Foundation of Knowledge

We use facts, theories, principles, skills, reasoning, independent learning, and various other methods to gain knowledge. So, let’s analyze these words, “I think, therefore I am.” It is from this that we realize we exist. We slowly work on the knowledge of the self as to who is thinking, who is answering, and who is the one experiencing. If everything is a dream, then why do we do anything? Why do we get out of bed? We confuse ourselves with half knowledge. This is the worst thing that we can do. The simple answer is that we should continue doing our part in this dream world while spending time experiencing the true knowledge within. While schools, universities, and life give us knowledge to play our part, the spiritual Masters give us wisdom to experience the true knowledge of who we are. — Satish Daryanani

Doing and Undoing

We make money, spend some, and save some. We eat food, exercise, and go to the restroom. We use our five senses, disturb our minds, then sit in silence to balance the minds. We get our physical bodies dirty and take showers to clean them. We do wrong deeds, and then, pray to God for forgiveness. We create new desires and attachments and get caught up in the cycle of birth and death. How can we get out of doing and undoing? When there is no doer there is no undoing. This body becomes only a vehicle, it is fueled, kept clean, and maintained. It’s purpose is to take you from one place to another to get the job done. Nothing is happening from you, only through you. You are free from this endless cycle of doing and undoing. — Satish Daryanani

Different Paths

Many wars have been fought because people do not believe that there are different paths to reach the same goal. These thoughts are only one of the paths, but not the only path. The thoughts are based on devotion, as that was the path my spiritual Masters followed. Devotion leads to the path of wisdom and, eventually, to the path of nothingness. All paths disappear, as you reach the top the world. It’s a lonely path but you are not alone. You may often be misunderstood, as many people do not understand the simplicity of the path. No other is needed on this journey, just the guide to show you the entry point. There are no rituals to observe, no props are needed, and there are no limitations of time. You set your own pace. Heaven will wait for you. If you are fed up with the world, you will run faster to reach your goal. I hope we all meet there soon, so we can discuss and laugh at our experiences on the various paths. — Satish Daryanani

Conference Call

All my phone calls are conference calls. My spiritual Masters and the Lord have secretly tapped into my phone. They are listening in on my conversations and laughing at my ignorance. It is like when we listen to children’s conversations, hear their answers, and laugh at their innocence, as they do not have experience of the truth. If you are aware that your calls are tapped, you will be careful about what you say. You will not be arrested nor will you be judged, but your loved ones will know and, for that reason, you will be careful about what you say. Slowly, you will realize that, if they can hear your phone calls, they can also listen to your thoughts. Now, you have to be careful about thoughts in your mind. This constant awareness that you are not alone and are always being watched and heard, changes your life. You do not need to pray or meditate. Their presence is with you all the time. Spiritual life is that simple. It is the constant awareness of the presence of God. He is looking and listening, without judging and, definitely smiling at all my moves. At least, He is being entertained by my existence. I am not perfect but, the Perfect One does not see imperfections in me. — Satish Daryanani

The Cure for the Pain is in the Pain

Honestly speaking, pain is our best friend. It is like soap, which is also a form of dirt, being used to remove the dirt that is stuck on us. The pain of losing a loved one can be replaced with the pain of knowing the One who truly loves us. The pain of loneliness, worry, and insecurities can be replaced with the pain of knowing that you have limited time in the human form to enjoy God. The pain of losing material gains in this world is far less than the pain you feel being away from your real home. We go through physical pains, which removes the pain of carrying all the burdens of our past actions. It is the pain of the longing for God that can melt you completely and free you from the pain of the cycle of birth and death. — Satish Daryanani

The Human Body

Our bodies mostly express our minds. The mind can have headaches, stress, anxiety, or go into depression. The body has a variety of ways to express what the mind is expressing. We say, “We are what we think.” It is true, as everything starts from our thought processes. Even when we get angry, we are actually punishing ourselves for someone else’s mistakes. We suffer from what others do or have done to us. Instead, treat others as if they are created to test our mental stability. It took a snowstorm in Texas for them to realize that their power grids were not adequate. Similarly, words and expressions of others show us that our mental circuits need to be stronger for the storms life brings us. Our bodies are our fire alarms, telling us there are mental fires within that need to be put out. Taking medicines and painkillers only silences the alarm, not the mental fire within. Nothing from outside should disturb our mental balance. That is the real test. — Satish Daryanani


I saw the movie, “The Mauritanian,” in which a man was imprisoned and tortured and was only released after 14 years when he was proven innocent. They showed the real person at the end of the film. He was full of joy and forgiveness. That really touched my heart. I wonder if I would be able to forgive like him after all that he went through. There is so much to learn from others who have such capacities that we don’t. We may be innocent in this life yet, we still have to pay for all that we have done. There is no escape. This is not a punishment. It is a form of grace for people to grow. Our so-called sins are also blessings, as we get a chance to evolve and inspire others. None of us are truly innocent, as we all have done some mischief for which we have not yet paid. I pray God somehow misplaces the records of my past actions. My list is so long that it will require lifetimes of prison sentences to clean. — Satish Daryanani


