

Nothing is Yours

This is one of the most basic teachings and yet, most of us forget. Our families, our bodies and minds, possessions, the entire world, and everything else that we consider near and dear to us, don’t belong to us. Most of our sufferings take place because we forget this most simple fact. I’ll give a simple example—when I owned a building a lot of toilet paper and paper towels were being wasted, it bothered me. I saw the same thing happening even after I sold the building, but now I don’t care. It is not mine. If nothing is yours, why do things bother you? You are a mere custodian, so do your best to give the best returns to the real owner, God. Take care of all the assets under your control, for which you do get a nice paycheck, but remember, the assets do not belong to you. You could be the general manager but not the boss. There is only one Big Boss who owns everything. Let Him worry. You do your best and relax. Climate change and everything else is not your concern. You can only do your part. Writing this thought is my job; the benefit from this is not in my hands. Satish Daryanani

Believing Someone

Once you establish yourself and start doing what you say, people will slowly start believing in you. They start trusting you and your words carry a lot of weight. This can  help you financially, in building friendships and help you in spreading the teachings. People gather around saints because they believe in the words spoken by them. Imagine winning the faith of God in what you say and promise to Him. That is why the term is used, “promissory note.” It means you intend to honor all the words written on the note.Be strong and have faith that if you truly want to honor every word you speak, the forces of nature will help you fulfill all your promises. Satish Daryanani