Net Worth

When you are tired and able to sleep without sleeping pills, that’s priceless. If you have a healthy appetite and can digest your food properly, that, too, is priceless. If, while you are waiting for a drawbridge to close or waiting for an elevator or even taking a shower, you can bring your awareness to the serenity within, that is beyond priceless. Your net worth is not what you see in your financial statement, but what you experience when your eyes are closed. You can see your wealth whenever you want to. It is always within you and after you discover it, if someone Googles you, your net worth will show as Infinite. — Satish Daryanani

Candle burning in gift-wrapped brownie

Blowing Out Candles

With the Coronavirus around, nobody should blow out the candles on birthday cakes. My spiritual Master told me this many years ago, not only for health reasons but also because of the meaning of light. We are blowing out the light of our lives. We should, instead, take the candles out and let them slowly burn out on their own. Every birthday, we lose a year if we are not lighting our inner candle—that light that never fades. Candles represent our true birthday—the day we awaken and our birth takes place. Until then, we are all zero years old. Even if you are awake, you cannot tell anyone when your real birth took place. Sybolically, we can light one candle to represent when we all wish to have our first real birthday. — Satish Daryanani

Candle burning in gift-wrapped brownie
Swami Sivananda laughing with his disciple Swami Venkatesananda.

Talking for Fun

Sometimes I get tired of talking about work-related stuff. Talking about silly things is relaxing. Even with my Spiritual Masters, we would not always talk about spirituality. I guess both of us got to be ourselves. We were not worried if we spoke about politically incorrect topics. The Master could stop being a Master and just be a friend, a regular person. This habit formed and God, too, became the same to me. We shared relaxed, unnecessary talk — giving God a chance to be Himself, and it gave me a chance to get to know what He goes through. With our guard down, we can laugh at the ignorance of humanity. We are worried now with the future of humanity, as we do not understand that this is Episode 3 in Season 17 of God’s show. Be yourself, and let God be Himself so you may experience the lighter, funnier side of God. — Satish Daryanani

Swami Sivananda laughing with his disciple Swami Venkatesananda.

Too Late

Sometimes, we see sports teams come back from near losses but run out of time and lose the game. In the game of life, we, too, sometimes realize the time we have lost due to futile things. We could have used our precious time collecting real wealth. There is no overtime in this game. The test comes when we have no regrets nor wish we had more time to live. You may even reach a stage where you are waiting for the game to be over, as you have experienced that for which you came. Let it not be too late for you to beat your biggest opponent, which is you. Then you became a champion in the game of life. — Satish Daryanani

President Barak Obama

Art of Speaking

I asked a child, in fun, “Can I use your scooter?” The answer was no. When the question is changed to, “Can you teach me to ride your scooter?” Immediately, the answer came, “Yes.” We can get the results we want if we use the art of speaking. This is very important for spiritual Masters, as they have to sugar coat the bitter truth. No matter what, only God’s will ever takes place.  You can say you will do your best as an offering to the Lord and let happen whatever happens from the loving hands of the Lord.  Even God will fall for how we present Him with our obstacles if we put the teaching out differently: “Lord, you know my situation and it is for my good. Now I have learned the lesson, so I do not wish to cause You any more pain from watching me suffer. I am hurting more from what You are going through rather than from my challenges. Let’s move on to a new lesson. I got what I had to learn from this experience I am going through.” God will fall for it. — Satish Daryanani

President Barak Obama
elegant keys on a cushion

The Key

Each lock has a specific key made for it. We are the keys created for a specific purpose-to unlock our potential. When you become a spiritual Master, then you become a master key and are able to unlock any lock. The grooves in each key are different. They represent our strengths and weaknesses. We should know our potential, this way we can unlock our potential. The key maker made these special keys for a specific purpose, which can only be completed by you. Everyone is equal, as every lock is valuable. The most important common denomination is that though keys and locks are different, the treasure discovered is the same. — Satish Daryanani

elegant keys on a cushion


People pray to God for many reasons. Some pray out of fear or because they are told to do so. Some pray out of guilt or to seek forgiveness, peace, love, or grace. Some pray to have their questions answered. A few people think of God out of gratitude. Those who have formed a relationship with God think of Him in that form. God completes me. Without Him, I am empty. None of the above reasons are needed. Just as I cannot live without air, I cannot live without the presence of God. The vacuum, or void in my life, is filled with God. No God, no life. — Satish Daryanani


