We see deals online and, if they are too cheap, we feel that they must be scams. If the price is a few percent lower than the competition, then it is a good deal. If something is completely free, we get scared and feel it is too good to be true. Poor spiritual Masters face that problem. They make spirituality so simple that they lose customers. One day I was with my Master and told Him to use big words and make spirituality complicated. People would then think that He was a real Master. He laughed and said, “Should I use words like “transcendentalism” instead of a simple word like “accept” so people think I am knowledgeable? There is nothing else needed. No donation or service is needed to discover the truth. You need not be humble or simple to realize God. Peace can be experienced while getting a massage on the beach. Words of wisdom can be spoken by an uneducated person. Scriptures can be understood by a person of a lower caste. Becoming an awakened soul takes place in a split second. All that happens is that you wake up from the long sleep of ignorance. Now, if someone tries to tell others about these simple and easy ways, no one will believe him. They will say it is too good to be true. They will give him a one-star rating. It is a scam. Do not fall for it. — Satish Daryanani

Massage on the beach