Ice Cube

Master: In spirituality, to grow more and more, you need to be ordinary—like water. You need not become extraordinary like an ice cube. As grace pours upon you infinite experiences, you spend time digesting them and not expelling them. You keep silent and do not advertise all that you have learned. The more you evolve the more people will think you are gaining nothing. This brings humility, as you are crushed by grace. Satish Daryanani

Cosmic Power

Master: The mind and body limit us. We need to get in tune with the cosmic power. In time, you get the cosmic vision. That is why in the Star Wars movies they say, “May the force be with you.” We need to transcend from all our limitations that bind us to the reality of our true selves. All the questions and answers we have are to help us discover the cosmic energy within. Obstacles come in our lives to motivate us to seek something  more than what we experience through our senses. The Masters are only guides, inspiring everyone. That is why it is called cosmic—meant for everyone, not just a select few. Satish Daryanani


Master: No matter how good you are at something, there will always be someone better than you. All records set by athletes will eventually be broken. My Master was an avid walker but, after his fall he needed assistance. It is with God’s grace that we have talents but they can be taken away at anytime. Masters know they are experts of nothing, not out of humility but, from knowing more and more. The more you know the less you are an expert. Others might think you are an expert but you know within yourself that there is a lot more to learn. I thought I was an expert in pushing peoples buttons, until I found myself at the receiving end of having my buttons pushed by my Masters. Satish Daryanani



  • Master: One of my favorite songs is “Don’t worry, be happy.” We all want happiness and most people get happiness by worrying. There was a rich old man who who started worrying after calculating his wealth and realizing that he only had enough money to take care of his next eight generations and not beyond that. We even worry about things after we are gone. There are people who worry about their Masters and God. Young people who have good health and enough income also worry about their old age and retirement. Even the Masters worry about how to help their devotees be free from worries. I have to worry about what topic to cover for tomorrow. Satish Daryanani

Mother’s Day

Master: God could not be in the physical form everywhere, so He created mothers. A mother is anyone who has developed a mother’s heart. Spiritual masters can be considered as mothers, as their devotees become their children. When I pray, I see God as my mother, as mothers are easier to please. Fathers have hard heads. Remembering mothers when they are not with you in their physical forms makes you appreciate them more, as you know all their love and effort has made you what you are today. It is the mother who helps you initially, then the spiritual Master takes over. Today, instead of just celebrating Mother’s Day, let us remind ourselves how little we appreciate our mothers during the rest of the year. Satish Daryanani

Paying the Price

Master: We all have to pay a price for our thoughts and actions. For some people the price will feel like punishment and that they have to atone for their sins. For others it will be a blessing, as they get a chance to detach and be free from the world. Even the cleansing of the physical body could help us separate from the attachment to this physical form. The master could act as a butcher to help you detach from this physical from and become independent. The teacher now lives with you through his teachings. Sometimes you may feel you have not done wrong and are still part of this obstacle course. That is a blessing for your good deeds, as it is helps you grow. No matter if you do good or bad, the experiences you face can help you only if you know how to benefit from everything you face in life. — Satish Daryanani


Master: We all want something. We must want to live in order to stay alive. We want God and God wants us. We want to be with the Masters and the Masters want to be with us. Wanting is okay. It’s when our wants don’t manifest that it matters how we react. We want to be loved but we receive love only if we are able to give love. We want peace yet, it is the wants that disturb our peace. We even want to come back in the human form over and over again. So we are not free. Ultimately, that should be on our most wanted list—being free from the results of our wants. Satish Daryanani 

A Mirror

Master: We use mirrors to see our reflections and make ourselves look nice for the world. The mind, too, is a mirror in which we can see the reflections of our thoughts. We don’t spend time to improve our thoughts but, we use make up to beautify our faces for the world to admire. My master joked and said that ladies look prettier in the evening because of what they put on. Instead, if we become aware of our thoughts that reflect on our faces then no make up is needed. Our faces express a mixture of emotions—joy, sorrow, stress, anxiety, and more. We can end up smiling for no reason when we are permanently happy. Clean the mirror of the mind and enjoy the spotless world that has been created. Satish Daryanani

How Little We Know

Master: What we know is not even equal to a grain of sand compared to what is out there in the Universe. We think we are smart and know it all but, once that illusion is removed, we are ready for God’s hand in play. We plan and discuss so much yet, everything can change in a split second. This war and virus are good examples of that. Yet, when success happens, we to want to take all the credit. We want to know and understand God’s plan so all the whys, whens, and hows takes place. The more you realize your limitations the more God’s plan opens up for you. You will see perfection in everything, as everything came from the Perfect One. The spiritual Masters are there to teach us how little they, too, know. They show humility because they know the truth about their limited intelligence. That is why they say, “God is everything, we are nothing.” Satish Daryanani

Shaving Your Head

Shaving Your Head

Master: Some people shave their heads when they visit holy places as an offering to the Lord. The hair is collected and sold to be used for extensions and wigs. Hair is a big part of our vanity so, by shaving our heads, we let go of our identifications. A hard dried coconut has husk which is removed. Then the bare shell is broken and the cream shows up. When the hair is removed the bald head (ego) is ready to be broken and the mind is open for grace to be poured. We all seek blessings but, how many are ready for this hard head to be cracked open? We start with the hair but the skull is a hard nut to crack. Satish Daryanani


