If you have too many bosses, it becomes difficult to please all. When spiritual Masters are alive, their organizations are under their control. It is a dictatorship, either you can handle it or leave. It’s easier, as all decisions come from one source. When the organization is taken over by a committee, then everyone has their own opinions and nothing gets done. We can see God in many images but, thank God, we have one dictator. It’s easier to please the One, rather than trying to make many happy. We have to obey, accept, or rejoice all that the Big Boss decides. We cannot even give a suggestion. It is simpler this way and there is no need for election. One leader for our entire life. Some rebel and go to His so-called competitor, the Devil, who is also controlled by God. We only think we have an option. I truly prefer one boss. Then my arguments will only be with one. — Satish Daryanani