When our loved ones go missing, we fear that they may never come back. We are prepared to do anything to get them back—give rewards, use the help of law enforcement, and social media. This is how God feels. Most of us are missing in action. We forget to call God and tell Him about our whereabouts. We have even forgotten our real homes. We are lost and searching for the comfort, happiness, and security we had. As emptiness takes over our lives, we will look forward to run back to the welcoming arms of the Lord. We were separated. But now that we are united, everything is forgotten. We are not missing anymore. We have to miss the One who is missing us the most in order for us to take the journey back to our source. — Satish Daryanani

Real Freedom

If you give a child total freedom, chances are he or she will misuse it. Freedom is powerful. Those who do not have self control, mess it up for everyone else. For example, if we have the freedom of driving without speed limits, not everyone will know how to use this freedom correctly. Even God has given us the freedom to take our own lives, and some do. We are given the freedom to think and use our minds as we wish. We have been given the freedom of speech and we know what happens with that. Freedom should be a privilege yet, we take it as our right. Sitting in silence and enjoying the peace is also our freedom and only a few use this one correctly. The biggest freedom is our decision to be born again and again. There is nothing wrong with that, just don’t blame God if you feel your life is miserable. You can read or delete this message, that is your freedom. As I am neither getting paid nor do I seek fame from these words, I can send the unedited version of what comes. Today is Monday. You have the freedom to decide what you want this upcoming week to be. — Satish Daryanani

Valentine’s Day

The real story of St. Valentine is murky. Either he was a saint who married lovers in secret, or he was a prisoner who fell in love with his jailor’s daughter. No matter what legend we believe, Valentine was killed for true love. He became a saint and February 14th was declared as Valentine’s Day. This day is supposed to be a day of sacrifice. We have, instead, replaced it with sacrificing our credit cards for the purchase of chocolates, flowers, jewelry, or gifts with Amazon. A saint is an ocean of love. He lives for the sake of others. He has neither identity nor ego. He is a bundle of joy and peace. On the day that is dedicated to a saint, we must try to embody some of the saintly qualities, at least for this one day. So, on Valentine’s Day, lovers’ quarrels get a day off. Our chant should be, “Yes dear,” and nothing else. After this one day, we will appreciate how difficult it is to be a saint. We will be glad that Valentine’s Day is over and we can get back to being our painful selves again. — Satish Daryanani

Is the Universe Trying to Tell Me Something?

When things don’t go our way, we say, “Is the universe trying to tell me something?” We feel we are jumping over one hurdle after another. To accept things that are not in our control, we remind ourselves of this saying. So, what is the universe trying to tell you? You are a speck of a speck in this universe. Shut up and accept whatever comes. You have no power over the universe. You can only learn from what the universe decides to give you. This changes you. Let’s start by listening to what the universe has to say. We can listen to the spiritual Masters, our parents, elders, and well wishers. We do not know everything. It is a gift to be able to listen to others besides listening to what our intellect tells us to do. Satish Daryanani

A Farmer and a King

A farmer goes to sleep and dreams he is a king. Or, is it a king sleeping and dreaming that he is a farmer? Which one is real? That is why, when we are asked who we are, we do not have an answer. Are we the names by which we are called, human beings, souls, spirits, God’s reflections, or other entities? It is confusing. Are we the ones who are in this dream, or are we the ones witnessing the dream? Am I the one writing this thought, or am I the one experiencing the thought? Am I the creator of this thought, or am I the one reading this thought? We are so many and, yet are no one. We are the one, and we are in everyone. So, let’s make it simple: Till we experience the true self, we are a bundle of God’s energy on this earth plane to enjoy every part of the expression of God’s creativity. We will not limit ourselves with anything. We will be open to the vastness of this dream world. — Satish Daryanani


A blowfish can expand 4 to 5 times its size by using air. This way it looks much larger to its predators. We, too, fill ourselves with hot air to look to the world larger than we are. We try to show that we are not small and might get crushed. Yet there are benefits in being small. You look ignorant and no one bothers you. You carry less of the weight of ego on your shoulders. You are so small that God finds you cute and has empathy for you. He decides to lift you up and carry you on His shoulders. Most people want to show the world that they are more than what they really are. Instead, try showing less than what you really are. You have nothing to prove to anyone. You know the truth about yourself. — Satish Daryanani

