I loved playing with toys when I was young. They were simple. Kids today have so many choices that we did not enjoy. Toys for grown ups are sports cars, boats, and private planes. For me, it is starting a new business, a new toy with which to play. It is not for the money, but for something to play. When your job becomes a toy, you get to play rather than work. And we are all just a bunch of toys to play with in His big playground. Some toys He presses, and they start crying. Some laugh, some complain, some worry, and some have grumpy faces. Imagine if God presses the button of a toy and, instead of complaining, the toy starts thanking Him. God will be shocked and wonder what is wrong with this toy. Then He will press again and you have peace and joy. This toy is no longer predictable. God will keep on pressing and will keep on getting new reactions. What will happen if that happens? God will lose interest in all predictable toys and only play with this new one. Other toys will be jealous. So let us become a toy that will confuse God. He can never get the reactions of our sorrow, misery, and anger. Let Him try to change us back to the factory settings and not succeed. This toy is now playing with the Maker of the toy. — Satish Daryanani

Sheriff Woody toy