Talking About Yourself

Normally, when people only talk about themselves we think they are self-centered, egoistic, and consumed with themselves. It’s true if you talk only about your possessions, accomplishments or your connections to celebrities. Then, you are just wasting your precious words. It is different when you talk about your connection with God, your experiences from within, the peace and joy in your life, spreading the teachings of Saints who have enhanced your life. Truly speaking, everything comes only from what we can grasp. Talking about others and other things are of no use, as we have not experienced them. We just know our own circle of life. Stick with it as long as you express it with humility. Satish Daryanani

The Answer Within a Question

Often when you ask or hear a question, you will find that the answer is in the question itself. Some of the questions are: What is the purpose of the experience that came from your loving hands? The answer is that the loving hands gave you the experience for your own good. Why do good people suffer? The goodness that is hidden is brought out due to the suffering. What disturbs our peace? Peace is always there; there can only be temporary disturbances. Looking back at the many questions I asked my spiritual Masters, I believe they must have thought if I only knew that the answers were always there. Once we figure this is out, we will get the answers before the question is completed. This way all our doubts will be removed and, instead of questioning everything that happens, we will be able to enjoy the fruits from all our experiences. Satish Daryanani

I Do Not Know

I love giving this answer so all questions, arguments, and debates are over. There is much I don’t know. What I think I do know are only mere bread crumbs. We think we know so much and yet, we don’t even know our true selves. We want to know why God does what He does. It is hard to grasp everything with our limited minds. It’s good when we think we don’t know much. Then we are able to learn. We become seekers of the truth. Hang around spiritual Masters and your name will change to “I Don’t Know.” What ever little experiences I have gone through in my life have been with their grace. So why am I sending these thoughts daily? I do not know. — Satish Daryanani

Why Do Anything

We exercise and eat correctly to take care of our health. Even after doing everything there is no guarantee of good health. We can work as hard as we want and still cannot make more money than what is due to us. We can undergo all the austerities and still not experience peace and the control of our minds. Why are we doing anything when everything takes place due to grace? I used to get upset with my spiritual Masters on this subject. If everything is due to grace then how can we inspire others and spread the teachings? They used to smile and tell me, “You are doing your part. The results are not in your hands.” This is just our way of offering to God. We think we are doing something so we have a reason to get up every morning. It is similar to writing this thought, which has totally come from grace. — Satish Daryanani

My Master’s Birthday

My Master’s Birthday

Usually at this time of the year, I would be in India celebrating my spiritual Master’s birthday. It still feels odd that He is physically not with me. His birthday celebration was for us to forgive those who have affected us. I would think of all the people who bothered me and the only one I felt I needed to forgive was my Master on His birthday. He was a butcher to me so only He could disturb my peace. On this special occasion, I now think of what mattered the most to Him. I would say being humble, which comes from being aware of the continuous love and grace from God, and not wasting this human form which can free you from the endless cycle of birth and death. We should experience God in the way we experience everything in our lives, enjoy and discover the inner world of silence. We should serve everyone when we see the extension of ourselves in everything. Above all, we should have the joy of life, as every moment is a gift from God. Thank you, my Master, my Boss, my Heffe. You are everything and I am nothing. Satish Daryanani

I Am That

I wanted a short cut to spirituality without putting in any effort. My spiritual Master told me about a simple method—Be constantly aware of “I am that.” I tried for a few days. I went back to my Master and told Him that it was very difficult. He smiled and told me, “So you have to be constantly aware that you are a human being, or a man, or the name given to you by your parents. You already know these things and therefore, have no need to be aware of it. If you know you are not what you think but are really that, then no awareness is needed. Find the real you and then no effort will be needed to keep your mind under control. Neither service nor austerities are needed for this. Sitting in silence and getting to know the real you will free you from everything.” Can there be a shorter way than that? Then, not only are you that, so also is everything. That’s it for today. — Satish Daryanani

My Body

My Body

Many people who have not taken the vaccine feel that they should not be forced into putting something in their bodies. Instead, if they were told that they would be banned from taking the vaccine then they would fight for their rights to take it. Due to misinformation, we fear and get upset when we are forced to do something. It is not the vaccine that is the problem; it is that we identify ourselves with the body. We did not want to wear seatbelts in the car, as they restrict us, and now we have gotten used to them. People do not want to be treated like cattle, so they rebel. Similarly, if God is forced upon people, He will be rejected—like the vaccine. We may not always know what is good for us and so should form a relationship with someone who has the neutrality to guide us. I was fortunate to have many such neutral people—my spiritual Masters. I had no choice but to obey them. Satish Daryanani