Five Categories

There are five categories that determine your future. Grace, strength and weakness, attachment and desire, spirituality, and service. Grace cannot be explained. Your strengths and weaknesses are with you. We work on them in every birth we take. Sometimes we go forward and sometimes backward on the path of our growth. Our desires and attachments can help set us free from the cycle of birth and death. This is when spirituality gives us the understanding and strength to become completely free. Those who decide to come back in the human form to serve take a risk, as they can always get caught up in the web of illusion. So, to those fortunate souls who can be free in this lifetime, move on. There is no guarantee that the perfect balance of the five categories may be aligned again for you. Have faith in the forces of nature that the world will still be perfect if you decide not to be reborn. You can always keep sending your blessings. — Satish Daryanani


A good commercial is one that makes you want something of which you did not think, or have need. For no reason, a new desire is created in our minds and our peace is disturbed. Now we work on fulfilling the desire. If what we have fulfilled is of high value, we worry and try to insure it. This is how our minds work. Out of nowhere our mission of the day is changed, leading to changing our goals in life. When we were young, we wanted to do so much good in the world. Now with commercials, we keep chasing one desire after another. I wish someone had the guts to make one commercial, “We are selling nothing. We are only showing you that you already have everything in your life. Just enjoy it.” If things come due to grace, we can have fun, but we do not need all the new stuff companies try to sell us. God’s commercial would be, “Close your eyes for thirty seconds and see what is permanent. Forget everything that is temporary.” — Satish Daryanani

Youth vs. Experience

In our youth, we use our skills, stamina, and confidence. With experience, we use our minds and bring out the best in those who are around us. In youth, we have enthusiasm. We use a lot of words and try to save the world. With experience, we think first, use few words, and only work on those who are diamonds in the rough. In youth, we are impatient, trying to prove we each are somebody. With experience, we become nobody and have nothing to prove. We patiently let things unfold. In youth, we depend on and use our energy. With experience we let go and let the divine energy flow through us. In youth, people can rattle our cage and divert us from our game plans. With experience we observe and make adjustments as needed. We become flexible. In youth, we live to make our name and live for the future. With experience we learn to enjoy the golden present. In youth, we are slaves to our minds and egos, whereas with experience we master our minds and emotions and are poised to enjoy whatever life brings us. — Satish Daryanani

Bitter Makes You Better

We do not enjoy bitter medicines, or bitter foods, yet they can make us feel better. Similarly, bitter words from those who truly care for us make us better human beings. My spiritual Masters would use the sweetest words to draw me closer to them, and then would come bitter words that would rip me apart. I would feel me wanting to never see them again. The bitter words benefited me more than their sweet words. We often use the term, “bitter truth,” as truth is not made of sugar. When we disagree about anything, that situation becomes bitter for us. For me, it is easy to be bitter, as I do not like to sugarcoat any situation, and that gets me into trouble. So, if I can give it, I must also learn to take it. We think that we have freedom, but we are all puppets, controlled by the Puppeteer. We just cannot see the strings. Our lives are insignificant. This bitter fact is hard to swallow. We only taste and experience bitterness because we give value to ourselves. — Satish Daryanani

Robin Hood

Robin Hood stole from the rich to give to the poor, with no selfish motive. It sounds good but it is not correct, as giving to the poor and needy should be done out of free will. Unlike in the movie, “Death Wish,” we cannot take a life, even though it may be the life of a criminal. We have to let justice play its part, either through karmic or government laws. Our job is to do our best with the resources and talents we have and to offer our well wishes. Even the winnings from gambling cannot be given to benefit others, as the source of income is not right. Everything we offer should be pure in its nature. Only then can it benefit others. Even the food we prepare, should be made with love so it can be digested well. It is not our thoughts and actions that matter.  It is the true intent behind them. Help every one without harming anyone. That is a perfect act. — Satish Daryanani

Miss the Take

We must not miss taking lessons from our “mis-takes.” All mis-takes are stepping stones on the path of learning. I am nothing but the sum off all my mis-takes. If you have never made any mis-takes, then you will remain the same, no more growth. Even God is always learning, no more dinosaurs or T-Rexes, otherwise we would have had no cities in the world. On the other hand, if you depend on God’s plan and believe that everything is for good, then you will not have mis-takes, as you are not responsible. Either way, I am thankful that we miss the takes while we are young. They help us as we get older. If you are honest and keep your word of honor, you expect others to do the same. I used to trust people very easily. I have been so roasted that, now, I only trust what is in my control. l did not miss this lesson. The world, too, learned a lesson—not to treat viruses lightly in the future. — Satish Daryanani


Crack is a drug that can get you high in a few seconds. The first time it’s used is the best experience and then you are hooked. You can keep trying but the experience of that first high will never come again. We want to escape from our problems, pain, stress, and from ourselves so we get a temporary high from the crack. People will do anything and are willing to lose everything to keep getting this drug. Spirituality gives you a gradual high and every experience is better than the previous one. It can get so addictive that people want to leave their families and their worldly duties to maintain a permanent high. It takes complete dedication to reach the spiritual high and it takes tremendous willpower to balance worldly duties while enjoying being high. — Satish Daryanani