A diamond is a stone. We give it value, and it becomes a precious stone. Some value heaven and have to suffer their entire lives trying to obey the Ten Commandments. Some value the 6-pack on their abdomens and spend a lot of time in gyms. When someone wants to live a spiritual life, he or she can give value to an ordinary person and see that person as a spiritual Master. The moment one stops valuing the guidance of the spiritual Master, the Master becomes an ordinary person. If we give value to God, He becomes the Creator, otherwise, we think this world is running on its own. If you give value to these words, you will contemplate them; if not, you can delete them instantly. — Satish Daryanani

Moral Behind a Story

I loved listening to the stories narrated by my spiritual Masters. Behind every story they told, there was a moral for us to learn. They were not ordinary stories. A field, if cultivated, yields fruits and vegetables, and if not cared for, will be overrun with thorns and weeds. All the fields get sunshine and water, and that is like the effort we put in. Our minds are like the fields. Grace is like water and sun, it flows to everyone. We put in the effort to refrain from things, and we decide what kind of thoughts we will have. The act of cultivating is our freedom. Stories and their morals are heard by many. How many make them the anchors of their lives? — Satish Daryanani

Complete Knowledge

Do we have complete knowledge about anything in life? Even those who are experts in their fields, in time, are proven wrong. Doctors have to go to seminars to refresh their knowledge or to learn new techniques. Lawyers still refer to legal books. The reason we do not have complete knowledge is that we are limited by our minds. Even if having grace from God, or spiritual Masters, it of no help unless you have blessings from your mind. To know, or to experience, everything requires the mind. Then only will you have complete knowledge on one topic, while the others won’t matter. There is nothing more valuable than the knowledge that the Lord knows everything and you know nothing. — Satish Daryanani

Swami Sivananda


I saw the painstaking work taken to restore my spiritual Master’s picture, to get vivid colors, and to maintain the original state. In a few decades, the picture loses its original form. Imagine what must have happened to our soul to move from its original perfect state? What painstaking efforts will be required for the soul to come back to its original state of purity? How much time, effort, and patience will be required to bring back the vivid colors of divinity? We face a little challenge, or suffering, and we go running to God, missing the opportunity to restore our soul. God sends to us restoration experts who may hurt our feelings so that we can return to our original forms. — Satish Daryanani

Swami Sivananda


A seeker asked a spiritual Master to describe Oneness. The Master whispered in the seeker’s ear, “Death.” This one word has many meanings: the death of the ego, death of ignorance, and death of your identifications. When we think we are someone, we are alive and therefore, there is a separation. Now, there is Oneness while we are alive. We all need air to breathe, food, and water. We are all made up of atoms. We are all going to die. This is how the mind understands oneness; to experience oneness is something else. Seeing the One in everyone starts with seeing the One in yourself. Everything starts with you—see yourself in everything and nothing is separate from you. You should be fed up with you, as you are everywhere. You cannot even get rid of and escape from you. Even in hell or heaven, it is you. So are you sure you want to seek Oneness? You can forget about the Oneness after experiencing oneness, just to have fun. If you get bored, fill your life with variety.  If the variety overwhelms you, remind yourself of the Oneness. — Satish Daryanani


What would happen if you could use 80 percent, or more, of your brain? Everything will be clearer, all that you see, or hear, will stay in your memory. You can learn everything easily, you will have confidence, and your horizon will be unlimited. This does not require a pill, and you can tap into it anytime you want. All these thoughts are for you to enjoy the limitless you. When you get it, you may want to use this skill for everything outside, or go to the limitless world within. Most people want the infinite world within rather than knowing more about the finite world. Do you want to know all the languages in the world, or play every instrument, or know everything about science and math? Or do you want to know the truth that makes all the knowledge an illusion? — Satish Daryanani