In the movie, “Old,” the characters age rapidly and their lives get over in a single day. We think we live for years but, in the big scheme of things, it is less than a day. If we all knew that we only live for one day, how would we spend this day? We can live such a life that, after all is said and done, it just feels like it’s only been a day. I prefer being older than when I was younger, as I do not have to go through the teething stage of ignorance—what I believe to be real and unreal. So if ‘old is gold’ it is because you have been well polished and the golden glow can be seen by others. Satish Daryanani

Let Me Think About It

Let Me Think About It

The worst sentence in my life has been, “Let me think about it.” Sometimes while closing a sale, my customer would say this and walk away. I would feel as if I had lost an opportunity. Most people who say that don’t come back to buy the piece of jewelry. I wish I could do that more often so as to not get myself in trouble. My spiritual Masters would also give me this answer for some of the questions I asked them. They would not give me the answer, as I might have not been ready for it. God is like instant coffee—if you are ready for it you go through a rapid fire question-answer session. God’s problem is the opposite. Most people tell God, “Let me think about whether I need your help.” We think it is a weakness to run to God for even the smallest thing. Sometimes I have to tell myself, “Hmm, let me think about what I am going to write today.” Satish Daryanani

New Teachings

Since Jesus Christ, Buddha and Guru Nanak, there have been many more Saints. They all have spread the teachings by traveling and writing books, and their teachings are now spread on social media, such as YouTube. Did the great souls of the past miss out on revealing any crucial teachings? Another 500 years will pass and spiritual Masters will continue to spread the teachings. Will it be something new that we missed out on today? Throughout all these years, the teachings have been the same—only the presentation and use of words change. The same teaching was told to me by my spiritual Masters during different times, as I was able to understand more and more. The core has not changed for thousands of years. Only the spiritual Masters have changed. As you change in your mindset, the more you will be able to grasp the true meaning of life. Once you get it, then you become another master trying to explain what already has been said since a very long time. Satish Daryanani

Dry Mouth

Sometimes your mouth gets so dry that the only thing that will quench your thirst is plain and simple water. All the soft drinks, juices, and fancy cocktails will not help, neither will the brand of the bottled water matter. When you feel the same dry feeling in the depths of your soul, all the fancy stuff of spirituality will not matter. You will be restless, dying of thirst. Only the experience of the absolute truth will truly satisfy you. You will not want to sip this nectar, but gulp it down till you are completely satisfied. You are now full and can relax. This is what the spiritual Masters try to achieve. They drive you to such a thirst and then, leave you alone. Their job is done. Now, only you will be able to quench your thirst. We need to pray for this dehydration so nothing else will matter in our lives. — Satish Daryanani

Boarding School

As a child, I spent one year in a boarding school in Shimla, India. It was one of the worst years of my life. I was away from my family and homesick. The motto of the school was, “Might is Right.” That year helped me a lot. It toughened me up and I learned to be independent. It was a Catholic school so I spent a lot of time in church alone and had a long list of complaints for Jesus Christ. He ended up becoming a good friend of mine. I got to appreciate the simple things which I used to take for granted. I was never the same person after that year. I did not want to be bullied ever again so I became strong physically and mentally. I thank that year, as I slowly started getting used to enjoying life all by myself. Solitude became my solace. I used to sit for hours at the edge of hilltops enjoying the views and had no fear of heights. Later, with grace and love from my spiritual Masters, I softened up. Looking back, these words of my spiritual Master made sense—Whatever happens happens for your good. — Satish Daryanani

Guru Purnima

Today is Guru Purnima, the day dedicated to the Guru—the remover of ignorance. For me, it is the day to celebrate my dear friends—my spiritual Masters. I thank them for all that they have done for me. My life, without them, would definitely be boring. They brought spice to my life and showed me life from a new vision. Today, none of my Gurus are with me in the physical form yet, I feel the presence of them all. They have not left me and still have some hope for me. I am grateful to all my Gurus who came into my life. I thank God I am not a Guru, it’s a painful, thankless job. You have to teach when others think they know it all. You have to put in words that which cannot be explained. Everyone is testing to see if you are a real Guru and everyone is comparing you with other Gurus. We may not see God, but we can see the lives of those who experience God. — Satish Daryanani