Master: There are no such things as coincidences. Everything happens according to God’s plan. It’s like watching Netflix—everything is available online. The only delay is when you decide to watch it. You cannot change even a second from any episode. When we meet new people, get new opportunities, have new experiences, these are all meant to happen. Even meeting the many masters at different times in my life was because I was ready to receive their grace and wisdom. It is not coincidence if sometimes you feel these words are written for you. They were meant to be read when you needed them. It’s not a coincidence that I remembered this conversation today. It was meant to be written today. Satish Daryanani

Open Mind

Master: Spirituality helps us open our minds. As we reflect on the teachings, our minds slowly open up to the benefits of the teachings. Many parents and schools teachers just want the children to obey what they tell them without giving them correct explanations. People are always looking for new businesses to get into but, their minds are closed to only what they know and what they have done their whole lives. Opening the mind gives new dimensions and opportunities. Many times we get to learn from our disciples, as they ask questions based on their experiences. With an open mind one can never get bored, as discovering new things keeps them young and enthusiastic. Satish Daryanani


Master: We all are students in the university of life. Being around spiritual masters you get knowledge of the teachings. With austerities and grace, you may get to experience the teachings. Knowledge from the world can help you in your career and enable you to converse with people. Wisdom makes you silent, as it is hard to explain. You now understand the meaning of life and now can enjoy this precious human form. Most of us use approximately 10 percent of our brains to gather all the knowledge. Wisdom requires zero percent of the brain, as nothing is stored. Instead, the more you think the less you experience. Knowledge is to deal with the world and wisdom to leave the world. Satish Daryanani

Double Pan Balance Scale

Master: There are two sides to this balance scale. If there are losses on one side only then can there be profits on the other. If there is suffering in your life that pulls the scale down then happiness is waiting for you on the other side of the scale. When both sides of the scale are aligned perfectly, you become well-balanced. Being well-balanced is only a state of mind-not from all the situations you face. If you are waiting for life to be perfectly balanced, you will be waiting for eternity. It will never happen. Enjoy sitting on the see-saw called life but, be well-balanced within. Satish Daryanani

Saying Sorry

Master: Saying the word “Sorry” without meaning it has no value but, it is still better than not apologizing at all. We are all children of God and will continue to make mistakes. There are so many new ones to make that it is not worth our time to repeat the past ones. We all seek forgiveness and if we really feel sorry and not repeat the mistakes then everything is forgiven. Those who never say sorry will never learn, as we learn more from our mistakes than from our perfections. I used to say sorry all the time for my goof ups, which made my Masters smile. They did not realize what I was sorry about, as they were not affected. I learnt from my Masters that if I say sorry with a smile, it is definitely more effective. Satish Daryanani

To See God

My Master was reluctant in admitting that He had experienced God. After some time, He admitted the wonderful experience. I asked,  “What did you speak to Him about?” He smiled and said, “When you experience God, there are no words. It is the greatest experience in your life. You don’t question if you are worthy or not. You just enjoy the moment.” This can only happen with grace. Humility comes when you realize you are nothing when you come face-to-face with the One who is everything. Accepting God’s will leads you to the One who reveals Himself to you. The mind has to be clear to be able to see the vision of God. Then, there is no you and God, as you become one with the One. You become His instrument, as you completely lose your identity. All you can do is pray that you, too, can experience God. Satish Daryanani


Master: It is a seeker who turns an ordinary person into a master. When you gain knowledge and wisdom from the source only then, in the eyes of receiver is that person a master. The giver does not see himself as a master, as he is only a microphone relaying the message. Once a seeker is not needed to hear his words of wisdom, this master  goes back to being an ordinary person performing his normal duties. We make God special, otherwise God does not exist. If others benefit from your existence then your life has value. If these words are read and benefited from then they are called teachings, otherwise they are wasted words—just like our normal text messages. Satish Daryanani

Who Do We Trust?

Master: Trust has to be earned. In life you might be hurt by those who have taken advantage of your trust, but that does not mean you stop trusting people. You can be more careful than before but, to live a life without trusting anyone is an empty life. Pray to God to guide you so you are not gullible and to protect you from being taken advantage of. If someone did take advantage of you think of it as a chance to clean up your karmic accounting. You, too, might have taken advantage of someone’s trust in the past. Ultimately, we are building our trust in God as we get battered by the world abusing our trust. Satish Daryanani

Could You Be a Judge?

My master smiled and replied, “First, I have to truly understand the law. A judge has to be impartial even if their own family member is on the stand. Their personal feelings are kept aside.” I joked and said, “If I were a judge, I would come to You for the all the answers.” My Master immediately said, “Thank God, you are not a judge.” God is the judge of everyone and yet, does not judge anyone. There is no punishment—only chances given to learn and reform. God’s love never changes, no matter what one does. Instead, He prefers the broken ones, as they are ripe to evolve. Judges are needed to bring some order in worldly matters, otherwise most would live lawless lives. Satish Daryanani



If a master heals people then the people only look at the miracles that the master can do and not the teachings from the master. In the old days, miracles were needed to draw people. Some masters still perform miracles today. The purpose of the masters is to make their disciples independent and to be able to heal themselves. We have to awaken the hidden powers within. Once you can do that you need not heal yourself, as you realize everything comes from the loving hands of God. You will rejoice in all the bitter and sweet experiences life gives you. Your change in reaction means you are healed permanently. Satish Daryanani