Spirituality Lingo

“Mediation,” “inner peace,” “Kundalini Yoga,” “out-of-body experience,” “awakening,” and many more words are used so often by people that their value has been reduced to peanuts. These precious words have to be earned and not spoken about. The one who knows the true value will not reveal all the details about them. These are all stepping stones to something far greater. Thank God no one has yet created a word for that, as it is beyond words. Poor God, He also has been put into a word. We use “God” even to curse out in anger. Sometimes the “F-word” and God have equal value, as there is no reverence for God. When we talk about God, our eyes should be watery and the reference to the Beloved should be only made with a  voice broken from the pain in our hearts. Just as how, when you speak of meditation, there automatically is a look of bliss on your face and you are able to talk about it with a calm, sweet voice. — Satish Daryanani

An Evening Out

After being cooped up inside, it is nice to have an evening out.  With whom do you go? You are still the same person who was inside and now you are going out in the evening. The location changed but not you. So, if you go out, go as a new person, the new you, not the one who was cooped up. Wherever you are and whatever you do, you still have to deal with yourself. When you change, the ambiance changes automatically. Now you are having an evening out all the time as you, the date with yourself is new. A new romance with yourself begins. Now you could be in Venice, having the boatman sing to you in the evenings, as you have discovered the new you. Enjoy the change in you, as the venue of your life also changes.— Satish Daryanani

We Don’t Want It

Many times I give up on things, even after I put in my best effort. After it is out of my mind, out of the blue, it suddenly falls into my lap. I honestly did not seek peace and spiritual life, write spiritual thoughts, or try to spread the teachings. I went on this path because I fell in love with my spiritual Masters and enjoyed being around them. I asked questions and their answers inspired me. All the austerities were done only to show that they were not wasting their time. Everything started coming to me because I did not want them—even my wanting God was just to enjoy the longing. When we go after things, they run away from us. All that is due to us will come to us. It is delayed, only because we are not ready for it. — Satish Daryanani

This One Is for Me

Many people in history have taken lives in the name of God and religion. Many have also given their lives for the same. Your life is completely intertwined with God’s will. In other words, if, even for a split second, you experience anxiety, stress, fear, anger, or disappointment, you are an atheist. Your reactions will determine that. Do your best to achieve what you want but have no reaction after that. Living with complete joy all the time is the sacrifice for which God is looking. Ending any kind of life takes a moment, but not losing a moment of joy is even harder. So, please bless me so that I start practicing what I am inspiring others wn lives in the name of God and do. — Satish Daryanani

The Search

When a person is in great physical or mental pain, he or she searches for a guide, and some seek knowledge of the self. Unless you are pure in your quest, you will not be able to realize the benefit of having a guide. You will see the guide as an ordinary person. The guide can first draw you with love but, later, has to butcher your ego. Soon you will find faults. It is at this stage that many seekers walk away. The few that stay for the roasting get spiritual instruction. Realization does not come as a magic pill but with inner strength and power of endurance. To attain God on your own is possible but very difficult. A guide, pushing your buttons, puts you on the correct path. I have had many guides and many a time wanted to leave them and never see them again. But the inner thirst was strong enough for me to go back and hold their hands. They were happy I left, but, they are all still stuck with me. — Satish Daryanani


When I was younger, I would make fun of girls who would tie their long hair in braids, the strands intertwined like ropes. All of us have a braid made up of our past identifications, attachments, desires, and experiences, intertwined with our present. Those who want to take a spiritual path, like monks, are told to shave their heads and wear simple outfits, all orange or white. All start the same when getting ready to merge onto the highway of the spiritual journey. This is called the starting point. All their pasts and how they got there do not matter. The only thing that matters is the journey on which all want to go. Where each one goes, and how far they go, is up to each one. Then, no more intertwining of the hair is required. No knots appear, as they are no longer wrapped up in wrong notions of who they are. — Satish Daryanani

Reversing Time

If I could reverse time, would I change anything? The answer is no. Even if I could go back to 2001 and buy stock in Apple and Amazon, or meet my spiritual Masters again and become a better disciple. Now, when I close my eyes and experience from within that which cannot be limited by using the word God, why would I take the chance and change anything from the past? I’d risk the priceless wealth I already have. The past is perfect, as will be the future, once you are able to bathe in this wealth which is permanent. It only improves as your abilities increase. To everyone in my past, whom I might have hurt, I can only apologize for my wrongs. Remember, you all are part of my current wealth, so I hope you forgive my shortcomings. It is all part of the perfect plan. If for fun, I could change one thing from the past, it would be to tell my younger self to have patience and that God will eventually reveal everything. — Satish Daryanani