The Olympic Games

After a lot of hurdles, the 2020 Olympic Games are finally starting in Japan today. The Prime Minister of Japan said it would have been easier to cancel the Olympic Games but 4 billion people will enjoy watching it. He was asked about how many gold medals he would like Japan to win and he replied, “We are the host nation and we want everyone to win medals.” Hearing such an answer from a politician is odd, as this answer is more likely to come from a spiritual minded person. The Prime Minister is thinking about others and not about political points. In this day and age, most of us do things with hidden agendas. Poor God, He knows why people pray, love, and obey Him, as they have an ulterior motive behind everything. When we start doing things just for the pure joy of it then life changes. If you take part in the Olympics just to compete and not win more medals, you are already a winner. All nations come to take part in the Olympic Games for the love of sports. This unites us, as the goal is the same. We watch movies because we enjoy them, so we should also watch this movie of life with the same mindset—nothing to gain or lose. If all of us have only one goal, to enjoy life itself, then we are living in the spirit of the Olympics. — Satish Daryanani

Taking God With You

The Ark of the Covenant is the visible icon of the invisible God. The Ark represented God’s tangible presence and travelled with the people. God moved wherever His believers moved. Later, the Ark was placed in Jerusalem and God was fixed in one place. To experience God, we, now, have to go and visit that one place. The free moving God has become bound. Money, too, is supposed to move freely yet, we bind it in a safe. Everything in nature is meant to flow freely, not to be imprisoned for life. Our thoughts should be free flowing, not bound by grudges, envy, or jealousy. When we catch a cold, our breath is blocked and we suffer a lot. These thoughts occur with God’s free flowing grace. — Satish Daryanani


People of different religions go to the holy sites for a once in a lifetime visit. They feel their lives will not be complete without making this pilgrimage. I, too, went to Mount Kailash and other holy sites. Yet, after visiting them, nothing much changed in my life. I was still the same person. It is only when pilgrims start the journey of self discovery do their lives start changing. We slowly start seeing everyone and everything as the same. Then everyone and every place is holy. Our pilgrimages are daily and every moment now is once in a lifetime, as the same exact moment cannot be repeated. We do not need to suffer in extreme heat or cold or be in large crowds or spend money to go on a pilgrimage. The pilgrimage within is free, no vaccines or masks required. The only problem is that no pictures can be taken to show others and there is no holy water or blessed foods to be shared with others. — Satish Daryanani

Early Morning Flights

Early morning flights are cheaper and have more empty seats. There is little traffic on the roads and no long lines for security and immigration. You end up reaching your final destination with ease. Similarly, early morning, our minds are not clogged up with the traffic of the world. There are fewer distractions and the pathways to our destination become easier. By being lazy and trying to sleep a few extra hours, our patience is tested, as others, too, join us on the same path. Then we complain that there are too many people. As people get up, there are many interactions and more thoughts are created. By being with ourselves in the early hours we enjoy the conversation of silence. Imagine using the word, “conversation” with silence. You have the best conversation with your true self—The joy of you with only you. — Satish Daryanani


We may repeat many things over and over but that may not change situations. Repeating the holy name may or may not change the situation but it will definitely change you. We all want things to go our way but, in time, we learn how limited our intelligence is. During this pandemic, as I had a lot of time on my hands, I tried many things. Thank God, most of them did not happen. I, now, think how stupid I was for putting in effort on useless ideas. Now I only repeat, “Thank you, my Lord, for saving me from myself.” — Satish Daryanani

Running Away

We may get upset, fed up, or be unable to handle pressure. That does not mean we should run away from situations. My spiritual Master told me that he once was so upset with his Master that he went away and spent the night in a park. He wished he had never met his Master and said he would not return. In the morning, after sleeping on the bench, he went back to his Master. The lesson is that, no matter what situation we find ourselves in, running away achieves nothing. Confront everything, make adjustments and move on. People even get upset at God and lose faith when things don’t go their way. What do we achieve by that? We lose the One who watches over us—our friend and guide. Our egos make us run from things and we end up losing in the long run. — Satish Daryanani

The First Time

When people smoke for the first time, they start coughing and don’t enjoy the experience. The more they smoke, they create a habit. When you drink alcohol for the first time, your throat burns when you swallow. The first time you try silence you feel miserable, as you end up with more unwanted thoughts than you had before sitting in silence. If someone tastes sugar for the first time, what will their reaction be? The first time you experience God, how will you react? Your life will never be the same. Imagine a life without fear, worry, anxiety, desires, or attachments. You have tasted the real sugar and have formed an addiction. Outside you are still the same and don’t even try to be a goody, goody person anymore. You have attained the greatest gift you can have in the human form. You become spoiled, as nothing else matters to you and you can now live life as you want—a completely free soul. People will be able to understand you anymore. So try tasting everything life has to offer. Only then can you really appreciate the experience of tasting God’s presence. — Satish Daryanani